Findings on Happiness and main subject: VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)

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VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)1convictions, desirable, moral, ideology, philosophy righteous, virtue
See also Main subject: ATTITUDES
See also Main subject: LIFE GOALS
See also Main subject: MOTIVATION
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
See also Main subject: VALUES: CLIMATE (current values in environment)
See also Main subject: VALUES: SIMILARITY (current fit with others)
General value-principles4moral rules, standards, doctrines, worth
Terminal values3final, ultimate, terminal
Achievement values1attainment, excel, success, winning
See also Ambitious
See also School-success
See also Aspirations for social advancement
See also Performance in sports
Egalitarian values10acceptance of social inequality, clasless, non-elitist
See also Current authoritarianism
See also Inequality in nation
See also Attitudes to social inequality in nation
See also Dominant
See also Sociable
See also Solidary, cooperative
See also Social inequality: more vs less differences
See also Preference for equal rights
Existential values2meaning, purpose. significant, useful, worth
See also Worhwhile
See also Main subject: MEANING
See also Meaning motivation
Hedonic values9delight, enjoyment, happiness, hedonism, lust, satisfaction
See also Valuation of happiness
See also Moral desirability of happiness
See also Current overall judgements of life as a whole
See also Fulfilled/rewarding (vs frustrating)
See also Gratifying (vs frustrating)
See also Pleasant (vs unpleasant)
See also Hedonic values in nation
See also Hedonistic
Individualistic values4internal control, self direction. non-collectivist
See also Individualistic values in nation
See also Individualism/collectivism in nation
See also Independent
See also Inner locus of control
Materialisic values16affluence, materialism money minded, philistilism, prosperity, worldly minded
See also Concern about spending
See also Earlier concern about income
See also Income aspirations
See also Realization of income goals
See also Economical values
Nurturance values1caring, tending, supporting
See also Concern about social relations
See also Kind
Self-development (self-actualizing values)3self-actualization, self-improvement, maturation, mental growth
See also Attitudes to one's education
See also Developing (vs stagnating)
See also Self improvement
See also Engagement motivation
See also Intrinsic motivation
See also Current stage of development
See also Personality integration
See also Self-actualization (need for)
Instrumental values3adjuvant, helpful, mean, mediating, subserviant,
Domain-specific value-preferences10field, sphere
Ecological values26environment, sustainable
See also Green products
See also Preference for 'green' consumption
Economical values6business, material, market, profit
See also Concerns about income
See also Materialisic values
Educational values5knowledge, learning, wisdom
See also Attitudes to one's education
See also Concern about education
See also Realization of educational goals
See also Perceived usefulness of schooling
Leisure values0free time. non-work, relaxation, spare time
See also Leisure
See also Concern about leisure
See also Hedonic values
Political values3partisan, policy
See also Attitudes to basic political issues
Acceptance of abortion0pregnancy termination
See also Main subject: FREEDOM
See also Freedom of procreation in nation
See also Attitudes to sex in general
Preference for peaceful solution of political problems1negotiation
See also Aggressive, angry
See also Attitudes to political system
Preference for equal rights4egalitarism, non-discrimination
See also Gender-role attitudes
See also Social inequality: more vs less differences
See also Attitudes to ethnic discrimination
See also Egalitarian values
Acceptance cheating on taxes2tax morale
See also Main subject: ANOMY
See also Honest
Social values14cooperation, community, family, friends, intimacy
See also Concern about social relations
See also Sociable
Work values13labour, work ethic
See also Working
See also Current motivation to work
Value-pattern3diversity of values, value composition
See also Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)
Modern value pattern3enlightened, non-conservatist, non-traditional
See also Modern attitudes
See also Egalitarian values
See also Hedonic values
See also Individualistic values
See also Self-development (self-actualizing values)
See also Preference for equal rights
Post-materialic values5attitudes to consumption-society, materialistiist values, to civic action,
See also Political values
Feminine value pattern4 caring, egalitarisn, non-competitive
See also Main subject: GENDER
See also Egalitarian values
See also Nurturance values
Value set6combination, mix, system
See also Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)
Diversity of values2
Consonance of values1conflict, contradiction
See also Conflict among life goals
See also Personality integration
Attitudes to own values2mind set, outlook, view
See also Satisfaction with own morality
Concern about own values5super ego,
See also Guilty
See also Moral
See also Satisfaction with own morality
Satisfaction with own values0
See also Current satisfaction with self