Findings on Happiness and main subject: WORK: ATTITUDES

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
WORK: ATTITUDES0adjustment to work, attitudes to work, own labor, attitudes to work, work life, satisfaction with work-life, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), adjustment to one's work, current work-adjustment
See also Satisfaction with activity pattern
See also Attitudes to own (un)employment
See also Attitudes to one's occupation
Work-attitude career1
Earlier work-attitudes3earlier attitudes to work, earlier attitudes to work
Earlier motivation to work8
Earlier satisfaction with work10earlier domain-satisfactions, earlier work-satisfaction
Change in work-attitudes0change in attitudes to work, change in attitudes to work
Change in motivation to work0
Change in satisfaction with work4change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in work-satisfaction
Later work-attitudes1later attitudes to work, later attitudes to work
Later motivation to work4
Later satisfaction with work5later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later domain-satisfactions, later work-satisfaction
Current concern about work19
See also Work values
Current motivation to work16motivation to work, job involvement, motivation to work
See also Attitudes to own (un)employment
Reasons for working6
See also Occupational aspirations
Preferred work-conditions6attitudes to work-conditions,
See also Main subject: WORK: CONDITIONS
Current satisfaction with work34satisfaction with work, satisfaction with work, current work-satisfaction
See also Satisfaction with current employment status
Satisfaction with work-as-a-whole171job satisfaction, satisfaction with work in general,
See also Appraisals of specific domains of life
See also Mood during work
See also Satisfaction with work in nation
Satisfaction with aspects of work19
See also Main subject: WORK: CONDITIONS
Satisfaction with pay7satisfaction with pay,
See also Main subject: INCOME
Satisfaction with promotion-chances6occupational career, satisfaction with career-opportunities
Satisfaction with colleagues20colleagues, contact with peers, at work, contacts with colleagues, contacts at work, at work
See also Attitudes to personal contacts
See also Relations at work
Satisfaction with work itself15satisfaction with tasks (work itself)
See also Attitudes to one's occupation
Satisfaction with work conditions14satisfaction with work-conditions
See also Main subject: WORK: CONDITIONS
Satisfaction with commuting1home-work travel
See also Commuting to work
Satisfaction with company2
Satisfaction with management16leadership practices on job, management,
See also Leadership of boss
See also Self-direction at work
Satisfaction with opportunities for training1
Satisfaction with specific jobs1
Satisfaction with home-making10house-hold-work
See also Main subject: HOUSEHOLD: WORK
Satisfaction with side jobs1
Satisfaction with own job-performance2attitudes to own work-performance,
See also Main subject: WORK: PERFORMANCE
Feeling well at work2affective component of work satisfaction
See also Mood during work
Worries about work3
Pride in work42
See also Main subject: SELF-IMAGE
See also Current satisfaction with work
Perceived conflict between work and home life14worl-life balance
See also Role conflict
See also Time spent on work and care
See also Fit between actual and desired time-use
Preferred working hours1
See also Attitudes to own time-behavior
See also Work hours
Dedication to current employer1loyalty