Findings on Happiness and main subject: ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)0act, doing, behavior, habit
See also Main subject: ACTIVITY (how much one does)
See also Specific leisure activities
See also Main subject: OCCUPATION
See also Current time-usage
Development of activity pattern0career, evolution, ontogeny
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Earlier activity pattern0past activity
Change in activity pattern0alteration in activity, modification
See also Main subject: RETIREMENT
Later activity pattern0following, subsequent activity pattern
Current activity pattern0actual, present, ongoing, present day
Specific activities0particular activities
See also Mood in situations
Culture0arts, painting poetry, writing
See also Current cultural participation
Eating0consuming, dinner, lunch breakfast, feeding, food
See also Attitudes to one's nutrition
Festivities0party, celebration, festival
See also Mood during festivities
See also Gaming
See also Gaming
Internet use0online, e-mail, web, PC
See also Reasons for internet use
See also on internet
See also Main subject: INTERNET
See also Internet, social media
See also Internet at home
See also Time spend on internet
Information seeking28Wikipedia, web search
See also Studying
Social media15Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
See also Socializing
See also Online friends
See also Social media
See also Time spend on social media
Leisure9entertainment, free time, time off, recreation
See also Specific leisure activities
See also Satisfaction with leisure activities
See also Mood during leisure
Reading2book, paper, journal
See also Studying
See also Reading
See also Media attendance in narion
Repairing0fix, maintenance, mend, restore
See also Household work
See also Involvement with household work
See also Hobbies
Meditating,praying6contemplation, musing, revere, worship
See also Yoga
See also Main subject: MEDITATION
See also Praying
Shopping0buying, purchasing
See also Shopping
Socializing22chat, contact, hang out, interact, mingle, friend
See also Current contacts with friends
See also Online friends
See also Socializing
See also Satisfaction with personal contacts
Studying115learn, peruse, read, think
See also Reading
See also Involved in schooling or not
See also Attitudes to school
See also Time spend studying
Sporting106physical excercise, game
See also Sporting
See also Physical education
See also Active involvement in sports
TV watching, radio listening4media, television, radio
See also Leisure
See also Tv watching, radio listening
Vacationing4holliday, travel
See also Traveling
Working3labor, labour, make, produce, toil
See also Main subject: WORK: CAREER
See also Main subject: WORK: CONDITIONS
See also Main subject: WORK: ATTITUDES
See also Main subject: WORK: PERFORMANCE
Household work5house keeping, cleaning, cooking, chores
See also Current household-work
Paid work4employment, gainful, salary
See also Current employment status
See also Current satisfaction with work
Voluntary work, helping people5unpaid, vigilant, volunteer
See also Main subject: HELPING
See also Mood when helping
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED
Work activities1job, task
See also Time spend on work tasks
Yoga1body mind, excercise, gym, workout
See also Meditating,praying
Nion-work activiities0free time, liesure, voluntary
See also Leisure
See also TV watching, radio listening
See also Voluntary work, helping people
Attitudes to own activity pattern5outlook, view
Perceived importance of one's activities0meaning
See also Main subject: MEANING
Reasons for one's activities0driver, motive
See also Main subject: MOTIVATION
Reasons for internet use1drive, reason
See also Internet, social media
Satisfaction with activity pattern6appreciation, contentment
See also Main subject: LANGUAGE
Satisfaction with specific activities3
Satisfaction with artistic activities2
Satisfaction with music listening2
Satisfaction with music making1
Satisfaction with going to cinema1
Satisfaction with internetting2
Satisfaction with outdoor activities1indoor, outdoor
See also Satisfaction with leisure activities
Satisfaction with physical activity7physical activity
Satisfaction with use of radio and TV1media
Satisfaction with reading1
Satisfaction with repairing1
Satisfaction with shopping1purchases
Satisfaction with socializing7friends
Time spent on disliked activities2unpleasant activities
See also Single domain evaluations
Want for new activities0desire