Findings on Happiness and main subject: CHILDREN: CHARACTERISTICS OF ONE'S CHILDREN

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
CHILDREN: CHARACTERISTICS OF ONE'S CHILDREN0characteristics of one's children, characteristics of children, intelligence of one's children, problems of intimates, family of procreation, having twin children
Development of one's children0growing up
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Earlier characteristics of one's children1earlier characteristics of children
Change in characteristics of one's children0change in characteristics of children
Later characteristics of one's children0later characteristics of children
Current characteristics of one's children4
Age of children23maturation of intimates,
See also Family career (family life-cycle)
Gender of children2sexe
Behavior of one's children2
See also Main subject: CHILDREN: REARING OF ONE'S CHILDREN (parental behavior)
Handicap/health of one's children3having a mongolic child, health/handicaps of children, handicapped child, health of intimates, mental health of children, health of intimates
See also Handicapped persons in household
Happiness of one's children1relatives, intimates,intimates, similarity happiness
See also Happiness of children
Personality of one's children0mood of children, character of children
Success of one's children1
See also Main subject: SOCIAL MOBILITY
Attitudes to characteristics of one's children3attitudes to one's children, to characteristics of one's children
See also Attitude to having children
See also Attitudes to parenting