Findings on Happiness and main subject: REGION: ECONOMY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
See also Main subject: LOCAL: ECONOMY
See also Main subject: NATION: ECONOMY
Development of economic conditions in one's region0
Earlier economic conditions in region0regional history
Change of economic conditions in region1regional change
Economic growth/decline in region6
See also Growth\decline of local economy
See also Change GDP in nation: economic growth/decline
Economic innovation in region0
See also Income level in vinicity
Change economic security in region0income safety
See also Social security in region
Change minimum wage in region1
Change tax regime in region0dues, duty, tarif
Raise of tobacco tax in region1impede
See also Spend less on stimulants
See also Stimulants
See also Use of tobacco
Change unemployment rate in region2jobless
See also Unemployment in nation
See also Unemployment in region
Later economic conditions in region0
See also Main subject: HAPPINESS: SEQUALE
See also Cultural facilities in vinicity
Current economic conditions in one's region3
Economic affluence in region1
See also Main subject: LOCAL: ECONOMY
See also Economic affluence in nation
Average income in region5Regional Income
See also Economic affluence in nation
GDP in region13Gross Domestic Product, regional
See also Gnp per capita (raw)
See also Purchasing power (`real' gnp pc)
See also Gross National Product
Economic investments in region0competitiveness
See also Investment price level in nation
See also Global competitiveness of nation
Employment in region0jobs, work
Unemployment in region9
See also Unemployed involuntary
See also Main subject: LOCAL: ECONOMY
See also Unemployment in nation
See also Change unemployment rate in region
Income inequality in region2
See also Income inequality in nation
Industries in region0business, economic sector, specialization, trade
Extraction industry in region1mining
Industrial mass production in region0Taylorism
Sustainable energy production in region0sunfarms,water power, wind power
Tourism in region0hospitality, leisure
Openness of economy in region0connected vs isolated, global vs local
See also Openness of economy in nation
Public goods in region0
See also Amenities in vinicity
See also Public goods in nation
Social security in region3welfare
See also Social security in nation
Socio-economic regime in region0Political economy
See also Socio-economic regime in the nation
Economic freedom in region0Free market, liberalism
See also Economic freedom in nation
Standard of living in region0prosperity
See also Standard of living in the nation
Amenities in region0facilities
See also Availability of amenities in vinicity
See also Quality\quantity of facilities in nation
Consumption in region0buying, spending
See also Consumption in vinicity
Poverty in region0deprivation
See also Poverty in nation
Price level in region0cost of living
See also Costs of living in vinicity
Tax regime in region0dues
Work conditions in region0
See also Work conditions in nation
See also Main subject: WORK: CONDITIONS
Minimum wage in region0pay, salary
See also Change minimum wage in region
Attitudes to economic conditions in region0
Satisfaction with price level in region0