Findings on Happiness and main subject: LOCAL: DEMOGRAPHY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
LOCAL: DEMOGRAPHY0age, gender, marital status, population
See also Main subject: NATION: DEMOGRAPHY
See also Main subject: REGION: DEMOGRAPHY
Development of local demographic conditions1
See also Development of local demographic conditions
In/outflow of residents in vinicity3mobility, moving
See also Change in residence
See also Local social cohesion
See also Main subject: MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)
See also Emigratioin out of region
Current local demographic conditions0
See also Current demographic conditioins in one's nation
Age distribution in vinicity2generations
See also Main subject: AGE
See also Age composition
See also Age composition in region
Ethnic diversity in vinicity7immigrants
See also Main subject: ETHNICITY
See also Social homogeneity in vinicity
See also Main subject: MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRY
Intimate relations in vinicity1married, single, kin
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF PROCREATION
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF RELATIVES
See also Main subject: FRIENDSHIP
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
See also Intimate ralations in nation
See also Intimate relations in region
Population density in vinicity23crowding
See also Community size
See also Population density in nation
See also Population density in region
Share of students in vinicity1
See also Educational level in vinicity
See also Education in region
See also Involved in schooling or not
Attitudes to local demographic conditions0