Findings on Happiness and main subject: CONSUMPTION

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
CONSUMPTION0money spending
See also Shops in vinicity
Deverlopment of one's consumption0
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Earlier consumption0
Change in consumption6
Change in consumer competence0
See also Change in competences
Consuming less0reduction, economize, cut
See also Alternative life style
Spend less on food1
See also Food
See also How much one spends on eating
Spend less on luxury1
See also Luxury
Spend less on medication1health expense
See also Health
See also Medication
Spend less on stimulants1
See also Experiences
See also Stimulants
Spend less on utilities1
See also Utilities
Consuming more0indulgence
Consuming different0
Later consumption level0
Current consumption1spending
See also Savings
Consumer competence0ability
See also Main subject: EDUCATION
Consumption level4affluence, standard of living
See also Material standard of living
See also Current life-style
See also Consumption in vinicity
Absolute level13amount of spending
Relative level to others4realtive spending
See also Positional goods
See also Relative income
Relative to income2income-consumption ratio, saving, overspending
See also Control over consumption
See also Being able to save
See also Savings
Expenditures on..3
Education5schooling cost
See also Main subject: EDUCATION
See also Spending on education
See also Main subject: SCHOOL
Clothing5dress, fashion
Durables6maretial, goods
Experiences1enjoyment, hedonic, non-durable
See also Leisure
See also Luxury
See also Stimulants
See also Main subject: LEISURE
Health2medication, medical treatment
See also Spend less on medication
See also Personal care
See also Medical services
See also Main subject: HOUSING
Leisure4Free time
See also Main subject: LEISURE
Holiday travel1holiday, citytrip
See also Traveling
Luxury2art, tv, laptops
See also Kind of cultural consumption
See also Specific possessions
Art1beauty, culture
See also Kind of cultural consumption
Necessities1basic consumption, non-luxury
See also Luxury
See also Eating/drinking out
See also Main subject: NUTRITION
Groceries0Food, drinks, household products
Other people3social spending, altrustic spending
Personal care4Skin products, barber
See also Health
See also Personal care
Stimulants4bevarages, tobaco, drugs
See also Spend less on stimulants
See also Main subject: STIMULANTS
Transport6mobility, moving
See also Car
Public transportation1
Utilities5water, electricity, heating
See also Spend less on utilities
See also Cost of housing
Kinds of consumption3use of particular goods and services
Communication4telephone, e-mail, internet
See also Communication devices
See also Time spend on internet
See also Telephone connecctions in vinicity
See also Telephone
E-mail0internet, PC
See also Internet at home
Social Media0Facebook, Twitter
See also Social media
See also Social media
See also Tv watching, radio listening
See also Tv
Energy: kinds used0
Energy used foor coking1
Energy used for lighting1
Green products1ecological, environment friendly
See also Preference for 'green' consumption
See also Ecological values
Positional goods1conspicious consumption
See also Relative level to others
See also Main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
Services4hired help, suppoer
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED
Household services0cleaning, food,preparation
See also Household help
Legal services0lawyer
Medical services3health care
See also Health
See also Current medical consumption
See also Main subject: HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
Psychological services0coaching, therapy
See also Current medical consumption
Social services0advice, education
See also Support/training for coping with mental disability
See also Guidance of vulnerable people (social work)
See also Health education
Purchase behavior0buying,shopping, ordering
See also Shopping
Buy where0market, shops, outlet
on internet2web shop
See also Internet, social media
See also Internet banking in nation
Pay how1banking
See also Internet banking in nation
Type of payment0Creditcard, cash
Preferred way of payment1
Practiced ways of payment1pay behaviour
Frequency of payment0bills, weekly, monthly
Attitudes to consumption2
Consumer confidence0willingness to spend
Consumption aspirations/motives3
See also Object of life-goals
See also Satisfaction with lifestyle
Preference for 'green' consumption2ecoligical, environmental conscious
See also Green products
See also Ecological values
Satisfaction with consumption level1money spending
See also Satisfaction with standard of living
Satisfaction with consumption pattern0
See also Satisfaction with lifestyle
Satisfaction with product availability1supply
See also Satisfaction with local shops
Control over consumption1shared decision making
See also Main subject: FREEDOM
See also Inner locus of control