Findings on Happiness and main subject: CONCERNS

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
CONCERNS0interests, materialistic aspirations, personal mentality, motivation, object of needs, own personality, own problems, own tastes
See also Main subject: ATTITUDES
See also Main subject: INTERESTS
See also Main subject: LIFE GOALS
See also Main subject: PREFERENCES
See also Main subject: PROBLEMS
See also Main subject: WORRIES
Development of one's concerns1
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Current concerns5
Pattern of concerns0
Specific concerns37moral behavior, moral behavior, moral concerns, concern about habits, attitudes to own health, valuation of honesty, attitudes to mental health care, moral concern, concern about safety, satisfaction with health, worries about health
See also Kind of problems perceived
See also Specific worries
Concern about ecology0sustainability
See also Ecological values
Concern about food1
See also Concerns about health
See also Concerns about income
See also Attitudes to one's nutrition
Concern about social relations1social concern
See also Concern about family
See also Concern about friends
See also Social values
Concern about spending4
See also Concerns about income
See also Consumption
Concern about travel1transport
See also Convern about travel