Findings on Happiness and main subject: NATION: LIFESTYLE

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
NATION: LIFESTYLE0behaviour, way of life
See also Main subject: LIFE STYLE
Development of lifestules in onr's nation0culture change, custom, way of life
See also Main subject: NATION: HISTORY
Current life-style in nation0
Art of living in nation0hedonic capacity
Hedonism in nation0pleasure seeking
See also Hedonic values in nation
See also Hedonic values
Interest in life in nation0involvement
See also Main subject: INTERESTS
See also Interested
Health behaviour in nation0
See also Main subject: HEALTH: BEHAVIOR
See also Attitudes to own health
Alcohol consumption in nation1alcoholism, drinking
See also Use of alcohol
Nutrition in nation5eating, food preference, malnutrition
See also Main subject: NUTRITION
Smoking in nation1
Sun protection in nation1
See also Current healthy life-style
Sporting in nation1
See also Success in sports of nation
See also Main subject: SPORTS
Time regime in nation0punctuality, time use
See also Main subject: TIME
Pace of life in nation3speed of life, time stress
See also Modernity of nation
Attitudes to life-style in nation0