Findings on Happiness and main subject: NATION: DEMOGRAPHY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
NATION: DEMOGRAPHY0age composition, ethnicity, life-expectancy, population
See also Ethnic status in specific nations
See also Community size
Development of demography in one's nation0demographic change, population growth
See also Main subject: NATION: HISTORY
Emigration out of nation0emigration rate, outflow
See also Migration of intimates
See also Emigratioin out of region
Population growth in nation2population growth in nation, size of nation,
See also Change of city size
Current demographic conditioins in one's nation1
Age composition2young/old ratio, average age, retirees in nation
See also Main subject: AGE
Birth control in the nation6
See also Main subject: BIRTH CONTROL
Family pattern in nation0intimate ties, primary relations, kin
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF PROCREATION
See also Main subject: FAMILY OF RELATIVES
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
Birth rate in nation2fertility, family size
See also Number of children
Population composition in nation2age composition in society,
See also Main subject: ETHNICITY
See also Main subject: LANGUAGE
See also Age composition in region
Genetic variation in nation0genes, race
See also Genes
See also Ethnic diversity in environment
Immigrants in nation0influx, newcomer
See also Attitudes to ethnic relations in nation
Population density in nation1crowding in nation, population pressure
See also Population density in vinicity
See also Community size
See also Population density in region
Population size in nation24amount, number inhabitants
See also Population size in region
Attitudes to demography in nation0