Findings on Happiness and main subject: LOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
LOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)0habitability, suitability
See also Main subject: COMPETENCES
See also Main subject: COPING
See also Main subject: NATION: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)
See also Main subject: REGION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacities
Development of livability of local environment0
Current livability of local environment6environmental fit
Apparent livability of local environment: Indicators of human tri0flourishing, prospering, thriving of inhabitants
See also In/outflow of residents in vinicity
See also Apparent average livability in nation
Happiness in vinicity0local happiness, lifesatisfaction
See also Main subject: LOCAL: RESIDENCE
See also Main subject: MOTIVATION
Health in venicity0local health status
See also Main subject: HEALTH: PHYSICAL
Happy Life Years in vinicity0local HLY
Assumed livability of local environment: Conditions deemed good0life-chances,QOL index scores
See also Educational level in vinicity
See also Amenities in vinicity
See also Public goods and services in vinicity
See also Local environmental quality
See also Local social cohesion
See also Safety in vinicity
See also Socio-economic status of vinicity
See also Asssumed livability of nation: Conditions deemed benificial
Attitudes to livability of local environment2
See also Attitudes to livability of one's nation