Findings on Happiness and main subject: COPING

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
COPING0attitudes to life-change, coping with life-events, personal effectiveness, sound, performance, own resignation, coping with stress
See also Main subject: COMPETENCES
See also Coping with stress
See also Main subject: RESOURCES
Develoment of one's coping0
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Earlier coping1
See also Earlier self-disclosing
Change in coping3
See also Change in competences
Later coping2
See also Later self-disclosure
Current coping5psychological defense, laughing,
See also Current stress
Current coping-style32own expressiveness, humorous personality,
See also Ambitious
See also Defensive
See also Self-disclosing
See also Dealing with risk of becoming a victem
Current coping-capacity3ability, competence, coping ability, ability to utilize opportunities, psychological strength, abilities, psychological strength
See also Efficacious, productive
See also Fortuitous
See also Helpless
See also Vulnerable
See also Main subject: RESOURCES
See also Self-perceived ability
Current coping-success0coping with problems,
Self-perceived success1
See also Current self-evaluation
Coping-success rating by others5
Coping with specific life-events4
See also Current life-events (past few years)
Coping with divorce/widowhood3
See also Recent change in marital status
Coping with illness5
See also Denial of illness
Coping with unemployment1
See also Change in employment
Coping with conflicts, loneliness2handling relations, social skill, sociability
See also Sociable
Attitudes to own coping0attitudes to coping,
Satisfaction with own coping with life-change3satisfaction with coping, satisfaction with adjustment to change
See also Satisfaction with own coping
Satisfaction with self care1
See also Satisfaction with own abilities