Findings on Happiness and main subject: INTERNET

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
INTERNET1e-communication, wwww, http
See also Communication
See also Internet, social media
See also PC ownnership in nation
See also Addicted to the internet
Development of internet behaviour0web career
See also Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)
Earlier internet behaviour4
Change in internet behaviour0
Got access to internet0became connected
See also Access to internet
Learned to use internet1
See also Change in competences
Later internet behaviour3
Current internet behaviour0Internet use
See also Internet at home
Ability to use internet0e-literacy
See also Ability to use internet
See also Learned to use internet
Access to internet7internet connection, on line, web access
See also Internet penetration in vinicity
See also Internet connections in nation
See also Internet at home
See also Internet penetration in region
Use of internet8online
Time on internet65time on line
See also Time spend on internet
Internet behaviour0practice
See also Time on internet
See also Usages of internet for ..
Self-disclosure on internet2openness
See also Open
See also Self-disclosing
Usages of internet for ..2motivation, purpose, reason
Buying2order, internet shop
See also on internet
Culture0arts, literature, poetry
See also Social media
See also Active participation
See also Main subject: EDUCATION
See also Current school-behavior
See also Gaming
Information seeking30
Social media17Facebook, Twitter
See also Social media
See also Number of 'friends' on social media
See also Online friends
See also Time spend on social media
Work0e-work, telework
See also Tasks at work
Ways to internet1PC, tablet, telephone, TV
See also Tv
See also Telephone
Attitudes to internet0
Attitute to internet as such0
Attitudes towards own internet use4
See also Problems with addiction