Overview of subjects on correlational findings included in the World Database of Happiness

Date of overview: 2022-08-12; the database may be changed later on.
The World Database of Happiness is a collection of research findings on happiness. Correlational findings are sorted by subject. Below is the subject classification used.

Main subject catagories
The classification consists of about 140 main subject categories that are ordered alphabetically. The first category is ‘Activity’ (code A1) and the last is Work performamce (code W4).

Main subject categories are typically sub-divided in three sections;
Development Earlier of later situation e.g. income before retirement
Current Present situation e.g. last month income
Attitudes Evaluation of the situation e.g. satisfaction with income

Next to each catagory you see the number of research findings on this subject. If you click the code on the left, you get to abstracts of these findings. Right to each of the subject categories are links to related subjects.

Main correlate subjects

showACTIVITY (how much one does)
showACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)
showAPPEARANCE (good looks)
showBIRTH OF CHILDREN (giving birth)
showBIRTH HISTORY (own birth)
showCHILDREN: WANT FOR (Parental aspirations)
showCHILDREN: HAVING (parental status)
showCHILDREN: REARING OF ONE'S CHILDREN (parental behavior)
showCULTURE (Arts and Sciences)
showERA (temporal period)
showFAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)
showLOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)
showMIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)
showMOBILITY (travel)
showNATION: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)
showREGION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacities
showSOCIAL PARTICIPATION: TOTAL (personal + associations)
showVALUES: CLIMATE (current values in environment)
showVALUES: SIMILARITY (current fit with others)

ACTIVITY (how much one does)activeness, busy0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of activitycareer, evolution, ontogeny0
Earlier activity level0
Change in activity level0
Change in physical activityclass, training0
Later activity level0
Current activity level0
Physical activitycorporal, exercise3
Mental activitycerebral, cognitive, intellectual, reasoning, thinking, thought0
Social activityinteraction3
Work activityjob, task0
Attitudes to own activity levelattitudes to own activity, attitudes to activity0
Perceived over/under activityactive, slow, lazy, dull, industrious, burdened1
Satisfaction with activity level0
ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)act, doing, behavior, habit0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of activity patterncareer, evolution, ontogeny0
Earlier activity patternpast activity4
Change in activity patternalteration in activity, modification8
Later activity patternfollowing, subsequent activity pattern0
Current activity patternactual, present, ongoing, present day0
Diversity of activitiesvariety0
Specific activitiesparticular activities0
Culturearts, painting poetry, writing2
Contemplationconsider, think of0
Eatingconsuming, dinner, lunch breakfast, feeding, food0
Festivitiesparty, celebration, festival0
Video gameEarlier video game playing0
Video gameChange in video game playing0
Internet useonline, e-mail, web, PC0
Information seekingWikipedia, web search28
Social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram18
Leisureentertainment, free time, time off, recreation10
Meditating, prayingcontemplation, musing, revere, worship6
Readingbook, paper, journal63
Repairingfix, maintenance, mend, restore1
Shoppingbuying, purchasing0
Socializingchat, contact, hang out, interact, mingle, friend22
Studyinglearn, peruse, read, think116
Sportingphysical exercise, game113
TV watching, radio listeningmedia, television, radio5
Tv watchingChange in TV watching0
Vacationingholiday, travel4
Workinglabor, labor, make, produce, toil5
Household workhouse keeping, cleaning, cooking, chores5
Paid workemployment, gainful, salary6
Voluntary work, helping peopleunpaid, vigilant, volunteer8
Work activitiesjob, task1
Yogabody mind, exercise, gym, workout1
Non-work activitiesfree time, leisure, voluntary0
Attitudes to own activity patternoutlook, view5
Perceived importance of one's activitiesmeaning0
Reasons for one's activitiesdriver, motive0
Reasons for internet usedrive, reason1
Satisfaction with activity patternappreciation, contentment6
Satisfaction with specific activities3
Satisfaction with artistic activities2
Satisfaction with music listening2
Satisfaction with music making1
Satisfaction with going to cinema1
Satisfaction with being on the internet2
Satisfaction with outdoor activitiesindoor, outdoor1
Satisfaction with physical activityphysical activity7
Satisfaction with use of radio and TVmedia1
Satisfaction with reading1
Satisfaction with repairing1
Satisfaction with shoppingpurchases1
Satisfaction with socializingfriends11
Time spent on disliked activitiesunpleasant activities2
Want for new activitiesdesire0
AFFECTIVE LIFEaffective characteristics0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Affective careerearlier affect life0
Earlier affective life0
Ever had extra-ordinary states of consciousnesstelepathy, clairvoyance, altered states of consciousness3
Change in affective life0
Later affective life0
Current affective life4
Awareness of affectconciousness1
Complexity of affect-patternpsychological differentiation3
Extraordinary experiencepeak experience, top experience1
Hedonic tone in affectpositive affect17
Intensity of affectstop experience38
Variability of affectsmood fluctuation13
Attitudes to affective lifeattitudes to affect-life4
AGElife stage, maturation5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Age career0
Change in age identification0
Stage of lifelife course, menarche, menopause, phase of life, period in personal life, age, teenage, life stage, youth20
Timelines of life stage transitiontimelines of life changes, timelines of transition3
Current age (in years)815
Young versus old30
Age difference among young people33
Age differences among middle aged2
Age difference among elderly67
Generationbirth cohort3
Relative agebeing younger or older2
Time trend of happiness in age categoriestrend8
Attitudes to ageviews on age, growing old0
Attitudes to one's own age2
Subjective age (how old one feels)mental maturity2
Age identification2
Satisfaction with age4
Attitude to ageing (getting older)5
Own attitude to older people1
AGGRESSIONaggressive behavior, violence0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of aggressioncareer, evolution, ontogeny0
Earlier aggression5
Change in aggression0
Later aggression3
Current aggression1
Aggressive behaviorimpulse control6
Agression in familyviolence, fight1
Victim of aggressionmolestation, violence0
Attitudes to aggression0
Attitudes to own aggressive behavior0
Attitude to aggression in general0
ANOMYalienation, sense of estrangement, attitudes to social order, deviant attitudes, subjective sense of belonging, moral convictions, climate of morality, rebellious attitudes, rejection of society, satisfaction with moral climate0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of anomycareer, evolution, ontogeny14
Earlier anomy0
Change in anomy0
Later anomy0
Current anomy28
APPEARANCE (good looks)beauty, disfigured, handsome, homely, looks, misshapen, physical attractiveness, pretty0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's appearanceearlier body condition0
Earlier appearancepast looks4
Change in appearancechange looks1
Later appearancelater looks0
Current appearancecurrent looks0
Ratings of good looks by others8
Self rating of good looksperceived beauty4
Attitudes to own appearance0
Interest in appearanceconcern about looks3
Satisfaction with one's appearance68
ATTITUDESperceptions of reality, dissatisfaction, ideological orientation, personal mentality, satisfied, attitudes, beliefs, own personality, rejection of others, satisfaction (overview of aspects), taste0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of attitudescareer, evolution, ontogeny0
Earlier attitudesearlier values2
Change in attitudes1
Change in attitude to marriagetraditiona;1
Change in attitude to genderemancipation, women's rights1
Later attitudeslater values0
Current attitudes3
Attitudes to one's environment0
Attitudes to one self2
Attitudes to one's situation0
Attitudes to price developmentrise of prices, decline of prices1
Attitude to investmentshares0
Attitude to marriage0
Attitude to memberships0
Own attitudinal organizationorganization0
Attitudinal consistency2
Attitudinal consonancehomogeneity of outlook0
Attitudinal (dis)functionalityappropriate, healthy outlook1
Attitudinal rigidity1
Attitudinal stability1
Fit with attitudes of othersconsonance, difference, conflict0
Fit with attitudes of intimates1
Fit with attitudinal climate in nation (attitude of others)conflict, consonance, difference, similarity0
Attitudinal climate (attitudes of others)modal beliefs, opinions, values1
Climate of attitudes to the nation0
Climate of attitudes to work2
Attitude to attitudinal climate0
AUTHORITARIANISMattitudes to people, tolerant personality, permissive attitudes, authoritarian, rejection of others, tendency to resentment, totalitarianism, preference for strong authority0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of authoritarianismcareer, evolution, ontogenesis0
Current authoritarianism4
BIRTH OF CHILDREN (giving birth)birth control, nascency, pregnancy0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of child bearingfamily planning career0
Earlier child bearing0
Earlier birth controlcontraception, family planning0
Earlier abortion2
Earlier pregnancy, deliverybirth history of one children0
Earlier miscarriages0
Change in child bearing0
Later child bearing0
Current child bearing0
Current birth controlabortion, contraceptives, family planning0
Current pregnancyexpecting, gestating0
Attitudes to child bearing0
Attitudes to birth control0
Attitudes to giving birthpregnancy, delivery1
BIRTH HISTORY (own birth)1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Conditions of conception1
Physical condition of parents4
Birth planning by parentsmother had an abortion1
Mother's earlier abortions2
Mother's earlier miscarriage0
Mother's earlier pregnanciesmother's fertility1
Prenatal conditions2
Condition of mother during pregnancy18
Physical condition of mother during pregnancy3
Medical treatment of mother during pregnancy5
Working of mother during pregnancy0
Fetal condition0
Condition of placenta1
Birth processlength of labor18
Condition at birth20
Physical defects6
Reflexes after birthearlier ability14
Birth sequala2
Mothers post-partum condition2
Own post-partum condition5
Physical condition in 1st year of life40
Medical treatment in 1st year of life19
Social condition in 1st year of lifebeing adopted in childhood (one self)9
Development in 1st year of lifeearlier ability, physical development27
Place of birtharea1
BODYown gender, own physical health0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Genesgenetic characteristics, GWAS1
Development of one's bodyphysical growth, earlier body-condition, physical maturity, physical maturation, puberty1
Initial genetic characteristicsnature,0
serotine transporter gene5-HTTLPR allele1
Earlier body characteristics29
Change in body11
Current stage of physical maturation0
Later bodily characteristicslater body-condition0
Current bodily characteristicsphysical state0
Morphological characteristicsown appearance, physical morphology (physique), size of body (posture)4
Strengthstrong, weak1
Body Mass Index (BMI)healthy weight15
Motorial characteristics0
Right/left handedright handed0
Physical statesphysiological reactions3
Menstruatingmenarche, menstruation1
Pregnantexpecting child, expecting child, pregnancy9
Stage of pregnancygestation1
Quality of pregnancy (mother or child at risk)pregnancy complication1
Tensiongalvanic skin response1
Attitudes to one's bodybody image1
Attitude to one's genitals2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Facilities for childrenchild support1
Grand-childrengrand farther/mother1
Having grand-children2
Involvement with grand-children0
Non-kin children0
Attitudes to children 2
Attitudes to one's own childrenchildren6
Attitudes to children in general2
CHILDREN: WANT FOR (Parental aspirations)attitudes to children, want for children, children, family goals, planning of children, family of procreation0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of want for childrencareer, evolution, ontogenesis0
Earlier want for children2
Change in want for children0
Later want for children0
Current want for children4
Childlessness voluntary or notown infertility, 5
Ideal number of children1
Unwanted pregnancy1
Attitudes to own want for children0
CHILDREN: HAVING (parental status)having children, family of procreation, parental status, being a parent, 3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of parental statusparental career7
Earlier parentingprocreation0
Attitude to first pregnancymaternity0
Ever had children (vs not)being a parent or not27
Change in parental statusevents in family\marriage, change in presence of children, pregnancy3
Age at birth of first child1
Birth of childrenrecent birth of child, children, own children, adoption, 10
Leaving home of children (empty nest)leaving of children, 12
Death of childrendeath of intimates, , death of child6
Later childrenlater presence of children1
Expects to get children later0
Actually got children later (follow-up)4
Current parental status48
Number of childrensize of family, 136
Children in the householdfamily living, 106
Non-biological childrenadoption, stepfamily, having an adoption child,2
Adoptive childrenadoptive children, 0
Foster childrenfoster children, 0
Step childrenstep children, having a step child, 3
Time trend of happiness of parents and childless0
Attitude to having childrenadjustment to parenthood, attitudes to one's children, to having children4
Satisfaction with having children at all2
Satisfaction with number of children1
Number of children as plannedplanning of children1
More children wanted0
CHILDREN: CHARACTERISTICS OF ONE'S CHILDRENcharacteristics of one's children, characteristics of children, intelligence of one's children, problems of intimates, family of procreation, having twin children0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's childrengrowing up0
Earlier characteristics of one's childrenearlier characteristics of children1
Change in characteristics of one's childrenchange in characteristics of children0
Later characteristics of one's childrenlater characteristics of children0
Current characteristics of one's children4
Age of childrenmaturation of intimates, 25
Gender of childrensex3
Behavior of one's children2
Handicap/health of one's childrenhaving a mongoloid child, health/handicaps of children, handicapped child, health of intimates, mental health of children, health of intimates3
Happiness of one's childrenrelatives, intimates, similarity happiness1
Personality of one's childrenmood of children, character of children0
Success of one's children1
Attitudes to characteristics of one's childrenattitudes to one's children, to characteristics of one's children3
CHILDREN: RELATION WITH ONE'S CHILDRENattitudinal consonance with one's children, relations with children, contacts with one's children, of oneself as a mother, bond with children, family of procreation0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of relationship with one's childrenrelational career, family history0
Earlier relation with children2
Earlier frequency of contact with children1
Change in relation with one's childrenchange in relation with children0
Later relation with one's childrenlater relation with children0
Later frequency of contacts with children1
Current relation with one's children10
Frequency of contacts with children1
Relation with children still at home0
Relation with children living on their own3
Support provided to childrenhelping chldren0
Financial suport of childrenalimony0
Support received from children4
Attitude to relation with one's childrenattitudes to one's children, to relation with one's children4
Expected attachment to babyaffection, bond1
CHILDREN: REARING OF ONE'S CHILDREN (parental behavior)involvement with one's children, family of procreation, practiced socialization, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of parental behaviorparental career0
Earlier parental behaviorearlier rearing of children0
Abuse of ones childrenmistreatment1
Change in parental behaviorchange in rearing of children0
Later parental behaviorlater rearing of children0
Current parental behavior5
Breastfeedingmother milk1
Rearing style 0
Time spend with childrenshared child-care3
Involvement in child-care2
Shared activities with children1
Division of child care4
Attitudes to parentingadjustment to parenthood, attitudes to one's children, 5
Concerns about parenthood4
Evaluation of oneself as a parent3
Satisfaction with parenting9
COMMUNAL LIVINGliving in a commune, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of communal living0
Current communal living0
Living in communal householdnon-family living, 6
Living in communal settlement1
Attitudes to communal living9
COMPETENCESability, capability, skill0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's competencesdevelopmental history, training0
Earlier competencesdevelopmental history0
Earlier social competences0
Change in competences2
Later competences1
Later social competencesocial intelligence, sociability3
Current competencesskill1
Ability to perform tasks in daily lifeADL2
Ability to use internete-literacy1
Financial competencesfinancial literacy0
Intellectual competencesbright, stupid, informed2
Life style competencesart of living, leisure skills, manners0
Occupational competencesvocational ability, work skill4
Physical competencesfitness0
Psychic competencesmental strength0
Social competencessocial intelligence, sociability2
Attitude to own competences1
Satisfaction with own competences6
CONCERNSinterests, materialistic aspirations, personal mentality, motivation, object of needs, own personality, own problems, own tastes0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's concerns1
Current concerns5
Pattern of concerns0
Specific concernsmoral behavior, moral behavior, moral concerns, concern about habits, attitudes to own health, valuation of honesty, attitudes to mental health care, moral concern, concern about safety, satisfaction with health, worries about health36
Concern about ecologysustainability1
Concern about economyfinance, wealth3
Concern about educationinterst, want3
Concern about foodeating, nutrition1
Concern about clean environmenthealthy environment, hygiene, pollution3
Concern about corruptionbribing, fraud, shady business1
Concern about healthfittness, illness, survival1
Concern about familyintimates, relatives0
Concern about material standard of livingincome, consumption, wealth0
Concern about religionfaith, spirituality, worship0
Concern about social inequalitydisparity1
Concern about safetyfear of crime1
Concern about social relationssocial concern1
Concern about social securitypublic income insurence1
Concern about societycollective, nation0
Concern about spending4
Concern about traveltransport1
Concern about unemploymentjob loss1
Concern about urban environmentcity1
Concern about workjob, employment, performance0
CONSUMPTIONmoney spending0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's consumption0
Earlier consumption0
Change in consumption6
Change in consumer competence0
Consuming lessreduction, economize, cut0
Spend less on food1
Spend less on luxury1
Spend less on medicationhealth expense1
Spend less on stimulants1
Spend less on utilities1
Consuming moreindulgence0
Consuming different0
Later consumption level0
Current consumptionspending1
Consumer competenceability0
Consumption levelaffluence, standard of living4
Consumption: absolute levelamount of spending14
Consumption: relative to othersrelative spending5
Consumption: relative to incomeincome-consumption ratio, saving, overspending2
Expenditures on..3
Expenditures on: Educationschooling cost5
Expenditures on: Clothingdress, fashion5
Expenditures on: Durablesmaterial, goods6
Expenditures on: Experiencesenjoyment, hedonic, non-durable1
Expenditures on: Healthmedication, medical treatment2
Expenditures on: Housingcost of dwelling, housing cost8
Expenditures on Insurancesrisk reduction, saving2
Expenditures on: LeisureFree time4
Expenditures on: Holiday travelholiday, city trip1
Expenditures on: Luxuryart, tv, laptops2
Expenditures on: Artbeauty, culture1
Expenditures on: Necessitiesbasic consumption, non-luxury1
Expenditures on: Foodnutrition7
Expenditures on: GroceriesFood, drinks, household products0
Expenditures on: Other peoplesocial spending, altruistic spending3
Expenditures on: Personal careSkin products, barber4
Expenditures on: Savingreserve, rainy day0
Expenditures on: Stimulantsbeverages, tobacco, drugs4
Expenditures on: Taxes1
Expenditures on: Transportmobility, moving6
Expenditures on: Carcost of car. Automobile4
Expenditures on: Public transportation1
Expenditures on: Utilitieswater, electricity, heating5
Kinds of consumptionuse of particular goods and services3
Use of communication amenitiestelephone, e-mail, internet5
Use of telephoneSmartphone32
Use of e-mailinternet, PC0
Use of social MediaFacebook, Twitter0
Ise of TVTelevision1
Cultural consumptionarts, music, concerts, theater0
Energy: kinds used0
Energy used for coking1
Energy used for lighting1
Consumption of green productsecological, environment friendly4
Consumption of positional goodsconspicuous consumption1
Consumption of serviceshired help, supper4
Use of financial servicesBank, insurance, financial planning0
Use of household servicescleaning, food, preparation0
Use of legal serviceslawyer0
Use of medical serviceshealth care6
Use of psychological servicescoaching, therapy0
Use of social servicesadvice, education6
Purchase behaviorbuying, shopping, ordering0
Buy wheremarket, shops, outlet0
Buy on internetweb shop2
Pay howbanking1
Type of paymentCredit card, cash0
Preferred way of payment1
Practiced ways of paymentpay behavior1
Frequency of paymentbills, weekly, monthly0
Attitudes to consumption2
Consumer confidencewillingness to spend0
Consumption aspirations/motives3
Preference for 'green' consumptionecological, environmental conscious9
Satisfaction with consumption levelmoney spending1
Satisfaction with consumption pattern0
Satisfaction with product availabilitysupply1
Satisfaction with availability of 'green' productsnatural, ecological9
Control over consumptionshared decision making1
COPINGattitudes to life-change, coping with life-events, personal effectiveness, sound, performance, own resignation, coping with stress0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's coping0
Earlier coping1
Change in coping3
Later coping2
Current copingpsychological defense, laughing, 5
Current coping-styleown expressiveness, humorous personality, 32
Current coping-capacityability, competence, coping ability, ability to utilize opportunities, psychological strength, abilities, psychological strength3
Current coping-successcoping with problems, 0
Self-perceived success1
Coping-success rating by others5
Coping with specific life-events4
Coping with divorce/widowhood3
Coping with illness5
Coping with unemployment1
Coping with conflicts, lonelinesshandling relations, social skill, sociability2
Attitudes to own copingattitudes to coping, 0
Satisfaction with own coping with life-changesatisfaction with coping, satisfaction with adjustment to change3
Satisfaction with self care1
CREATIVENESSproductive thinking, artistic skills, inventiveness, originality0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's creativenessearlier creativeness, 0
Earlier creativeness0
Change in creativeness0
Later creativeness0
Current creativenessintellectual abilities, artistic ability, cognitive ability, creativeness1
Reputation of creativeness1
Self-perceived creativeness4
Attitudes to own creativenessattitudes to creativeness, 1
CRIMEatrocity, deviant, misdeed, unlawful, unsafe0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of confrontation with crimecriminal career0
Current crime0
Own criminal behaviormisconduct0
Prevalence of crime (actual)preponderance, occurrence, safe0
Victim of crimesufferer0
Attitudes to crimeviews0
Fear of crimefright, worry1
Perceived vulnerability to crimeliable, unsafe24
CULTURE (Arts and Sciences)climate of arts, knowledge, personal knowledge, participation in public spheres, information, learning, , access to knowledge, leisure , personal attendance, participation in culture, social involvement, , societal involvement, cultural taste0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's cultural participation0
Earlier cultural participationhistory of cultural participation0
Change in cultural participation2
Later cultural participation0
Current cultural participation5
Passive cultural participationculture consumption3
Active cultural participationartistic activity15
Kind of cultural consumptiontaste, distinction6
Attitudes to culture1
Own attitudes to culture 0
Attitude to own cultural participation18
Satisfaction with cultural participation4
DAILY JOYS & HASSLESdaily events, stressful living conditions, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier hassles0
Current hasslesdislikes6
Current joyslikes, enjoyment3
Attitudes to joys and hassles1
Current hassle/joy ratiopleasure/pain balance1
DEVIANCEcriminal, nonconforming fraud, mischief, rejected, unaccepted, unadjusted, uncivil, improper0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of deviant behaviorcrime history0
Earlier deviant behaviorcriminal record3
Later deviant behavior0
Current deviant behavioraberrant, criminal, queer9
Accept bribescorruption1
Cheating on taxestax morale, tax evasion2
Cheating on social securitywelfare benefits1
Dodging fares in public transportationfare dodging1
Mischief on internethacking, fraud, illegal download1
Stealingabduct, shoplift0
Use of illegal drugsdope0
Attitudes to own deviant behaviorattribution4
DISASTERaccident, mishap0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of exposure to disasters0
Earlier disastertrauma1
Current disaster2
Attitudes to disastercoping0
EDUCATIONknowledge, personal mental development, learning, access to knowledge, development, knowledge1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's education9
Earlier educational levelearlier education, 9
Change in education 6
Recent completion of studydiploma, exam0
Later educational level later education, 3
Current educationsuccess in school, schooling31
Years schooling62
Level of school-education534
Educational specialization10
Time trend of happiness in educational categories1
Attitudes to one's educationneed for achievement, attitudes to education , 1
Concern about education1
Educational aspirationseducational goals53
Educational expectations0
Satisfaction with educationsatisfaction with level of schooling, satisfaction with one's education, satisfaction with own education63
Satisfaction with amount of educationeducational achievement, level1
Motives for education0
EMPLOYMENT work activity, work-activity, work behavior, participation in public spheres, paid work or not, , access to income, work life, participation in work, work performance, social involvement, own retirement, meso level, own socio-economic status3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's employmentoccupational career, events in employment, phases in employment7
Earlier employmentwork history4
Earlier unemploymentearlier joblesness20
Earlier employment arrangementsemployment history1
Earlier jobs0
Change in employmentevents in employment, loss of job , loss of work24
Change in having work2
Change from/to full-time homemakerhousewife, role change6
Became unemployedjob loss21
Becamet (re)employed10
Became self-employedown boss, business5
Became unfitt for workdeclared unable to work0
Had in-job training1
Out of workforce13
Reasons for change in employment5
Recent temporary unemployment1
Change in contractfixed, tenure, flex2
Later (un)employmentlater employment, later employment6
Current employment statussalary, work status, unemployment, work activity, having paid work or not, 344
Employedlabouring, hired, occupied, working,2
Full-time home makeremployment of women, personal emancipation, being a full-time housewife, working woman133
Unfit for workown handicap, capacity to work, 23
Unemployed involuntaryunemployed (other)174
Duration of unemployment7
Looking for workjob search6
Not in labor force22
In/out maternity leavepregnant2
Student side job49
Time trend happiness of (un)employed0
Size of current jobtime spend on work, work activity, 8
Full-time vs part-time54
Hours work38
Current employment arrangementown boss, at work, independent position, salary22
Family businessfarm, shop1
Informal wage employment (vs formal)grey, unofficial1
Public employment (vs private sector)11
Self employed46
Tenure (vs flex contracts)21
Workfaresubsidized employment0
Current additional jobs2
Part-time working of house-wivesbeing a part-time employed house-wife, house-wife32
Working of studentsstudent, 6
Multiple jobs2
Attitudes to own (un)employmentattitudes to employment, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), worries about work8
Aspirations for employmentemployment goals8
Attitudes to earlier (un)employment0
Concern about (un)employmentconcern about employment, worries about employment8
Perceived chances for employment12
Satisfaction with job security0
Satisfaction with current employment statussatisfaction with employment-status7
Satisfaction with being a house-wifehouse-hold-work, current satisfaction being a house-wife3
Wanted employment statuschoosen, opted0
Involuntary employedforced to work1
Involuntary part-timeforced1
Voluntary part-time workreduced work-hours2
ERA (temporal period)epoch, period, time,9
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Happiness in era0
Average happiness in eratime trend1
Trend average happiness in erachange, over time8
Trend average happiness in general public13
Trend average happiness in cities/regionsimprovement7
Trend average happiness in nations2
Trend average happiness in sets of nationsparts of the world0
Trend average happiness in special publics5
Trend average happiness in age groups14
Trend average happiness in males /females7
Trend average happiness in educational groups6
Trend average happiness in employment categoriesself employed, unemployed, working12
Trend average happiness among ethnic groupssub-culture. Minority, religion, race, tribe0
Trend average happiness in familieshousehold0
Trend average happiness among home-ownersrenter1
Trend average happiness in income groupsincome bracket, poor, rich8
Trend average happiness marital categoriesmarried, single divorced, widowed8
Trend average happiness in migrantsintegration of migrants3
Trend average happiness among patientshealth. Illness1
Trend average happiness in top sporters1
Trend average happiness in urban/rural dwellerscity, town, village, country side8
Inequality of happiness in eralocal happiness disparity0
Trend inequality of happiness in places5
Trend inequality of happiness in nationschange inequality in nations0
Trend inequality of happiness in South Africa0
Trend inequality of happiness in publics0
Happy life years in era0
Trend happy life years2
Trend correlates of happinesschange association, relation1
Trend behavioral correlates of happiness5
Trend environmental correlates of happiness3
Major events in erachange, disaster, happening, occurrence1
Attitudes to era0
Seasonmonths, time of year1
ETHNICITYmigrant, race, religion, tribe7
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of ethnicity0
Current ethnicity1
Ethnic discrimination in environmentethnic discrimination2
Perceived occurrence of ethnic discrimination10
Personal experience of ethnic discriminationown experience of discrimination, victim of discrimination, 5
Tendency to discriminate ethnic groups one-selfdiscriminating conduct5
Ethnic diversity in environmenthomogeneity of neighborhood, 2
Ethnic status in specific nationsown majority membership, region of residence, in society45
Ethnic status in Armenia1
Ethnic status in Australia4
Ethnic status in Austria1
Ethnic status in BritainUK6
Ethnic status in Canada17
Ethnic status in China9
Ethnic status in Ecuador1
Ethnic status in Georgia1
Ethnic status in Germany9
Ethnic status in Ghana1
Ethnic status in Hong Kong0
Ethnic status in Indiacaste1
Ethnic status in Israel2
Ethnic status in Kazakhstan1
Ethnic status in Kyrgyzstan2
Ethnic status in Malaysia0
Ethnic status in the Netherlands14
Ethnic status in New Zealand1
Ethnic status in Romania1
Ethnic status in Russia1
Ethnic status in Singapore1
Ethnic status in South Africa11
Ethnic status in Spain1
Ethnic status in Sweden1
Ethnic status in Switzerland3
Ethnic status in Ukraine0
Ethnic status in the USA83
Ethnic status in the UK11
Ethnic status in (former) Yugoslavia1
Ethnic status in neighborhood1
Ethnic status in regions3
Mixed ethnicitymulti-ethnic background0
Attitudes to ethnicity0
Attitudes to ethnic climateattitudes to ethnicity, attitudes to migrants, 0
Attitudes to one's own ethnic statusattitudes to ethnicity, group identification, 4
Ethno-centrismdiscriminating attitudes, authoritarian, rejection of others, tendency to resentment, xenophobia1
Asian race1
White race4
Black race4
EXPRESSIVE BEHAVIORmodes of expression, spontaneity0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of one's expressive behavior0
Earlier expressivenessearlier expressive behavior, 1
Change in expressivenesschange in expressive behavior, 0
Later expressivenesslater expressive behavior, 0
Current expressiveness0
Expression of affect(non)concealment, openness1
Crying oftenweep, howl, tears1
Laughing oftenchuckle, giggle, vocalization5
Writing firmnessstrength2
Expression of opinionsargue, convince, propagate3
Attitudes to expressiveness3
Attitude to own expressiveness0
EVENTScalamity, development, episode, happening, occurrence0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Collective eventsdisaster, happening, upheaval2
Covid pandemic 2020-2022epidemic, corona, contagion, SARS, outbreak, plague1
Economic recession 2000depression, downturn, decline0
Sports eventsfestivity, game2
Personal events6
FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)ability level in family, childhood (one's own childhood), family where one grew up, father, family of origin, family, marriage (overview of aspects), parents, participation in intimate networks, peers, family of origin, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates, ones parents0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Family career earlier household-composition0
Earlier family situation earlier situation in family of origin, adoption, stepfamily, twin14
Recent change in family situationchange in family of origin, change in household-composition4
Change working hours of motherworking mother0
Later family situationlater situation in family of origin, later household-composition9
Family composition (earlier for adults, current for young)in family of origin, size of family5
Number of siblings10
Number of parents (broken home)death of intimates, divorce of parents, events in family , stability of intimate environment, broken home, adoption, stepfamily35
One parent familybroken home, child of divorce, lone parent, single parent1
No living parentsorphan1
Mixed kin siblings1
Gender of siblings1
Position in family 5
Only childno siblings5
Birth orderfirst born, last born, middle born4
Non-biological childcharacteristics of children, adoption, stepfamily, adoption, being adopted in childhood (one self), being a step child,6
Twin or triplet childbeing one of a twin/triplet, 6
Family climate (earlier for adults, current for young)family of origin, in family, democracy in family, inter-personal harmony, confrontation with hostility, intimacy in family, family-morale, in family, by intimates, in family, conflicts in family, in the family, openness about sex among intimates, practices in family10
Relations with siblingsbond with siblings, relation with sibling, twin6
Relations with parentsbond with parents17
Acceptance by parentsParental rejection1
Agreement with parentsattitudinal consonance with parents, earlier rebellion4
Closeness to parents12
Support by parentshelp61
Relation between parentslove among intimates, marriage of parents, 4
Equality between parentsgender-equality in family, 1
Parents marital satisfaction6
Say of childreninvolvement, participation0
Violence in the familydomestic agression, beating, fight1
Parental behavior (earlier for adults, current for young)of ones mother2
Abuse by parentsabuse, incest, victim of abuse, 1
Involvement of parentsdistant, interested, loving1
Parents involvement in children's schoolparental school support1
Presence of parents2
Rearing-style of parentsin family, punitive parents, by intimates, in family, received socialization, practices in family2
Demandingachievement orientation among intimates, ambitions of parents, climate of aspirations in family, 3
Permissive vs dominantdemocracy in family, dominant parents, in family , permissiveness in family, tolerance in family4
Characteristics of family-members (earlier for adults)mood of family members, anxiety of family members2
Parents characteristicsattitudinal climate in the family, character of parents, mental health of parents2
Age of parents3
Attitudes of parentsmoral convictions at home, class consciousness in family of origin, value-climate in family, work values in family4
Body of parentsphysical characteristics of parents4
Genes of parentsheredity0
Blood relationship between parentsinbreeding0
Capacities of parentsintelligence of parents, siblings3
Employment of parentswork if parents1
Fertility of parentsm2
Happiness of parentsapparent in similarity with relatives3
Health of patents0
Medical history of parentstreatments/therapy of parents6
Physical health of parentssomatic condition1
Mental health of parentspsychological health1
Health behavior of parents1
Smoking of parentstobacco use, health conditions in youth2
Marriage of parents2
Migration of parentsallochthone background40
Personality of parentsin family , parents6
Religiousness of parentsbelief, church1
Characteristics of siblingscharacter of siblings3
Attitudes of siblingsattitudinal climate in the family, 0
Capacities of siblingsintelligence of parents, siblings0
Personality of siblingssiblings0
Happiness of siblingsapparent in similarity with relatives8
Socio-economic background (earlier for adults, current for young)in family of origin, moral convictions at home, wealth of intimates, social status of parents15
Parents educationschooling of parents, in family24
Parents incomeincome of family, income of intimates, standard of living in family, income in family of origin7
Parents occupationoccupation of parents15
Parents wealthrich59
Socio-cultural background (earlier for adults, current for young)climate in family, life-style in family of origin, parents are migrants52
Religious upbringing1
Rural upbringingraised on a farm, rural descent, urban upbringing, 12
Hardship in family of originevents in family , standard of living in family, in family, worrying in family5
Illness in familyhealth of intimates, mental health of parents, health of intimates, problems of intimates10
Unemployment of parentsemployment of intimates, working of family members6
Death of parentorphan0
Working motheractivity in family, employment of intimates, of ones mother, one's mother worked, working of family members36
Prime caregiver in family0
Attitudes to family of originfamily of origin, satisfaction with family of origin, worries about relatives11
Satisfaction with family lifehome life, kin5
Satisfaction with parentsguardian, father, mother0
Satisfaction with social status of familyrank, standard of living1
FAMILY OF PROCREATIONability level in family, own children, family with spouse/children, family, marriage (overview of aspects), participation in intimate networks, peers, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Family career (family life-cycle)expecting child, stage in family life-cycle, change in intimate environment, family life-cycle, earlier situation in family of procreation, earlier household-composition, earlier marriage, change in family of procreation, change in household-composition, change in marriage, later situation in family of procreation, later household-composition, later marriage, stage in family life-cycle, stage in family life-cycle12
Family composition3
Single parentsingle mother, single parent, one parent family14
Family size13
Family climatefamily of procreation, in family, inter-personal harmony, confrontation with hostility, intimacy in family, family-morale, conflicts in family, in the family, practices in family9
Earlier family-climate1
Change in family-climate2
Later family climatelater family-climate0
Current climate7
Characteristics of family membersanxiety of family members1
Employment of husbandworking spouse1
Hardship in family of procreation0
Working mother activity in family, working mother1
Oneself-mother: works (vs not)being a working mother, of oneself as a mother, one-self (mother) works9
Spouse-mother: works (vs not)spouse (mother) works0
Attitudes to family of procreationfamily of procreation, attitudes to marriage7
Concern about familyworries about relatives10
Satisfaction with familysatisfaction with family of procreation, 70
FAMILY OF RELATIVESwider family, motherhood, peers, primary relations, all relatives (including wider family), micro level , own reception of support, with intimates0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Family-life career0
Earlier family-lifeearlier situation with family relations1
Change in family-lifechange in family of relatives3
Later family-lifelater family relations1
Current family-network1
Number of relatives32
Number of close relatives0
Number of distant relatives0
Contacts with relativesfamily of relatives54
Contacts with siblings (in adulthood)contacts with sibling, 2
Attitudes to family-lifefamily of relatives, satisfaction with wider family11
Concern about familyworries about relatives3
Satisfaction with family-life satisfaction with family162
Satisfaction with close adult relativessatisfaction with family73
Satisfaction with communication with familycontact, understanding0
Trust in relativestrust family5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Farming careerearlier farming, change in farming, later farming, 2
Current involvement in farming4
Being a farmer3
Being wife of a farmer1
Living on a farm1
Time spend to farming5
Self reliancehome production24
Current characteristics of the farm6
Size of farm4
Activities on farmagricultural products made5
Agriculturehorticulture, husbandry0
Live stock breedingcattle, herd0
Keeps cattlecow0
Keeps goats0
Keeps pigshog, swine0
Keeps poultryChicken0
Economic success of farmsuccess at work3
Security of farm land holdingproperty0
Attitudes to farming6
Concern about farming4
Satisfaction with farming2
FREEDOMabsence of restrictions, independence, fate-control, independence, liberty, social life-space, self-determination2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Freedom career0
Earlier freedom0
Change in freedom3
Later freedom0
Current freedom5
Ability to choose (psychological freedom)authenticity, autonomy, guts, self-direction3
Informed for choice (potential freedom)0
Current absence of restrictions (social freedom) climate of dominance (being dominated), climate of permissiveness, social repression, 11
Amount of restrictions perceivedfree (vs restricted)23
Specific restrictions (perceived and actual)8
Attitudes to freedom4
Concern about freedom0
Satisfaction with freedom6
Satisfaction with opportunity to change thingssatisfaction with freedom, satisfaction with opportunities to change life2
FRIENDSHIPintimate affiliation, social behavior, inter-personal harmony, social life, marriage (overview of aspects), participation in intimate networks, peers, social involvement, bond with friends, sociability, intimate contacts, micro level , , personal contacts, own contacts, own reception of support, with intimates4
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Friendship career earlier friendship, earlier intimacy, 0
Earlier friendships3
Earlier satisfaction with friends1
Change in friendshipschange in friendship, change in intimacy, 2
History of current friendships1
Later friendshipslater friendship, later intimacy, 0
Later satisfaction with friends1
Current number of friendscontacts with friends/acquaintances, 19
Number of close friendshaving close friends87
Number of friends/acquaintances7
Number of 'friends' on social mediaonline contacts3
Current contacts with friends60
Attendance of parties2
Contact on social mediae-contact4
Intimate discussions8
Telephone calls with friends3
Out of school contacts with friends (of pupils)49
Visits to friends15
Current friendship networkattitudinal consonance with friends, 8
Friends in community2
Friends are friends1
Married friends1
Online friendssocial network contacts, social media3
Perceived inclusion in e-friendship networkbelonging, companionship1
Perceived reputation among e-friendsstanding, recognition, popularity1
Perceived social support in e-network3
Current characteristics of friendsmood of friends, anxiety of friends, character of friends, friends2
Happiness of friendsintimates, peers, similarity happiness1
Similarity with friends0
Conflicts with friends2
Finding friendscontact1
Attitudes to friendship10
Concern about friends8
Perceived reciprocitymutual, support2
Perceived esteem by friendsstatus in friendship network, recognition, reputation2
Satisfaction with friendssatisfaction with friend, satisfaction with friends205
Satisfaction with communication with friendscontact, connection, understanding0
Trust in friends4
GENDERmale, female5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of gendersex development0
Earlier gender0
Change of gendersex reassignment1
Change of gender attitudes0
Later gender0
Current gendersex2
Sexe: male (vs female)female sex, male sex1065
Intersexandrogynous, gender dysphoria, hermaphrodite, incomplete sex reassignment1
Time trend of happiness in males and females4
Cross national variation in gender difference in happiness0
Gender roles4
Gender-role attitudesattitudes to gender, emancipated role-attitude, femininity, gender identity, identity, modern attitudes about gender-roles, feminine, masculine, attitudes to woman emancipation, gender roles, female sex, personal attitudes (feminism)19
Gender preference, non-conforming gender identityattitudes to gender, satisfaction with gender1
Gender discrimination4
Transgendergender dysphoria, gender incongruence, gender transition, change in gender, queer, transsexual, transvestite12
Legalized gender changecivil registration changed1
Transgender typestransgender, transsexual, non binary, genderqueer, agender, gender variant, queer, crossdresser, male to female, female to male, trans men, trans women0
Gender dysphoric: uncomfortable with sex assigned at birth but no medical transition0
Non-binaryandrogyne, gender queer, agender, gender fluid1
Transsexual; underwent medical transitionsex reassignment surgery, cross-sex hormones0
Openness about non-conforming gender identitydeviance, transsexual0
Openness about gender transition2
Gender attitudesstereotypes about sexes3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
HABITSown life-style, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Habit careerearlier habits , 0
Earlier habits0
Change in habits1
Later habits0
Current habits0
Day-dreaminghere and now orientation, 0
Information seeking strategysystematic0
Attitudes about own habits1
HANDICAPdisability, invalid0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Handicap career0
Earlier handicap5
Change in handicap2
Getting handicapped3
Time since handicap2
Revalidation from handicapbirth defect , 1
Later handicap0
Current handicap20
Kind of handicap2
Speech handicaplanguage handicap1
Mental handicapday dreaming, psycho-pathology, 2
Physical handicapbeing handicapped, 9
Severity of handicapinvalidity6
Attitudes to handicap2
HAPPINESS: BEHAVIORpursuit of happiness0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of happiness behavior0
Current happiness behavior0
Ways to assess one's happinessinference0
Ways to increase one's happinesspursuit of happiness4
Attitudes to own happiness behavior0
HAPPINESS: DEVELOPMENTadjustment, career, change, evolution, over time0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Perceived development of one's happinesshappiness career1
Retrospective level of happiness (period unspecified)earlier age, perceived happiness in earlier life, earlier age, perceived earlier happiness, earlier appraisal of life-as-a-whole, earlier satisfaction, best years4
In recent past17
In specific periods in the past7
Happiest period in lifechildhood (one's own childhood), life stage, period in personal life, teenage, youth, 1
Extremes of happiness experienced6
Retrospective sources of happiness0
Retrospective changes in happiness (unspecified)change in age (aging), apparent in continuity of own happiness, perceived changes, improvement of own condition, perceives to be happier than before, perceived change in happiness, change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, of appreciation of life5
Recent change10
Long term change2
Perceived change in happiness after eventretrospective adjustment0
Perceived stability of feelings about life2
Expected level of happiness (period unspecified)expected happiness , hopes for the future, perceived future happiness, own hope, expectations optimistic, pessimism, later overall satisfaction9
In the near future (up to 5 years)13
In the long run0
In specific phases in the future0
Expected change in happiness (period unspecified)expected happiness , apparent in continuity of own happiness, perceived changes, improvement of own condition, perceived change in happiness, change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, expected later happiness, later appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, of appreciation of life1
In the near future (up to 5 years)9
In the long run4
In specific phases of life0
Actual happiness-career (assessed in follow-up)actual happiness in earlier life, improvement of own condition0
Actual level of earlier/later happinessearlier age, actual happiness in later life, earlier age, actual earlier happiness (follow-up), earlier appraisal of life-as-a-whole, earlier satisfaction, later satisfaction, actual later happiness (follow-up), later appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, with life-as-a-whole3
Recent happiness (< 1 year ago)60
Past happiness ( 1 to 10 years ago)61
Long term happiness (< 10 years ago)21
Actual changes in happinesschange in age (aging), apparent in continuity of own happiness, actual changes, actual change in happiness (follow-up), change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, of appreciation of life80
Change happiness over life timelife long3
Change happiness following eventsfluctuation, happenings4
Difference between perceived and actual development of one's happiness over timebias, discrepancy, error, misperception0
Difference between retrospective and actually experienced happinessrecall error1
Difference between expected and actually expecrienced happinessforecast error, optimism, pessimism0
Attitudes to development of one's happinesscareer0
HAPPINESS: DISPERSION OF HAPPINESSattitude to life-as-a-whole, dispersion of happiness in society, inequality in happiness among citizens, appreciation of life-as-a-whole, inequality of apparent quality-of-life2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Inequality of happiness in placeslocation0
Inequality of happiness in nationscountry12
Correlates of inequality of happiness in nations3
Change in inequality in nationstrend inequality in happiness0
Inequality of happiness in regionsprovince0
Inequality of happiness in vicinitylocal, district0
Inequality of happiness over timetrend0
Inequality of happiness in publicscategories, groups0
Difference of happiness within publicscategory, group0
Inequality in happiness among intimates0
Difference in happiness across publicscategory, groups0
Inequality of happiness between rich and poorincome3
Inequality of happiness between males and femalesgender, sex0
HAPPINESS: EFFECT OF CONDITIONS FOR HAPPINESSdouble causality, self reinforcing effects0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier conditions for happinessHistory of happiness0
Change in conditions for happiness2
Current conditions for happiness0
Individual level conditions0
Societal level conditions1
Attitudes to conditions for one's happiness0
HAPPINESS: CONSEQUENCESeffects of happiness, impact, offshoot outcome, sequela, side effect, upshot11
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Effects of collective happinesssocietal0
Effects of actual happiness in nationslivability0
Effects of reputation of happiness in nation0
Effect of happiness in nation on choice of migrantspull factor1
Effects of individual happinesspersonal0
Effects of earlier happiness on later happinesscontinuity0
Effects happiness on on healthsalutunegenis0
Effects of happiness on social bonds0
Effects of happiness on productivityeffectiveness0
HAPPINESS: CORRESPONDENCE OF DIFFERENT MEASURESadjustment to life in general, attitude to life-as-a-whole, psychological depression, dissatisfaction with life-as-a-whole, current happiness, pleasure in life, joy in life, indicators of happiness , appreciation of life (subjective quality of life), attitudes to one's quality of life, satisfied, depressive, satisfied, pleasant life, appreciation of life-as-a-whole, , happiness, sum of pleasures and pains1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Overall happiness 1
Overall happiness by overall happiness2
O-HL by O-HL9
O-HL by O-SL49
O-HL by O-DT10
O-HL by O-QOL3
O-HL by O-further9
O-HL by O-sum0
O-SL by O-SL8
O-SL by O-DT5
O-SL by O-QOL5
O-SL by O-further12
O-SL by O-sum0
O-DT by O-DT5
O-DT by O-QOL0
O-DT by O-further9
O-DT by O-open2
O-QOL by O further1
O-further by O-further5
O-further by O-open0
Overall Happiness and Hedonic Affect-levelaffective component of happiness, affective wellbeing, hedonic level, mood3
O-HL by A-AOL10
O-HL by A-AB22
O-HL by A-TH0
O-HP by A-CA1
O-SL by A-AOL9
O-SL by A-AB14
O-SL by A-CA0
O-DT by A-AB6
O-DT by A-AOL1
O-further by A-AOL0
O-further by A-AB7
O-further by A-ARE1
O-open by A-ARE0
O-open by A-CA1
O-sum by A-AB1
Overall happiness and contentmentcognitive component of happiness, getting what you want, realization of aspirations, volitional wellbeing11
O-HL by C-BW10
O-HL by C-RG1
O-HL by C-RW7
O-HL by C-W2
O-SL by C-BW7
O-SL by C-RG4
O-SL by C-RW4
O-SL by C-open0
O-DT by C-BW6
O-DT by C-RW1
O-DT by C-RG1
O-DT by C-open0
O-QOL by C-BW1
O-further by C-BW5
Overall happiness and mixed measures1
O-HL by M-AO7
O-HL by M-CO2
O-HL by M-FH2
O-HL by M-TH0
O-HL by M-ACO2
O-SL by M-AO5
O-SL by M-CO1
O-SL by M-FH2
O-SL by M-TH1
O-DT by M-AO4
O-DT by M-TH2
O-further by M-AO7
Hedonic level of affectcheerful appearance, actual reputation (peer-ratings), pleasant affect, actual reputation (peer ratings), sadness1
Hedonic level and overall happiness1
Hedonic level and hedonic level0
A-AOL by A-AB5
A-AB by A-AB6
A-AB by A-ARE6
A-AB by A-CA2
A-CA by A-CA8
Hedonic level and contentment0
A-AOL by C-RW0
A-AB by C-BW9
A-AB by C-RW3
A-ARE by C-RW1
A-ARE by C-BW1
Hedonic level and mixed indicators of happiness2
A-AB by M-AO11
A-AB by M-DS0
A-AB by M-TH0
A-ARE by M-AO1
A-CA by M-ACO0
Contentmentperceived realization of goals, realization of ambitions, realization of goals, perceived success, 2
Contentment and happiness2
Contentment and hedonic level0
Contentment and contentment1
C-BW by C-BW1
C-BW by C-RW2
Contentment and mixed indicators of happiness1
C-RG by M-AC1
C-BW by M-AO4
C-W by M-FH2
C-W by M-ACO1
Mixed indicators of happiness1
by pure overall happiness1
by pure indicators of hedonic level1
by pure indicators of contentment1
Mixed indicators by mixed indicators0
M-AO by M-AO3
M-AO daily by M-AO retrospectiveexperience sampling, remembered happiness1
M-AO by M-FH2
M-AO by M-TH0
M-ACO by M-FH1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier happiness of others1
Later happiness of others0
Current happiness of others4
Happiness of childrensimilarity happiness1
Happiness of friendspeers0
Happiness of parents0
Happiness of siblingsbrother, sister8
Happiness of spouse4
Attitudes to happiness of others4
Perceived relative happinessbetter/worse off2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Reputation of happiness career0
Earlier reputation of happiness0
Change in reputation of happiness0
Current reputation of happiness1
Rating of happiness by parents7
Rating of happiness by peers4
Rating of happiness by spouse1
Rating of happiness by interviewer7
Rating of happiness by nurse1
Rating of happiness by clinician3
Rating of happiness by teacher0
Attitude to reputation of happiness0
Inter-rated agreementreliability3
HAPPINESS: VIEWS ON HAPPINESSattitudes to happiness, attitude to life-as-a-whole, attitudes to happiness, appreciation of life-as-a-whole0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Happiness-attitude career0
Earlier happiness-attitudesearlier attitudes to happiness, earlier attitudes to happiness, earlier attitudes to happiness1
Change in happiness-attitudeschange in attitudes to happiness, change in attitudes to happiness, change in attitudes to happiness0
Later happiness-attitudeslater attitudes to happiness, later attitudes to happiness, later attitudes to happiness0
Current happiness-attitudesbeliefs about sources of happiness, 1
Concept of happiness3
Perceived sources of happinessperceived gratifications, 42
Perceived sources of one's own happiness71
Perceived sources of every-bodies happiness3
perceived control people have over their happinessinternal/ external locus of control, fate control5
Perceived happiness of others3
Perceived level of happiness of compatriotsperceived happiness of compatriots, 3
Perceived level of happiness of specific social categoriesperceived happiness of social categories, 4
Perceived difference with own happinesssocial comparison, perceived difference with own happiness, perceives to be happier than others, difference in overall satisfaction14
Perceived interdependence with happiness of others3
Valuation of happinesshappiness level of fellow men, happiness of compatriots, perceived happiness of other people, happiness of compatriots, projection of happiness, satisfaction of others6
Acceptance of own (un)happiness1
Fear of happinessa-hedonism, punishing attitude1
Moral desirability of happiness5
Perceived reputation of happinessperceived reputation, reputation of happiness (ratings by others) , self-perceived reputation1
Concern about happiness1
Acceptance of way to happiness0
Acceptance of happiness elevating drugs1
Desired happinesshedonism1
HEALTH: BEHAVIORhygiene,, medical consumption, healthy lifestyle1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Health-behavior careerearlier health-behavior0
Earlier health-behavior6
Earlier medical consumptiondoctor visits, medicine use1
Change in health-behavior10
Later health-behavior1
Current healthy life-stylehygiene, risk reduction, 9
Healthy eatingfruits, vegetables21
Health inspection3
Physical excercisesporting, walking, biking, gymnastics1
Current medical consumptionmedicines, medical treatment, drug use9
Therapy compliance0
Therapy seeking2
Use of medicamentstherapeutical mood-manipulation, own use of stimulants, tranquilizers8
use of anti-depressantstranquilizers0
Attitudes to health-maintenanceattitudes to health care4
HEALTH: MENTALability, abnormal, adjustment, capability, disorder, deviant , disease, illness, mad, sound psychological strength, psycho-pathology, health, sanity, health, psychological stability, psychological strength, vitality1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Mental-health careerearlier mental health, history of mental problems, 0
Earlier mental health22
Earlier addictiondependency0
Earlier alcolismdrinking problem0
Change in mental healthsenility, 7
Later mental health8
Later alcoholismdrinking problem, dependency0
Current general mental health neuroticism, 17
Expert ratings of mental healthclinical rating, diagnosis8
Self ratings of mental health27
Overall self estimate of mental health8
Number of mental complaintsmulti morbidity1
Scores on symptom inventories47
Feels close to mental breakdown1
Daily living skills3
Current specific mental disorders (icd-10 classification)self-destructive behavior, 15
Organic mental disorder (f00-f09)psychosis0
Disorders due to substance use (f10-f19)3
Alcoholic (f10)5
Schizophrenia and delusions (f20-f29)0
Schizophrenic (f20)8
Paranoid (f20-22)2
Mood (affective) disorders (f30-f39)3
Depressive (f31-33)psychological depression, melancholy, depressive, 68
Hypomanic (f30)1
Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (f40-48)0
Anxious (f40)8
Hypochondriac (f45.2)2
Neurotic (f48)neuroticism, 18
Behavioral syndromes with physical factors (f50-f59)0
Eating disorder (f50)bulimia, anorexia1
Personality disorders (f60-69)0
Gender identity disorder (f 64)gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, gender incongruence, cross-dressing, transsexual0
Mental retardation (f70-79)0
Developmental disorders (f80-f89)0
Behavioral and emotional disorders with onset in youth (f90-f98)0
Unspecified mental disorder (f99)0
DementiaAlzheimer disease0
Hysteric (f99)2
Psych asthenic (f99)1
Psychotic (f99)1
Workaholicobsessive working1
Current positive mental healthflourishing, mental strengths, virality9
Expert ratings of current positive mental healthmental strengths, objective1
Self rating of current positive mental healthmental strengths, subjective8
Attitudes to own mental health1
Readiness to seek professional care3
Satisfaction with own mental health1
Satisfaction with treatment1
HEALTH: PHYSICALcapability, disease, illness, vitality3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Health career2
Earlier physical healthevents in health, earlier body-condition, earlier handicap, earlier physical health50
Earlier disabilityhandicap history1
Earlier satisfaction with health0
Change in physical healthevents in health, change in body, change in handicap, change in physical health , loss of health, recovery from illness15
Deterioration of health, falling ill5
Time since falling illdiagnosis1
Improvement of healthgot better healthier1
Recovery from disease2
Stage of diseasedanger of death, 3
Change in satisfaction with healthchange in attitudes to health, change in attitudes to health, change in satisfaction with parts of life6
Later physical healthlater body-condition, later handicap9
Later illnessrisk of disease4
Later relative health0
Later satisfaction with health0
Longevity (assessed in follow up)later age, own death13
Distance to deathage1
Current general health status40
Expert rating of health12
Self-perceived health127
Global health rating210
Number of somatic complaintsMulti morbidity0
Health domain ratings4
Number of health complaints18
Chronic illness32
Feeling healthy8
Expected longevity2
Symptoms of bad healthhealth complaints16
Incontinencebowel, urinary leakage0
Fatiguefatigue, 4
Painpain , 17
Perspiration attackssweating0
Short of breath (r66)tight of chest0
Days ill21
Hospitalizationclinic, intramural5
Current functional healthmotorial restrictions, being handicapped, capacity to work, 29
Degree of restrictioninvalidity51
Specific restrictions7
Restrictions in hearingdeaf, 3
Restrictions in moving12
Restrictions in seeing7
Restrictions to social functioning4
Restrictions to physical functioning5
Current disease (who icd-10 classification)danger of death, 8
Infectious and parasitic diseases (a00-b99)1
Human immunodeficient virus HIV (b20-24)aids2
Neoplasms (cancer) (c00-d48)12
Bone and articular cartilage (c40-41)1
Breast cancer (c50)3
Prostate cancer3
Urinary tract (c64-68)prostate cancer2
Diseases of blood and blood forming organsanemia1
Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic (e00-e90)0
Diabetes (e10-14)10
Obesity (e66)overweight0
Metabolic disorders (e70-90)1
Mental and behavioral disorders (f00-99)3
Diseases of nervous system (g00-99)1
Memory lossforget, recollection, reminiscence1
Epilepsy (g00-32)1
Multiple sclerosis (g35)1
Migraine (g43)head ache11
Other disorders of the nervous system (g90-99)1
Diseases of eye and adnexa (h00-59)0
Glaucoma (h40-42)1
Diseases of ear and mastoid process (h60-h95)0
Diseases of circulatory system (i00-99)heart condition, 7
Hypertensive diseases (i10-15)7
Ischemic heart diseases (i20-25)9
Stroke (i64)5
Diseases of respiratory system (j00-99)5
Chronic lower respiratory diseases (j40-45)1
Diseases of digestive system (k00-93)3
Oral diseases (k00-14)3
Diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue0
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system2
Rheumatism (m00-25)4
Other disorders of musculoskeletal system (m95-99)0
Diseases of the genitourinary system (n00-n99)0
Renal failure (n17-19)11
Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (o00-o99)1
Female infertility (n97)off spring, parenthood1
Pregnancy complications (o10-29)0
Other obstetric conditions (o94-99)1
Conditions originating in the perinatal period (p00-p96)0
Congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities (q00-99)1
Congenital musculoskeletal deformities (q68)1
Down syndrome (q90-99)2
Symptoms not classified elsewhere (r00-r99)1
Breath problems (r06)tight of breath0
Pain (r52.9)0
Fatigue (r53)2
Vasovagal syncope (rc 55)fainting, passing out, swooning1
Injuries (s00-t98)1
Brain injury (s00-09)0
Sequelae of injuries (t90-98)1
Accidents (v01-y98)0
Factors influencing health and medical consumption (z00-99)0
Chronic pain (z70-76)1
Relative healthcomparative health4
Attitudes to own healthattitudes to physical health, worries about health3
Concerns about healthfear of death, concern about health, 13
Denial of illnesspsychological defense, 2
Conceptions of illness and healing1
Satisfaction with health227
Perceived control over illness2
Preference for healthier over longer lifehealth related time-trade-of (tto) utility1
Expected health2
HEALTH: PSYCHO-SOMATIC COMPLAINTSadjustment to life in general, psychological depression, mental health, coping with life-events, nervousness, neuroticism, depressive, psychological reactions, tense1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Psycho-somatic careerearlier mental health0
Earlier psycho-somatic complaintsearlier mental health, 6
Change in psycho-somatic complaintschange in mental health, change in mental health0
History of current complaints0
Later psycho-somatic complaintslater mental health, later mental health3
Current psycho-somatic complaints39
Current physical complaints2
Current mental complaints23
Current stress10
Attitudes to own psycho-somatic complaintsattitudes to mental health0
HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENTcounseling, geriatric treatment, change after specific events, treatments, change in habits , mental hospital, therapies0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Therapeutical careerhistory of psychological treatments0
Earlier psychological treatmentsclinical history3
Earlier availability of psychological treatmentcounseling opportunity1
Change in psychological treatments1
Later psychological treatments0
Current psychological treatmentpresent psycho-therapy0
Availability of psychological treatmentopportunity, option, possibility1
Treatment for mental disorder (clinical psychology, psychiatry)mental illness, mental health care2
Being in treatment for mental disorder (vs not)mental health care13
Kind of treatment for mental disorder1
Crisis interventionacute problem2
Intensive guidancecare, support4
Psychopharmacological medicationsdrugs, medication, pharmacological3
Psychotherapytreatment of mental problems2
Support/training for coping with mental disabilityrehabilitation, self help15
Psychological treatment of particular mental disorderstherapy0
Gender dysphoriatranssexual0
Setting of psychiatric treatmenttherapeutical context0
In ambulatory treatment7
In mental hospitalgeriatric institution, hospitalization, living in a mental hospital, mental hospital, 10
Treatment for psycho-somatic complaintspsycho-physical0
Psychological treatment for painache0
Psychological treatment for anxiety0
Guidance of vulnerable peoplesocial service6
Coping with stressdealing with difficulties2
Family support1
Training for mental growth (positive psychology)guidance, positive psychological interventions1
Use of positive psychological training (vs not)0
Nature of positive psychological treatmentsessence, nature, principle, substance0
Creative therapyartistic0
Empowermentself efficacy3
Family-marriage therapyrelation therapy2
Health management training (rehabilitation)dealing with handicaps1
Self-awareness trainingidentity2
Happiness trainingcourse, intervention, therapy, training, treatment aimed at greater happiness3
Best possible self exercise8
Body focused trainingcorporal2
Happiness literacyeducation, information, knowledge5
Life-skill trainingcompetence. Proficiency0
Life style awareness trainingconsciousness of way of life1
List and practice perceived ways to happiness1
Meaning traininglogotherapy, purpose in life0
Meditation, mindfulness11
Novelty tryingexperimenting, new activities1
Positive thinking traininghope, optimism5
Savoring trainingenjoyment, hedonic maximation2
Trainings for multiple mental skillsassorted, mixed20
Character strengthsempowerment1
Mode of positive psychological treatmentform, variant0
Delivery methods used in positive psychological treatmentsadministration0
Guided intervention6
Self-helpadvisory books, bibliotherapy, happiness apps6
Combinations of guided intervention and self help5
Educational methods used in positive psychological treatmenttraining techniques0
Mixed educational methods10
Iteration in positive psychological treatmentscontinuity, frequency0
One-time treatmentsingle7
Multiple treatment moments51
Multiformity in nature of positive psychological interventionscomplexity, multi-facetted, multi-layered1
Mono sortsingle approach, one dimensional48
Multiple sortsmulti-methods28
Recruitment of participants0
Mandatorypart of obligatory course/training17
On invitation, paid in money or study credit22
On invitation, no pay29
Voluntary, unsolicitedself selected, spontaneous, inner motivation32
Setting of positive psychological treatment1
Schoolcourse, class36
No particular setting, recruitment on interestaccidental, snowball sampling22
Therapeutic behavior0
Behavior of therapisttherapeutical mood-manipulation1
Behavior of client3
Drop-out discontinuation, unplanned stop of treatment1
Frequency of usetherapy adherence, compliance, continuation, drop-out9
Seeking psychological treatment0
Success of psychological treatmenteffectiveness of therapy3
Attitudes to psychological traetmentattitudes to health care, attitudes to therapy2
Perceived need for treatmentneed for psycho-therapy, 3
Perceived effects of psychological training7
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Medical careerearlier therapy, 1
Earlier medical treatment11
Earlier abortionpregnancy2
Earlier anesthesia2
Earlier health inspectioncheck2
Earlier hospitalizationintra-mural3
Earlier inoculationspreventive injection, vaccination8
Earlier organ transplantationkidney, heart, liver1
Earlier sex reassignmentgender dysphoria treatment, transgender, transsexual4
Change in medical treatment1
History of current treatment4
Time since start of treatmentduration, treatment lenght1
Later medical treatmentlater treatment0
Currently in treatment or not10
Visits to doctordoctor visits , 12
In hospitalhospitalization, 4
Illness treatedaffliction, disease5
Breathing problemsshort of breath2
Eye problemsvisual limitations1
Gender dysphoria: medical sex reassignmentcross-sex, sex change, sex reassignment, transgender, transsexual, surgery2
Kind of sex reassignmenttransgender0
female to male, male to female3
Full or partial sex reassignment1
Phase of sex reassignmenttreatment9
Technique of sex reassignmenthormonal, surgical9
Heart disease5
Hypertensionblood pressure1
Renal failureKidney5
Number of illnesses treatedmulti morbidity1
Setting of medical treatmentgeneral practitioner, hospital, polyclinic8
Technique(s) of medical treatmenttherapy3
Alternative treatmentnon=regular3
Chemo therapy1
Dietary treatmenteating, nutrition's1
Health educatione-care, instruction1
Intensive care1
Medicationdrugs, pharmacological21
Organ transplantation3
Organ donationspecific risks0
Consent with donation after death0
Actual donation of organ during life1
Organ reception0
Want for organ transplantation1
Actual transplantation9
Palliative caremanagement of fatigue, nausea, pain1
Radio therapy1
Ventilator assistancebreath support2
Success of medical treatmentmedical effectiveness, healing, recovery6
Therapeutic behavior0
Behavior of patients0
Seeking medical treatment0
Behavior of therapist0
Attitudes to medical treatmentsatisfaction with medical treatment3
Attitudes to organ-transplantation1
Attitudes to organ-donation4
Attitudes to organ-reception1
Satisfaction with medical treatmentpatient satisfaction0
Satisfaction with sex-reassignmenttranssexual,1
Satisfaction with health-servicessatisfaction with psycho-therapeutic treatment, local medical services42
Trust in medical professionals6
HELPINGaltruism, moral behavior, cooperative behavior, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Helping career0
Earlier helping1
Ever helped a strangernon-kin, universalism1
Change in helping1
Later helping0
Current helping7
Care giving5
Attitudes to helping1
Satisfaction with helpingcaretaker satisfaction2
Willing to helpsupportive1
HOPEpositive expectation, future attitudes, optimism0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier hope0
Change in hope0
Later hope0
Current hope 35
Specific personal hopes 5
Specific hopes for the country1
Attitudes to hope1
HOUSEHOLD: COMPOSITIONin current household, family (overview of aspects), domicile, living arrangement, relatives, size of household0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of Household-compositionearlier household-composition, later household-composition4
Earlier household compositionhousehold history0
Earlier number of adults in householdhousehold size1
Earlier number of children in household1
Change in households compositionhousehold mobility3
Change in numberr of children in household1
Change in living with children or not0
Current household-compositionliving alone or not80
Living alone or not55
Living with children30
Number of persons in household105
Number of adults in household4
Number of children in the household6
Non-nuclear household6
Elderly in the household1
Own position in household8
Living with parents21
Living with spouseco-habitation4
Number of children in the household0
Household members6
Characteristics of household-members5
Dependent persons in household8
Handicapped persons in householdhandicapped person in household, 3
Illness in householdhealth conditions1
Intimacy with household-members2
Attitudes to household-compositionhousehold-composition3
Attitude to living alone2
Attitude to privacyopportunity for privacy, 3
Attitudes to household-members3
HOUSEHOLD: WORKhousehold-activity, house-wife, involvement in home-making, satisfaction with home making, time spend on work, house-wife0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Household-work careerchange in household-composition0
Earlier household-workearlier household work0
Change in household-workchange in household work0
Helping more with household chores2
Later household-worklater household work0
Current household-work10
Involvement with household work4
Time spend on household-work7
Division of household-workshared household-tasks4
Shared household-tasks11
Household help4
Household tasksactivities, duties0
Household managementcoordination, organization2
Attitudes to household-workhouse-hold-work, , satisfaction with house-hold work1
Satisfaction with household activities5
Satisfaction division of household-work5
HOUSINGhouse, living arrangement, consumption pattern, 1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Housing-careerearlier housing, 2
Earlier housing5
Change in housingchange of house3
Change from rent to owner7
Change to legal ownershiplegalization1
Change in quality of dwellingimprovement, upgrading, deterioration1
Change in size of dwellinggreater/ smaller dwelling1
Change in type of dwelling1
Later housing0
Current dwellinghouse5
Homelessdestitute, displaced, houseless0
Ownership of current dwellingown house15
House owned or rented86
Kind of ownership3
Informal ownershipillegal, occupied1
Type of current dwelling23
Quality of current dwellinghousing63
Quality of house21
Quality of housing estatecontact intensive housing, actual contact-facilities, 5
Facilities in the houseaccommodations11
Exclusive kitchen for household1
Number of bathroomstoilet, WC1
Running water in housepiped1
Own room at homeprivacy62
Surface of houseArea, squared meters, house, flat, apartment16
Number of rooms1
Cost of housing7
Multiple houses0
Attitudes to housingown house, satisfaction with housing4
Concern about housing5
Satisfaction with housing112
Satisfaction with quality of housingcontentment, evaluation4
INCOMEpersonal wealth, spending capacity, satisfaction with standard of living, own socio-economic status, 2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Income career1
Earlier incomeearlier possessions, 3
Earlier level of income17
Earlier sufficiency of incomeearlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income10
Earlier relative income levelpast income1
Earlier satisfaction with incomeearlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income3
Earlier source of income0
Earlier on welfaresocial security, welfare history1
Earlier concern about incomematerialism1
Change in incomechange in attitudes to income , change in possessions6
Change in income level60
Change in income sufficiencychange in attitudes to income2
Change to better or worse9
Change in relative incomecomparative income1
Change in source of income9
Change in use of public assistanceon/off welfare1
Got pensioneligible for pension, pension age,3
Change in attitude to incomechange in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with income, change in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with income3
Attitude to change in income3
Later incomelater possessions, 3
Later level of incomelater attitudes to income12
Later relative incomeexpected income, future income expectation1
Later source of income2
Later satisfaction with incomelater attitudes to income , later attitudes to income , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life4
Current income level (unspecified)level of pay, salary, 133
Personal income76
Personal labor incomewage, salary2
Other household member's income4
Household income 439
Net household incomeincome, taxes5
Disposable household incomenet income, government transfers3
Equivalent household incomeincome per household member0
Negative/Zero incomepersonal income, household income2
Security of incomestability, predictability3
Sufficiency of current incomeattitudes to income, current undernourishment, satisfaction with financial situation, satisfaction with financial situation, poverty41
`objective` poverty27
Subjective poverty28
Being able to buy a househouse owner4
Being able to savesatisfaction with opportunity to save, satisfaction with opportunity to save2
Material standard of living12
Source of current incomesalary, 12
Own income or notmaterial dependency, independent position, 4
Main breadwinnerearner3
Type of incomeremittances8
Income from enterprisebusiness0
Income from paid worksalary2
Income from savings and insurancesrents, return on capital1
Income from pensionpension9
Income from social securityuse of social security benefits, welfare income, 17
Income from workfareconditional social benefits2
Non-money income from farming3
Non-labor incomerents, gifts0
Income from parentsalimony1
Income from study grantfinancial aid, subsidy0
Windfall incomeirregular income, luck1
Relative incomecomparative income, relative deprivation, peer group69
Relative to income of similar peoplealike people, reference group15
Relative to income of family of originkin, family of birth0
Relative to income in neighborhoodcommunity, local, vicinity14
Relative to income of compatriotscountry men, fellow citizen23
Relative to income of spouseconsort, mate, marital income difference1
Relative to income of non-similar peopleexternal comparison0
Attitudes to own incomeattitudes to income, 10
Concerns about income12
Aspired income-increasematerial goals4
Awareness of income changeconsciousness4
Worrying about moneyworries about money10
Income aspirations18
Income expectations13
Income comparisonsreference, social comparison10
Satisfaction with income\financessatisfaction with income, satisfaction with standard of living28
Satisfaction with incomesatisfaction with pay69
Satisfaction with financial situation131
Satisfaction with financial security22
Satisfaction with opportunity to save2
Satisfaction with standard of living89
Satisfaction with physical needs met4
Satisfaction with relative income1
INSTITUTIONAL LIVINGnon-family living, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Developments in institutional living1
Ever lived in an institutional settingearlier household, earlier institutional living, 4
Change in institutional livingchange in household, 0
Before and after entrance1
Before and after leave1
Length of current stay in institution6
Later institutional livinglater household, 1
Current living in an institution or notdomicile, hospitalization, mental hospital, 2
Living in a children's homeorphanage5
Living in a cloisterconvent, monastery0
Living in a mental hospitalpsychiatric ward2
Living in a home for handicapped2
Living in a military campbarracks0
Living in an old age homecare home, geriatric institution,3
Living in a nursing homeend of life care1
Living in a prisoncorrectional, jail3
Living in sheltered housing1
Behavior in institutionadjustment to life in nursing home, in institution, current rebellion4
Characteristics of institution1
Restrictiveness of settingautonomy, freedom6
Say in care delivery1
Group moralehappiness of inmates, institutional morale, contacts with inmates2
Organizational change in institutionchange at work, change in household, 1
Quality of staff in institution2
Size of institution1
Contact outside the institution1
Attitudes to institutionadjustment to life in nursing home, attitudes to institutional living , 8
Satisfaction with care2
Satisfaction with privacy1
Satisfaction with safety3
INTELLIGENCEintellectual abilities, mental maturation, cognitive ability, personal mental development, genius, dull, intellectual performance, intelligent, knowledge0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of intelligence (career)0
Earlier intelligenceearlier creativeness, 8
Change in intelligencechange in creativeness, senility, 1
Later intelligencelater creativeness, 0
Current general intelligencemental maturity, mental age3
Reputation of intelligenceactual reputation9
Self-perceived intelligence4
Current specific mental abilitiesown creativity, intellectual skills, 4
Emotional intelligenceEQ, affect regulation, emotion recognition3
Exact ability2
Perceptual performancecognitive style, perceptual ability, 1
Field independenceindependent personality, 4
Perceptual rigidityrigidity, 3
Social intelligenceEQ0
Sorting ability7
Verbal abilityfluency, 11
Intelligence defectsgeriatric defects, senility, 1
Mental retardationbeing mongoloid, imbecile, mongolism, retardation, 3
Mental rest-ability2
Attitudes to own intelligenceattitudes to intelligence, 2
INTERNETe-communication, www, http1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of internet behaviorweb career0
Earlier internet behavior3
Change in internet behavior0
Got access to internetbecame connected0
Learned to use internet1
Later internet behavior3
Current internet behaviorInternet use0
Ability to use internete-literacy0
Access to internetinternet connection, on line, web access68
Use of internetonline8
Time on internettime on line66
Internet behaviorpractice0
Self-disclosure on internetopenness2
Usages of internet for ..motivation, purpose, reason4
Buyingorder, internet shop2
Culturearts, literature, poetry1
Information seeking30
Social mediaFacebook, Twitter20
Worke-work, telework0
Ways to internetPC, tablet, telephone, TV1
Attitudes to internet0
Attitude to internet as such0
Attitudes towards own internet use4
INTERESTSconcern, curiosity, involvement0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Interest career1
Current interestsinterests26
Interest in moral issuesethical, value0
Interest in meaning of lifeexistential quesdtions,, philosophy of life0
Interest in sportsfan, sports watcher0
Attitudes to own interests2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Interview conditions0
Moment of the interview5
Day of the week3
Month of the year2
Special day1
Time of first interview (in follow-up study)Baseline. Year of inclusion in panel1
Context of the interview2
Good or bad weatherweather at the time of interview, 3
Place of interview0
Others present during interview2
Method of interrogationface-to-face, questionnaire, web, CATO, CAPI13
Characteristics of the interviewer1
Language of the interview2
Sequence of items16
Prior mood-manipulationexperimental mood-manipulation, experimental mood-manipulation7
Response scaleanswer options, answer format10
Repeated questioning over timelearning effect, panel effect2
Respondent behaviorin interview, response tendencies1
Non response, refusal4
Panel-dropoutpanel drop-out, 5
Response tendenciesbehavior in interview, 10
Respondents attitudes to interviewattitude to interview, 9
Problems with understanding the interviewlanguage1
INTIMACYintimate affiliation, social behavior, intimate contacts, family (overview of aspects), inter-personal harmony, , access to intimate support, family, loneliness, own marriage, participation in intimate networks, social involvement, primary relations, relatives, openness about sex among intimates, siblings, sociability, intimate affiliations, intimate contacts, micro level , , personal contacts, own contacts, with intimates0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Intimate career0
Earlier intimacyearlier friendship, 2
Change in intimacychange in friendship, 2
Later intimacylater friendship, 2
Current intimate relationshipscontacts with intimates, 15
Having a confident or notopportunities for self-disclosure, 7
Total number of intimate ties9
Frequency of intimate contacts43
Perceived quality of intimate tiesperceived quality of contacts18
Perceived sufficiency of intimate contactsperceived sufficiency of contacts8
Parent - child relationshipcontact28
Characteristics of intimate-networkhomogeneity of intimate network, 4
Opportunities for self-disclosure2
Similarity with intimates0
Perceived value-similarity with intimates1
Age similarity of intimates1
Size of intimate network9
Current chances for intimacy7
Ability to maintain intimate contactssocial abilities, perceived ease of making friends, success in intimate relationships9
Perceived opportunities for contactsperceived chances for contacts, opportunities for self-disclosure, perceived contact-facilities9
Characteristics of intimates1
Support from intimatesbacking, help0
Emotional support received from intimatesadvice, attention, love2
Attitudes to intimatesattitudes to intimacy, satisfaction with lovers, 7
Concern about intimates7
Satisfaction with intimacysatisfaction with family life, 36
Need for privacyaspired privacy, 2
Trust in intimatesinterpersonal trust1
LANGUAGEtongue, speech1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Language career0
Earlier language2
Change in language1
Later language2
Current language10
Home language other than standard in nationmother language1
Number of languages spoken32
Regional language2
Problems with the languagewriting, speaking, hearing3
Attitudes to language0
LEADERSHIPleadership behavior, dominant behavior, human resource management0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Leadership career1
Earlier leadership0
Change in leadership0
Later leadership0
Current leadership behaviormanagement, human resource management5
Leadership ambitionmotivation to influence, achievement2
Taking leading rolesauthoritarian behavior5
Leadership styledemocratic behavior, authoritarian, democratic, 0
Compliance to leaderscooperative behavior, 2
Attitudes to own leadershipattitudes to leadership, 0
Attitudes to political leadership0
LEISUREleisure activity, relaxing, resting, involvement in pleasurable activities, leisure , consumption pattern1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Leisure career0
Earlier leisurerecreation, relaxation4
Earlier gamingvideo game1
Earlier travel1
Earlier satisfaction with leisure5
Earlier TV watching1
Change in leisure1
Change in leisure activity-level2
Change in specific leisure activitiesexperience of novelty, 10
Change in gamingvideo game1
Change in socializingcontacts, spcial participation0
Change in TV watchingtelevision1
Change in satisfaction with leisurechange in attitudes to leisure, change in attitudes to leisure2
Later leisure3
Later satisfaction with leisure5
Current leisure timeleisure, rest, time spend on leisure15
Current leisure activityleisure activity, leisure behavior, own involvement in sports14
Leisure activity level27
Specific leisure activitiesleisure activities11
Culturecinema, concert theatre, museum5
Music listening2
Eating/drinking outeating out, 7
Internet, social mediaFacebook, twitter91
Personal care2
Readingown participation in culture, personal attendance, 15
Socializingcontact. Talk1
Tv watching, radio listeningpersonal attendance, television watching, 24
Voluntary work5
Place of leisure (indoor vs outdoor)8
Leisure skillscompetent0
Opportunity for leisure activities0
Attitudes to leisure7
Concern about leisure10
Leisure aspirations6
Satisfaction with leisure88
Satisfaction with time for leisuretime for leisure22
Satisfaction with leisure activitiesleisure activities60
Satisfaction with leisure services3
LIFE APPRAISALS: OTHER THAN HAPPINESSadjustment to life in general, psychological depression, dissatisfaction with aspects of life, happiness (overview of aspects), actual reputation (peer-ratings), appreciation of life (subjective quality of life), attitudes to one's quality of life, satisfied, satisfactions, satisfied, pleasant life, own problems, appreciation of life-aspects, , life-appraisals; other than happiness2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Life-appraisal careerlife-time comparison1
Earlier life-appraisalsearlier satisfaction, earlier happiness, earlier satisfaction with parts of life, earlier satisfaction, earlier aspect-appraisals10
Change in life-appraisalschange in satisfaction, change in happiness, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction, change in aspect-appraisals of, change in domain-satisfactions7
Later life-appraisalslater satisfaction, later satisfaction, later happiness, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction, later aspect-appraisals9
Current overall judgements of life as a wholeattitude to life-as-a-whole4
Desire for lifewish to live1
Wished other life 5
Perceives a lot of happiness (projective happiness)1
Present + future happinessGallup 'thriving'0
Aspect judgements of one's life as a wholeattitude to aspects of life, appraisal on specific success-criteria, gratification of needs, aspect appraisals of life-as-a-whole9
Single aspect evaluations (on criteria of good life)8
Close (vs lonely)2
In control (vs drifting)6
Developing (vs stagnating)improvement of own condition, degree of self-actualization, 4
Easy (vs hard)12
Exiting (vs dull)life seen as boring, in life-as-a-whole5
Fulfilled/rewarding (vs frustrating)life gratifying, 18
Gratifying (vs frustrating)7
Hopeful (vs hopeless)4
Ideal (vs intolerable)1
Interesting (vs boring)life seen as boring, in life-as-a-whole30
Meaningful (vs useless)satisfaction with own usefulness, perceived success11
Pleasant (vs unpleasant)life gratifying, pleasure in life, joy in life, experience of lust, 14
Predictable (vs uncertain)1
Relaxed (vs stressful)life deemed hectic, perceived time-pressure in life4
Richness (vs flat)colourful, varied0
Secure (vs threatened)perceived safety, feelings of security, 7
Successful (vs failure)social success (career), perceived realization of goals, realization of ambitions, career, realization of goals, perceived success, value realization, 17
Unique (vs common)conventional way of life, life perceived unique, 1
Variedsatisfaction with variety , 3
Worthwhileworthless, point in living1
Multiple aspect evaluations of lifesatisfaction index19
Summed life aspect evaluations (semantic differential scales)16
Good and bad parts of lifeblessing, bane11
Most important aspects of life6
Balance of positive and negative memories1
Appraisals of specific domains of lifeattitude to domains of life, appraisals of specific domains-of-life, gratification of needs, reference, satisfaction with separate domains of life1
Single domain evaluations13
Satisfaction with one's living conditionslife situation4
Satisfaction with multiple domains of life(explained variance of multiple factors), satisfaction with privacy, 125
Dwelling + leisure + social life3
Family + leisure + work15
Family + economy + work + intimates + self1
Health + education + job1
Health + family + work1
Health + income + family1
Health + standard of living0
Leisure + spiritual life2
Comparative appraisals of life-as-a-wholeperceived comparative life-quality, comparative happiness, comparison standards, perceived disadvantage, appraisal by specific standards of comparison, standards of comparison2
Single-standard comparisons2
Life compared with one's wants1
Life compared with earlier situation6
Life compared with expectationsperceived realization of expectations, 6
Life compared with situation of othersown possessions, wealth of others, relative deprivation,9
Life compared with standard of fairness3
Life compared with needs1
Summed comparisons1
Mixed multiple life-appraisalsmixed self-appraisals, (explained variance of multiple factors)10
Life-adjustment inventoriesown alienation, other global appraisals of life , mixed self-other appraisals, mixed life-appraisal inventories, (explained variance of multiple factors)11
Life-stress inventoriesown problems, 11
Psychological-morale inventories11
Adjustment to old-age inventoriesadjustment to old age, adjustment to old age, 29
Flourishing scaleseudaimonic happiness, positive mental health, thriving3
Happiness inventories involving unacceptable items34
LIFE CHANGEalteration, development, shift, turn0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Life-change career2
Earlier life-change12
Change in change-levelchange in usual level of life-change , 0
Later life-change1
Current life-change (assessed by follow up)2
Overall degree of life-change3
Specific life-changes18
Retirementpension, stop work0
Sex reassignmenttransgender0
Attitudes to life-change0
Aspired life-changehope for life change, 1
Wish to change life10
Specific changes wanted24
Expected life-change0
Satisfaction with life-change1
LIFE EVENTScatastrophes in personal life, death, major life-events, course of fate, change after specific events, loss, luck, recovery from loss, climate of stability, stressful life-events, trauma, own involvement with war2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Life-event career1
Earlier life-eventsever suffered hunger, life-burdens, earlier life-event burden, 32
Burden of earlier life-events13
Specific earlier life-eventsabortion, 17
Change in life-event burden1
Later life-eventslater life-event burden, 0
Current life-events (past few years)6
Burden of current life-eventsburdens, life-burdens, life strain, stress6
Major life-change or not3
Summed life-events: equal weight6
Summed life-events: standard weights6
Summed life-events: weighted in context1
Sum of negative life-events8
Sum of positive life-events5
Balance of negative- and positive life-events13
Sum of negative events: weighed in context0
Sum of positive events: weighed in context0
Specific current life-eventsrecent happenings10
Death of an intimatebereavement14
Major financial change0
Injury/illness to intimate0
Injury/illness to oneself0
Oneself or an intimate in jail0
Attitudes to life-events3
Expected life-events0
Satisfaction with expected life-eventsoptimism1
Climate of change2
LIFE GOALSspecific ambitions, desires, goal, own hope, personal striving, intentions, motivation, object of needs, goals, aspired success, existential tasks4
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Life-goal careerplanning career, 0
Earlier life-goalsearlier values, 0
Presence of earlier goals (life-planning)0
Object of earlier goalsearlier preference for being a house-wife6
Acceptance of earlier life-goals0
Realization of earlier goals2
Authenticity of earlier goals2
Change in life-goals2
Later life-goalslater values, of aspirations1
Later perceived realization of goals0
Current life-goalsown aspirations, orientation on the future, 1
Having goals or not (life-planning)planning1
Authenticity of goals3
Clarity of life-goals1
Conflict among life goalscontradicting goals1
Diversity of lifegoals0
Involvement in life-goals4
Motivation behind life goalsdrives, reasons1
Object of life-goalsspecific aspirations, object of goals, pleasure seeking, interests, materialistic aspirations, motivational pattern, own mobility14
Self improvementself actualization, development, strengthening1
Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)motivational pattern, diversity of life-goals, 1
Realization of lifegoalsvalue realization, 0
Actual realization of lifegoals22
Perceived realization of life-goalsrealization of ambitions, realization of goals, satisfaction with self, perceived success, 13
Perceived chances for realization8
Perceived realization of life-goal set7
Perceived realization of specific life-goals10
Children as plannedincome3
Realization of employment goals3
Realization of educational goals4
Realization of participation goals1
Realization of income goals1
Satisfaction with goal-achievement5
Attitudes to own life-goalsattitudes to own aspirations, attitudes to life-goals, 3
Attitudes to earlier life-goals1
Attitudes to current life-goals5
Acceptance of one's life-goals by others2
LIFE HISTORYbiography, career, change in own life, childhood (one's own childhood), death, course of fate, life-course, period in personal life, life-history, teenage1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)13
Change in life0
Later life (consequences of happiness)0
Attitudes to one's own life history0
LIFE STYLE consumption, conventional way of life, uncommon life-style, own habits, own hedonism, personal standard of living0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Life-style career0
Earlier life-style3
Earlier life-style behavior1
Earlier satisfaction with life-style1
Satisfaction with earlier life styleretrospective satisfaction with life style1
Change in life-style3
Later life-style0
Current life-style4
Current life-style pattern (life-style type)35
Specific life-style aspects1
Alternative life styleunworldly, new age, hippy14
Cultural lifestylearts , literature, theater0
Family life style1
International life styleglobal, world citizen, yet-set5
Modern life style0
Work-life balancework-family conflict, care time, leisure,2
Consumptionbuying, expense1
Attitudes to one's life-styleattitudes to life-style, 5
Preferred lifestyle5
Satisfaction with lifestyleenjoyment of activities1
Satisfaction with music making0
Satisfaction with shopping0
LOCAL: CULTUREcommunity, neighborhood, quarter1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local cultural conditions0
Current local cultural conditions6
Educational level in vicinityschooling3
Education differences in vicinityinequality in education0
Internet penetration in vicinityweb access1
Religion in vicinitychurch0
Attitudes to local cultural conditions1
Want for cultural amenities in vinicityschool, theatre0
LOCAL: DEMOGRAPHYage, gender, marital status, population0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local demographic conditions1
In/outflow of residents in vicinitymobility, moving3
Current local demographic conditions0
Age distribution in vicinitygenerations2
Ethnic diversity in vicinityimmigrants7
Intimate relations in vicinitymarried, single, kin1
Population density in vicinitycrowding27
Share of students in vicinity1
Attitudes to local demographic conditions0
LOCAL: ECONOMYincome level in neighborhood, unemployment in area, economic prosperity, standard of living in environment, in community, wealth in neighborhood, satisfaction with standard of living, standard of living in community, economic prosperity in community1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local economy1
Change in local economic conditions0
Growth\decline of local economyeconomic change2
Change income level in vicinitylocal prosperity1
Current economic conditions in vicinitylocal economic situation2
Economic prosperity in vicinitylocal affluence, income, resources, wealth0
Employment in vicinityjobs, work0
Job opportunities in vicinitywork places2
Unemployment in vicinitylocal unemployment3
Industries in vicinitylocal business, trade, sector0
Tourism in vicinitylocal tourism industry0
Income difference in vicinityincome inequality4
Amenities in vicinitylocal facilities10
Availability of amenities in vicinitylevel of facilities35
Public goods and services in vicinity10
Child care in vicinitycreche, playground1
Cultural facilities in vicinitycinema, museum, theater11
Drainage in vicinitywater control1
Financial services in vicinitybank1
Electricity supply in vicinity1
Garbage collection in vicinityrubbish2
Leisure facilities in vicinitybar, restaurant, theater, park3
Mail delivery in vicinitypost1
Health care in vicinity9
Police in vicinitylocal police0
Schools in vicinity2
Sports facilities in vicinityplayground, sport hall, sport park10
Sewage in vicinity5
Shops in vicinitylocal business, buying7
Street lights in vicinitylamppost1
Street maintenance in vicinity4
Telephone connections in vicinitylocal communication, informatization1
Transport facilities in vicinity4
Welfare in vicinitypublic services1
Water supply in vicinity4
Proximilty of local amenitiesnearness, walkability1
Use of local amenitiesfacilities, usage3
Standard of living in vicinity1
Consumption in vicinitystandard of living3
Costs of living in vicinity3
Income level in vicinitylocal income16
Quality of housing in vicinity3
House ownership in vicinity2
Poverty in vicinitylocal poverty0
Occupations in vicinitylocal professionals1
Public sector workers in vicinitylocal civil servants1
Attitudes to economic conditions in vicinity2
Attitude to costs of living in vicinity1
Satisfaction with local cost of housinghousing expenditure1
Satisfaction with cost of medical serviceshealth expenditure4
Attitudes to amenities in vicinity5
Satisfaction with amenities in vicinity31
Satisfaction with medical services in vicinityhealth care facilities, mental health care facilities, public health care, local medical services9
Satisfaction with local policepolice9
Satisfaction with local recreationsatisfaction with leisure facilities, local recreation opportunities16
Satisfaction with local services2
Satisfaction with local schoolslocal schools8
Satisfaction with local shopsshopping facilities, local shops6
Satisfaction with neatness of local streetslocal quality of roads7
Satisfaction with local transportlocal transport22
Want for amenities in vinicitydemand, need3
Want schools in vinicityeducational facilities3
Satisfaction with standard of living in vicinity2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local geographic conditions1
Earlier community sizerural/urban upbringing3
Change community sizeresidential mobility1
Current local geographical conditions2
Build environmentarchitecture0
Compactness of city centerconcentration of population, high rise building1
Planned communityplanned neighborhood, presumed livability of neighborhood, planning of neighborhood2
Road densitystreets, highways1
Community sizein local environment, out-centric living, rural dwelling, size of town, urban living79
Open country (vs village)homestead, land, settlement13
Rural dwelling (vs urban)campestral, country side113
Sub-urban (vs urban)9
Size of urban settingscale, population, city, metropolis17
Change of city sizeshrinking city, city growth, population growth decline2
Diversity of land use in vicinityvariation, non-specialization1
Geographical locationplace0
Area in the USA1
Remotenesspopulation density, isolation7
North of country0
South of country0
West of the country0
Local environmental qualitypollution, noise, air quality4
Actual quality of local environment4
Local neatnessclean, maintained, ordered, tidy2
Local noise1
Local pollution8
Local traffic density2
Local traffic safetysafeguards. Prevention1
Local nature17
Local greenparks, trees5
Local waterspools, river, lakes1
Local physical climateweather1
Humiditydry, rain, wet3
Temperaturehot, cold2
Windstorm, windy1
Sunshinehours of sunshine2
Local topography0
Mountainshilly, flat1
Attitudes to local geographical conditions4
Attitudes to local build environment2
Attitude to local natural environmentbeauty of living environment, satisfaction with natural environment, 17
Attitude to local climatesatisfaction with climate, satisfaction with local climate, satisfaction with the weather5
Attitudes to quality of local environment9
Perceived quality of local environment0
Perceived beauty of cityarchitectural attractiveness, glamour, picturesque2
Perceived neatness of vicinityclean, tidy1
Perceived air pollution in vicinity4
Satisfaction with local environmentcontentment, evaluation0
Satisfaction with local cleannessneat, litter, tidy, well-kept2
Satisfaction with local air qualityfresh, pollution4
Satisfaction with local drinking waterpotable0
Satisfaction with local greeneryparks, trees1
Satisfaction with local noisesound4
Attitude to urban lifeattitudes to rural living, 4
LOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)habitability, suitability0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of livability of local environment0
Current livability of local environmentenvironmental fit3
Apparent livability of local environment: Indicators of human triflourishing, prospering, thriving of inhabitants0
Happiness in vicinitylocal happiness, life satisfaction0
Health in vicinitylocal health status0
Happy Life Years in vicinitylocal HLY0
Assumed livability of local environment: Conditions deemed goodlife chances, quality of life index scores0
Attitudes to livability of local environment2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local political conditions0
Current local political conditions1
City of residence is a capitalgovernment residency2
Democracy in vicinitylocal democracy0
Attitudes to local political conditions0
Attitudes to local governmentsatisfaction with local government, 6
Trust in local governmentconfidence1
Attitudes to local political issues4
Satisfaction with local politics3
LOCAL: RESIDENCEattitudes to local environment , community, geographic life-space, neighborhood, characteristics of region, meso level, 1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Residential career0
Earlier residenceearlier nation, 9
Earlier satisfaction with residence1
Earlier stressful residencenot tranquil,turbulent0
Change in residencechange in nation, 2
Change in residence characteristics0
Change of residence (moving)removal2
Length of residenceResidential stability3
Change in satisfaction with residencechange in attitudes to residence, change in attitudes to residence, change in satisfaction with parts of life2
Later residencelater nation, 1
Later attitudes to residence1
Current residence4
Closeness to amenitieswalkability, facilities1
Distance from city centeroutskirt, periphery, suburban2
healthy level of physical environment0
Attitudes to local environmentsatisfaction with environment, satisfaction with (regional) community, 12
Attitude to region2
Satisfaction with city1
Attitude to neighborhoodsatisfaction with neighbors, satisfaction with neighborhood, 22
Experienced restlessness of neighourhoodstressful, not tranquil, turbulent1
Perceived quality of locality for eldery peoplelivability of vinicity1
Satisfaction with neighborhood63
Satisfaction with local environment35
Satisfaction with health services access0
Joint local characteristicsattitudes to local environment , 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of local society2
Current characteristics of local society3
Local social cohesionattitudes to local environment , contact intensive housing, discrimination in neighborhood, community-morale, contact-climate in neighborhood, 12
Intimate relations in vicinityprimary relations, family0
Opportunities for volunteering in vicinityunpaid work, social service2
Social homogeneity in vicinitysimilarity, heterogeneity in neighborhood, in neighborhood, living in retirement community,9
Social contacts in vicinitysocial participation, loneliness36
Social cohesion in vicinityattitude to local social cohesion, 11
Safety in vicinitylocal crime19
Actual safety in vicinity2
Perceived safety in vicinilty1
Satisfaction with safety in vicinityfeeling safe30
Modernity of local societydevelopment,2
Socio-economic status of vicinitylocal rank, reputation6
Social problems in vicinitylocal deprivation, misery5
Attitudes to local society0
Attitude to vicinity28
Satisfaction with local community8
Trust in local societytrust10
Perceived safety in vicinity46
Satisfaction with social contacts in vicinity41
Satisfaction with neighbors31
Trust in neighborsconfidence1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Career of lottery involvement0
Current involvement in gambling0
Lottery playinggambling, specific risks4
Lottery winninggood luck, 10
Size of lottery win1
Time since lottery win0
Attitudes to own involvement in gamblingattitudes to gambling, 1
LOVE-LIFEaffection, intimate affiliation, sex, inter-personal harmony, marriage, loving, social involvement, intimate, intimacy, romantic, romance0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier love-lifeearlier intimacy, 4
Broke-up earlier love relationshipend, separate, terminate0
Commitment in earlier love relationshipinvestment, seriousness0
Conflict in earlier love relationshipclash, friction, incompatibility1
Duration of earlier love relationshipcontinuance, time span1
Earlier romantic competencegetting on with opposite sex, shy0
Change in love-lifechange in intimacy, 1
Later love-lifelater intimacy, 3
Later continuation of love relationseparation, split-up. Upholding1
Later conflict in love relationshipsubsequent tension1
Later satisfaction with love liferelationship satisfaction1
Current love-life7
Characteristics of belovedlover, partner0
Happiness of belovedwellbeing of partner0
Involved in datingdating, dates, 2
Love-feelingsattitudes to love, attitudes to marriage, 7
Feels in love1
Feels loved1
Love sickbroken heart, in love0
Love skillsrelational competence0
Steady love-relationhaving a lover, partnered, in love17
Duration of current relationshipcontinuance, time span1
Attitudes to one's love-lifeattitudes to love, attitudes to marriage, 8
Attitude to past love lifeformer love0
Attitude to ending of earlier lovebroken heart1
Commitment to current relationshipinvestment, seriousness0
Desire to change love-life2
Satisfaction with current love-lifesatisfaction with love life, satisfaction with lovers6
MARRIAGE: MARITAL STATUS CAREERintimate affiliation, marital behavior, marital career, marriage, loss of intimates, change in marital status, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, stability of intimate environment, marital status, broken home, success in marriage, with intimates5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier marital statesearlier marital status4
Earlier marital states3
Ever lived as married3
Ever married before1
Never married beforesingle, bachelor1
Life-long single4
Earlier marital transitionsdivorce career, disruption of family, 3
Ever divorced/separateddivorce11
Ever widoweddeath of intimates, widowhood, , widowed5
Ever remarried3
Still with first spouse5
Recent change in marital statusevents in family\marriage, change in marital status6
Recent entering of marriage6
Recent start of living as married3
Recent marriage9
Recent re-marriage9
Recent reconciliation with spouse0
Recent dissolution of marriagedivorce career, disruption of family, 2
Recent divorce/separationdivorce24
Recent widowhooddeath of intimates, widowhood, , widowed12
Later marriagelater marital status0
Later entering of marriage1
Later living as married0
Later marriage1
Later re-marriage3
Later dissolution of marriage1
Later divorce/separationdivorce career, 1
Later widowhood1
Attitudes to marital status careerattitudes to marital career0
Attitudes to earlier marital status0
Attitudes to recent change in marital statusattitudes to own marital status0
Attitudes to entering marriage1
Attitudes to dissolution of marriage0
Attitudes to later marriage0
Aspired change in marital status1
Expected change in marital status2
MARRIAGE: CURRENT MARITAL STATUSintimate affiliation, marriage, family living, marital status, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, marital status, success in marriage, with intimates62
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Married state (compared to non-married states)living alone or not, current marital status, having a life-partner or not323
Married vs never marriedvs married146
Married vs widowedvs married73
Married vs divorcedvs married92
Married vs separated vs married42
Married vs all unmarried5
Still-married vs broken marriage (widowed + separated + divorced)23
Married vs will-full unmarried (never married + divorced)2
Formally-married vs living-as-married25
Non-married states (compared mutually)3
Never married12
Vs widowedvs never married68
Vs divorcedvs never married61
Vs separatedvs never married28
Vs formerly married (divorced + separated)vs never married3
Vs formerly married (widowed + divorced+ separated)20
Vs co-habiting7
Vs all unmarried0
Widoweddeath of intimates, widowhood, 18
Vs divorcedvs widowed33
Vs separatedvs widowed13
Vs divorced, separated or never (willful unmarried)2
Divorced or separatedcurrent status, stepfamily,18
Vs separatedvs divorced3
Living as marriedco-habitation9
Living-as-married vs formerly married1
Living-as-married vs never married5
Living-as-married vs widowed2
Living-as-married vs divorced2
Living-as-married vs separated2
Remarried after divorce1
Remarried after widowhood1
Widowed (vs all other)bereaved3
Broken marriage (divorced and widowed vs married or never married2
Time trend current marital status and happiness0
Attitudes to marital statusattitudes to current marital status0
Attitudes to one's own marital statusattitudes to own marital status1
Desire of getting marriedfamily goals2
Expected satisfaction if married1
Satisfaction with being singlesatisfaction with marital status1
Attitudes to marriage in generalattitudes to institution of marriage, 1
Perceived happiness of the married2
Perceived characteristics of singles5
MARRIAGE: RELATIONSHIPintimate affiliation, attitudes to meaning, marital behavior, marriage, characteristics of the bond, bond with spouse, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, success in marriage, with intimates, emancipation in marriage0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Relationship careermarital career, 1
Earlier marriage relationship(s)earlier relationship, involved in feuds3
Characteristics of earlier marriage-relationship(s)6
Satisfaction with earlier marriage-relationship(s)earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage, earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage3
Change in marriage relationshipchange in relationship2
Change in characteristics of marriage0
More shared decision makingconjugal equality1
More time spend with spousetogether0
Change in satisfaction with marriagechange in attitudes to marriage , change in attitudes to marriage , change in satisfaction with parts of life8
History of current marriage1
Earlier characteristics of current marriage-relationship2
Earlier satisfaction with current marriage-relationship3
Length of current marriage5
Age of marriage with current partner2
Later marriagesubsequent relationship0
Characteristics of later marriage-relationship(s)5
Later consider divorcebreak-up1
Later expectation to maintain marriage1
Later marital conflictsubsequent quarrel, tension1
Later perception of marriage as stable1
Later shared activities with spouse0
Later satisfaction with current marriage8
Satisfaction with later marriage-relationship(s)later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction with marriage, later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with marriage1
Current characteristics of marriage-relationshipadjustment to marriage, relations with spouse, contacts with spouse, jealousy in marriage4
Heterogeneity of marriage-partnersage-difference with spouse, homogeneity of marriage5
Difference in age partners(dis)similarity in phase of life1
Difference in attitudes of partners(dis)similarity beliefs, opinions, values1
Difference in earnings of partners(dis)similarity in income, pay, salary1
Difference in sexual preference of partnersbi-sexual, gay, homosexual, lesbian1
Intimacy with spouseintimacy in family, 3
Joint decision making of partnersemancipation, equality. power distance1
Monogamy of relationshipfidelity, polygamy,0
Polygamous marriage (vs monogamous)married to more than one partner (polygamy), 3
Conjugal fidelity in marriagepromiscuity2
Mutual support of marriage partnersassistance, backing1
Shared activities of partnerstime spend with spouse, 14
Tensions in marital relationshipconflict, disagreement11
Position in polygamous marriagerank1
Community of property of spousesjoint ownership of spouses1
Living with spouseco-habitation, living apart together LAT, distance marriage5
Attitudes to marriageview on marriage0
Attitudes to marriage in generalemancipated, egalitarian, modern, traditional0
Attitudes to own marriage-relationshipadjustment to marriage, opinions9
Concern about marriage relationshipcare, interest, worry3
Consider divorcebreak-up, end marriage1
Expectation to maintain marriagemarriage trust1
Perceived stability of one's marriagestrength of marriage1
Self-perceived adequacy in marriage1
Satisfaction with marriagemarriage105
Satisfaction with joint activities with partner0
MARRIAGE: PARTNERintimate affiliation, marriage, characteristics of spouse, mate, characteristics of partner, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Spouse careermarital career, 0
Earlier characteristics of spouseearlier spouse0
Change in characteristics of spousechange in spouse, change in therapy2
Change employment of spouce3
Change work hours of spousework time0
Change health of spousehealth change1
Change income of spouse0
Later characteristics of spouselater spouse, later therapy0
Later happiness of spouse1
Current characteristics of spouseassertiveness of intimates, intelligence of spouse5
Age of spouse0
Age of spouse at retirement1
Health of spousehealth of intimates, infertility of spouse, 3
Mental health of spousemental health of parents3
Physical health of spousehealth of intimates, 3
weight of spouseBMI, obese, overweight, underweight1
Personality of spousemood of spouse, character of spouse, maturation of intimates, spouse3
Social position of spousesocial status of spouse2
Education of spouseschooling of spouse3
Employment of spouseemployment of intimates, employment of spouse, wife works, working of family members15
Spouse homemakerhousewife/man0
Spouse not in labour forceunemployed voluntary1
Spouse part-time employed6
Spouse retiredpensioned1
Spouse is a studentin education0
Spouse unemployed involuntaryjobless, without work2
Spouse unfit for workdisabled0
Income of spouse6
Occupation of spouse5
Social status of spouse6
Spouse is a migrantspouse is migrant , spouse is migrant0
Work conditions of spouse9
Current behaviors of spousehabits of intimates, 1
Support by spouse9
Work hours of spousefree time, working wife3
Current attitudes of spouseattitudinal consonance with spouse, change in physical health , problems of intimates0
Happiness of spousehappiness of intimates, happiness of ones spouse6
Own attitudes to spouseattitudes to health care, attitude to marriage partner, attitudes to spouse6
Similarity with spouse1
MEANING OF LIFEalienation, anomy, purpose0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of meaningfullnessCareer0
Earlier meaning in life0
Change in meaning of life0
Later meaning of life0
Current meaning of life4
Single aspects of meaning of life1
Feeling part of larger whole3
Perceived usefulness of one's life10
Perceived meaning of life in general0
Sense of purposegoal directed1
Worth living0
Multiple aspects of meaning of life3
Life Regard Index (Batista & Almond 1973)0
Purpose in Life Scale (Ryff)1
Purpose In Life test (Crumbauch)2
Questions on both meaning and purpose in life62
Overall juddgement of meaningfulness of one's life1
Attitudes to meaning of lifeviews, beliefs0
Concern about meaning1
Searching for meaningseeking purpose5
Thinking about meaning of lifeattention for, interest in, thought on1
Perceived sources of meaning1
Meaning in workjob, performance, usefulness0
Meaning in familyintimates1
Meaning in standard of livingsense of wealth1
Meaning in interpersonal relationssense of social connections1
Meaning in healthsense of health, fitness1
Meaning in personal growthactualization, self development1
Meaning in leisurefree time, enjoyment1
Meaning in religionfaith, spirituality, worship1
Meaning in communitylocal, neighbourhood, social contact1
Meaning in societysense of society, citizenship1
Satisfaction with meaning of life5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of meditation0
Earlier meditationmeditation career1
Current meditation9
Attitudes to meditation0
MEMBERSHIPSaffiliations, associations, social bonds, connections, groups, integration, social ties0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of memberships0
Earlier membershipsassociate, participant0
Current memberships0
Attitudes to membershipsestrangement, identification0
Satisfaction with memberships1
MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRYhome land, residential mobility, definitive inter-national migration (emigration), migration0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Migration careerown ethnic status, , events in dwelling1
Ever migrated or not47
Time since migration24
Migration generationparents are migrants76
Migration at young ageChildren of migrants69
Country of originCountry6
Country of settlement3
Recent migrationearlier moving4
Later migration1
Current involvement in migrationmoving0
Adjustment to new country of settlementassimilation, 5
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in home countrygain, loss1
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in host country2
Migration conditions1
Reason for migrationrefugee, voluntary0
Attitudes to own migrationattitudes to move to other country0
Likelihood to migratelater nationality, later moving1
Aspirations for migration4
Preference for destination country1
Satisfaction with migrationsatisfaction with nation0
Migration of intimatespeople left behind3
migration of intimates yes/no5
number of intimate's migrated1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in home region3
MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)residential mobility, definitive intra-national migration (moving), moving, migration0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Moving careerevents in dwelling0
Earlier residential mobilityearlier moving5
Ever moved or not10
Times moved in country5
Time since last movetime in current residence, 9
Recently movedevents in dwelling14
Moved backreturn move1
Current residential mobilityearlier housing, change in housing, moving, later housing1
Conditions of moving0
Integration in new community3
Motives for moving0
Distance of moveabsolute distance, cultural distance1
Attitudes to residential mobilityattitudes to moving within country2
Likelihood to move1
Want to move3
Pre-move happiness1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in home country0
MIGRATION: MIGRANT WORKtemporary work migration, migrant work, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Migrant work career0
Earlier migrant workearlier neighborhood1
Age of start migrant work0
Age of stop migrant workreturn0
Ever involved in migrant work2
Number of places worked as a migrant0
Time involved in migrant work0
Time since stop migrant work0
Visits to home during earlier migrant workcommute0
Change in migrant workchange of local environment0
Later migrant worklater neighborhood0
Current involvement in migrant work0
Involved in migrant work (vs not)1
Time involved in migrant work0
Conditions of migrant work1
Contact with home during migrant worksocial connection0
Attitudes to migrant work0
Preference for early retirement from migrant work0
Preference for returning to migrant work0
MILITARY LIFEMilitary defense , soldier1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Military career0
Earlier in armed forceearlier military life, earlier military work1
Change in military lifechange in military work0
Recent entering armed force0
Recent leaving armed force1
Later in armed forcelater military life, later military work1
Current involvement in military lifeliving in a military setting, 2
Soldiers in family1
Military skill3
Attitudes to military life0
Concern about military0
Satisfaction with military life0
Perceived effects of change in military life4
MINORITY STATUSoutnumbered, majority0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of minority status0
Earlier minority status0
Change in minority status0
Later minority status0
Current minority status1
Ethnic minority0
Gender minority0
Sexual minority0
Attitudes to own minority status0
MODERNITYpersonal literacy, rationality, social development, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Modernity career0
Earlier modernityearlier modernity of attitudes , earlier modernity of attitudes0
Change in modernitychange in modernity of attitudes , change in modernity of attitudes0
Later modernitylater modernity of attitudes , later modernity of attitudes0
Current modernitymodernization4
Modern attitudesuniversalism (vs particularism), 3
Modern behavior56
Modern marriageemancipated, equal, love based3
Attitudes to modernity0
MOODpleasure in life, laughing, 2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Mood careerearlier affect-life, earlier moods , change in affect-life, 0
Earlier mood-pattern4
Recent change in mood-patternchange in moods , 1
Change in anxietyanxiety career, 1
Later mood-patternlater affect-life, later moods , 5
Current mood awarenessaffective conciousness, experience1
Current mood of the moment9
Mood during the interview10
Mood during the day of interview 4
Yesterday's mood4
Current typical moodscurrent moods, 14
Feeling angry (vs friendly)1
Feeling bored (vs interested)1
Feeling clear (vs dull, confused)confused, 8
Feeling cheerful (vs gloomy)hedonic level of affect, psychological depression, feeling joyful, depressive, pleasant affect12
Feeling elated (vs not)current mood, 5
Feeling down (vs not)melancholy, pessimistic, sadness, 27
Feeling hopeless (vs not)melancholy, mood optimistic, pessimism6
Feeling satisfied (vs dissatisfied)satisfied, 6
Feeling disgusted1
Feeling close (vs remote)sense of belonging, sociable personality, own participation, distant, tendency to feel close to others, feeling sociable7
Feeling lonely (vs not)feeling lonely, lonely, 29
Feeling love (vs not)loving, 5
Feeling sociable (vs withdrawn)7
Feeling understood (vs not)2
Feeling energetic (vs lethargic, tired)general activity level, feeling energetic , fatigue, feeling passive, energetic, tense, feeling vital , 26
Feeling excited2
Feeling free (vs restrained)free (vs restricted)4
Feeling free from inner restraintsnot vulnerable5
Feeling free from external restraints(subjective freedom), 3
Feeling friendly (vs hostile)aggressive tendencies, disposition to hostility, rejection of others, feeling sociable11
Feeling full (vs empty)feeling vital , 6
Feeling open (vs closed)feeling sociable, feeling vital , 0
Feeling involved (vs detached)feeling bored, own participation5
Feeling receptive4
Feeling interested4
Feeling enthusiastic1
Feeling secure (vs threatened)current anxiety, feeling anxious, inferiority, safety, perceived safety, feelings of security, psychological reactions23
Feeling self-confident (vs inadequate)inferiority, feeling vital , 20
Feeling proud3
Feeling morally good (vs guilty)clear conscience, 7
Feeling respectable (vs rejected)3
Feeling tranquil (vs restless)intra-personal harmony, restless mood, restlessness, speedy personality, psychological reactions, tense23
Feeling zestful (vs un-inspirited)feeling energetic , feeling passive, feeling vital , zest, 0
Mood in situations7
Mood during festivitiescelebration, party, ritual7
Mood at homesatisfaction with family life, 3
Mood when helpingaltruism1
Mood during leisuresatisfaction with leisure, 4
Mood in intimacyaffection, love9
Mood when laughing2
Mood when respected13
Mood at school46
Mood during work4
MOTIVATIONdrives, needs0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Motivation career2
Earlier motivation0
Change in motivation0
Later motivation1
Current motivation12
Achievement motivationneed to excel0
Engagement motivationinvolvement, self-actualization2
Intrinsic motivationself driven, authentic6
Extrinsic motivationconformism4
Meaning motivationpurpose2
Pleasure seekinghedonism, lust1
Social motivationaffiliation, solidarity0
Status motivationsocial recognition,0
Attitudes to ones motivation2
MOBILITY (travel)commuting, moving, transport, travel0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Mobility career0
Current mobility0
Attitudes to mobility0
NATION: ATTITUDES TO ONE'S NATIONacceptance of social order, subjective sense of belonging, own acceptance of social order, identification0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of attitudes to nation0
Earlier attitudes to nationearlier attitudes to nation, earlier attitudes to nation, earlier attitudes to nation0
Change in attitudes to nationchange in attitudes to nation, change in attitudes to nation, change in attitudes to nation2
Later attitudes to one's nationlater attitudes to nation, later attitudes to nation, later attitudes to nation0
Current attitudes to nationattitudes to development of nation, improvement of society10
Perceived earlier situation of nationretrospection on nation1
Evaluation of current situation of nation20
Perceived improvement/deterioration0
Expected improvement\deterioration of one's nationexpected improvement of country, 5
Hopes for the nationworries about society3
Worries about the nation2
Perceived fairness in nation0
Current satisfaction with nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, satisfaction with nation, rejection of society15
Satisfaction with life in nation in general10
Satisfaction with compatriots in nationattitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting attitudes, 8
Current identification with nationidentification with nation, national identity6
Proud of nationalitynational pride2
Willingness to emigrate0
Willingness to fight for nationnationalism1
NATION: CULTUREattitude, belief, conviction, norm, tradition value0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of culture in one's nationcultural change0
Earlier culture in nationcultural heritage, tradition0
Cultural change in nation0
Later culture in nationeffect happiness on cultural development0
Current cultural conditions the nationin society, climate in society, cultural climate, protection of deviants, life-style pattern in society, rationality4
Attitudinal climate in nationshared beliefs, opinions, values3
Satisfaction with domains of life in nation1
Satisfaction with work in nationjob satisfaction3
Satisfaction with finances in nation2
Satisfaction with home life in nation1
Perceived freedom in nation9
Tolerance in nation1
Trust in nation2
Education in nationschooling0
Literacy in nationreading, WEITING ABILITY18
% higher educated in nation1
IQ in nationintelligence0
Inequality in educationeducational diversity0
Teaching practices in nationsocialization2
Spending on educationeducation expense1
Schooling in nationeducation level0
Mass media in nationinternet, press, newspapers, radio, tv2
Internet connections in nationworld wide web3
Media attendance in nationcultural climate, public information, culture of attendance, 15
Number of TV channels in nationmedia diversity2
Religion in nationclimate of faith23
Share of particular denominations10
Cultural pluralismmulti-lingual country, migrants in society, cultural diversity in nation7
Value climate in the nationachievement orientation in society, activity level in society, attitudes to age-groups in society, aggression in society, climate of alienation, anomy in society, attitudinal climate in society, in society, climate of beliefs, adherence to humanistic values , tolerant values, leisure in society, current life-goals in society, brotherhood, masculine values, collective mentality (culture), moral climate in society, attitudinal climate in country, dominant needs in society, in society, permissive attitude-climate, public opinion, in society, in society, valuation of self-actualization, acceptance of sexuality in society, practices in society, climate of difference, tolerance in society, climate of universalism, value-climate in society, centrality of work in society, climate of birth control44
Achievement value in nationexcellence0
Civic values in nationsocial responsibility0
Hedonic values in nationmoral acceptance of pleasure,7
A-hedonism in nationfear of happiness1
Modern values in nationadvanced, enlightened, non-conservative, progressive0
Post-materialistic values in nationmaterialism in society, climate of materialism, materialism in society, 4
Social values in nationaffiliation, cooperation, support,0
Family values in nationkin0
Individualistic values in nationindependent, non-collectivist8
Work values in nationlabor orientation, work ethic0
Attitudes to culture in the nationsatisfaction with media, 2
Satisfaction with education in nationschools, universities0
Satisfaction with moral climate belief in justice, 8
Satisfaction with media in nation5
Satisfaction with supply of mass-media in nation2
NATION: DEMOGRAPHYage composition, ethnicity, life-expectancy, population0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of demography in one's nationdemographic change, population growth0
Emigration out of nationemigration rate, outflow0
Population growth in nationpopulation growth in nation, size of nation, 2
Current demographic conditions in one's nation1
Age compositionyoung/old ratio, average age, retirees in nation2
Birth control in the nation6
Family pattern in nationintimate ties, primary relations, kin0
Birth rate in nationfertility, family size2
Population composition in nationage composition in society, 2
Genetic variation in nationgenes, race0
Immigrants in nationinflux, newcomer0
Population density in nationcrowding in nation, population pressure1
Population size in nationamount, number inhabitants24
Attitudes to demography in nation0
NATION: ECONOMYaffluence, business, development, poor, rich, wealth0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of economy in one's nationdecline, differentiation, growth, specialization0
Earlier economy in nationeconomic history0
Earlier economic growthrise0
Earlier economic recessioncrisis, downturn0
Earlier inflation rate in nationinflation history1
Earlier unemployment rate in nationunemployment history1
Change of economic conditions in nation0
Change average income in nationincome growth/decline0
Change in attitudes to one income in nationsevaluation0
Change in perceived sufficiency of incomeadequate, enough0
Change in self rating as rich or poor0
Change consumer confidence in nationwillingness to buy0
Change exports by nation0
Change GDP in nation: economic growth/declineeconomic depression, recession,53
Change income inequality in nationdisparity. Difference, GINI0
Change government expenditures in nation0
Change inflation in nationconsumer price, cost of living1
Perceived food price inflation0
Change in job protection in nation1
Change to market economy in nationcapitalism, plan economy0
Change minimum wage in nation1
Change pensions in nationold age benefits0
Perceived chance of pension changeexpected cut0
Change in poverty in nationpoorness0
Change social security in nationwelfare5
Change stock market prices in nationassets0
Change taxing in nationdues, tariff, toll1
Raise tobacco taxdues on cigarettes1
Change unemployment rate in nation2
Economic stability in nationvolatility of economy0
Change working hours in nationfree weekend, work load0
Later economic conditions in nationfuture economy0
Later economic growth in nation0
Later inflation in nation1
Later unemployment in nation1
Current economic condition of the nationundernourishment in the nation, material affluence, standard of living in environment12
Amenities in nationfacilities, services0
Internet banking in natione-banking, mobile banking1
Economic affluence in nationwealth of the nation, consumption level in society, national income, affluence in nation, satisfaction with standard of living, economic prosperity of nation12
GNP per capita (raw)37
Purchasing power (`real' GNP pc)67
Gross National Product9
Average income in nation13
Average income of similar people in nationreference income1
GDP per captiaGross Domestic Product1
Employment in nationjobs0
Self-employment in nationown boss, business0
Unemployment in nationjoblessness44
Informal economy, black market in nation2
Entrepreneurial climate in nationbusiness friendly, economic opportunities, infrastructure1
Exports by nation0
Industries in nationsector, specialization, trade0
Agriculture in nationfarming0
Extraction industry in nationmining0
Service sector in nation0
Sustainable energy production in nationeco-energy0
Tourism in nationhospitality, visitors0
Inflation in nation25
Openness of economy in nationfree trade19
Investment price level in nationcompetitiveness4
Work conditions in nationwork health, worker protection1
Job protection in nationemployment security, permanent contract, tenure3
Minimum wage in nation1
Retirement age in nationpension0
Trade unions in nationunionization0
Working hours in nationworking time3
Global competitiveness of nation1
Socio-economic regime in the nation15
Collective wage bargaining in nationcentral wage negotiation2
State control of economy in nationplanned society, 3
Public goods in nationgovernment services, welfare6
Pensions in nationlife insurance1
Public education in nation9
Public health in nationhealth care facilities, mental health care facilities, public health care, 13
Public housing in nation0
Social security in nationwelfare, collective income insurance58
Support for parents in nationfamily support1
Tax regime in nationdues, tariffs1
Share of advertisements in GDPcapitalism, consumerism, commercialism, materialism1
Sustainability of the economy in nationgreen economy, fossil free energy0
Standard of living in the nationeconomic affluence, standard of living in society, 3
Consumption in nationgood, services0
Automobiles in nationcar1
Prevalence of below-standard living in nation0
Homelessness in nation2
Malnutrition in nation(under)-nutrition in society, 11
Poverty in nation4
Purchasing power of average citizen in nationsocial security in nation, 4
Price level in nationcost of living1
Quality\quantity of facilities in nation2
Access to clean water in nation1
Childcare in nation0
Electricity supply in nation1
Health care in nation0
Mental health care in nationpsychotherapy, psychiatry2
Housing in nationhousing condition in nation, 2
PC ownership in nationinternet access1
Schools in nation3
Attitudes to economy in the nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, standard of living in society11
Attitude to market economycapitalism, liberal0
Acceptance of market reformliberalization1
Concern about economy in the nationattitude, worry0
Concern about social security in nation0
Concern about unemployment in nationjob loss0
Consumer confidencewillingness to spend0
Satisfaction with amenities in nationfacilities, public good and services5
Satisfaction with public services in nationgovernment, public good, utilities0
Satisfaction with transportation opportunities in nation1
Satisfaction with welfare provision for the elderly in nation32
Satisfaction with economic development in nation6
Satisfaction with change in economic regime0
Satisfaction with costs of living in nationattitudes to income climate, in nation, satisfaction with costs of living, economy, in nation15
Satisfaction with living conditions in nationstandard of living3
Satisfaction with water supply in nationclean water1
Satisfaction with price levels in nationcost of living1
Satisfaction with taxes in nationattitude to taxes, 5
Satisfaction with welfare in nationsubsidies, income support0
NATION: GEOGRAPHYclimate, location, nature, population0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of geographical conditions in one's nationclimate change0
Current geographical conditions in nationclimate, environment, life-space,4
Size of the nation0
Habitability of landin nation2
Climateusual weather , 18
Urbanizationurbanization of society, 6
Environmental qualitypollution, environmental health14
Ecological footprintsustainability2
Attitudes to geographical conditions in nation1
Satisfaction with environmental protectiongreen policy2
Satisfaction with natural environment39
Satisfaction with air qualityair pollution1
Satisfaction with water qualityclean water, water supply7
NATION: HISTORYbackground, origin0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier conditions of nationpast conditions, heritage0
History of war in with nationarmed conflict, cold war1
Post communist nationformer East-block, cold war5
Post colonial nationthird world, dominions0
Change in nationsocial change1
Actual development of nationsocial progress0
Attitudes to development of nation0
History of happiness in nationperiod, time years0
NATION: JUSTICElaw, legal system, legitimacy, safety8
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of justices in nation0
Earlier justice in nation0
Change justice in nation0
Change corruption in nation1
Later justice in nation0
Current justice in one's nation0
Corruption in nation23
Perceived corruption in nationinstitutional quality, rule of law7
Crime on nationdelinquency7
Human-rights protection in nationprotection of deviants, rights13
Property rights in nationpossession0
Attitudes to justice in nation0
Concern about corruption in nationfraud1
Satisfaction with fair treatment in nation4
Satisfaction with respect for rights in nation5
NATION: LIFESTYLEbehavior, way of life0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of lifestyles in one's nationculture change, custom, way of life0
Current life-style in nation0
Art of living in nationhedonic capacity0
Hedonism in nationpleasure seeking0
Interest in life in nationinvolvement0
Health behavior in nation0
Alcohol consumption in nationalcoholism, drinking1
Nutrition in nationeating, food preference, malnutrition5
Smoking in nation1
Sun protection in nation1
Anti-depressants, use in nationtranquilizers1
Sporting in nation2
Time regime in nationpunctuality, time use0
Pace of life in nationspeed of life, time stress3
Attitudes to life-style in nation0
NATION: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)habitable, suitable, workable0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of livability of nationdecline, progress, stagnation0
Current livability of nationhabitability, life-chances0
Apparent average livability in nationhuman flourishing1
Happiness in nationsubjective enjoyment of one's life-as-a-whole, SWB0
Affect in nationhedonic level of affect, affective component5
Contentment in nationperceived realization of wants, cognitive component0
Overall happiness (life-satisfaction) in nation2
Health in nationpublic health4
Physical health in nationdisease, illness4
Mental health in nationmental disorder, insane, mad7
Life-expectancy in the nationdeath rate, longevity, survival18
Disability adjusted life expectancy in nationDALY, healthy life years3
Obesity in nationoverweight, BMI0
Happy Life Years in nationHappiness Adjusted Life Expectancy HALY1
Satisfaction in nationhappiness of compatriots, modal satisfaction, 0
Satisfaction with multiple aspects of life in nationdomain satisfaction index2
Satisfaction with single aspects of life in nationdomain satisfaction4
Suicide in nationself harm7
Time spend in unpleasant activities in nation0
Stress in nation1
Worries in nationconcerns1
Inequality of apparent livability in nationdispersion6
Assumed livability of nation: Conditions deemed beneficiallife-chances, deprivation, QOL index score5
Mixed indexes of apparent and assumed livability in nationmulti-dimensional, sum-score0
Attitudes to livability of one's nationperceived livability1
NATION: NATIONALITYnationality, tongue, macro social, nationality, macro level, characteristics of society, nation, 1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Nationality careerearlier nationality2
Earlier nationality (nation of origin)home land, country of origin20
Change of nationalitychange in nationality2
Later nationality0
Current nation of residencemodal satisfaction, satisfaction in society30
Comparison of non-representative nation-samples5
Comparison of specific social categories in nations8
Foreign nationalities in nationimmigrants, visitors17
NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)national character, affect level in society, attitudinal climate in society, expressiveness in society, shared identity in nation, leadership in society, current life-goals in society, macro social, collective mentality (culture), modernity of nation, modal personality of citizens in the nation, attitudinal climate in country, dominant needs in society, modal personality in country , public opinion, in society, macro level, practices in society, characteristics of society, nation3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of modal personality in nation0
Current modal personality in one's nationnational character0
Agreeableness in nationnice, positive, sociable1
Aggression, anger in nationfrustration0
Agreeableness in nationgentle, nice, sociable1
Agreeing, yea-saying in nationconformism0
Ambitiousness in nationachievement motivation, aspirations2
Anxiety in nationfear1
Competitiveness in nationachievement0
Conformism in nation0
Conscientiousness in nationdiligent, meticulous2
Cynicism in nationdistrust, negative attitude1
Emotional stability in nationvariable1
Empathy in nationcompassion0
Extraversion in nationintroversion, outer oriented4
Extremity in nationexcess, maximal, moderation1
Hedonism in nationenjoyment, pleasure seeking,3
Individualism/collectivism in nationclimate of individualism, 4
Control belief: internal/external in nationculture of resignation, 4
Independence in nation(non)authoritarian, (non)conformist, self-directed0
Interest in life in nation1
Intelligence in nationcognitive ability, IQ0
Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation in nationself directed, other directed3
Honesty in nationcheat, moral,5
Masculinity (vs femininity) in nationmacho, women like0
Neuroticism in nationnervous, psycho-neurotic, unstable6
Openness in nationbroad minded, receptive1
Optimism in nationhopefulness in society, in society, worrying in society, 2
Psychoticism in nationinsane4
Self confidence in nationself esteem, self regard1
Tightness in nation0
Tolerance in nationacceptance7
Trust in nationconfidence, reliance2
Trust in fellow-man in nationcivic trust21
Trust in institutions in nation16
Psychological freedom in nationability to choose1
Attitudes to modal personality in nationnational character0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of politics in one's nationchange, evolution, history, revolution0
Earlier political conditions in nationpolitical history, past politics0
Change of political conditions in nationpolitical change, revolutions, regime shift7
Change in centralization0
Change political democracy in nationdemocratization3
Change in satisfaction with democracy in nationshift support for democracy1
Change quality of government in nation2
Change size of government in nation1
Later political conditions in nation0
Current political conditions in nation0
Centralization in nationdecentralized, federal, local autonomy7
Civil war in nationarmed conflict, violence8
Dominant political ideology in nationliberalism, socialism, communism, nationalism2
Political democracy in nationdemocracy in society22
Interest democracy (interest-groups) in nationlobby3
Parliamentary democracy in nationelections5
Political participation in nationsocietal integration, integration of society, 3
Political protest in nationconflict3
Political violence in nation9
Trade union membership in nationunionization2
Political role of armed forces in nationrole of military in society, 2
Political stability in nationpeace, conflict, protest, regime change, revolution2
Quality of government in nationgovernment effectiveness35
Size of government in nationgovernment consumption27
Government consumption in nation13
Government expenditures17
Attitudes to politics in nationacceptance, concern, interest, protest0
Attitudes to the state in nationlegitimacy, satisfaction8
Perceived political freedom in nationpower, right, repression4
Satisfaction with democracy in nation36
Satisfaction with democratizationemancipation, liberation0
Satisfaction with government in nation7
NATION: POSITION OF ONE'S NATIONindependence of country, collective chances, macro social, international position of the nation, macro level, characteristics of society, nation, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of position of one's nationheritage, social change0
Current position of one's nation0
Central/peripherical in world systemplace of nation in world-system, climate of universalism, 0
Foreign aid provided by nationdonor country1
Foreign aid received by countryrecipient1
Remittances made by migrantsgifts, home support0
Geographic locationpart of the world13
Involved in international conflictsafety, conflicts in society, security of nation, of warfare, revolution, climate of war0
Reputation of the nationstanding0
Relative livability of nationlife-chances0
Success in sports of nationchampion, Olympic4
Wealth: relative to neighbor countries1
Attitudes to position of the nation5
NATION: SOCIETYsocial system, collective arrangements, stratification, culture, collective chances, macro social, living conditions in the nation, (conditions deemed good for people18), problems in society, presumed livability of nation, resources of nation, macro level, characteristics of society, nation2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of society in nation0
Social change in nationdevelopment1
Change income inequality in nationequalization1
Informatizationinternet, broadband3
Current societal characteristics of nationnation traits0
Freedom in nationschoice, oppression, restriction13
Private freedom in nationspersonal freedom, autonomy, self direction10
Freedom of compulsory services in nationdraft, military service,. Social service0
Freedom of family in nation2
Freedom of procreation in nationfamily planning, contraception, abortion5
Freedom of sex in nationsexuality5
Freedom of suicide in nationeuthanasia4
Freedom of religion in nation1
Freedom of travel in nationpermit0
Political freedom in nationin society, in society20
Freedom of press in nationtolerance in society, 6
Economic freedom in nation26
Valuation of freedom in nationliberalism3
Satisfaction with freedom in nationopportunity to choose, oppression1
Inequality in nationclass, rank, stratification5
Education inequality in nation0
Ethnic diversity in nationrace difference, fractionalization0
Gender inequality (women emancipation) in nationgender discrimination, gender inequality in society, emancipation in nation, gender-equality in society, discrimination of women, dispersion of presumed quality-of-life, in society, woman emancipation, gender equality in society25
Income inequality in nationGini, poor-rich difference42
Presence of minority groupsethnic discrimination , in society, majority/minority differences in society, cultural diversity in nation, in society0
Perceived discrimination in nationPrejudices2
Status differentiation (stratification) in nation3
Inequality in (apparent) quality of life in nationinequality of apparent quality-of-life, 0
Inequality in happiness in nationinequality in happiness in society, inequality in happiness among citizens, 14
Dissimilarity in conditions for happiness in nationinequality, homogeneity, likeness0
Inequality in health in nationinequality in health/longevity, 0
Social mobility in nation0
Inter generational mobility in nation3
Intra generational mobility in nation0
Perceived social mobility in nation0
Intimate relations in nationprimary relations, family, friends, love, marriage2
Friendship density in nationfriendship density in society, 1
Marriage pattern in nationmarriage pattern in society, 3
Divorce rate in nationdivorce-rate in society, 4
Marrieds in nationcohabitation, living together0
% living alone in nationhousehold pattern in society, 0
Social cohesion in nation16
Helping in nationcharity, generosity4
Modernity of nationcivilization, development, societal differentiation, maturation of society, social development, stage of development of society, traditional15
Industrialization in nationautomation4
Informatization in nationcomputer, internet4
Individualization in nation7
Specialization in nationprofessionalization2
Pace of life in nationspeed, time pressure0
Safety in the nationcrime9
Lethal accidents in nation5
Infant mortality in nation2
Maternal mortality in nation0
Social participation in nationinvolvement, mutuality, voluntary0
Attitudes to social relations in the nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, own attitudes to discrimination10
Attitudes to ethnic relations in nation8
Attitudes to labor relations labor relations, 3
Attitudes to social inequality in nationattitude to inequality in society, attitudes to social mobility in society, acceptance of social in-equality, attitudes to social stratification17
Attitudes to treatment of children in nation2
Perceived treatment of migrants in nationdiscrimination, hospitality, respect, xenophobia2
Social problems in nationsocial issue, social question0
Summed nation characteristics15
Attitudes to society in one's nation0
NUTRITIONeating, food1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Nutrition historyearlier health-behavior, earlier nutrition, change in health-behavior, change in nutrition, later health-behavior, later nutrition10
Earlier nutrition1
Change in nutrition5
Later nutrition0
Current nutritionearlier nationality, change in nationality7
How much one eats3
How much one spends on eatingfood expenditure3
How often one eatsmeal frequency1
What one eatsdiet48
When one eatsmeal schedule, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking2
Breakfast (or not)morning meal50
Lunch (or not)noon meal0
Dinner (or not)evening meal49
Suppernight meal0
Snacking between meals0
Where one eats2
Attitudes to one's nutritionattitudes to nutrition, 2
Concern about nutrition3
Satisfaction with one's nutritionsatisfaction with nutrition3
Satisfaction with availability of foodaccessible, for sale0
Satisfaction with availability of organic foodnatural3
OCCUPATIONprofession, work-tasks, vocation0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Occupational careerdevelopment4
Earlier occupation14
Earlier management levelealier occupational prestige, supervisory0
Recent change in occupationchange in occupation, change in occupation0
Entering first job0
Loss of job0
Switch to other job2
History of current occupationjob experience4
Advancement in current job4
Later occupation1
Current occupation81
In working-force or not6
Kind of occupation (profession)involved in business or not, specific business, 30
Entrepreneurbusiness, self employed4
Size of one's enterprisebusiness size3
Factory worker0
Gardenergreen, garden park1
Garbage collector0
Teachereducator, professor2
Characteristics of current occupation6
BrancheTrade, domain2
Buildingconstruction, immobile, property0
CultureArts. Leisure1
Carehealthcare, social work1
EducationSchooling, training1
RetailShop, sales1
Public administrationgovernment2
Hotel and catering1
Occupational level12
Social prestige of occupation27
Skill level of occupationoccupational skills, 12
Manual or non-manual12
Occupation of training/educationUse of skills, work-education fit1
Supervisory tasksboss, leader3
Number of subordinatesemployees, personal1
Sector: public/privategovernment, market2
System relevance of occupationImportance, indispensable1
Attitudes to one's occupationattitudes to occupation, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), worries about work5
Attitudes to occupational career0
Occupational aspirationsoccupational goals, satisfaction with career-opportunities10
Satisfaction with careersatisfaction with occupational career5
Attitudes to current occupation(job-satisfaction), 7
Attitudes to current job20
Looking for another jobjob shift, turn over8
PERFORMANCEachievement, success0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Performance career0
Earlier performancemade career0
Change in performance0
Later performance0
Current performance0
Daily life tasksADL, disability1
Intellectual performance0
School performanceschool success, grades208
Sports performancechampion, winning0
Work performanceproductivity2
Attitudes to performance1
PERSONALITY: HISTORYearlier habits , earlier moods , earlier personality, mental maturity, personality, earlier personality0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Earlier personality organization3
Earlier personality traitsown infancy, 5
Earlier agreeablenessgentle, nice, sociable1
Earlier ambitiousnessachievement1
Earlier tendency to agreeapproval1
Earlier anxietyanxiety career, 1
Earlier assertiveness1
Earlier approval seeking1
Earlier cleverness1
Earlier conscientiousness2
Earlier sense of coherence1
Earlier efficacyproductive0
Earlier emotionalityexpressive behavior, emotionality, impulsiveness, 1
Earlier fail-anxiety1
Earlier extraversion2
Earlier genuineness0
Earlier independenceindependent personality, dependent personality, independent personality, independent personality, independent personality, self-determination2
Earlier inhibition1
Earlier inner-controlsense of non-control, external control belief, goal-directedness, external control belief, internal control belief, attitudes to luck, external controlled, external locus of control, self-control9
Earlier neuroticism2
Earlier opennessexpressive behavior, open personality, 1
Earlier optimismhopes for the future, attitudes to luck, optimism career, optimism, 1
Earlier persistenceperseverance, 3
Earlier positive thinkingtendency to react positively, 2
Earlier resignationresigned personality, resigned personality, tendency to resign1
Earlier need for self-actualizationneed for self-actualization2
Earlier self-confidenceself-confident personality, self-confidence, self-confidence, independent personality, optimism career, self-confident personality, current self-confidence7
Earlier self-disclosingself-disclosure, tendency to self-disclosure, 2
Earlier sociability1
Earlier hurriednessspeedy personality, speedy personality, 1
Earlier stability1
Earlier tolerancetolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality1
Earlier trustingattitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality, 2
Earlier vigorvigor, own trust1
PERSONALITY: CHANGEplanning abilities, mental growth, change in habits , personality, change of personality, of personality0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Change in personalityearlier affect-life, change in affect-life, change in moods , later affect-life, 0
Change in personality organization0
Change in personality traits0
Change in ambitiousness0
Change in approval seeking0
Change in dominance0
Change in control orientation3
Change in thankfulnessgratitude5
Current stage of developmentmental maturation, psychological maturity, general sense of identity, developmental stage, mental maturity, mental age, mental growth, dominant motives, stage of motivational development, psycho-social development, development, degree of self-actualization, self-understanding, stage of personal development6
Course of development1
Attitude to personality changeself development0
Aspired personality changeideal self, self development1
Satisfaction with self developmentactualization1
PERSONALITY: CURRENT ORGANIZATIONpersonality, current personality organization1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Personality differentiationpsychological differentiation, 1
Personality integrationintra-personal harmony, personal homogeneity, integrated, psychological stability, psychological strength, 8
PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITSown affective experiences, behaviors, character traits, own habits, ability to utilize opportunities, own life-style, male, identity, confident, dominant motives, personality, current personality traits, actual attribution of personality, self-concept, self-perceived personality, temperament8
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Aggressive, angryaggressive tendencies, impulse-control, disposition to hostility, aggression, need for achievement, agreeable, hostile, self-blaming, tendency to punish , rejection of others, tendency to resentment, self-blame, self-esteem, trusting personality18
Ambitiousneed for achievement, ambitiousness, amount of aspirations, energetic personality, energetic, driven, achievement, performance, perseverance, energetic, health, restlessness, own mobility, aspired success, need for superiority, vital personality52
Activenew-born activity, authoritarian, 12
Agreeablegentle, nice, sociable16
Agreeing, yea-sayingdependent personality, desirability distortion in interview , yea-saying, tendency to agree, 6
Anxiouscurrent anxiety, assertive personality, moral behavior, moral behavior, psychological conservatism, anxious personality, honest personality, general tendency to be dishonest, morals, reliable, general risk awareness, perceived safety, satisfaction with one's morality, (in)secure personality, psychological reactions, tense31
Fail anxiousvulnerable, 3
Assertiveindependent personality, driven, assertive personality, perseverance, skills, social skills5
Approval seekingneed for esteem, desirability distortion in interview , moral climate in society, approval, need for approval, conformist, vulnerable, giving socially desirable answers, need for social approval , tendency to agree24
Attachment styleintimate affectionate, connectivity, relatedness0
Avoidantavoid, escape, turn away1
Blamingcritical personality, ego-defense, tolerant personality, tendency to punish , self rejection, tendency to resentment, speedy personality5
Calmconfused, 2
Cleverintelligent, 2
Criticalcritical attitude, (un)critical personality, cynical, tendency to punish , rejection of others, self-blame, trusting personality1
Conscientiousconscientious personality, neat, reliable, 28
Coherence (sense of)4
Conservativeprogressive, (non)change oriented6
Defensiveexpression of affects, psychological defense, ego-defense, empathy, intellectualization, perceptual distortion, concealing, repressive, defensive projection, sanity, psychological repression, answering self-defensively, self-awareness, self-understanding10
Need for dominancewish to dominate, dominance, need for superiority2
Dominant behaviordominant behavior, 4
Efficacious, productivegeneral ability, competence, independent personality, sound, performance, productive personality , tenacity11
Egoisticaltruism, moral behavior, selfishness, 7
Empathicsensitivity, social skills, personal warmth, 3
Emotionalexpression of affects, expressive behavior, emotionality, impulsiveness, vulnerable, sanity, answering extremely, sensitivity6
Extravertedextraversion, extraversion, inhibition, introvert, affiliative, distant, introvert, spontaneity47
Fortuitousgeneral ability, competence, ego- strength, driven, firm, powerless, productive personality , psychological strength, tenacity, psychological strength2
Guiltyconscientious personality, guilt, super ego2
Happycheerful, positive4
Hedonisticpleasure seeking, 1
Helplesspsychological depression, not vulnerable, helpless personality, inferiority, dependent, depressive, powerless, vulnerable, vital personality2
Humoroushumorous personality, 3
Impulsive (vs self controlled)impulse-control, ability to delay gratification, impulsiveness, controlled, answering haphazardly, tendency to risky behavior, self-control9
Independentauthoritarian, conformist, dependent, powerless, self-determination15
Individualisticinternal control belief2
Inhibited(un)inhabitance, impulsiveness, inhibition, controlled, repressive, spontaneity, vital personality11
Inner locus of controlsense of non-control, external control belief, perceived fate control, anxious personality, control belief, in society, goal-directedness, external control belief, internal control belief, internal control, locus of control, own involvement in gambling, attitudes to luck, inner directed, external controlled, conformist, controlled, dependent, external locus of control, other oriented, self-blaming, risk perception, general risk awareness, self-control123
Intrinsically motivatedintrinsic motivation2
Involvedenthusiast, flow7
Irritableaggressive tendencies, anxious personality, disposition to hostility, agreeable, 12
Jealousjealous personality, 6
Kindaltruism, disposition to hostility, agreeable, pleasant personality, personal warmth7
Masculine (vs feminine)boyish, girlish, ,ladylike, manly, macho, womanly1
Modest (vs supercilious)narcistic, self-sufficient, supercilious, 3
Mindfulawareness, detached, here-and-now2
Moralaltruism, conscientious personality, super ego, value realization, 4
Openexpressive behavior, own expressiveness, openness, open personality, distant28
Optimistichopes for the future, attitudes to luck, optimistic personality, pessimistic, optimism, current self-confidence25
Outgoingsociable personality, social skills4
Practicalgeneral ability, 2
Persistentperseverance, skills, 5
Positive reactingcognitive style, comparison style, optimistic personality, perceptual style, discouraged, hopeful, pessimistic, satisfied, pessimism, tendency to react positively, trusting personality28
Resignedresigned personality, optimistic personality, resigned personality, discouraged, pessimistic, powerless, pessimism, tendency to resign1
Rigidpsychological conservatism, psychological dogmatism, flexible, rigidity, 3
Risk minded12
Securecurrent anxiety, anxious personality, perceived safety, (in)secure personality, 3
Sensation seekingpleasure seeking, excitement seeking, need for excitement, need for novelty, excitement seeking, tendency to risky behavior, need for variety10
Self-actualization (need for)need for self actualization, need for self-actualization, satisfaction with self-realization, need for self-actualization12
Self-centeredaltruism, other oriented, selfishness, 1
Self-consciousself-consciousness, self-awareness, self-understanding, 4
Self-confidantgeneral ability, self-confident personality, self-confidence, self-confidence, independent personality, inferiority, optimistic personality, dependent, inferior, powerless, self-esteem, satisfaction with one's abilities, self-confident personality, self-esteem87
Self-controlledself regulation, delay of gratification1
Self-disclosingconcealment of emotion, own intimate pattern, sociable personality, self-disclosure, concealing, answering self-defensively, tendency to self-disclosure2
Degree of self-disclosure2
Style of self-disclosure3
Sociablesocial abilities, trust in people, sociable personality, affiliation, own participation, agreeable, affiliative, distant, social skills, sociable personality29
Tendency to like people5
Solidary, cooperativecooperative personality, own participation, affiliative, self-sufficient, solidarity, 4
Speedy, hurriedspeedy personality, restlessness, speedy personality, 4
Stablefirm, steady7
Suggestibledependent personality, perceptual distortion, conformist, tendency to agree, 2
Tensenervousness, psychological reactions9
Toleranttolerant personality, tolerant personality, authoritarian, reliable, tolerant personality0
Toughego- strength, not vulnerable, driven, vulnerable, psychological strength, psychological strength2
Trustingattitudes to people, own trust, attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, agreeable, satisfaction with compatriots, trusting personality31
Trust-worthymoral behavior, honest personality, reputation of honesty, general tendency to be dishonest, moral behavior, satisfaction with one's morality2
Vigorousvigor, energetic personality, energetic, energetic, vital personality5
Vulnerableweak, negative reacting3
Zestfuldriven, performance, vital personality, zest3
PERSONALITY: LATERlater habits , later moods , later personality, personality, later personality , physical health4
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Later personality organization0
Later personality traits1
Later anxietyfear, scare, panic0
Later fail-anxiousness1
Later attachment styleintimate connecting, relating1
Later avoidanceavert, escape, turn away1
Later cleverness1
Later extraversion1
Later locus of controlsense of non-control, external control belief, external control belief, external controlled1
Later kindness1
Later openness open personality, self-disclosure, 2
Later need for self-actualization4
Later self-confidence1
Later self-disclosuretendency to self-disclosure, 1
Later sociabilityaffiliative, participative1
Later stabilityfirm, steady1
Later tenseness1
Later tolerancetolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality1
Later trustingown trust, attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality1
Later personality developmentpsychological maturity, developmental stage, mental maturity, mental age, mental growth, stage of motivational development, degree of self-actualization, stage of personal development2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Pets career0
Current pets4
Attitudes to pets0
PLANNINGgoal, program0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of planning4
Earlier planning0
Change in planningrevision, reorientation0
Later planning0
Current planning0
Private planninggoals0
Particukar plansaspiration, intention, goal0
Planning abilityforeseeing3
Planning mindednessgoal-directedness4
Planning of lifelife goals, life plan0
Public planningpolicy0
Attitudes to planning1
POLICY INTERVENTIONSprogram, treatment, nudging, paternalistic0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of public policies in nation0
Earlier public policies in nationpolicy history, long term effects0
Change in public policies in nationpolicy change0
Effect of change in economic policy0
Effect of change in family policy0
Effect of change in health policiesprevention0
Effect of pension reformretirement, old age benefits2
Later public policies in nation: effect of earlier happiness0
Current public policies in nationsocial policy0
Effect of demographic pubicieschildlessness, birthrate0
Effects of economic policiesincome0
Effect of poverty relief programsanti-poverty1
Effect of fiscal austeritybalance budget, tax raise, cut government expenditures1
Effect of pressure to workemployment incentive, labour activation, workfare1
Effect of educational policiesschooling0
Effect of family policieschildcare,0
Effect of parent support policychildren, child care1
Effect of child care supportday care, Kindergarten1
Effect of maternity leave0
Effect of health policiesmedical, prevention0
Effect of restrictions on alcohol usedrinking0
Effect of smoking banstobacco0
Effect of welfare policiessocial security0
Effect of pension arrangementsretirement0
Attitudes to social policies in nationpublic acceptance, support0
POLITICAL BEHAVIOURattitudes to leadership, political behavior, democratic behavior, ideological orientation, government, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Behavioral career0
Earlier political behaviorearlier attitudes to politics, earlier attitudes to politics5
Change in political behaviorchange in attitudes to politics, change in attitudes to politics0
Later political behaviorlater attitudes to politics, later attitudes to politics5
Current political behaviorparty preference1
Compliance to political systemcitizenship, obedience4
Political concernconcern about politics, 69
Political participation participation in public spheres, , access to power, political involvement, participation in politics, social involvement, , societal involvement26
Participation in demonstrations1
Membership of political organizations7
Current right to vote28
Current political (party) preferencepolitical conservatism, political preference, 19
Preference for: left vs right wing16
Preference for: center vs extremesconventional attitudes, critical attitudes, deviant attitudes, 2
Attitudes to basic political issuesattitudes to political issues, political conservatism, acceptance of social in-equality, political preference6
Social inequality: more vs less differencespreference for equal chances14
Social reform: radical reform vs consolidation14
Configuration of orientations to inequality and social reform12
Attitudes to specific political issuesattitudes to political issues, political preference12
Attitudes to ethnic discriminationown attitudes to discrimination, 3
Attitudes to political systemsense of estrangement, acceptance of political system, attitudes to social order, acceptance of social order, satisfaction with society, attitudes to government, rejection of society, satisfaction with state, attitudes to society5
Attitudes to governmentsatisfaction with government, 12
Attitudes to national governmentnational government14
Attitudes to local governmentsatisfaction with government services, local government9
Attitudes to government accomplishmentsgovernment services5
Attitudes to state-services24
Attitudes to environmental protectionattitudes6
Attitudes to public securitypublic security1
Attitudes to social securitysocial security, attitudes to social policy, satisfaction with social security5
Attitudes to public health care11
Attitude to public housingdwelling, home4
Attitudes to democracy12
Attitudes to political groups (parties, unions)1
Perceived political controlpolitical authoritarianism, in society, powerless12
Overall satisfaction with politicssatisfaction with politics2
POPULARITYown confrontation with rejection by others, own integration, success in social relations0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Popularity career0
Earlier popularity0
Change in popularity0
Later popularity0
Current popularity0
Actual popularity (socio-metrically)reputation of popularity, actual popularity, sociometric position5
Perceived popularity attitudes to popularity, self-perceived popularity, perceived approval13
Popularity with colleagues1
Popularity with same sex1
Popularity with opposite sex2
Popularity in community3
Own liking of others 0
Attitudes to own popularityattitudes to popularity, 8
PREFERENCESchoice, priority, propensity0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Preference development0
Current preferences4
Preference for happiness (over other goods)choice for pleasant life2
Preference for living conditionslife chances, needs, wants4
Preference for public amenitiesamenities, facilities, support, sustenance4
Attitude to own preferences0
POSSESSIONSwealth spending capacity, standard of living2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Career of assets1
Earlier possessionsearlier income, 1
Earlier sense of control over finances1
Change in possessionschange in income, 7
Later possessionslater income, 0
Current possessions67
Total wealth31
Specific possessions28
Business assetsenterprise, investment3
Land owned4
Livestockanimals, cattle1
Communication devicesinformation tools12
Internet at homee-mail, web, connectedness1
Tvmedia consumption2
Telephonecell-phone, mobile6
Household applianceswhite good4
Refrigeratorcooler, fridge, ice-chest,1
Micro wave1
Propertyland, buildings1
Transport toolstravel, mobility0
Consumer goods0
Availability of creditloan3
Mortgage (on home)1
Insurancespension, social security29
Private health care insurance1
Private pensionslife-insurance3
Bank account1
Liquiditymoney ready available1
Relative wealth0
Attitudes to one's possessionsattitudes to possessions, 16
Attitude to investmententrepreneurship0
Attitude to savingrisk aversion3
Perceived control over one's financesgrip, overview1
Satisfaction with savingsreserves, money in the bank1
PRISONpunished for crime, delinquency, jail, legal punishment0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Prison career0
Earlier imprisonedearlier imprisonment, 0
Change in imprisonmentchange in prison-stay, 0
Recently in prison0
Recently left prison0
Later imprisonment0
Current imprisonment3
Attitudes to imprisonmentattitudes to prison, 0
PROBLEMScurrent anxiety, confident, motivation, optimism, psychological reactions, own suicidal behavior, existential tasks0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Problem careerearlier problems and worries0
Earlier problemsearlier problems and worries, , events in mental functioning0
Remembered earlier problems2
Earlier alcoholismdrinking problem0
Actual earlier problems (observed by follow-up)1
Change in problemschange in problems and worries, change in problems and worries0
Later problemslater problems and worries, later problems and worries0
Expected later problemsexpected problems, 0
Actual later problems (observed by follow-up)0
Later alcoholismdrinking problem, dependency0
Current problemsattitude to problems, coping with problems10
Amount of problems perceived6
Kind of problems perceivedspecific aspirations, specific fears, 6
Problems with addictionaddiction, concern about use of stimulants, 4
Addicted to the internet3
Problems with family\marriageproblems4
Problems with health3
Problems at work1
REGION OF RESIDENCEcanton, department, province, state5
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development in region of residence0
Earlier region of residence2
Current area of residence6
Region in Albania1
Region in Argentina1
Region in Australia7
Region in Bangladesh1
Region in Belgium1
Region in Canada7
Region in China7
Region in Cuba1
Region in Denmark4
Region in Germany27
Region in Hungary1
Region in India1
Region in Indonesia0
Region in Iraq1
Region in IrelandIre1
Region in Israel2
Region in Italy3
Region in Netherlands6
Region in New Zealand2
Region in Nigeria2
Region in Norway3
Region in South Africa2
Region in Sweden1
Region in Taiwan1
Region in Thailand1
Region in Ukraine1
Region in UK21
Region in USA11
Attitudes to region of residence2
Satisfaction with region of residencecontentment with place1
Satisfaction with life in regionlivability1
REGION: CULTUREcanton, department, province, state0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of culture in one's region0
Current culture in one's region0
Attitudes in regionbeliefs, opinions, views0
Attitude to parenthood in regionchildren, procreation0
Attitude to sexuality in region0
Education in region1
Internet penetration in regionwen access10
Religion in regionchurch0
Attitudes to culture in regionviews0
Hope in region0
Satisfaction in region0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of demographic conditions in one's region0
Emigration out of regionOut-migration rate1
Current demographic conditions in one's region0
Age composition in region1
Ethnic composition of regionethnic minority, race5
Immigrants in regionimmigrants, influx, newcomers0
Family pattern in regionintimate relations, primary relations0
Divorced in region1
Married in regionmarital status, married1
Widowed in region1
Population density in regionpopulation pressure, overpopulation8
Concentration of population in urban centercentralization, compactness1
Population size in region1
Attitudes to demographic conditions in one's region0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of economic conditions in one's region0
Earlier economic conditions in regionregional history0
Change of economic conditions in regionregional change1
Economic growth/decline in region6
Economic innovation in region0
Change average income in regiongrowth/decline, local earnings0
Change economic security in regionincome safety0
Change income inequality in regiongrowth/decline, dispersion earnings0
Change minimum wage in region1
Change in public goods in regionbenefit, subsidy0
Change child daycare in regionkindergarten, nursery1
Change tax regime in regiondues, duty, tariff0
Raise of tobacco tax in regionimpede1
Change unemployment rate in regionjobless2
Later economic conditions in region0
Current economic conditions in one's region3
Economic affluence in region1
Average income in regionRegional Income6
GDP in regionGross Domestic Product, regional15
Economic competitiveness of regionstrength, power1
Economic investments in regioncompetitiveness0
Employment in regionjobs, work0
Unemployment in region9
Income inequality in region3
Industries in regionbusiness, economic sector, specialization, trade0
Extraction industry in regionmining1
Industrial mass production in regionTaylorism0
Sustainable energy production in regionsolar parks, water power, wind power0
Tourism in regionhospitality, leisure0
Openness of economy in regionconnected vs isolated, global vs local1
Public goods in region0
Child day-care in region0
Social security in regionwelfare3
Socio-economic regime in regionPolitical economy0
Economic freedom in regionFree market, liberalism0
Standard of living in regionprosperity0
Amenities in regionfacilities0
Consumption in regionbuying, spending0
House ownership in regionrent1
Poverty in regiondeprivation0
Price level in regioncost of living0
Tax regime in regiondues0
Work conditions in region0
Minimum wage in regionpay, salary0
Attitudes to economic conditions in region0
Satisfaction with price level in region0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of geographic conditions in one's region0
Current geographical conditions in one's region4
Environmental quality in regionpollution2
Nature in region4
Urbanization of regionnon-rural, modern3
Road densitystreets, highways0
Attitudes to geographical conditions in one's region0
Satisfaction with environment in one's region1
REGION: HISTORYbackground, past0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
REGION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacitieshabitable, manageable, suitable0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of livability in region0
Current livability of region0
Apparent livability of region: Indicators of human thrivingflourish, prosper, thrive0
Satisfaction in region1
Health in regionpublic health2
Obesity in regionBMI, overweight0
Suicide in region4
Assumed livability of region: Conditions deemed beneficiallife-chances, QOL index score0
Attitudes to livability of one's region0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
REGION: POLITICScanton, department, province, state0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of political conditions in one's region0
Change in political conditions in region0
Change in centralization in region2
Current political conditions in one's region1
Centralization in region0
Democracy in region1
Dominant political ideology in region0
Government in regionadministration0
Centralization in region2
Size of government in regionbig government, government expenditures4
Institutional quality in region0
Corruption in regionfraud0
Political violence in region4
Attitudes to political conditions in one's region0
REGION: POSITIONrelative standing0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of position of region0
Current position of one's region1
Attitudes to position of one's region0
REGION: SOCIETYSocial capital, social cohesion0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of societal conditions in regionregional change0
Earlier societal conditions in region0
Change in societal conditions in region0
Change income inequality in region1
Change in income redistribution in regiontransfers, tax, welfare1
Change in social security in regionwelfare1
Later societal conditions in region0
Current societal conditions in region0
Inequality in regiondeprivation, difference, dispersion,0
Inequality in happiness in regiondispersion of happiness, spread2
Dissimilarity in conditions for happiness in regionhomogeneity, sameness0
Inequality of income in regionpoor/rich difference2
Redistribution of incomes in region1
Intimate relations in regionsocial capital, relationship density, intimate networks, primary relations1
Modernity in regioninnovative vs traditional0
Social capital in regionsocial cohesion, relationships1
Social participation in regionsocial capital, social cohesion2
Social problems in regionsocial issue, social question0
Safety in regioncrime1
Social security in regionwelfare1
Attitudes to societal conditions in region0
RELIGIONbelief, chapel, church, creed, cult, doctrine, god, holy, ideology, morality, religious, sect, spirituality, mosque, temple, theology1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Religious career0
Earlier religion5
Change in religionreligious dropout, 12
Later religion0
Current religious beliefsattitudes to religion, moral convictions, religious dogmatism, own faith24
Religious (vs not)atheist, believer, pious, unreligious, worship47
Religiosity (degree)pious8
Belief strength compared to others1
Characteristics of belief-system0
Christian orthodoxycanonical, doctrinal, conservative, traditional, Calvinist7
Religious individualism1
Specific beliefs6
Belief in higher power0
Belief in goddeity, divinity, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, spirit, super natural11
Belief in apocalypsecatastrophe, destruction, disaster, end of world, extinction, obliteration1
Current religious denomination62
World religiontrans cultural0
Christian religion1
Catholic religion1
Protestant religionReformed1
Jewish religion0
Muslim religionIslam0
Local traditional religion0
Current religious practicesreligious behavior, meditation, veneration, worship21
Church-member or not53
Participation in churchchurch going, worship87
Living in a convent1
Current religious experiencesreligious top-experience, 4
Has spiritual experiences0
Attitudes to religion18
Concern about religion20
Importance of spirituality in ones lifemysticism0
Self-definition as religious75
Satisfaction with religionchurch, spirituality33
Satisfaction with spiritual life30
Climate of religion0
Religious climate in family1
Religious climate in congregation0
Religious climate in society5
Social acceptance of one's religion2
RESOURCESadvantage, capability, capital. deprivation, means, reserves0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Resource career0
Earlier resources0
Earlier physical resourceshealth, physical condition1
Earlier psychological resourcesinner strengths1
Earlier social resourcessocial capital1
Change in resources1
Later resources0
Current resources17
Personal qualities3
Relative resourcesadvantage, deprivation, inequality10
Social resourcessocial capital. social deprivation, social quality, disadvantage5
Available level0
Attitudes to own resources7
RETIREMENTphase of life, stage in occupational career, work status, 0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Retirement career3
Pre-retirement conditionsearlier retirement , earlier employment2
Earlier attitudes to retirement5
Earlier perception of impossibility of wanted retirementjob-lock1
Retirement: stop workingchange in employment18
Time of retirementmoment in life0
Age at retirement4
Early retirementsooner than scheduled pension5
Late retirementbelated, postphoned pension1
Time since retirementduration, period13
Later retirementlater employment1
Stage of retirementphase, sequale, trqajectory3
Current status: retired or notretired, retired, retired or not123
Activities in retirement1
Post-retirement job4
Adjustment to retirementgetting used to3
Income after retirement0
Conditions of retirement1
Sudden retirement (vs gradual)3
Compulsory retirement (vs free choice)9
Full retirement (vs partial)retired, part-time work of retirees, 6
Planned retirement (vs unexpected)2
Reasons for retirementmotives2
Retired for heath reasonsinvalidity4
Retired for personal reasonsprivate1
Retired for professional reasonsoccupation1
Attitudes to retirementadjustment to retirement, 13
Attitude to early retirement0
Self-definition in terms of earlier job2
Satisfaction with retirement4
Expectations about retirement1
Congruence of expected and actual change in happiness after retirementprognostic bias, forecast error1
Perceived realization of earlier expectations about retirementforecast0
Retrospective change in happiness after retirementremembered, perceived1
Congruence of retrospective and actual change in happiness after retirementrecal error, recollection bias1
Preference for activities in retirementpost-retirement activity0
Preference for entrepreneurship in retirementbusiness0
Wish to resume workingback to work0
Wish to retireaspiration, want2
Perceived impossibility of wanted retirementjob-lock, unfeasable1
ROLESown activities, role behavior, group-memberships, personal contacts, own participation, social involvement, intimate affiliations, own integration, own contacts, own participation0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Role career0
Earlier roles3
Change in roles0
Role lossloss of roles1
New roles1
Later roles1
Current roles2
Current number of roles5
Characteristics of current role-set0
Role ambiguity2
Role conflictattitude to roles, 4
Role numbermultiple roles4
Role stressattitude to roles, 4
Specific roles0
Family roles6
Work roles5
Attitudes to own rolesattitude to roles, 6
Satisfaction with family rolesposition0
SCHOOLacademy, college, education, learning, seminary, teaching, university1
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
School career2
Earlier schooling1
Earlier school-behaviorcurrent rebellion5
Earlier school-environment2
Earlier school success1
Doubled a classrepeat one year1
School dropoutschool failure3
Earlier attitudes to schoolearlier satisfaction with school, earlier satisfaction with school5
Change in schoolingevents in education2
Change in school-behavior0
Change in school-environment1
Change in attitudes to schoolchange in satisfaction with school, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with school0
Later schooling1
Later school-behavior0
Later school-environment1
Later attitudes to schoollater satisfaction with school, later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with school0
Current school lifeeducational life, student life0
Curriculum currently followedcourses, specialization5
Physical educationgymnastics, sport48
Daily life skillsADL1
Consumer educationbuying, personal finance0
Happiness educationhappiness course0
Health education0
Vocational skill trainingprofessional competence training1
Elderly care traininggerontology, old age care1
Current stage in school-careergrade, stage in school-career, 10
Current school-behavioradjustment to school, 1
Involved in schooling or notcurrently in education, student, student70
Absenteeismabsenteeism, 4
Extra-curricular activity3
School-successschool dropout, currently in education, intellectual performance, success in school173
Involvement in school-work58
Students' involvement0
Parents' involvement84
Misbehavior in schoolcurrent rebellion7
Current school-environmentliving on campus, practices in school, inequality at school, 0
Intellectual level of schoolability level of school, intelligence level in school, 4
School size1
Social characteristics of school2
Socio-economic level of school2
Ethnic homogeneity of schoolin school, migrants in school3
Social climate in schoolambitiousness at school, anomy in school, democracy in school, school-morale, at school, at school, in school, value-climate in school13
Bullying incidence47
Disciplinary climateorder0
Teaching practiceseducational climate, learning method, pedagogy1
Discovery oriented learningexperience based learning91
Feedback by teachers42
Student tailored instructionadaptive teaching42
Study hourslearning time0
Support by teachers280
Financing of studyfunding1
Social context of schooleducation friendliness of environment0
public/private schoolcommercial, state provided0
Attitudes to schoolneed for achievement, adjustment to school, attitudes to education , satisfaction with school-life, concern about education, 21
Motivation to perform well in schoolambition146
Perceived usefulness of schooling10
Perceived pressure of school-workschool stress56
Satisfaction with own school-performancesatisfaction with school, satisfaction with own education5
Satisfaction with one's school64
Satisfaction with school-facilitiessatisfaction with school, satisfaction with school one attends12
Satisfaction with things learned at schoolcurriculum1
Satisfaction with school peersco-pupils, co-students1
Satisfaction with teacherseducator, instructor, tutor62
Satisfaction with educational servicesamenities, supply43
Sense of belonginess at schoolfeeling home at school49
SELF-IMAGEattitudes to one's body, attitudes to self, attitudes to own body, self-concept, 2
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Self-image career0
Earlier self-imageearlier attitude to self, earlier satisfaction with self, earlier attitude to self, earlier satisfaction with self12
Change in self-imagechange in attitude to self, change in satisfaction with self, change in attitude to self, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with self4
Change belief in self-change1
Change in self-perceived gender identitytrans sexuality0
Later self-imagelater attitude to self, later satisfaction with self, later attitude to self, later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with self3
Current self-characterizationspecific identities, 21
Self-perceived abilityattitudes to own abilities, competence, current self-confidence, 24
Self perceived autonomyindependent, free, non-conformist6
Self perceived decisivenessundecisive, choice, determination1
Self perceived gender identityfemale, male, man, sex, transgender, woman6
Self-perceived happy nature4
Self-perceived maturity4
Self-perceived preferences1
Self-perceived uniquenessself perceived uniqueness, 1
Self-perceived usefulnesssatisfaction with own usefulness4
Self-perceived social identity6
Current self-idealego-ideal, self-ideal, 4
Current self-evaluationself-esteem, inferiority, attitudes to own personality, self-esteem, self rejection, positive self-evaluation, self-blame, self-esteem19
Concern about character4
Evaluation of self-as-a-whole32
Evaluation of aspects of self10
Real-ideal congruenceself-ideal, 7
Relative superiorityperceived superiority6
Self confidencepositive self-image71
Self-criticalself-blaming, 5
Self respect3
Current satisfaction with selfattitudes to own abilities, self-esteem, inferiority, satisfaction with self, self-esteem, self rejection, satisfaction with self, positive self-evaluation, self-blame, current self-confidence, self-esteem22
Satisfaction with oneself-as-a-personattitudes to own personality, satisfaction with oneself as a person, satisfaction with self-realization36
Satisfaction with own abilitiessatisfaction with one's abilities7
Satisfaction with own coping5
Satisfaction with own creativeness3
Satisfaction with self-realization4
Satisfaction with own moralitymoral behavior, moral behavior, clear conscience, honest personality, general tendency to be dishonest, moral behavior, morals, reliable, satisfaction with one's morality, super ego3
Satisfaction with own accomplishmentssatisfaction with one's accomplishments, perceived success, attitudes to own work-performance, 23
Satisfaction with contributions to others5
Current consistency of self-imageself-awareness, 1
Current reputation (social self)reputation, 2
Self-perceived reputationself-perceived popularity, self-perceived attribution of personality, perceived approval7
Self perceived recognitionrespected14
Self presentationpublic face, acting1
Congruency self-image and reputationself-understanding, self-other congruency, self-awareness, self-understanding6
Attitudes to own reputationattitudes to one's reputation, 4
Satisfaction with social recognition2
Attitudes to own self-image12
Ideal self2
Identityidentification, belonging2
SEX-LIFEamorous, erotic, love, sensual, sexual, love, lust, marriage, relationship, passion, reproduction0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Sex-life career0
Earlier sex-life2
Earlier sexual behavior4
Earlier satisfaction with sex-lifeearlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex, earlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex2
Change in sex-life2
Change in sexual behavior0
Change in satisfaction with sex-lifechange in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with sex, change in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with sex2
Later sex-life0
Current sex-life2
Sexual activity10
Sexual potencecapability, impotence, function2
Sexual practicessex behavior0
Cyber sexsex site, pornography, virtual sex,1
Sexual promiscuitypolygamy, monogamy2
Sexual preferencehereto-sexual, homo-sexual, bi-sexual, a-sexual5
A-sexualno sexual desire0
Homo-sexualgay, lesbian, queer7
Attitudes to one's sex-lifeattitudes to own sex-life10
Concern about sexinterest3
Problems with sex 8
Satisfaction with sex-life23
Attitudes to sex in generalacceptance of sexuality as such, permissive attitudes about sex1
Restrictiveness of own attitude to sexmodern attitudes about sexuality4
Acceptance of homo sexuality3
Perceived restrictiveness of others attitudes 0
Attitudinal conflicts0
SLEEPrelaxing, resting, sleep pattern, rest0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Sleep career0
Earlier sleep0
Earlier amount of sleepsleep duration1
Earlier bedtimesack time, time to retire1
Earlier sleep duration0
Change in sleep0
Change in amount of sleepsleep duration1
Change bedtimesack time, time to retire1
Later sleep0
Current sleep-pattern0
Amount of sleepfatigue, insomnia, time active, 7
Quality of sleep7
Attitudes to sleep0
Satisfaction with amount of sleepsatisfaction with sleep3
SOCIAL MOBILITYoccupational career, social success, own class, change in socio-economic status, success in getting ahead0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Mobility career0
Earlier social mobilityearlier social position, 3
Recent social mobilitychange in social position, 1
Later social mobilitylater social position, 0
Expected mobility2
Actual mobility (assessed by follow-up)1
Current social mobility statuschange in social position, 0
Inter-generational mobilitysocio-economic status similar to parents8
Intra-generational mobility2
Over/under-achievementoccupational/education consistency, under-achievement4
Attitudes to own social mobility0
Concern about social mobility2
Aspirations for social advancementambition4
Expectations about social advancement1
Satisfaction with one's social mobilitysatisfaction with social mobility1
SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: PERSONAL CONTACTSsocial activity, non-participation, social behavior, personal contacts, social life, loneliness, social contacts, passiveness, contact with peers, social involvement, sociability, own contacts, success in social relations0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Contact career0
Earlier personal contacts0
Earlier amount of personal contacts2
Earlier satisfaction with personal contactsearlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with social contacts, earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with social contacts2
Change in personal contacts7
Change in amount of personal contacts1
Change in satisfaction with personal contactschange in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with social contacts, change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with social contacts0
Later personal contacts0
Current contactssocial interaction65
Relative contactsloneliness, social isolation1
Attitudes to personal contactsattitudes to social contacts, 2
Concern about personal contacts6
Perceived amount of pleasant contacts1
Perceived intensity of social contactsintimacy, frequency2
Satisfaction with personal contactssatisfaction with social life, satisfaction with contacts, 23
Satisfaction with opportunities for contact2
Satisfaction with amount of personal contacts3
Satisfaction with quality of personal contacts3
SOCIAL PARTICIPATION : VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONScooperation, social involvement, social service, sociability, organizational affiliation,0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of participation in voluntary associationsParticipation career0
Earlier organizational participationearlier association participation3
Earlier amount of organizational participation2
Earlier satisfaction with organizational participationearlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations, earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations1
Change in organizational participationchange in association participation1
Change in amount of organizational participation1
Engaged in voluntary workunpaid work0
Change in satisfaction with organizational participationchange in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with associations, change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with associations1
Later organizational participationlater association participation1
Current participation in voluntary associations16
Membership of voluntary organizations80
Union membertrade union3
Attendance to meetings23
Voluntary workown employment status, job, solidarity, unemployment, vocation, volunteer, 29
Attitudes to organizational participationattitudes to social contacts, 1
Concern about organizational participation5
Satisfaction with organizational participationsatisfaction with participation in associations, satisfaction with social life, satisfaction with organizational-life9
SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: TOTAL (personal + associations)social activity, non-participation, social behavior, social life, passiveness, social involvement, sociability, own contacts, success in social relations0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Participation career0
Earlier total social participationearlier social participation, 3
Change in total social participationchange in social participation, 6
Later total social participationlater social participation, 1
Current total social participation40
Participation degreeContact frequency1
Attitudes to total social participationattitudes to social contacts, 4
Concern about social participation1
Satisfaction with social participationsatisfaction with social life, satisfaction with social life12
SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUSclass, job status, own place in society, middle class, rank, reputation, asses to knowledge, income, power, prestige, own class, social rank, own place in society, social status, own place on social ladder3
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Status career0
Earlier socio-economic statusearlier social position, 9
Change in socio-economic status3
Later socio-economic statuslater social position, 1
Current socio-economic status 70
'Objective' socio-economic status85
Subjective social rankattitudes to social status, 31
Status consistency4
Attitudes to own social status4
Concern about socio-economic status0
Satisfaction with own statussatisfaction with social position, satisfaction with one's social position, satisfaction with own social position, attitude to one's social position6
SOCIAL SUPPORT: AVAILABLEsocial capital, support network0
DescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Development of availability of social support0
Earlier availability of social supportsupport history1
Change in availability of social suport0
Later availability of social support0
Current availability of social support9
Actual availability of social support0
Perceived availability of social supportexpected social support, expected help in case of illness, 44
Attitude to availability of social supporttrust0
Satisfaction with availability of social, support1