Overview of subjects on correlational findings included in the World Database of Happiness

Date of overview: 2020-11-27; the database may be changed later on.
The World Database of Happiness is a collection of research findings on happiness. Correlational findings are sorted by subject. Below is the subject classification used.

Main subject catagories
The classification consists of about 140 main subject categories that are ordered alphabetically. The first category is ‘Activity’ (code A1) and the last is Work performamce (code W4).

Main subject categories are typically sub-divided in three sections;
Development Earlier of later situation e.g. income before retirement
Current Present situation e.g. last month income
Attitudes Evaluation of the situation e.g. satisfaction with income

Next to each catagory you see the number of research findings on this subject. If you click the code on the left, you get to abstracts of these findings. Right to each of the subject categories are links to related subjects.

Main correlate subjects

A01ACTIVITY (how much one does)
A02ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)
A07APPEARANCE (good looks)
B02BIRTH HISTORY (own birth)
C02CHILDREN: WANT FOR (Parental aspirations)
C03CHILDREN: HAVING (parental status)
C14CULTURE (Arts and Sciences)
E03ERA (temporal period)
F01FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)
L14LOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)
M09MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)
M17MOBILITY (travel)
N09NATION: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)
R07REGION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacities
S08SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: TOTAL (personal + associations)
V03VALUES: CLIMATE (current values in environment)
V04VALUES: SIMILARITY (current fit with others)

A01ACTIVITY (how much one does)0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A01aaDevelopment of activitycareer, evolution, ontogeny0
A01aa01Earlier activity level0
A01aa02Change in activity level0
A01aa03Later activity level0
A01abCurrent activity level0
A01ab01Physical activityphysical exercise2
A01ab02Mental activitythinking0
A01ab03Social activityinteraction0
A01acAttitudes to own activity levelattitudes to own activity, attitudes to activity0
A01ac01Perceived over/under activitylack of activities0
A01ac02Satisfaction with activity level0
A02ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)activity in specific domains, behaviors, own habits0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A02aaDevelopment of activity patterncareer, evolution, ontogeny0
A02aa01Earlier activity patternearlier activity pattern0
A02aa02Change in activity patternchange in activity pattern0
A02aa03Later activity patternlater activity pattern0
A02abCurrent activity pattern0
A02acSpecific activities0
A02ac02Festivitiesparty, celebration, festival0
A02ac04Internet useonline, e-mail, web access, PC0
A02ac04aInformation seekingWikipedia, web search28
A02ac04bSocial mediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram15
A02ac06Readingbook, paper, journal2
A02ac08Meditating,prayingmeditation, pray6
A02ac13TV watching, radio listeningmedia, television, radio4
A02ac14Vacationingholliday, travel4
A02ac15aHousehold workhouse keeping, cleaning, cooking5
A02ac15bPaid workemployment, gainful, job4
A02ac15cVoluntary work, helping peopleunpaid, volunteer5
A02ac15dWork activitiesjob, task1
A02ac17Nion-work activiities0
A02adAttitudes to own activity patternattitudes to own activity, attitudes to activity, satisfaction with activity pattern5
A02ad01Perceived importance of one's activitiesmeaning0
A02ad02Reasons for one's activitiesdriver, motive0
A02ad02aReasons for internet usedrive, reason1
A02ad03Satisfaction with activity patternsatisfaction with activity pattern7
A02ad04Satisfaction with specific activities3
A02ad04aSatisfaction with artistic activities2
A02ad04bSatisfaction with music listening2
A02ad04cSatisfaction with music making1
A02ad04dSatisfaction with going to cinema1
A02ad04eSatisfaction with internetting2
A02ad04fSatisfaction with outdoor activitiesindoor, outdoor1
A02ad04gSatisfaction with physical activityphysical activity7
A02ad04hSatisfaction with use of radio and TVmedia1
A02ad04iSatisfaction with reading1
A02ad04jSatisfaction with repairing1
A02ad04kSatisfaction with shoppingpurchases1
A02ad04lSatisfaction with socializingfriends7
A02ad05Time spent on disliked activitiesunpleasant activities2
A02ad06Want for new activitiesdesire0
A03AFFECTIVE LIFEaffective characteristics0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A03aaAffective careerearlier affect life0
A03aa01Earlier affective life0
A03aa01aEver had extra-ordinary states of conciousnesstelepathy, clairvoyance, altered states of conciousness3
A03aa02Change in affective life0
A03aa03Later affective life0
A03abCurrent affective life3
A03ab01Complexity of affect-patternpsychological differentiation3
A03ab02Extraordinary experiencepeak experience, top experience1
A03ab03Hedonic tone in affectpositive affect16
A03ab04Intensity of affectstop experience38
A03ab05Variability of affectsmood fluctuation13
A03acAttitudes to affective lifeattitudes to affect-life4
A04AGElifestage, maturation4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A04aaAge career0
A04aa02Stage of lifelife course, menarche, menopause, phase of life, period in personal life, age, teenage, life stage, youth20
A04aa02aTimelines of life stage transitiontimelines of life changes, timelines of transition2
A04abCurrent age (in years)655
A04ab01Young versus old30
A04ab02Age difference among young people29
A04ab03Age difference among elderly58
A04acGenerationbirth cohort3
A04adRelative agebeing younger or older1
A04aeTime trend of happiness in age categoriestrend4
A04afAttitudes to ageviews on age, growing old0
A04af01Attitudes to one's own age2
A04af01aSubjective age (how old one feels)mental maturity2
A04af01bAge identification2
A04af01cSatisfaction with age4
A04af01dAttitude to ageing (getting older)5
A04af02Own attitude to older people1
A05AGGRESSIONaggressive behavior, violence0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A05aaDevelopment of aggressioncareer, evolution, ontogeny0
A05aa01Earlier aggression5
A05aa02Change in aggression0
A05aa03Later aggression3
A05abCurrent aggression1
A05ab01Victim of aggressionmolestation, violence0
A05ab02Aggressive behaviorimpulse control6
A05acAttitudes to aggression0
A05ac01Attitudes to own aggressive behavior0
A05ac02Attitude to aggression in general0
A06ANOMYalienation, sense of estrangement, attitudes to social order, deviant attitudes, subjective sense of belonging, moral convictions, climate of morality, rebellious attitudes, rejection of society, satisfaction with moral climate0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A06aaDevelopment of anomycareer, evolution, ontogeny14
A06aa01Earlier anomy0
A06aa02Change in anomy0
A06aa03Later anomy0
A06abCurrent anomy21
A07APPEARANCE (good looks)beauty., disfigured, handsome, homely, looks, misshapen,physical attractiveness.pretty0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A07aaDevelopment of one's appearanceearlier body condition0
A07aa01Earlier appearancepast looks4
A07aa02Change in appearancechange looks1
A07aa03Later appearancelater looks0
A07abCurrent appearancecurrent looks0
A07ab01Ratings of good looks by others8
A07ab02Self rating of good looksperceived beauty5
A07acAttitudes to own appearance0
A07ac01Interest in appearanceconcern about looks3
A07adSatisfaction with one's appearance7
A08ATTITUDESperceptions of reality, dissatisfaction, ideological orientation, personal mentality, satisfied, attitudes, beliefs, own personality, rejection of others, satisfaction (overview of aspects), taste0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A08aaDevelopment of attitutescareer, evolution, ontogeny0
A08aa01Earlier attitudesearlier values1
A08aa02Change in attitudes1
A08aa03Later attitudeslater values0
A08abCurrent attitudes3
A08ab01Attitudes to one's envirionment0
A08ab02Attitudes to one self2
A08ab03Attitudes to one's situation0
A08ab04Attitudes to price developmentrise of prices, decline of prices1
A08ab05Attitude to investmentshares0
A08acOwn attitudinal organizationorganisation0
A08ac01Attitudinal consistency2
A08ac02Attitudinal consonancehomogeneity of outlook0
A08ac03Attitudinal (dis)functionalityappropriate, healthy outlook1
A08ac04Attitudinal rigidity1
A08ac05Attitudinal stability2
A08adAttitude to attitudinal climate0
A08ad01Attitudinal climate (attitudes of others)1
A08ad01aClimate of attitudes to the nation0
A08ad01bClimate of attidudes to work2
A09AUTHORITARIANISMattitudes to people, tolerant personality, permissive attitudes, authoritarian, rejection of others, tendency to resentment, totalitarianism, preference for strong authority0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
A09aaDevelopment of authoritarianismcareer, evolution, ontogenesis0
A09abCurrent authoritarianism4
B01BIRTH CONTROLcontraceptives, abortion, family planning0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
B01aaDevelopment of birth controlfamily planning career0
B01aa01Earlier birth control0
B01aa01aEarlier abortion2
B01aa01bEarlier miscarriages0
B01aa02Change in birth control0
B01aa03Later birth control0
B01abCurrent birth control0
B01acAttitudes to bith control0
B02BIRTH HISTORY (own birth)1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
B02aaConditions of conception1
B02aa01Physical condition of parents4
B02aa02Birth planning by parentsmother had an abortion1
B02aa02aMother's earlier abortions2
B02aa02bMother's earlier miscarriage0
B02aa02cMother's earlier pregnanciesmother's fertility1
B02abPrenatal conditions2
B02ab01Condition of mother during pregnancy18
B02ab01aPhysical condition of mother during pregnancy3
B02ab01bMedical treatment of mother during pregnancy5
B02ab01cWorking of mother during pregnancy0
B02ab02Fetal condition0
B02ab03Condition of placenta1
B02acBirth proceslength of labor18
B02adCondition at birth20
B02ad01Physical defects6
B02ad02Reflexes after birthearlier ability14
B02aeBirth sequala2
B02ae01Mothers post-partum condition2
B02ae02Own post-partum condition5
B02ae02aPhysical condition in 1st year of life40
B02ae02bMedical treatment in 1st year of life19
B02ae02cSocial condition in 1st year of lifebeing adopted in childhood (one self)9
B02afDevelopment in 1st year of lifeearlier ability, physical development27
B03BODYown gender, own physical health0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
B03aaGenesgenetic characteristics, GWAS1
B03abDevelopment of one's bodfyphysical growth, earlier body-condition, physical maturity, physical maturation, puberty1
B03ab01Initial genetic characteristicsnature,0
B03ab01aserotin transporter gene5-HTTLPR alleee1
B03ab02Earlier body characteristics29
B03ab03Change in body11
B03ab04Current stage of physical maturation0
B03ab05Later bodily characteristicslater body-condition0
B03acCurrent bodily characteristicsphysical state0
B03ac01Morphological characteristicsown appearance, physical morphology (physique), size of body (posture)4
B03ac01bStrengthstrong, weak1
B03ac01caBody Mass Index (BMI)healthy weight11
B03ac02Motorial characteristics0
B03ac02aRight/left handedright handed0
B03ac03Physical statesphysiological reactions3
B03ac03aMenstruatingmenarche, menstruation1
B03ac03bPregnantexpecting child, expecting child, pregnancy9
B03ac03baStage of pregnancygestation1
B03ac03bbQuality of pregnancy (mother or child at risk)pregnancy complication1
B03ac03dTensiongalvanic skin response1
B03adAttitudes to one's bodybody image1
B03ad01Attitude to one's genitals2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C01aaFacilities for childrenchild support0
C01abGrand-childrengrand farher/mother1
C01ab01Having grand-children1
C01ab02Involvement with grand-children0
C01acNon-kin children0
C01adAttitudes to children 1
C01ad01Attitudes to one's own childrenchildren6
C01ad02Attitudes to children in general2
C02CHILDREN: WANT FOR (Parental aspirations)attitudes to children, want for children, children, family goals, planning of children, family of procreation0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C02aaDevelopment of want for childrencareer, evolution, ontogenesis0
C02aa01Earlier want for children2
C02aa02Change in want for children0
C02aa03Later want for children0
C02abCurrent want for children4
C02ab01Childlessness voluntary or notown infertility, 5
C02ab02Ideal number of children1
C02ab03Unwanted pregnancy1
C02acAttitudes to own want for children0
C03CHILDREN: HAVING (parental status)having children, family of procreation, parental status, being a parent, 3
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C03aaDevelopment of parental statusparental career6
C03aa01Ever had children (vs not)infertility, earlier presence of children, being a mother or not, own procreation24
C03aa02Change in parental statusevents in family\marriage, change in presence of children, pregnancy3
C03aa02aAge at birth of first child1
C03aa02bBirth of childrenrecent birth of child, children, own children, adoption, 10
C03aa02cLeaving home of children (empty nest)leaving of children, 10
C03aa02dDeath of childrendeath of intimates, , death of child5
C03aa03Later childrenlater presence of children1
C03aa03aExpects to get children later0
C03aa03bActually got children later (follow-up)4
C03abCurrent parental status46
C03ab01Number of childrensize of family, 126
C03ab02Children in the householdfamily living, 85
C03ab03Non-biological childrenadoption, steph-family, having an adoption child, 2
C03ab03aAdoptive childrenadoptive children, 0
C03ab03bFoster childrenfoster children, 0
C03ab03cStep childrenstep children, having a step child, 3
C03acTime trend of happiness of parents and childless0
C03adAttitude to having childrenadjustment to parenthood, attitudes to one's children, to having children4
C03ad01Satisfaction with having children at all2
C03ad02Satisfaction with number of children1
C03ad02aNumber of children as plannedplanning of children1
C03ad02bMore children wanted0
C04CHILDREN: CHARACTERISTICS OF ONE'S CHILDRENcharacteristics of one's children, characteristics of children, intelligence of one's children, problems of intimates, family of procreation, having twin children0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C04aaDevelopment of one's childrengrowing up0
C04aa01Earlier characteristics of one's childrenearlier characteristics of children1
C04aa02Change in characteristics of one's childrenchange in characteristics of children0
C04aa03Later characteristics of one's childrenlater characteristics of children0
C04abCurrent characteristics of one's children4
C04ab01Age of childrenmaturation of intimates, 23
C04ab02Gender of childrensexe2
C04ab03Behavior of one's children2
C04ab04Handicap/health of one's childrenhaving a mongolic child, health/handicaps of children, handicapped child, health of intimates, mental health of children, health of intimates3
C04ab05Happiness of one's childrenrelatives, intimates,intimates, similarity happiness1
C04ab06Personality of one's childrenmood of children, character of children0
C04ab07Success of one's children1
C04acAttitudes to characteristics of one's childrenattitudes to one's children, to characteristics of one's children3
C05CHILDREN: RELATION WITH ONE'S CHILDRENattitudinal consonance with one's children, relations with children, contacts with one's children, of oneself as a mother, bond with children, family of procreation0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C05aaDevelopment of relationship with one's childrenrelational career, family history0
C05aa01Earlier relation with children1
C05aa02Change in relation with one's childrenchange in relation with children0
C05aa03Later relation with one's childrenlater relation with children0
C05abCurrent relation with one's children9
C05ab01Relation with children still at home0
C05ab02Relation with children living on their own3
C05ab03Support received from children3
C05acAttitude to relation with one's childrenattitudes to one's children, to relation with one's children3
C06CHILDREN: REARING OF ONE'S CHILDREN (parental behavior)involvement with one's children, family of procreation, practiced socialization, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C06aaDevelopment of parental behaviorparental career0
C06aa01Earlier parental behaviorearlier rearing of children0
C06aa02Change in parental behaviorchange in rearing of children0
C06aa03Later parental behaviorlater rearing of children0
C06abCurrent parental behavior5
C06ab01Breastfeedingmorher milk1
C06ab02Rearing style 0
C06ab03Time spend with childrenshared child-care3
C06ab03aInvolvement in child-care2
C06ab03bShared activities with children0
C06ab04Division of child care4
C06acAttitudes to parentingadjustment to parenthood, attitudes to one's children, 4
C06ac01Concerns about parenthood4
C06ac02Evaluation of oneself as a parent3
C06ac03Satisfaction with parenting9
C07COMMUNAL LIVINGliving in a commune, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C07aaDevelopment of communal living0
C07abCurrent communal living0
C07ab01Living in communal householdnon-family living, 6
C07ab02Living in communal settlement1
C07acAttitudes to communal living9
C08COMPETENCESabilitiy, capability, skill0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C08aaDevelopment of one's competencesdevelopmental history, training0
C08aa01Earlier competencesdevelopmental history0
C08aa02Change in competences2
C08aa03Later competences0
C08abCurrent competencesskill0
C08ab01Ability to perform tasks in daily lifeADL0
C08ab01aAbility to use internete-literacy1
C08ab02Financial competencesfinancial literaacy0
C08ab03Intellectual competencesbright, dumm, informed6
C08ab04Life style competencesart of living, leisure skills, manners0
C08ab05Occupational competencesvocational ability, work skill0
C08ab06Physical competencesfitness2
C08ab07Psychic competencesmental strenght1
C08ab08Social competencessocial intelligence, sociability3
C08acAttitude to own competences0
C08ac01Satisfaction with own competences5
C09CONCERNSinterests, materialistic aspirations, personal mentality, motivation, object of needs, own personality, own problems, own tastes0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C09aaDevelopment of one's concerns1
C09abCurrent concerns5
C09ab01Pattern of concerns0
C09ab02Specific concernsmoral behavior, moral behavior, moral concerns, concern about habits, attitudes to own health, valuation of honesty, attitudes to mental health care, moral concern, concern about safety, satisfaction with health, worries about health37
C09ab02aConcern about food1
C09ab02bConcern about social relationssocial concern1
C09ab02cConcern about spending4
C09ab02dConcern about traveltransport1
C10CONSUMPTIONmoney spending0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C10aaDeverlopment of one's consumption0
C10aa01Earlier consumption0
C10aa02Change in consumption6
C10aa02aChange in consumer competence0
C10aa02bConsuming lessreduction, economize, cut0
C10aa02baSpend less on food1
C10aa02bbSpend less on luxury1
C10aa02bcSpend less on medicationhealth expense1
C10aa02bdSpend less on stimulants1
C10aa02beSpend less on utilities1
C10aa02cConsuming moreindulgence0
C10aa02dConsuming different0
C10aa03Later consumption level0
C10abCurrent consumptionspending1
C10ab01Consumer competenceability0
C10ab02Consumption levelaffluence, standard of living3
C10ab02aAbsolute levelamount of spending12
C10ab02bRelative level to othersrealtive spending4
C10ab02cRelative to incomeincome-consumption ratio, saving, overspending2
C10ab03Expenditures on..3
C10ab03aEducationschooling cost5
C10ab03bClothingdress, fashion5
C10ab03cDurablesmaretial, goods6
C10ab03dExperiencesenjoyment, hedonic, non-durable1
C10ab03eHealthmedication, medical treatment2
C10ab03gLeisureFree time4
C10ab03gaHoliday travelholiday, citytrip1
C10ab03hLuxuryart, tv, laptops2
C10ab03haArtbeauty, culture1
C10ab03iNecessitiesbasic consumption, non-luxury1
C10ab03jaGroceriesFood, drinks, household products0
C10ab03kOther peoplesocial spending, altrustic spending3
C10ab03lPersonal careSkin products, barber4
C10ab03mStimulantsbevarages, tobaco, drugs4
C10ab03oTransportmobility, moving6
C10ab03obPublic transportation1
C10ab03pUtilitieswater, electricity, heating5
C10ab04Kinds of consumptionuse of particular goods and services3
C10ab04aCommunicationtelephone, e-mail, internet4
C10ab04abE-mailinternet, PC0
C10ab04acSocial MediaFacebook, Twitter0
C10ab04bEnergy: kinds used0
C10ab04baEnergy used foor coking1
C10ab04bbEnergy used for lighting1
C10ab04cGreen productsecological, environment friendly1
C10ab04dPositional goodsconspicious consumption1
C10ab04eServiceshired help, suppoer4
C10ab04eaHousehold servicescleaning, food,preparation0
C10ab04ebLegal serviceslawyer0
C10ab04ecMedical serviceshealth care3
C10ab04edPsychological servicescoaching, therapy0
C10ab04eeSocial servicesadvice, education0
C10acPurchase behaviorbuying,shopping, ordering0
C10ac01Buy wheremarket, shops, outlet0
C10ac01aon internetweb shop2
C10ac02Pay how0
C10ac02aType of paymentCreditcard, cash0
C10ac02aaPreferred way of payment1
C10ac02abPracticed ways of paymentpay behaviour1
C10ac02bFrequency of paymentbills, weekly, monthly0
C10adAttitudes to consumption2
C10ad01Consumer confidencewillingness to spend0
C10ad02Consumption aspirations/motives3
C10ad03Preference for 'green' consumptionecoligical, environmental conscious2
C10ad04Satisfaction with consumption levelmoney spending1
C10ad05Satisfaction with consumption pattern0
C10ad06Satisfaction with product availabilitysupply1
C10aeControl over consumptionshared decision making1
C11COPINGattitudes to life-change, coping with life-events, personal effectiveness, sound, performance, own resignation, coping with stress0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C11aaDeveloment of one's coping0
C11aa01Earlier coping1
C11aa02Change in coping3
C11aa03Later coping2
C11abCurrent copingpsychological defense, laughing, 5
C11ab01Current coping-styleown expressiveness, humorous personality, 32
C11ab02Current coping-capacityability, competence, coping ability, ability to utilize opportunities, psychological strength, abilities, psychological strength3
C11ab03Current coping-successcoping with problems, 0
C11ab03aSelf-perceived success1
C11ab03bCoping-success rating by others5
C11ab04Coping with specific life-events4
C11ab04aCoping with divorce/widowhood3
C11ab04bCoping with illness5
C11ab04cCoping with unemployment1
C11ab04dCoping with conflicts, lonelinesshandling relations, social skill, sociability2
C11acAttitudes to own copingattitudes to coping, 0
C11ac01Satisfaction with own coping with life-changesatisfaction with coping, satisfaction with adjustment to change3
C11ac02Satisfaction with self care1
C12CREATIVENESSproductive thinking, artistic skills, inventiness, originality0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C12aaDevelopment of one's creativenessearlier creativeness, 0
C12aa01Earlier creativeness0
C12aa02Change in creativeness0
C12aa03Later creativeness0
C12abCurrent creativenessintellectual abilities, artistic ability, cognitive ability, creativeness0
C12ab02Reputation of creativeness1
C12ab03Self-perceived creativeness4
C12acAttitudes to own creativenessattitudes to creativeness, 1
C13CRIMINAL BEHAVIOURdeviance, unadjusted0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C13aaDevelopment of criminal behaviorcrime history0
C13aa01Earlier criminal behaviourcriminal record3
C13aa02Later criminal behavior0
C13abCurrent criminal behaviour0
C13acAttitudes to own criminal behaviour0
C14CULTURE (Arts and Sciences)climate of arts, knowledge, personal knowledge, participation in public spheres, information, learning, , access to knowledge, leisure , personal attendance, participation in culture, social involvement, , societal involvement, cultural taste0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
C14aaDevelopment of one's cultural participation0
C14aa01Earlier participationearlier culture-participation, earlier cultural participation0
C14aa02Change in participationchange in culture-participation, change in cultural participation1
C14aa03Later participationlater culture-participation, later cultural participation0
C14abCurrent cultural participation5
C14ab01Passive participation3
C14ab02Active participationartistic activity, artistic skills, 13
C14ab03Kind of cultural consumptiontaste, distinction6
C14acAttitudes to culture1
C14ac01Own attitudes to culture 0
C14ac02Attitude to own cultural participation18
C14ac03Satisfaction with cultural participation4
D01DAILY JOYS & HASSLESdaily events, stressful living conditions, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
D01aaEarlier hassels0
D01abCurrent hasslesdislikes5
D01acCurrent joyslikes, enjoyment1
D01adAttitudes to joys and hassles1
D02DISASTERaccident, mishap1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
D02aaDevelopment of exposure to disasters2
D02aa01Earlier disastertrauma0
D02abCurrent disaster0
D02acAttitudes to disastercoping0
E01EDUCATIONknowledge, personal mental development, learning, access to knowledge, development, knowledge1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E01aaDevelopment of one's education9
E01aa01Earlier educational levelearlier education, 8
E01aa02Change in education 6
E01aa02aRecent completion of studydiplom, exam0
E01aa03Later educational level later education, 3
E01abCurrent educationsuccess in school, schooling28
E01ab01Years schooling53
E01ab02Level of school-education467
E01ab03Educational specialization8
E01acTime trend of happiness in educational cagories0
E01adAttitudes to one's educationneed for achievement, attitudes to education , 1
E01ad01Concern about education1
E01ad02Educational aspirationseducational goals53
E01ad03Educational expectations0
E01ad04Satisfaction with educationsatisfaction with level of schooling, satisfaction with one's education, satisfaction with own education60
E01aeMotives for education0
E02EMPLOYMENT work activity, work-activity, work behavior, participation in public spheres, paid work or not, , access to income, work life, participation in work, work performance, social involvement, own retirement, meso level, own socio-economic status3
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E02aaDevelopment of one's employmentoccupational career, events in employment, phases in employment7
E02aa01Earlier (un)employmentearlier employment, 18
E02aa01aEarlierr employment arrangementsemplyment history1
E02aa01aaEarlier workfaresubsidized job1
E02aa02Change in employmentevents in employment, loss of job , loss of work21
E02aa02aChange in having work1
E02aa02aaChange from/to full-time homemakerhousewife, rolechange5
E02aa02abFalling unemployedjob loss17
E02aa02acGetting (re)employed10
E02aa02adGetting self-employedown boss, business4
E02aa02aeGetting in jobtraining1
E02aa02afOut of workforce12
E02aa02agReasons for change in employment5
E02aa02bChange in contractfixed, tenure, flex2
E02aa03Later (un)employmentlater employment, later employment5
E02abCurrent employment statussalary, work status, unemployment, work activity, having paid work or not, 314
E02ab01Full-time home makeremployment of women, personal emancipation, being a full-time housewife, working woman118
E02ab02Unfit for workown handicap, capacity to work, 18
E02ab03Unemployed involuntaryunemployed (other)154
E02ab03aDuration of unemployment6
E02ab03bLooking for workjob search5
E02ab04Not in labour force15
E02ab05In/out maternity leavepregnant2
E02ab06Student side job49
E02acTime trend happiness of (un)employed0
E02adSize of current jobtime spend on work, work activity, 8
E02ad01Full-time vs part-time48
E02ad02Hours work36
E02aeCurrent employment arrangementown boss, at work, independent position, salary23
E02ae01Family businessfarm, shop1
E02ae02Public employment (vs private sector)9
E02ae03Self employed38
E02ae04Tenure (vs flex contracts)19
E02ae05Workfaresubsidized employment0
E02afCurrent additional jobs2
E02af01Part-time working of house-wivesbeing a part-time employed house-wife, house-wife31
E02af02Working of studentsstudent, 3
E02af03Multiple jobs1
E02agAttitudes to own (un)employmentattitudes to employment, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), worries about work8
E02ag01Attitudes to earlier (un)employment0
E02ag02Concern about (un)employmentconcern about employment, worries about employment7
E02ag03Perceived chances for employment11
E02ag04Satisfaction with job security0
E02ag05Aspirations for employmentemployment goals8
E02ag06Satisfaction with current employment statussatisfaction with employment-status5
E02ag06aSatisfaction with being a house-wifehouse-hold-work, current satisfaction being a house-wife3
E03ERA (temporal period)change in society, earlier condition of the nation, change in nation's condition, later condition of the nation, socio-historic era, practices in society, tread of war9
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E03aaHappiness in era0
E03abAverage happiness in eratime trend1
E03ab01Trend average happiness in eratime trend7
E03ab01aTrend in general public61
E03ab01aaTrend average happiness in cities/regionsimprovement3
E03ab01bTrend in special publics3
E03ab01baTrend happiness in age groups12
E03ab01bbTrend happiness in males /females5
E03ab01bcTrend happiness in educational groups4
E03ab01bdTrend happiness in employment categoriesself employed, unumployed, working9
E03ab01beTrend happiness in full-time, part-time jobsemployment, job1
E03ab01bfTrend happiness among home-ownersrenter1
E03ab01bgTrend happiness in households2
E03ab01bhTrend happiness in housewives0
E03ab01biTrend happiness in income groupsincome bracket, poor, rich6
E03ab01bjTrend happiness marrital categoriesmarried, single divorced, widowed7
E03ab01bkTrend happiness in migrantsintegration of migrants3
E03ab01blTrend happiness in parents2
E03ab01bmTrend happiness among patientshealth. Illness1
E03ab01bnTrend happiness in retired0
E03ab01boTrend happiness in top sporters1
E03ab01bpTrend happiness in urban/rural dwellerscity, town, village, country side4
E03acInequality of happiness in era0
E03ac01Trend inequality of happiness in era4
E03adHappy life years in era0
E03ad01Trend happy life years1
E03aeCorrelates of Happinessassociation, relation0
E03ae01Trend behavioral correlates of happiness5
E03ae02Trend environmental correlates of happiness2
E03afMajor events in era1
E03agAttitudes to era0
E03ahSeasonmonths, time of year1
E04ETHNICITYethnic emancipation, ethnic identity, tongue, ethnic membership, immigrant, discrimination3
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E04aaDevelopment of ethnicity0
E04abCurrent ethnicity0
E04ab01Ethnic discrimination in environmentethnic discrimination2
E04ab01aPerceived occurrence of ethnic discrimination6
E04ab01bPersonal experience of ethnic discriminationown experience of discrimination, victim of discrimination, 4
E04ab01cTendency to discriminate ethnic groups one-selfdiscriminating conduct4
E04ab02Ethnic diversity in environmenthomogeneity of neighborhood, 2
E04ab03Ethnic status in specific nationsown majority membership, region of residence, in society47
E04ab03aEthnic status in Australia4
E04ab03bEthnic status in Austria1
E04ab03cEthnic status in BritainUK5
E04ab03dEthnic status in Canada13
E04ab03eEthnic status in China8
E04ab03fEthnic status in Germany9
E04ab03gEthnic status in Ghana1
E04ab03hEthnic status in Hong Kong0
E04ab03iEthnic status in Indiacaste1
E04ab03jEthnic status in Israel2
E04ab03kEthnic status in Kyrgystan0
E04ab03lEthnic status in the Netherlands13
E04ab03mEthnic status in Russia1
E04ab03nEthnic status in Singapore1
E04ab03oEthnic status in South Africa8
E04ab03pEthnic status in Spain1
E04ab03qEthnic status in Sweden1
E04ab03rEthnic status in Switzerland1
E04ab03sEthnic status in Ukraine0
E04ab03tEthnic status in the USA76
E04ab03uEthnic status in the UK5
E04ab03vEthnic status in (former) Yugoslavia1
E04ab03wEthnic status in Malaysia0
E04ab04Ethnic status in neighborhood1
E04ab05Ethnic status in regions3
E04ab06Mixed ethnicitymulti-ethnic backgound0
E04acAttitudes to ethnicity0
E04ac01Attitudes to ethnic climateattitudes to ethnicity, attitudes to migrants, 0
E04ac02Attitudes to one's own ethnic statusattitudes to ethnicity, group identification, 3
E04ac03Ethno-centrismdiscriminating attitudes, authoritarian, rejection of others, tendency to resentment, xenophobia0
E05EXPRESSIVE BEHAVIORmodes of expression, spontaneity0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E05aaDevelopment of one's expressive behaviour0
E05aa01Earlier expressivenessearlier expressive behavior, 1
E05aa02Change in expressivenesschange in expressive behavior, 0
E05aa03Later expressivenesslater expressive behavior, 0
E05abCurrent expressiveness0
E05ab01Specific expressive behaviors0
E05ab01aCrying oftenexpressive behavior, crying, 1
E05ab01bLaughing oftenexpressive behavior, laughing frequently, laughing, 5
E05ab01cWriting firmness2
E05acAttitudes to expressiveness3
E05ac01Attitude to own expressiveness0
E06EVENTSdeevelopment, happining0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
E06aaCollective eventssocial events2
E06abPersonal events0
F01FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)ability level in family, childhood (one's own childhood), family where one grew up, father, family of origin, family, marriage (overview of aspects), parents, participation in intimate networks, peers, family of origin, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates, ones parents0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F01aaFamily career earlier household-composition0
F01aa01Earlier family situation earlier situation in family of origin, adoption, steph-family, twin14
F01aa02Recent change in family situationchange in family of origin, change in household-composition4
F01aa02a Change working hours of motherworking mother0
F01aa03Later family situationlater situation in family of origin, later household-composition9
F01abFamily composition (earlier for adults, current for young)in family of origin, size of family5
F01ab01Number of siblings11
F01ab02Number of parents (broken home)death of intimates, divorce of parents, events in family , stability of intimate environment, broken home, adoption, steph-family35
F01ab02aOne parent familybroken home, child of divorce, lone parent, single parent0
F01ab02bNo living parentsorphan1
F01ab03Mixed kin sibblings1
F01ab04Gender of sibblings1
F01acPosition in family 2
F01ac01Only child5
F01ac02Birth orderbirth-order, 4
F01ac03Non-biological childcharacteristics of children, adoption, steph-family, adoption, being adopted in childhood (one self), being a step child, 6
F01ac04Twin or triplet childbeing one of a twin/triplet, 6
F01adFamily climate (earlier for adults, current for young)family of origin, in family, democracy in family, inter-personal harmony, confrontation with hostility, intimacy in family, family-morale, in family, by intimates, in family, conflicts in family, in the family, openness about sex among intimates, practices in family11
F01ad01Relations with siblingsbond with siblings, relation with sibling, twin6
F01ad02Relations with parentsbond with parents17
F01ad02aAcceptance by parentsParental rejection1
F01ad02bCloseness to parents3
F01ad02cAgreement with parentsattitudinal consonance with parents, earlier rebellion4
F01ad03Relation between parentslove among intimates, marriage of parents, 4
F01ad03aEquality between parentsgender-equality in family, 1
F01ad03bParents marital satisfaction6
F01aeParental behavior (earlier for adults, current for young)of ones mother2
F01ae01Abuse by parentsabuse, incest, victim of abuse, 2
F01ae02Involvement of parentsdistant, interested, loving1
F01ae02aParents involvement in children's schoolparental school support1
F01ae03Presence of parents2
F01ae04Rearing-style of parentsin family, punitive parents, by intimates, in family, received socialization, practices in family2
F01ae04aDemandingachievement orientation among intimates, ambitions of parents, climate of aspirations in family, 3
F01ae04cPermissive vs dominantdemocracy in family, dominant parents, in family , permissiveness in family, tolerance in family4
F01afCharacteristics of family-members (earlier for adults)mood of family members, anxiety of family members2
F01af01Parents characteristicsattitudinal climate in the family, character of parents, mental health of parents2
F01af01aAge of parents3
F01af01bAttitudes of parentsmoral convictions at home, class consciousness in family of origin, value-climate in family, work values in family4
F01af01cBody of parentsphysical characreristics of parents4
F01af01caGenes of parentsherediry0
F01af01cbBlood relationship between parentsinbreeding0
F01af01dCapacities of parentsintelligence of parents, siblings3
F01af01eEmployment of parentswork if parents1
F01af01fFertility of parentsm2
F01af01gHappiness of parentsapparent in similarity with relatives3
F01af01hHealth of patents0
F01af01haMedical history of parentstreatments/therapy of parents6
F01af01hbPhysical health of parentssomatic condition1
F01af01hcMental health of parentspsychological health1
F01af01iHealth behavior of parents1
F01af01iaSmoking of parentstobacco use, health conditions in youth2
F01af01jMarriage of parents2
F01af01kMigration of parentsallochthone background40
F01af01lPersonality of parentsin family , parents6
F01af01mReligiousness of parentsbelief, church1
F01af02Characteristics of siblingscharacter of siblings3
F01af02aAttitudes of siblingsattitudinal climate in the family, 0
F01af02bCapacities of siblingsintelligence of parents, siblings0
F01af02cPersonality of siblingssiblings0
F01af02dHappiness of siblingsapparent in similarity with relatives8
F01agSocio-economic background (earlier for adults, current for young)in family of origin, moral convictions at home, wealth of intimates, social status of parents15
F01ag01Parents educationschooling of parents, in family22
F01ag02Parents incomeincome of family, income of intimates, standard of living in family, income in family of origin7
F01ag03Parents occupationoccupation of parents15
F01ag04Parents wealthrich50
F01ahSocio-cultural background (earlier for adults, current for young)climate in family, life-style in family of origin, parents are migrants52
F01ah01Religious upbringing1
F01ah02Rural upbringingraised on a farm, rural descent, urban upbringing, 8
F01aiHardship in family of originevents in family , standard of living in family, in family, worrying in family5
F01ai01Illness in familyhealth of intimates, mental health of parents, health of intimates, problems of intimates10
F01ai02Unemployment of parentsemployment of intimates, working of family members6
F01ai03Death of parentorphan0
F01ajWorking motheractivity in family, employment of intimates, of ones mother, one's mother worked, working of family members36
F01akPrime caregiver in family0
F01alAttitudes to family of originfamily of origin, satisfaction with family of origin, worries about relatives11
F02FAMILY OF PROCREATIONability level in family, own children, family with spouse/children, family, marriage (overview of aspects), participation in intimate networks, peers, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F02aaFamily career (family life-cycle)expecting child, stage in family life-cycle, change in intimate environment, family life-cycle, earlier situation in family of procreation, earlier household-composition, earlier marriage, change in family of procreation, change in household-composition, change in marriage, later situation in family of procreation, later household-composition, later marriage, stage in family life-cycle, stage in family life-cycle12
F02abFamily composition3
F02ab01Single parentsingle mother, single parent, one parent family14
F02ab02Family size1
F02acFamily climatefamily of procreation, in family, inter-personal harmony, confrontation with hostility, intimacy in family, family-morale, conflicts in family, in the family, practices in family9
F02ac01Earlier family-climate1
F02ac02Change in family-climate2
F02ac03Later family climatelater family-climate0
F02ac04Current climate7
F02adCharacteristics of family membersanxiety of family members1
F02aeHardship in family of procreation0
F02afWorking mother activity in family, working mother1
F02af01Oneself-mother: works (vs not)being a working mother, of oneself as a mother, one-self (mother) works9
F02af02Spouse-mother: works (vs not)spouse (mother) works0
F02agAttitudes to family of procreationfamily of procreation, attitudes to marriage6
F02ag01Concern about familyworries about relatives9
F02ag02Satisfaction with familysatisfaction with family of procreation, 68
F03FAMILY OF RELATIVESwider family, motherhood, peers, primary relations, all relatives (including wider family), micro level , own reception of support, with intimates0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F03aaFamily-life career0
F03aa01Earlier family-lifeearlier situation with family relations1
F03aa02Change in family-lifechange in family of relatives3
F03aa03Later family-lifelater family relations0
F03abCurrent family-network1
F03ab01Number of relatives32
F03ab01aNumber of close relatives0
F03ab01bNumber of distant relatives0
F03ab02Contacts with relativesfamily of relatives49
F03ab02aContacts with siblings (in adulthood)contacts with sibling, 1
F03acAttitudes to family-lifefamily of relatives, satisfaction with wider family11
F03ac01Concern about familyworries about relatives3
F03ac02Satisfaction with family-life satisfaction with family154
F03ac03Satisfaction with close adult relativessatisfaction with family12
F03ac04Trust in relativestrust family2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F04aaFarming careerearlier farming, change in farming, later farming, 2
F04abCurrent involvement in farming4
F04ab01Being a farmer3
F04ab02Being wife of a farmer1
F04ab03Time spend to farming5
F04ab04Self reliance24
F04acCurrent characteristics of the farm6
F04ac01Size of farm4
F04ac02Specialization of farm5
F04ac03Economic success of farmsuccess at work3
F04adAttitudes to farming6
F04ad01Concern about farming3
F04ad02Satisfaction with farming2
F05FREEDOMabsence of restrictions, dependency, actual fate-control, independence, opportunities to exert influence, liberty, social life-space, self-determination1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F05aaFreedom career0
F05aa01Earlier freedom0
F05aa02Change in freedom3
F05aa03Later freedom0
F05abCurrent freedom2
F05ab01Ability to choose (psychological freedom)authenticity, autonomy, guts, self-direction2
F05ab02Informedness for choice (potential freedom)0
F05ab03Current absence of restrictions (social freedom) climate of dominance (being dominated), climate of permissiveness, social repression, 9
F05ab03aAmount of restrictions perceivedfree (vs restricted)22
F05ab03bSpecific restrictions (perceived and actual)8
F05acAttitudes to freedom4
F05ac01Concern about freedom0
F05ac02Satisfaction with freedom6
F05ac03Satisfaction with opportunity to change thingssatisfaction with freedom, satisfaction with opportunities to change life2
F06FRIENDSHIPintimate affiliation, social behavior, inter-personal harmony, social life, marriage (overview of aspects), participation in intimate networks, peers, social involvement, bond with friends, sociability, intimate contacts, micro level , , personal contacts, own contacts, own reception of support, with intimates1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
F06aaFriendship career earlier friendship, earlier intimacy, 0
F06aa01Earlier friendships3
F06aa02Change in friendshipschange in friendship, change in intimacy, 2
F06aa03History of current friendships1
F06aa04Later friendshipslater friendship, later intimacy, 0
F06abCurrent number of friendscontacts with friends/acquaintances, 17
F06ab01Number of close friendshaving close friends21
F06ab02Number of friends/acquaintances8
F06ab03Number of 'friends' on social mediaonline contacts3
F06acCurrent contacts with friends52
F06ac01Attendance of parties2
F06ac02Contact on social mediae-contact4
F06ac03Intimate discussions8
F06ac04Telephone calls with friends3
F06ac05Out of school contacts with friends (of pupils)49
F06ac06Visits to friends14
F06adCurrent friendship networkattitudinal consonance with friends, 8
F06ad01Friends in community2
F06ad02Friends are friends1
F06ad03Married friends1
F06ad04Online friendssocial network contacts, social media3
F06ad04aPerceived inclusion in e-friendship networkbelonging, companionship1
F06ad04bPerceiced reputation among e-friendsstanding, recognition, popularity1
F06ad04cPerceived social support in e-network3
F06aeCurrent characteristics of friendsmood of friends, anxiety of friends, character of friends, friends2
F06ae01Happiness of friendsintimates, peers, similarity happiness0
F06ae02Similarity with friends0
F06afConflicts with friends3
F06agFinding friendscontact1
F06ahAttitudes to friendship9
F06ah01Concern about friends8
F06ah02Perceived reciprocitymutual, support2
F06ah03Perceived esteem by friendsstatus in friendship network, recognition, reputation2
F06ah04Satisfaction with friendssatisfaction with friend, satisfaction with friends138
F06ah05Trust in friends1
G01GENDERmale, female4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
G01aaSex (male vs female)female sex, male sex775
G01aa01Time trend of happiness in males and females0
G01aa02Cross national variation in gender difference in happiness0
G01abGender roles4
G01ab01Gender-role attitudesattitudes to gender, emancipated role-attitude, femininity, gender identity, identity, modern attitudes about gender-roles, feminine, masculine, attitudes to woman emancipation, gender roles, female sex, personal attitudes (feminism)17
G01acIntersexeandrogynous, genderdysphoria, hermaphrodite, incomplete sexe reassignment0
G01adGender preference, non-conforming gender identityattitudes to gender, satisfaction with gender1
G01ad01Non-binaryandrogyn, gender queer, agender, gender fluid1
G01ad02Transgendergender dysphoria, change in gender, queer, transsexual, travestite4
G01ad02aLegalized gender changecivil registration changed1
G01aeGender discrimination4
G01afGender attitudesstereotypes about sexes2
G01af01Opennes about gender transition1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H01HABITSown life-style, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H01aaHabit careerearlier habits , 0
H01aa01Earlier habits0
H01aa02Change in habits1
H01aa03Later habits0
H01abCurrent habits0
H01ab01Day-dreaminghere and now orientation, 0
H01ab02Information seeking strategysystematic0
H01acAttitudes about own habits1
H02HANDICAPdisability, invalid0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H02aaHandicap career0
H02aa01Earlier handicap5
H02aa02Change in handicap2
H02aa02aGetting handicapped3
H02aa02bTime since handicap2
H02aa02cRevalidation from handicapbirth defect , 1
H02aa03Later handicap0
H02abCurrent handicap20
H02ab01Kind of handicap2
H02ab01aSpeech handicaplanguage handicap1
H02ab01bMental handicapday dreaming, psycho-pathology, 2
H02ab01cPhysical handicapbeing handicapped, 9
H02ab02Severity of handicapinvalidity6
H02acAttitudes to handicap2
H03HAPPINESS: BEHAVIORpursuit of happiness0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H03aaDevelopment of happiness behaviour0
H03abCurrent happiness behaviour0
H03ab01Ways to assess one's happinessinference0
H03ab02Ways to increase one's happinesspursuit of happibess1
H03acAttitudes to own happiness behaviour0
H04HAPPINESS: CAREERadjustment to life in general, attitude to life-as-a-whole, life-time comparison, pleasure in life, change in age, change in satisfaction, satisfied, appreciation of life-as-a-whole, earlier overall satisfaction , change in overall satisfaction0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H04aaPerceived happiness career1
H04aa01Retrospective level of happiness (period unspecified)earlier age, perceived happiness in earlier life, earlier age, perceived earlier happiness, earlier appraisal of life-as-a-whole, earlier satisfaction4
H04aa01aIn recent past15
H04aa01bIn specific periods in the past7
H04aa01cHappiest period in lifechildhood (one's own childhood), life stage, period in personal life, teenage, youth, 1
H04aa01dExtremes of happiness experienced6
H04aa02Retrospective sources of happiness0
H04aa03Retrospective changes in happiness (unspecified)change in age (aging), apparent in continuity of own happiness, perceived changes, improvement of own condition, perceives to be happier than before, perceived change in happiness, change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, of appreciation of life4
H04aa03aRecent change9
H04aa03bLong term change1
H04aa03cPerceived stability of feelings about life2
H04aa04Expected level of happiness (period unspecified)expected happiness , hopes for the future, perceived future happiness, own hope, expectations optimistic, pessimism, later overall satisfaction8
H04aa04aIn the near future (up to 5 years)11
H04aa04bIn the long run0
H04aa04cIn specific phases in the future0
H04aa05Expected change in happiness (period unspecified)expected happiness , apparent in continuity of own happiness, perceived changes, improvement of own condition, perceived change in happiness, change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, expected later happiness, later appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, of appreciation of life1
H04aa05aIn the near future (up to 5 years)9
H04aa05bIn the long run4
H04aa05cIn specific phases of life0
H04abActual happiness-career (assessed in follow-up)actual happiness in earlier life, improvement of own condition0
H04ab01Actual level of earlier/later happinessearlier age, actual happiness in later life, earlier age, actual earlier happiness (follow-up), earlier appraisal of life-as-a-whole, earlier satisfaction, later satisfaction, actual later happiness (follow-up), later appraisal of life-as-a-whole, later satisfaction, with life-as-a-whole3
H04ab01aRecent happiness (< 1 year ago)56
H04ab01bPast happiness ( 1 to 10 years ago)56
H04ab01cLong term happiness (< 10 years ago)21
H04ab02Actual changes in happinesschange in age (aging), apparent in continuity of own happiness, actual changes, actual change in happiness (follow-up), change in appraisal of life-as-a-whole, of appreciation of life80
H04ab02aChange over life time3
H04acAttitudes to happiness careerattitudes to happiness, 0
H05HAPPINESS: DISPERSION OF HAPPINESSattitude to life-as-a-whole, dispersion of happiness in society, inequality in happiness among citizens, appreciation of life-as-a-whole, inequality of apparent quality-of-life2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H05aaInequality in happiness among intimates0
H05abInequality of happiness in nations12
H05ab01Correlates of inequality of happiness in nations3
H05ab02Change in inequality in nationstrend inequality in happiness0
H05acInequality of happiness between rich and poor3
H05adInequality of happiness between males and females0
H06HAPPINESS: EFFECT OF CONDITIONS FOR HAPPINESSdouble causality, self reinforcing effects0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H06aaEarlier conditions for happinessHistory of happiness0
H06abChange in conditions for happiness2
H06acCurrent conditions for happiness0
H06ac01Individual level conditions0
H06ac02Societal level conditions1
H06adAttitudes to conditions for one's happiness0
H07HAPPINESS: CORRESPONDENCE OF DIFFERENT MEASURESadjustment to life in general, attitude to life-as-a-whole, psychological depression, dissatisfaction with life-as-a-whole, current happiness, pleasure in life, joy in life, indicators of happiness , appreciation of life (subjective qol), attitudes to one's quality of life, satisfied, depressive, satisfied, pleasant life, appreciation of life-as-a-whole, , happiness, sum of pleasures and pains1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H07aaOverall happiness 1
H07aa01Overall happiness by overall happiness2
H07aa01aO-HL by O-HL9
H07aa01bO-HL by O-SL48
H07aa01cO-HL by O-DT8
H07aa01dO-HL by O-QOL3
H07aa01eO-HL by O-further9
H07aa01fO-HL by O-sum0
H07aa01gO-SL by O-SL8
H07aa01hO-SL by O-DT5
H07aa01iO-SL by O-QOL5
H07aa01jO-SL by O-further12
H07aa01kO-SL by O-sum0
H07aa01lO-DT by O-DT5
H07aa01mO-DT by O-QOL0
H07aa01nO-DT by O-further9
H07aa01oO-DT by O-open2
H07aa01pO-QOL by O further1
H07aa01qO-further by O-further5
H07aa01rO-further by O-open0
H07aa02Overall Happiness and Hedonic Affect-levelaffective component of happiness, affective wellbeing, hedonic level, mood3
H07aa02aO-HL by A-AOL10
H07aa02bO-HL by A-AB22
H07aa02cO-HL by A-TH0
H07aa02dO-HP by A-CA1
H07aa02eO-SL by A-AOL9
H07aa02fO-SL by A-AB14
H07aa02gO-SL by A-CA0
H07aa02hO-DT by A-AB6
H07aa02iO-DT by A-AOL1
H07aa02jO-QOL by A-AOL1
H07aa02kO-further by A-AOL0
H07aa02lO-further by A-AB7
H07aa02mO-further by A-ARE1
H07aa02nO-open by A-ARE0
H07aa02oO-open by A-CA1
H07aa02pO-sum by A-AB1
H07aa03Overall happiness and contentmentcognitive component of happiness, getting what you want, realization of aspirations, volitional wellbeing11
H07aa03aO-HL by C-BW9
H07aa03bO-HL by C-RG1
H07aa03cO-HL by C-RW7
H07aa03dO-HL by C-W2
H07aa03eO-SL by C-BW6
H07aa03fO-SL by C-RG4
H07aa03gO-SL by C-RW4
H07aa03hO-SL by C-open0
H07aa03iO-DT by C-BW5
H07aa03jO-DT by C-RW1
H07aa03kO-DT by C-RG1
H07aa03lO-DT by C-open0
H07aa03mO-QOL by C-BW1
H07aa03nO-further by C-BW5
H07aa04Overall happiness and mixed measures1
H07aa04aO-HL by M-AO7
H07aa04bO-HL by M-CO2
H07aa04cO-HL by M-FH2
H07aa04dO-HL by M-TH0
H07aa04eO-HL by M-ACO2
H07aa04fO-SL by M-AO5
H07aa04gO-SL by M-CO1
H07aa04hO-SL by M-FH2
H07aa04iO-SL by M-TH1
H07aa04jO-DT by M-AO4
H07aa04kO-DT by M-TH2
H07aa04lO-further by M-AO7
H07abHedonic level of affectcheerful appearance, actual reputation (peer-ratings), pleasant affect, actual reputation (peer ratings), sadness1
H07ab01Hedonic level and overall happiness1
H07ab02Hedonic level and hedonic level0
H07ab02aA-AOL by A-AOL0
H07ab02bA-AOL by A-AB5
H07ab02cA-AOL by A-ARE2
H07ab02dA-AB by A-AB6
H07ab02eA-AB by A-ARE6
H07ab02fA-AB by A-CA2
H07ab02gA-CA by A-CA8
H07ab02hA-ARE by A-ARE6
H07ab03Hedonic level and contentment0
H07ab03aA-AOL by C-RW0
H07ab03bA-AB by C-BW8
H07ab03cA-AB by C-RW3
H07ab03dA-ARE by C-RW1
H07ab03eA-ARE by C-BW1
H07ab04Hedonic level and mixed indicators of happiness2
H07ab04aA-AB by M-AO11
H07ab04bA-AB by M-TH0
H07ab04cA-ARE by M-AO1
H07ab04dA-ARE by M-ACO3
H07ab04eA-CA by M-ACO0
H07acContentmentperceived realization of goals, realization of ambitions, realization of goals, perceived success, 2
H07ac01Contentment and happiness2
H07ac02Contentment and hedonic level0
H07ac03Contentment and contentment1
H07ac03aC-BW by C-BW1
H07ac03bC-BW by C-RW2
H07ac04Contentment and mixed indicators of happiness1
H07ac04aC-RG by M-AC1
H07ac04bC-BW by M-AO4
H07ac04cC-W by M-FH2
H07ac04dC-W by M-ACO1
H07adMixed indicators of happiness0
H07ad01by pure overall happiness1
H07ad02by pure indicators of hedonic level1
H07ad03by pure indicators of contentment1
H07ad04Mixed indicators by mixed indicators0
H07ad04aM-AO by M-AO3
H07ad04bM-AO by M-FH2
H07ad04cM-AO by M-TH0
H07ad04dM-ACO by M-FH1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H08aaEarlier happiness of others1
H08abLater happiness of others0
H08acCurrent happiness of others2
H08ac01Happiness of childrensimilarity happiness1
H08ac02Happiness of friendspeers0
H08ac03Happiness of parents0
H08ac04Happiness of sibblingsbrother, sister8
H08ac05Happiness of spouse4
H08adAttitudes to happiness of others4
H08ad01Perceived relative happinessbeter/worse off1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H09aaReputation of happiness career0
H09aa01Earlier reputation of happiness0
H09aa02Change in reputation of happiness0
H09abCurrent reputation of happiness1
H09ab01Rating of happiness by parents7
H09ab02Rating of happiness by peers4
H09ab03Rating of happiness by spouse1
H09ab04Rating of happiness by interviewer7
H09ab05Rating of happiness by nurse1
H09ab06Rating of happiness by clinician3
H09ab07Rating of happiness by teacher0
H09acAttitude to reputation of happiness0
H09adInter-rated agreementreliability3
H10HAPPINESS: SEQUALEconsequences, effects of happiness1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H11HAPPINESS: VIEWS ON HAPPINESSattitudes to happiness, attitude to life-as-a-whole, attitudes to happiness, appreciation of life-as-a-whole0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H11aaHappiness-attitude career0
H11aa01Earlier happiness-attitudesearlier attitudes to happiness, earlier attitudes to happiness, earlier attitudes to happiness0
H11aa02Change in happiness-attitudeschange in attitudes to happiness, change in attitudes to happiness, change in attitudes to happiness0
H11aa03Later happiness-attitudeslater attitudes to happiness, later attitudes to happiness, later attitudes to happiness0
H11abCurrent happiness-attitudesbeliefs about sources of happiness, 0
H11ab01Concept of happiness3
H11ab02Perceived sources of happinessperceived gratifications, 42
H11ab02aPerceived sources of one's own happiness67
H11ab02bPerceived sources of every-bodies happiness3
H11ab02baperceived control people have over their happinessinternal/ external locus of control, fate control3
H11ab03Perceived happiness of others3
H11ab03aPerceived level of happiness of compatriotsperceived happiness of compatriots, 3
H11ab03bPerceived level of happiness of specific social categoriesperceived happiness of social categories, 4
H11ab03cPerceived difference with own happinesssocial comparison, perceived difference with own happiness, perceives to be happier than others, difference in overall satisfaction14
H11ab03dPerceived interdependence with happiness of others1
H11acValuation of happinesshappiness level of fellow men, happiness of compatriots, perceived happiness of other people, happiness of compatriots, projection of happiness, satisfaction of others6
H11ac01Acceptance of own (un)happiness1
H11ac02Fear of happinessa-hedonism, punishing attitude1
H11ac03Moral desirability of happiness5
H11adPerceived reputation of happinessperceived reputation, reputation of happiness (ratings by others) , self-perceived reputation1
H11aeConcern about happiness1
H11afAcceptance of way to happiness0
H11af01Acceptance of happiness elevating drugs1
H11agDesired happinesshedonism1
H12HEALTH: BEHAVIORhygiene,, medical consumption, healthy lifestyle1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H12aaHealth-behavior careerearlier health-behavior0
H12aa01Earlier health-behavior2
H12aa02Change in health-behavior6
H12aa03Later health-behavior1
H12abCurrent healthy life-stylehygiene, risk reduction, 9
H12ab01Healthy eatingfruits, vegetables21
H12ab02Health inspection3
H12acCurrent medical consumptionmedicines, medical treatment, drug use9
H12ac01Therapy compliance0
H12ac02Therapy seeking2
H12ac03Use of medicamentstherapeutical mood-manipulation, own use of stimulants, tranquilizers8
H12adAttitudes to health-maintenanceattitudes to health care4
H13HEALTH: MENTALability, abnormal, adjustment, capability, disorder, deviant , disease, illness, mad, sound psychological strength, psycho-pathology, health, sanity, health, psychological stability, psychological strength, vitality1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H13aaMental-health careerearlier mental health, history of mental problems, 0
H13aa01Earlier mental health22
H13aa02Change in mental healthsenility, 6
H13aa03Later mental health7
H13abCurrent general mental health neuroticism, 17
H13ab01Expert ratings of mental healthclinical rating, diagnosis7
H13ab02Self ratings of mental health23
H13ab02aOverall selfestimate of mental health8
H13ab02aaNumber of mental complsintsmulti morbidity1
H13ab02bScores on symptom inventories45
H13ab02cFeels close to mental breakdown1
H13ab02dDaily living skills3
H13acCurrent specific mental disorders (icd-10 classification)self-destructive behavior, 15
H13ac01Organic mental disorder (f00-f09)psychosis0
H13ac02Disorders due to substance use (f10-f19)3
H13ac02aAlcoholic (f10)5
H13ac03Schizophrenia and delusions (f20-f29)0
H13ac03aSchizophrenic (f20)8
H13ac03bParanoid (f20-22)2
H13ac04Mood (affective) disorders (f30-f39)3
H13ac04aDepressive (f31-33)psychological depression, melancholy, depressive, 68
H13ac04bHypomanic (f30)1
H13ac05Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (f40-48)0
H13ac05aAnxious (f40)8
H13ac05bHypochondric (f45.2)2
H13ac05cNeurotic (f48)neuroticism, 18
H13ac06Behavioral syndromes with physical factors (f50-f59)0
H13ac06aEating disorder (f50)boulenia, anorexia1
H13ac07Personality disorders (f60-69)0
H13ac07aGender identity disorder (f 64)gender dysphoria,gender identity disorder, gender incongruence, cross-dressing, transsexual0
H13ac08Mental retardation (f70-79)0
H13ac09Developmental disorders (f80-f89)0
H13ac10Behavioral and emotional disorders with onset in youth (f90-f98)0
H13ac11Unspecified mental disorder (f99)0
H13ac11aDementiaAlzheimer disease0
H13ac11bHysteric (f99)2
H13ac11cPsychasthenic (f99)1
H13ac11dPsychotic (f99)2
H13adCurrent positive mental healthattitudes to therapy, therapeutic mood-manipulation, being in psycho-therapy, 19
H13aeAttitudes to own mental health3
H13ae01Readiness to seek professional care3
H13ae02Satisfaction with own mental health1
H13ae03Satisfaction with treatment1
H14HEALTH: PHYSICALcapability, disease, illness, vitality2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H14aaHealth career2
H14aa01Earlier physical healthevents in health, earlier body-condition, earlier handicap, earlier physical health47
H14aa02Change in physical healthevents in health, change in body, change in handicap, change in physical health , loss of health, recovery from illness11
H14aa02aDeterioration of health, falling ill4
H14aa02bRecovery from disease2
H14aa02cStage of diseasedanger of death, 3
H14aa02dChange in satisfaction with healthchange in attitudes to health, change in attitudes to health, change in satisfaction with parts of life5
H14aa03Later physical healthlater body-condition, later handicap9
H14aa03aLater illnessrisk of disease4
H14aa03bLongevity (assessed in follow up)later age, own death13
H14aa03cDistance to deathage1
H14abCurrent general health status36
H14ab01Expert rating of health12
H14ab02Self-perceived health116
H14ab02aGlobal health rating130
H14ab02aaNumber of somatic complaintsMulti morbidity0
H14ab02bHealth domain ratings4
H14ab02cNumber of health complaints16
H14ab02dChronic illness29
H14ab02eFeeling healthy8
H14ab02fExpected longevity2
H14ab03Symptoms of bad healthhealth complaints16
H14ab03bIncontinencebowel, urinary leakage0
H14ab03cFatiguefatigue, 4
H14ab03dPainpain , 17
H14ab03ePresperation attackssweating0
H14ab03fShort of breath (r66)tight of chest0
H14ab04Days ill21
H14ab05Hospitalizationclinic, intra-mulal4
H14acCurrent functional healthmotorial restrictions, being handicapped, capacity to work, 24
H14ac01Degree of restrictioninvalidity50
H14ac02Specific restrictions7
H14ac02aRestrictions in hearingdeaf, 3
H14ac02bRestrictions in moving12
H14ac02cRestrictions in seeing7
H14ac02dRestrictions to social functioning4
H14ac02eRestrictions to physical functioning5
H14adCurrent disease (who icd-10 classification)danger of death, 8
H14ad01Infectious and parasitic diseases (a00-b99)1
H14ad01aHuman immunodeficienct virus hiv (b20-24)aids2
H14ad02Neoplasms (cancer) (c00-d48)12
H14ad02aBone and articular cartilage (c40-41)1
H14ad02bBreast cancer (c50)3
H14ad02cProstate cancer3
H14ad02dUrinary tract (c64-68)prostate cancer2
H14ad03Diseases of blood and bloodforming organsanemia1
H14ad04Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic (e00-e90)0
H14ad04aDiabetes (e10-14)10
H14ad04bObesity (e66)overweight0
H14ad04cMetabolic disorders (e70-90)1
H14ad05Mental and behavioral disorders (f00-99)3
H14ad06Diseases of nervous system (g00-99)1
H14ad06aMemory lossforget, recollection, remoinisence1
H14ad06bEpilepsy (g00-32)1
H14ad06cMultiple sclerosis (g35)1
H14ad06dMigraine (g43)head ache11
H14ad06fOther disorders of the nervous system (g90-99)1
H14ad07Diseases of eye and adnexa (h00-59)0
H14ad07aGlaucoma (h40-42)1
H14ad08Diseases of ear and mastiod process (h60-h95)0
H14ad09Diseases of circulatory system (i00-99)heart condition, 7
H14ad09aHypertensive diseases (i10-15)7
H14ad09bIschaemic heart diseases (i20-25)9
H14ad09cStroke (i64)5
H14ad10Diseases of respiratory system (j00-99)5
H14ad10aChronic lower respiratory diseases (j40-45)1
H14ad11Diseases of digestive system (k00-93)3
H14ad11aOral diseases (k00-14)3
H14ad12Diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue0
H14ad13Diseases of the musculoskeletal system2
H14ad13aRheumatism (m00-25)4
H14ad13bOther disorders of musculoskeletal system (m95-99)0
H14ad14Diseases of the genitourinary system (n00-n99)0
H14ad14aRenal failure (n17-19)11
H14ad15Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (o00-o99)1
H14ad15aaFemale infertility (n97)off spring, parenthood1
H14ad15bPregnancy complications (o10-29)0
H14ad15cOther obstretic conditions (o94-99)1
H14ad16Conditions originating in the perinatal period (p00-p96)0
H14ad17Congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities (q00-99)1
H14ad17aCongenital muscoloskletal deformities (q68)1
H14ad17bDown syndrome (q90-99)mongol2
H14ad18Symptoms not classief elsewhere (r00-r99)1
H14ad18aBreath problems (r06)tight of breath0
H14ad18bPain (r52.9)0
H14ad18cFatigue (r53)2
H14ad18dVasovagal syncope (rc 55)fainting, passing out, swooning1
H14ad19Injuries (s00-t98)1
H14ad19aBrain injury (s00-09)0
H14ad19bSequale of injuries (t90-98)1
H14ad20Accidents (v01-y98)0
H14ad21Factors influencing health and medical consumption (z00-99)0
H14ad21aChronic pain (z70-76)1
H14aeRelative healthcomparative health2
H14afAttitudes to own healthattitudes to physical health, worries about health5
H14af01Concerns about healthfear of death, concern about health, 13
H14af02Denial of illnesspsychological defense, 2
H14af03Conceptions of illness and healing1
H14af04Satisfaction with health154
H14af05Perceived control over illness2
H14af06Preference for healthier over longer lifehealth related time-trade-of (tto) utility1
H14af07Expected health2
H15HEALTH: PSYCHO-SOMATIC COMPLAINTSadjustment to life in general, psychological depression, mental health, coping with life-events, nervousness, neuroticism, depressive, psychological reactions, tense1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H15aaPsycho-somatic careerearlier mental health0
H15aa01Earlier psycho-somatic complaintsearlier mental health, 6
H15aa02Change in psycho-somatic complaintschange in mental health, change in mental health0
H15aa03History of current complaints0
H15aa04Later psycho-somatic complaintslater mental health, later mental health3
H15abCurrent psycho-somatic complaints33
H15ab01Current physical complaints2
H15ab02Current mental complaints23
H15ab03Current stress3
H15acAttitudes to own psycho-somatic complaintsattitudes to mental health0
H16HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENTcounseling, geriatric treatment, change after specific events, treatments, change in habits , mental hospital, therapies0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H16aaTherapeutical careerhistory of psychological treatments0
H16aa01Earlier psychological treatmentsclinical history2
H16aa02Change in psychological treatments1
H16aa03Later psychological treatments0
H16abTreatment for mental disorder (clinical psychology, psycihatry)mental illness, mental health care2
H16ab01Being in treatment for mental disorder (vs not)mental health care13
H16ab02Kind of treatment for mental disorder1
H16ab02aCrisis interventionacute problem2
H16ab02bIntensive guidancecare, support4
H16ab02cPsycho-pharmacalsdrugs, medication,pharmacological3
H16ab02dPsycho-therapytreatment of mental problems2
H16ab02eSupport/training for coping with mental disabilityrehabilitation, selfhelp15
H16ab03Psychological treatment of particular mental disorderstherapy0
H16ab03aGender dysphoriatranssexual0
H16ab04Setting of psychiatric treatmenttherapeutical context0
H16ab04aIn ambulatory treatment7
H16ab04bIn mental hospitalgeriatric institution, hospitalization, living in a mental hospital, mental hospital, 10
H16acGuidance of vulnerable people (social work)social service6
H16ac01Coping with stressdealing with difficulties2
H16ac02Family support1
H16adTraining for mental growth (positive psychology)guidance, positive psychological interventions1
H16ad01Use of positive psychological training (vs not)0
H16ad02Nature of positive psychological treatmentsessence, nature, principle, substance0
H16ad02aaSensory stimulation1
H16ad02abProviding controlde-hospitalization, freedom1
H16ad02bEmpowermentsel efficacy4
H16ad02cFamily-marriage therapyrelation therapy2
H16ad02dHealth management training (rehabilitation)dealing with handicaps1
H16ad02eSelf-awareness trainingidentity1
H16ad03Happiness trainingcourse, intervention,, therapy, training, treatment aimed at greater happiness1
H16ad03aBest possible self exercise2
H16ad03bCognitive reframingchange view1
H16ad03cComparison with the happiness of similar peoplepossible happiness,relative happiness1
H16ad03dEnlightenment about happinesseducation, information, knowledge5
H16ad03eGoal setting trainingaims, aspirations5
H16ad03fLaugher yoga1
H16ad03gList and practice perceived ways to happiness1
H16ad03gaPractice retrospective sources of happiness1
H16ad03gbPractice one's values2
H16ad03hMeditation, mindfullness7
H16ad03iNovelty tryingexperimenting, new activities1
H16ad03jLife style awareness trainingconciousness of way of life1
H16ad03jaLife-review exercise2
H16ad03jbMood awareness traininghappiness conciousness5
H16ad03kPositive thinking traininghope, optimism3
H16ad03kaCount blessings/curses7
H16ad03kbGratitude trainingThankfullnes15
H16ad03kcKindness training2
H16ad03kdRecal of positive events5
H16ad03lSavouring training1
H16ad03mTrainings for multiple mental skills9
H16ad03maEnlightenment + excercises7
H16aeMode of positive psychological treatmentform, variant0
H16ae01Delivery methods used in positive psychological treatmentsadministration0
H16ae01aGuided intervention2
H16ae01aaIndividual counseladvice, coaching, support6
H16ae01abCourse, class, training groupsupervised27
H16ae01acSupport group without profesionalbudies, fellow suffers3
H16ae01adSupport group with professional5
H16ae01bSelf-helpadvisory books, bibliotherapy, happiness apps6
H16ae01baMood monitoringhapiness awareness raising3
H16ae01bbBiblio therapyself help book3
H16ae01bcOnline interventioninternet, web11
H16ae01cCombinations of guided intervention and self help0
H16ae02Educational methods used in positvei psychological treatmenttraining techniques0
H16ae02aaHappiness diaryDay Reconstruction Method DRM2
H16ae02cMixed educational methods11
H16ae03Iteration in positive psychological treatmentscontinuity, frequency0
H16ae03aOne-time treatmentsingle6
H16ae03bMultiple treatment moments40
H16ae04Multiformity in nature of positive psychological interventionscomplexity, multi-facetted, multi-layered1
H16ae04aMono sortsingle appraoch, one dimensional32
H16ae04bMultiple sortsmulti-methods, poli-approach17
H16ae05Recruitment of participants0
H16ae05aMandatorypart of obligitary course/training18
H16ae05bOn invitation, payed in money or study credit10
H16ae05cOn invitation, no pay14
H16ae05dVoluntary, unsolicitedself selected, spontaneous, inner motivation29
H16ae06Setting of positive psychological treatment1
H16ae06bSchoolcourse, class31
H16ae06dNo particular setting, recruitment on interestacidental, snowbal sampling16
H16afTherapeutic behavior0
H16af01Behavior of therapisttherapeutical mood-manipulation1
H16af02Behavior of client3
H16af02aDrop-out discontinuation, unplanned stop of treatment1
H16af02bFrequency of usetherapy adhaerence, compliance, continuation, drop-out9
H16af02cSeeking psychological treatment0
H16agSucces of psychological treatmenteffectiveness of therapy3
H16ahAttitudes to own therapiesattitudes to health care, attitudes to therapy2
H16ah01Perceived need for treatmentneed for psycho-therapy, 3
H16ah02Perceived effects of psychological training7
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H17aaMedical careerearlier therapy, 1
H17aa01Earlier medical treatmentearlier treatment, pregnancy, abortion, had an abortion one self11
H17aa01aEarlier abortion2
H17aa01bEarlier health inspectioncheck2
H17aa01cEarlier hospitalizationintra-mural2
H17aa01dEarlier inoculationspreventive injection, vaccination8
H17aa01eEarlier anesthesia2
H17aa01fEarlier sexe reassignmentgender dysphoria treatment, transgender, transsexual3
H17aa02Change in medical treatment1
H17aa03History of current treatment4
H17aa04Later medical treatmentlater treatment0
H17abCurrently in treatment or not10
H17ab01Visits to doctordoctor visits , 11
H17ab02In hospitalhospitalization, 4
H17acIllness treatedaflliction, disease5
H17ac01Breating problemsshort of breath2
H17ac02Eye problemsvisuel limitations1
H17ac03Gender disphoria: medical sexe reassignmentcross-sexe, sex change, sex reassignment, transgender, transsexual, surgery2
H17ac03aKind of sexe reassiognmenttransgender0
H17ac03aafemale to male, male to female3
H17ac03abFull or partial sexe reassignment1
H17ac03bPhase of sexe reassignmenttreatment5
H17ac03cTechnique of sexe reassignmenthominal, surgical2
H17ac06Heart disease5
H17ac07Hypertensionblood pressure1
H17ac10Renal failureKidney5
H17adNumber of illnesses treatedmulti morbidity1
H17aeSetting of medical treatmentgeneral practitioner, hospital, poli-clinic8
H17afTechnique(s) of medical treatmenttherapy3
H17af01Alternative treatmentnon=regulat3
H17af02Chemo therapy1
H17af03Dietary treatmenteating, nutritctients1
H17af05Health educationicare, nstruction1
H17af06Intensive care1
H17af07Medicationdrugs, pharmacological15
H17af08Organ transplantation3
H17af08aOrgan donationspecific risks0
H17af08aaConsent with donation after death0
H17af08abActual donation of organ during life1
H17af08bOrgan reception0
H17af08baWant for organ transplantation1
H17af08bbActual transplantation9
H17af09Palliative caremanagement of fatigue, nausea, pain1
H17af11Radio therapy1
H17af14Ventilator assistancebreath support2
H17agSucces of medical treatmentmedical effectiveness, healing, recovery6
H17ahTherapeutic behaviour0
H17ah01Behavior of patients0
H17ah01aSeeking medical treatment0
H17ah02Behavior of therapist0
H17aiAttitudes to medical treatmentsatisfaction with medical treatment3
H17ai01Attitudes to organ-transplantation1
H17ai01aAttitudes to organ-donation4
H17ai01bAttitudes to organ-reception1
H17ai02Satisfaction with medical treatmentpatient satisfaction0
H17ai02aSatisfaction with sex-reassignmenttranssexual,0
H17ai03Satisfaction with health-servicessatisfaction with psycho-therapeutic treatment, local medical services14
H17ai04Trust in medical professionals6
H18HELPINGaltruism, moral behavior, cooperative behavior, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H18aaHelping career0
H18aa01Earlier helping1
H18aa02Change in helping1
H18aa03Later helping0
H18abCurrent helping6
H18ab01Care giving5
H18acAttitudes to helping0
H18ac01Satisfaction with helpingcaretaker satisfaction2
H19HOPEpositive expectation, future attitudes, optimism0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H19aa01Earlier hope0
H19aa02Change in hope0
H19aa03Later hope0
H19abCurrent hope 31
H19ab01Specific personal hopes 5
H19ab02Specific hopes for the country1
H19acAttitudes to hope1
H20HOUSEHOLD: COMPOSITIONin current household, family (overview of aspects), domicile, living arrangement, relatives, size of household0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H20aaHousehold-composition careerearlier household-composition, later household-composition4
H20aa01Change in househols compositionhousehold mobility3
H20abCurrent household-compositionliving alone or not80
H20ab01Living alone or not54
H20ab02Living with children27
H20ab03Number of persons in household87
H20ab04Non-nuclear household5
H20ab04aElderly in the household1
H20ab05Own position in household5
H20ab06Living with parents11
H20ab07Living with spouseco-habitation1
H20acHousehold members6
H20ac01Characteristics of household-members5
H20ac01aDependent persons in household8
H20ac01bHandicapped persons in householdhandicapped person in household, 3
H20ac02Intimacy with household-members2
H20adAttitudes to household-compositionhousehold-composition3
H20ad01Attitude to living alone2
H20ad02Attitude to privacyopportunity for privacy, 3
H20ad03Attitudes to household-members3
H21HOUSEHOLD: WORKhousehold-activity, house-wife, involvement in home-making, satisfaction with home making, time spend on work, house-wife0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H21aaHousehold-work careerchange in household-composition0
H21aa01Earlier household-workearlier household work0
H21aa02Change in household-workchange in household work0
H21aa03Later household-worklater household work0
H21abCurrent household-work10
H21ab01Involvement with household work2
H21ab01aTime spend on household-work6
H21ab02Division of household-workshared household-tasks4
H21ab02aShared household-tasks9
H21ab02bHousehold help4
H21ab03Household tasksactivities, duties0
H21ab03aHousehold managementcordination, orgnization2
H21acAttitudes to household-workhouse-hold-work, , satisfaction with house-hold work1
H21ac01Satisfaction with household activities5
H21ac02Satisfaction division of household-work5
H22HOUSINGhouse, living arrangement, consumption pattern, 1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
H22aaHousing-careerearlier housing, 2
H22aa01Earlier housing5
H22aa02Change in housingchange of house3
H22aa02aChange from rent to owner6
H22aa02bChange to legal ownershiplegalization1
H22aa03Later housing0
H22abCurrent dwelling4
H22ab01Ownership of current dwellingown house10
H22ab01aHouse owned or rented85
H22ab01bKind of ownership3
H22ab02Type of current dwelling20
H22ab03Quality of current dwellinghousing64
H22ab03aQuality of house26
H22ab03bQuality of housing estatecontact intensive housing, actual contact-facilities, 5
H22ab03cFacilities in the houseaccomodations10
H22ab03dOwn room at homeprivacy1
H22ab03eSurface of houseArea, squared meters, house, flat, apartment11
H22acCost of housing6
H22adMultiple houses0
H22aeAttitudes to housingown house, satisfaction with housing4
H22ae01Concern about housing5
H22ae02Satisfaction with housing110
I01INCOMEpersonal wealth, spending capacity, satisfaction with standard of living, own socio-economic status, 1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I01aaIncome career1
I01aa01Earlier incomeearlier possessions, 3
I01aa01aEarlier level of income16
I01aa01bEarlier sufficiency of incomeearlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income10
I01aa01cEarlier relative income levelpast income1
I01aa01dEarlier satisfaction with incomeearlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income2
I01aa01eEarlier concern about incomematerialism1
I01aa02Change in incomechange in attitudes to income , change in possessions6
I01aa02aChange in income level54
I01aa02bChange in income sufficiencychange in attitudes to income1
I01aa02cChange to better or worse7
I01aa02dChange in source of income8
I01aa02eChange in attitude to incomechange in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with income, change in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with income3
I01aa02fAttitude to change in income3
I01aa03Later incomelater possessions, 3
I01aa03aLater level of incomelater attitudes to income11
I01aa03bLater relative incomeexpected income, future income expectation1
I01aa03cLater source of income2
I01aa03dLater satisfaction with incomelater attitudes to income , later attitudes to income , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life3
I01abCurrent income level (unspecified)level of pay, salary, 127
I01ab01Personal income65
I01ab02Other household member's income1
I01ab03Household income 390
I01ab03anet incomeincome, taxes2
I01ab03bdisposable incomenet income, government transfers2
I01ab04Negative/Zero incomepersonal income, household income2
I01acSufficiency of current incomeattitudes to income, current undernourishment, satisfaction with financial situation, satisfaction with financial situation, poverty33
I01ac01`objective` poverty23
I01ac02Subjective poverty26
I01ac03Being able to savesatisfaction with opportunity to save, satisfaction with opportunity to save2
I01ac04Material standard of living7
I01adSource of current incomesalary, 12
I01ad01Own income or notmaterial dependency, independent position, 4
I01ad02Main breadwinner2
I01ad03Type of incomeremittances8
I01ad03bPensionpension or not, 6
I01ad03cWelfareuse of social security benefits, welfare income, 15
I01ad03dPaid workreceives pay, 1
I01ad03eNon-money income from farming2
I01ad03fNon-labour incomerents, gifts0
I01ad03faWindfall incomeirregular income, luck1
I01aeRelative incomecomparative income, 60
I01ae01Relative to family of origin0
I01ae02Relative to neighborhood14
I01ae03Relative to nation18
I01ae04Relative to similar peoplereference group15
I01ae05Relative to spousemarital income difference1
I01afAttitudes to own incomeattitudes to income, 10
I01af01Concerns about income12
I01af01aAspired income-increasematerial goals4
I01af01bWorrying about moneyworries about money9
I01af02Income aspirations18
I01af03Income expectations11
I01af04Income comparisonsreference, social comparison8
I01af05Satisfaction with income\financessatisfaction with income, satisfaction with standard of living21
I01af05aSatisfaction with incomesatisfaction with pay66
I01af05bSatisfaction with financial situation119
I01af05cSatisfaction with financial security21
I01af05dSatisfaction with opportunity to save2
I01af05eSatisfaction with standard of living83
I01af05fSatisfaction with physical needs met4
I01af05gSatisfaction with relative income1
I02INSTITUTIONAL LIVINGnon-family living, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I02aaDevelopments in intitutional living1
I02aa01Ever lived in an institutional settingearlier household, earlier institutional living, 4
I02aa02Change in institutional livingchange in household, 0
I02aa02aBefore and after entrance1
I02aa02bBefore and after leave1
I02aa03Length of current stay in institution6
I02aa04Later institutional livinglater household, 1
I02abCurrent living in an institution or notdomicile, hospitalization, mental hospital, 2
I02ab01Living in a children's homeorphanage5
I02ab02Living in a cloisterconvent, monastery0
I02ab03Living in a mental hospitalpsychiatric ward2
I02ab04Living in a home for handicapped2
I02ab05Living in a military campbarracks0
I02ab06Living in an old age homecare home, geriatric institution,3
I02ab06aLiving in a nursing homeend of life care1
I02ab07Living in a prisoncorrectional, jail3
I02ab08Living in sheltered housing1
I02acBehavior in institutionadjustment to life in nursing home, in institution, current rebellion4
I02adCharacteristics of institution1
I02ad01Restrictiveness of settingautonomy, freedom6
I02ad01aSay in care delivery1
I02ad02Group moralehappiness of inmates, institutional morale, contacts with inmates2
I02ad03Organizational change in institutionchange at work, change in household, 1
I02ad04Quality of staff in institution2
I02ad05Size of institution1
I02aeContact outside the institution1
I02afAttitudes to institutionadjustment to life in nursing home, attitudes to institutional living , 8
I02af01Satisfaction with care2
I02af02Satisfaction with privacy1
I02af03Satisfaction with safety1
I03INTELLIGENCEintellectual abilities, mental maturation, cognitive ability, personal mental development, genius, dull, intellectual performance, intelligent, knowledge0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I03aaDevelopment of intelligence (career)0
I03aa01Earlier intelligenceearlier creativeness, 8
I03aa02Change in intelligencechange in creativeness, senility, 1
I03aa03Later intelligencelater creativeness, 0
I03abCurrent general intelligencemental maturity, mental age3
I03ab02Reputation of intelligenceactual reputation9
I03ab03Self-perceived intelligence4
I03acCurrent specific mental abilitiesown creativity, intellectual skills, 4
I03ac01Emotion recognitionsocial intelligence, EQ2
I03ac02Exact ability3
I03ac04Perceptual performancecognitive style, perceptual ability, 1
I03ac04aField independenceindependent personality, 4
I03ac04bPerceptual rigidityrigidity, 3
I03ac05Social intelligenceEQ0
I03ac06Sorting ability7
I03ac07Verbal abilityfluency, 12
I03adIntelligence defectsgeriatric defects, senility, 1
I03ad01Mental retardationbeing mongolic, imbecile, mongolism, retardation, 3
I03ad02Mental rest-ability2
I03aeAttitudes to own intelligenceattitudes to intelligence, 2
I04INTERNETe-communication, wwww, http1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I04aaDevelopment of internet behaviourweb career0
I04aa01Earlier internet behaviour4
I04aa02Change in internet behaviour0
I04aa02aGot access to internetbecame connected0
I04aa02bLearned to use internet1
I04aa03Later internet behaviour3
I04abCurrent internet behaviourInternet use0
I04ab01Ability to use internete-literacy0
I04ab02Access to internetinternet connection, on line, web access7
I04ab03Use of internetonline8
I04ab03aTime on internettime on line56
I04ab04Internet behaviourpractice0
I04ab04aSelf-disclosure on internetopenness2
I04ab04bUsages of internet for ..motivation, purpose, reason2
I04ab04baBuyingorder, internet shop2
I04ab04beInformation seeking30
I04ab04bfSocial mediaFacebook, Twitter17
I04ab04bgWorke-work, telework0
I04ab05Ways to internetPC, tablet, telephone, TV1
I04acAttitudes to internet0
I04ac01Attitute to internet as such0
I04ac02Attitudes towards own internet use4
I05INTERESTSartistic interest, own participation in culture, own tastes, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I05aaInterest career1
I05abCurrent interestsinterests15
I05acAttitudes to own interests2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I06aaInterview conditions0
I06aa01Moment of the interview5
I06aa01aDay of the week3
I06aa01bMonth of the year2
I06aa01cSpecial day1
I06aa01dTime of first interview (in follow-up study)Baseline. Year of inclusion in panel1
I06aa02Context of the interview2
I06aa02aGood or bad weatherweather at the time of interview, 3
I06aa02bPlace of interview0
I06aa02cOthers present during interview2
I06aa03Method of interrogationface-to-face, questionnaire, web, CATO, CAPI13
I06aa04Characteristics of the interviewer1
I06aa05Language of the interview2
I06ab01Sequence of items16
I06ab02Prior mood-manipulationexperimental mood-manipulation, experimental mood-manipulation7
I06ab03Response scaleanswer options, anwser format10
I06ab04Repeated questioning over timelearning effect, panel effect1
I06acRespondent behaviorin interview, response tendencies1
I06ac01Non response, refusal4
I06ac02Panel-dropoutpanel drop-out, 4
I06ac03Response tendenciesbehavior in interview, 10
I06adRespondents attitudes to interviewattitude to interview, 9
I06aeProblems with understanding the interviewlanguage1
I07INTIMACYintimate affiliation, social behavior, intimate contacts, family (overview of aspects), inter-personal harmony, , access to intimate support, family, loneliness, own marriage, participation in intimate networks, social involvement, primary relations, relatives, openness about sex among intimates, siblings, sociability, intimate affiliations, intimate contacts, micro level , , personal contacts, own contacts, with intimates0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
I07aaIntimate career0
I07aa01Earlier intimacyearlier friendship, 2
I07aa02Change in intimacychange in friendship, 2
I07aa03Later intimacylater friendship, 0
I07abCurrent intimate relationshipscontacts with intimates, 15
I07ab01Having a confident or notopportunities for self-disclosure, 7
I07ab02Total number of intimate ties8
I07ab03Frequency of intimate contacts40
I07ab04Perceived quality of intimate tiesperceived quality of contacts18
I07ab05Perceived sufficiency of intimate contactsperceived sufficiency of contacts10
I07ab06Parent - child relationshipcontact28
I07acCharacteristics of intimate-networkhomogeneity of intimate network, 3
I07ac01Opportunities for self-disclosure2
I07ac02Similarity with intimates0
I07ac02aPerceived value-similarity with intimates1
I07ac02bAge similarity of intimates1
I07ac03Size of intimate network9
I07adCurrent chances for intimacy7
I07ad01Ability to maintain intimate contactssocial abilities, perceived ease of making friends, success in intimate relationships9
I07ad02Perceived opportunities for contactsperceived chances for contacts, opportunities for self-disclosure, perceived contact-facilities9
I07aeCharacteristics of intimates1
I07afAttitudes to intimatesattitudes to intimacy, satisfaction with lovers, 7
I07af01Concern about intimates7
I07af02Satisfaction with intimacysatisfaction with family life, 32
I07af03Need for privacyaspired privacy, 2
I07af04Trust in intimatesinterpersonal trust1
L01LANGUAGEtongue, speech1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L01aaLanguage career0
L01aa01Earlier language2
L01aa02Change in language1
L01aa03Later language2
L01abCurrent language8
L01ab01Number of languages spoken31
L01acRegional language1
L01adProblems with the languagewriting, speaking, hearing3
L01aeAttidudes to language0
L02LEADERSHIPleadership behavior, dominant behavior, human resource management0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L02aaLeadership career1
L02aa01Earlier leadership0
L02aa02Change in leadership0
L02aa03Later leadership0
L02abCurrent leadership behaviormanagement, human resource management5
L02ab01Leadership ambitionmotivation to influence, achievement2
L02ab02Taking leading rolesauthoritarian behavior5
L02ab03Leadership styledemocratic behavior, authoritarian, democratic, 0
L02acCompliance to leaderscooperative behavior, 2
L02adAttitudes to own leadershipattitudes to leadership, 0
L03LEISUREleisure activity, relaxing, resting, involvement in pleasurable activities, leisure , consumption pattern1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L03aaLeisure career0
L03aa01Earlier leisure4
L03aa01aEarlier travel1
L03aa01bEarlier satisfaction with leisure4
L03aa02Change in leisure1
L03aa02aChange in leisure activity-level1
L03aa02bChange in specific leisure activitiesexperience of novelty, 9
L03aa02cChange in satisfaction with leisurechange in attitudes to leisure, change in attitudes to leisure2
L03aa03Later leisure3
L03aa03aLater satisfaction with leisure4
L03abCurrent leisure timeleisure, rest, time spend on leisure16
L03acCurrent leisure activityleisure activity, leisure behavior, own involvement in sports14
L03ac01Leisure activity level26
L03ac02Specific leisure activitiesleisure activities10
L03ac02aCulturecinema, concert theatre, museum5
L03ac02aaMusic listening2
L03ac02bEating/drinking outeating out, 6
L03ac02fInternet, social mediafacebook, twitter83
L03ac02gPersonal care2
L03ac02hReadingown participation in culture, personal attendance, 15
L03ac02jSocializingcontact. Talk1
L03ac02lTv watching, radio listeningpersonal attendance, television watching, 23
L03ac02mVoluntary work3
L03ac03Place of leisure (indoor vs outdoor)7
L03ac04Leisure skillscompetente0
L03adAttitudes to leisure7
L03ad01Concern about leisure9
L03ad02Leisure aspirations5
L03ad03Satisfaction with leisure86
L03ad03aSatisfaction with time for leisuretime for leisure14
L03ad03bSatisfaction with leisure activitiesleisure activities60
L03ad03cSatisfaction with leisure services3
L04LIFE APPRAISALS: OTHER THAN HAPPINESSadjustment to life in general, psychological depression, dissatisfaction with aspects of life, happiness (overview of aspects), actual reputation (peer-ratings), appreciation of life (subjective qol), attitudes to one's quality of life, satisfied, satisfactions, satisfied, pleasant life, own problems, appreciation of life-aspects, , life-appraisals; other than happiness2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L04aaLife-appraisal careerlife-time comparison1
L04aa01Earlier life-appraisalsearlier satisfaction, earlier happiness, earlier satisfaction with parts of life, earlier satisfaction, earlier aspect-appraisals10
L04aa02Change in life-appraisalschange in satisfaction, change in happiness, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction, change in aspect-appraisals of, change in domain-satisfactions7
L04aa03Later life-appraisalslater satisfaction, later satisfaction, later happiness, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction, later aspect-appraisals9
L04abCurrent overall judgements of life as a wholeattitude to life-as-a-whole4
L04ab01Wished other life 5
L04ab02Perceives a lot of happiness (projective happiness)1
L04ab03Present + future happinessGallup 'thriving'0
L04acAspect judgements of one's life as a wholeattitude to aspects of life, appraisal on specific success-criteria, gratification of needs, aspect appraisals of life-as-a-whole9
L04ac01Single aspect evaluations (on criteria of good life)8
L04ac01aClose (vs lonely)2
L04ac01bIn control (vs drifting)5
L04ac01cDeveloping (vs stagnating)improvement of own condition, degree of self-actualization, 4
L04ac01dEasy (vs hard)12
L04ac01eExiting (vs dull)life seen as boring, in life-as-a-whole3
L04ac01fFulfilled/rewarding (vs frustrating)life gratifying, 17
L04ac01gGratifying (vs frustrating)7
L04ac01hHopeful (vs hopeless)3
L04ac01iIdeal (vs intolerable)1
L04ac01jInteresting (vs boring)life seen as boring, in life-as-a-whole28
L04ac01kMeaningful (vs useless)satisfaction with own usefulness, perceived success10
L04ac01lPleasant (vs unpleasant)life gratifying, pleasure in life, joy in life, experience of lust, 12
L04ac01mPredictable (vs uncertain)1
L04ac01nRelaxed (vs stressful)life deemed hectic, perceived time-pressure in life4
L04ac01oSecure (vs threatened)perceived safety, feelings of security, 6
L04ac01pSuccessful (vs failure)social success (career), perceived realization of goals, realization of ambitions, career, realization of goals, perceived success, value realization, 16
L04ac01qUnique (vs common)conventional way of life, life perceived unique, 1
L04ac01rVariedsatisfaction with variety , 3
L04ac01sWorhwhileworthless, point in living0
L04ac02Multiple aspect evaluations of lifesatisfaction index14
L04ac02aSummed life aspect evaluations (semantic differential scales)13
L04ac02bGood and bad parts of lifeblesing, bane11
L04ac02cMost important aspects of life6
L04ac02dBalance of positive and negative memories1
L04adAppraisals of specific domains of lifeattitude to domains of life, appraisals of specific domains-of-life, gratification of needs, reference, satisfaction with separate domains of life1
L04ad01Single domain evaluations12
L04ad02Satisfaction with multiple domains of life(explained variance of multiple factors), satisfaction with privacy, 121
L04ad02aFamily + leisure + work15
L04ad02bHealth + income + family1
L04ad02cDwelling + leisure + social life3
L04ad02dHealth + family + work1
L04ad02eHealth + education + job1
L04ad02fLeisure + spiritual life2
L04ad02gFamily + economy + work + intimates + self1
L04aeComparative appraisals of life-as-a-wholeperceived comparative life-quality, comparative happiness, comparison standards, perceived disadvantage, appraisal by specific standards of comparison, standards of comparison2
L04ae01Single-standard comparisons2
L04ae01aLife compared with one's wants1
L04ae01bLife compared with earlier situation6
L04ae01cLife compared with expectationsperceived realization of expectations, 3
L04ae01dLife compared with situation of othersown possessions, wealth of others, relative deprivation,9
L04ae01eLife compared with standard of fairness3
L04ae01fLife compared with needs1
L04ae02Summed comparisons1
L04afMixed multiple life-appraisalsmixed self-appraisals, (explained variance of multiple factors)10
L04agLife-adjustment inventoriesown alienation, other global appraisals of life , mixed self-other appraisals, mixed life-appraisal inventories, (explained variance of multiple factors)8
L04ag01Life-stress inventoriesown problems, 11
L04ag02Psychological-morale inventories11
L04ag03Adjustment to old-age inventoriesadjustment to old age, adjustment to old age, 29
L04ag04Flourishing scaleseudaimonic happiness, positive mental health, thriving3
L04ahHappiness inventories involving unacceptable items27
L05LIFE CHANGEchange in own life, improvement of own condition, experience of novelty, stability, climate of stability, career shift transitions in own life,0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L05aaLife-change career2
L05aa01Earlier life-change11
L05aa02Change in change-levelchange in usual level of life-change , 0
L05aa03Later life-change1
L05abCurrent life-change (assessed by follow up)2
L05ab01Overall degree of life-change3
L05ab02Specific life-changes17
L05ab02aSexe reassignmenttransgender0
L05acAttitudes to life-change0
L05ac01Aspired life-changehope for life change, 1
L05ac01aWish to change life10
L05ac01bSpecific changes wanted24
L05ac02Expected life-change0
L05ac03Satisfaction with life-change1
L06LIFE EVENTScatastrophes in personal life, death, major life-events, course of fate, change after specific events, loss, luck, recovery from loss, climate of stability, stressful life-events, trauma, own involvement with war2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L06aaLife-event career1
L06aa01Earlier life-eventsever suffered hunger, life-burdens, earlier life-event burden, 32
L06aa01aBurden of earlier life-events13
L06aa01bSpecific earlier life-eventsabortion, 16
L06aa02Change in life-event burden2
L06aa03Later life-eventslater life-event burden, 0
L06abCurrent life-events (past few years)6
L06ab01Burden of current life-eventsburdens, life-burdens, life strain, stress6
L06ab01aMajor life-change or not3
L06ab01bSummed life-events: equal weight5
L06ab01cSummed life-events: standard weights6
L06ab01dSummed life-events: weighted in context1
L06ab01eSum of negative life-events8
L06ab01fSum of positive life-events5
L06ab01gBalance of negative- and positive life-events13
L06ab01hSum of negative events: weighed in context0
L06ab01iSum of positive events: weighed in context0
L06ab02Specific current life-eventsrecent happenings10
L06ab02aDeath of an intimatebereavement14
L06ab02bMajor financial change0
L06ab02cInjury/illness to intimate0
L06ab02dInjury/illness to oneself0
L06ab02eOneself or an intimate in jail0
L06acAttitudes to life-events3
L06ac01Expected life-events0
L06ac01aSatisfaction with expected life-eventsoptimism1
L06adClimate of change2
L07LIFE GOALSspecific ambitions, desires, goal, own hope, personal striving, intentions, motivation, object of needs, goals, aspired success, existential tasks4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L07aaLife-goal careerplanning career, 0
L07aa01Earlier life-goalsearlier values, 0
L07aa01aPresence of earlier goals (life-planning)0
L07aa01bObject of earlier goalsearlier preference for being a house-wife6
L07aa01cAcceptance of earlier life-goals0
L07aa01dRealization of earlier goals2
L07aa01eAuthenticity of earlier goals2
L07aa02Change in life-goals2
L07aa03Later life-goalslater values, of aspirations1
L07aa03aLater perceived realization of goals0
L07abCurrent life-goalsown aspirations, orientation on the future, 1
L07ab01Having goals or not (life-planning)planning1
L07ab02Authenticity of goals3
L07ab03Clarity of life-goals2
L07ab04Conflict among life goalscontradicting goals1
L07ab05Diversity of lifegoals0
L07ab06Involvement in life-goals4
L07ab07Motivation behind life goalsdrives, reasons1
L07ab08Object of life-goalsspecific aspirations, object of goals, pleasure seeking, interests, materialistic aspirations, motivational pattern, own mobility13
L07ab08aSelf improvementself actualization, development, strenghtening1
L07ab09Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)motivational pattern, diversity of life-goals, 1
L07acRealization of lifegoalsvalue realization, 0
L07ac01Actual realization of lifegoals22
L07ac02Perceived realization of life-goalsrealization of ambitions, realization of goals, satisfaction with self, perceived success, 12
L07ac02aPerceived chances for realization8
L07ac02bPerceived realization of life-goal set7
L07ac03Perceived realization of specific life-goals10
L07ac03aChildren as plannedincome3
L07ac03bRealization of employment goals3
L07ac03cRealization of educational goals4
L07ac03dRealization of participation goals1
L07ac03eRealization of income goals1
L07ac04Satisfaction with goal-achievement4
L07adAttitudes to own life-goalsattitudes to own aspirations, attitudes to life-goals, 3
L07ad01Attitudes to earlier life-goals1
L07ad02Attitudes to current life-goals5
L07aeAcceptance of one's life-goals by others2
L08LIFE HISTORYbiography, career, change in own life, childhood (one's own childhood), death, course of fate, life-course, period in personal life, life-history, teenage1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L08aaEarlier life (antecedents of happiness)11
L08abChange in life0
L08acLater life (consequences of happiness)0
L08adAttitudes to one's own life history0
L09LIFE STYLE consumption, conventional way of life, uncommon life-style, own habits, own hedonism, personal standard of living0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L09aaLife-style career0
L09aa01Earlier life-style1
L09aa01aEarlier life-style behavior0
L09aa01bEarlier satisfaction with life-style1
L09aa01cSatisfaction with earlier life styleretrospective satisfaction with life style1
L09aa02Change in life-style0
L09aa03Later life-style0
L09abCurrent life-style4
L09ab01Current life-style pattern (life-style type)32
L09ab02Specific life-style aspects1
L09ab02aAlternative life styleunworldly, new age, hippy14
L09ab02bFamly life style1
L09ab02cInternational life styleglobal, world citizen, yet-set5
L09ab02dModern life style0
L09ab02eWork-life balancework-family conflict, care time, leisure,1
L09acConsumptionbuying, expense0
L09adAttitudes to one's life-styleattitudes to life-style, 5
L09ad01Preferred lifestyle5
L09ad02Satisfaction with lifestyleenjoyment of activities1
L09ad02aSatisfaction with music making0
L09ad02bSatisfaction with shopping0
L10LOCAL: CULTUREcommunity, neighbuorhood, quarter0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L10aaDevelopment of local cultural conditions0
L10abCurrent local cultural conditions6
L10ab01Educational level in vinicityschooling3
L10ab01aEducation differences in vinicityinequality in education0
L10ab02Internet penetration in vinicityweb access1
L10ab03Religion in vinicitychurch0
L10acAttitudes to local cultural conditions1
L11LOCAL: DEMOGRAPHYage, gender, marital status, population0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L11aaDevelopment of local demographic conditions1
L11aa01In/outflow of residents in vinicitymobility, moving3
L11abCurrent local demographic conditions0
L11ab01Age distribution in vinicitygenerations2
L11ab02Ethnic diversity in vinicityimmigrants7
L11ab03Intimate relations in vinicitymarried, single, kin1
L11ab04Population density in vinicitycrowding22
L11ab05Share of students in vinicity1
L11acAttitudes to local demographic conditions0
L12LOCAL: ECONOMYincome level in neighborhood, unemployment in area, economic prosperity, standard of living in environment, in community, wealth in neighborhood, satisfaction with standard of living, standard of living in community, economic prosperity in community1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L12aaDevelopment of local economy1
L12aa01Change in local economic conditions0
L12aa01aGrowth\decline of local economyeconomic change2
L12aa02Change income level in vinicitylocal prosperity1
L12abCurrent economic conditions in vinicitylocal economic situation3
L12ab01Economic prosperity in vinicitylocal affluence, income, resources, wealth0
L12ab02Industries in vinicitylocal business, trade, sector0
L12ab02aTourism in vinicitylocal tourism industry0
L12ab03Income difference in vinicityincome inequality4
L12ab04Amenities in vinicitylocal facilities9
L12ab04aAvailability of amenities in vinicitylevel of fcilities29
L12ab04aaPublic goods and services in vinicity1
L12ab04abChild care in vinicitycreche, playground1
L12ab04acCultural facilities in vinicitycinema, museum, theater8
L12ab04adElectricity supply in vinicity1
L12ab04aeGarbage collection in vinicityrubish1
L12ab04afLeisure facilities in vinicitybar, restaurant, theater, park1
L12ab04agMail delivery in vinicitypost1
L12ab04ahHealth care in vinicity7
L12ab04aiPolice in vincitylocal police0
L12ab04ajSchools in vinicity1
L12ab04akSports facilities in vinicityplayground, sport hal, sport park3
L12ab04alSewage in vinicity2
L12ab04amStreet maintenance in vinicity2
L12ab04anTelephone connecctions in vinicitylocal communication, informatization1
L12ab04aoTransport facilities in vinicity0
L12ab04apWelfare in vinicitypublic services1
L12ab04aqWater supply in vinicity3
L12ab04arShops in vinicitylocal business, buying5
L12ab04bUse of local facilitiesamenities, particuipation3
L12ab05Standard of living in vinicity0
L12ab05aConsumption in vinicitystandard of living3
L12ab05bCosts of living in vinicitylocal prive level2
L12ab05cIncome level in vinicitylocal income16
L12ab05dQuality of housing in vinicity2
L12ab05eHouse ownership in vinicityrenterd1
L12ab05fPoverty in vinicitylocal poverty0
L12ab06Occupations in vinicitylocal professionals1
L12ab06aPublic sector workers in vinicitylocal civil servants1
L12ab07Unemployment in vinicitylocal unemployment2
L12acAttitudes to economic conditions in vinicity2
L12ac01Attitude to costs of living in vinicitysatifaction with local prive level1
L12ac01aSatisfaction with local cost of housinghousing expenditure1
L12ac02Attitudes to amenities in vinicity5
L12ac02aSatisfaction with amenities in vinicity25
L12ac02aaSatisfaction with medical services in vinicityhealth care facilities, mental health care facilities, public health care, local medical services10
L12ac02abSatisfaction with local policepolice5
L12ac02acSatisfaction with local recreationsatisfaction with leisure facilities, local recreation opportunities18
L12ac02adSatisfaction with local services1
L12ac02aeSatisfaction with local schoolslocal schools10
L12ac02afSatisfaction with local shopsshopping facilities, local shops6
L12ac02agSatisfaction with neatness of local streetslocal quality of roads4
L12ac02ahSatisfaction with local transportlocal transport20
L12ac03Satisfaction with standard of living in vinicity2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L13aaDevelopment of local geographic conditions1
L13aa01Earlier community sizerural/urban upbringing3
L13aa01aChange community sizeresidential mobility1
L13abCurrent local geographical conditions2
L13ab01Build environmentarchitecture0
L13ab01aPlanned communityplanned neighborhood, presumed livability of neighborhood, planning of neighborhood1
L13ab02Community sizein local environment, out-centric living, rural dwelling, size of town, urban living75
L13ab02aOpen country vs village11
L13ab02bRural vs urban dwellinglives in rural area, 84
L13ab02cSub-urban vs urban7
L13ab02dSize of urban setting12
L13ab02eChange of city sizeshrinking city, city growth, population growth decline2
L13ab03Local environmental qualitypollution, noise, air quality5
L13ab03aActual quality of local environment3
L13ab03aaLocal noise1
L13ab03abLocal pollution8
L13ab03acLocal trafic density1
L13ab04Local nature17
L13ab05Local physical climateweather1
L13ab05aHumiditydry, rain, wet2
L13ab05bTemperaturehot, cold1
L13ab05cWindstorm, windy1
L13ab05dSunshinehours of sunshine1
L13ab06Remotenesspolulation density, isolation7
L13acAttitudes to local geographical conditions3
L13ac01Attitudes to local build envirinment1
L13ac02Attitude to local natural environmentbeauty of living environment, satisfaction with natural environment, 16
L13ac02aAttitude to local climatesatisfaction with climate, satisfaction with local climate, satisfaction with the weather5
L13ac03Attitudes to quality of local environment5
L13ac04Attitude to urban lifeattitudes to rural living, 4
L14LOCAL: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)habitability, suitability0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L14aaDevelopment of livability of local environment0
L14abCurrent livability of local environmentenvironmental fit6
L14ab01Apparent livability of local environment: Indicators of human triflourishing, prospering, thriving of inhabitants0
L14ab01aHappiness in vinicitylocal happiness, lifesatisfaction0
L14ab01bHealth in venicitylocal health status0
L14ab01cHappy Life Years in vinicitylocal HLY0
L14ab02Assumed livability of local environment: Conditions deemed goodlife-chances,QOL index scores0
L14acAttitudes to livability of local environment2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L15aaDevelopment of local political conditions0
L15abCurrent local political conditions1
L15ab01City of residence is a capitalgovernment residency2
L15ab02Democracy in vinicitylocal democracy, graa root democracy0
L15acAttitudes to local political conditions0
L15ac01Attitudes to local governmentsatisfaction with local government, 3
L15ac02Attitudes to local political issues4
L15ac03Satisfaction with local politics3
L16LOCAL: RESIDENCEattitudes to local environment , community, geographic life-space, neighborhood, characteristics of region, meso level, 1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L16aaResidential career0
L16aa01Earlier residenceearlier nation, 9
L16aa01aEarlier satisfaction with residence1
L16aa02Change in residencechange in nation, 2
L16aa02aChange in residence characteristics0
L16aa02bChange of residence (moving)removal2
L16aa02baLength of residenceResidential stability3
L16aa02cChange in satisfaction with residencechange in attitudes to residence, change in attitudes to residence, change in satisfaction with parts of life2
L16aa03Later residencelater nation, 1
L16aa03aLater attitudes to residence1
L16abCurrent residence1
L16acAttitudes to local environmentsatisfaction with environment, satisfaction with (regional) community, 12
L16ac01Attitude to region2
L16ac02Attitude to neighborhoodsatisfaction with neighbors, satisfaction with neighborhood, 22
L16ac03Satisfaction with local environment30
L16adJoint local characteristicsattitudes to local environment , 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L17aaDevelopment of local society2
L17abCurrent characteristics of local society3
L17ab01Local social cohesionattitudes to local environment , contact intensive housing, discrimination in neighborhood, community-morale, contact-climate in neighborhood, 12
L17ab01aIntimate relationsin vinicityprimary relations, family0
L17ab01bSocial homogeneity in vinicitysimilarity, heterogeneity in neighborhood, in neighborhood, living in retirement community,9
L17ab01cSocial contacts in vinicitysocial participation, loneliness35
L17ab01dSocial cohesion in vinicityattitude to local social cohesion, 9
L17ab02Safety in vinicitylocal cr ime4
L17ab02aActual safety in vinicity2
L17ab02bSatisfaction with safety in vinicityfeeling safe28
L17ab03Modernity of local societydevelopment,2
L17ab04Socio-economic status of vinicitylocal rank, reputation4
L17ab05Social probems in vinicitylocal deprivation, misery5
L17acAttitudes to local society0
L17ac01Attitude to vinicity28
L17ac01aSatisfaction with local community6
L17ac02Trust in local societytrust7
L17ac03Perceived safety in vinicity35
L17ac04Satisfaction with social contacts in vinicity38
L17ac04aSatisfaction with neigbours30
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L18aaCareer of lottery involvement0
L18abCurrent involvement in gambling0
L18ab01Lottery playinggambling, specific risks4
L18ab02Lottery winninggood luck, 8
L18ab02aSize of lottery win0
L18ab02bTime since lottery win0
L18acAttitudes to own involvement in gamblingattitudes to gambling, 1
L19LOVE-LIFEintimate affiliation, sexual behavior, inter-personal harmony, love life, own marriage, loving, social involvement, own sex life, with intimates0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
L19aa01Earlier love-lifeearlier intimacy, 3
L19aa02Change in love-lifechange in intimacy, 1
L19aa03Later love-lifelater intimacy, 0
L19abCurrent love-life6
L19ab01Involved in datingdating, dates, 2
L19ab02Love-feelingsattitudes to love, attitudes to marriage, 7
L19ab02aFeels in love1
L19ab02bFeels loved0
L19ab02cLove sickbroken heart0
L19ab03Love sklillsrelational competence0
L19ab04Steady love-relationhaving a lover or not, having a life-partner or not13
L19acAttitudes to one's love-lifeattitudes to love, attitudes to marriage, 7
L19ac01Desire to change love-life1
L19ac02Satisfaction with love-lifesatisfaction with love life, satisfaction with lovers5
M01MARRIAGE: MARITAL STATUS CAREERintimate affiliation, marital behavior, marital career, marriage, loss of intimates, change in marital status, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, stability of intimate environment, marital status, broken home, success in marriage, with intimates5
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M01aaEarlier marital statesearlier marital status4
M01aa01Earlier marital states1
M01aa01aEver lived as married3
M01aa01bEver married before1
M01aa01cLife-long single4
M01aa02Earlier marital transitionsdivorce career, disruption of family, 3
M01aa02aEver divorced/separateddivorce11
M01aa02bEver widoweddeath of intimates, widowhood, , widowed5
M01aa02cEver remarried3
M01aa02dStill with first spouse5
M01abRecent change in marital statusevents in family\marriage, change in marital status5
M01ab01Recent entering of marriage6
M01ab01aRecent start of living as married3
M01ab01bRecent marriage8
M01ab01cRecent re-marriage9
M01ab01dRecent reconciliation with spouse0
M01ab02Recent dissolution of marriagedivorce career, disruption of family, 2
M01ab02aRecent divorce/separationdivorce21
M01ab02bRecent widowhooddeath of intimates, widowhood, , widowed8
M01acLater marriagelater marital status0
M01ac01Later entering of marriage1
M01ac01aLater living as married0
M01ac01bLater marriage1
M01ac01cLater re-marriage3
M01ac02Later dissolution of marriage1
M01ac02aLater divorce/separationdivorce career, 0
M01ac02bLater widowhood0
M01adAttitudes to marital status careerattitudes to marital career0
M01ad01Attitudes to earlier marital status0
M01ad02Attitudes to recent change in marital statusattitudes to own marital status0
M01ad02aAttitudes to entering marriage1
M01ad02bAttitudes to dissolution of marriage0
M01ad03Attitudes to later marriage0
M01ad03aAspired change in marital status1
M01ad03bExpected change in marital status2
M02MARRIAGE: CURRENT MARITAL STATUSintimate affiliation, marriage, family living, marital status, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, marital status, success in marriage, with intimates56
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states)living alone or not, current marital status, having a life-partner or not280
M02aa01Married vs never marriedvs married137
M02aa02Married vs widowedvs married69
M02aa03Married vs divorcedvs married88
M02aa04Married vs separated vs married40
M02aa05Still-married vs broken marriage (widowed+separated+divorced)21
M02aa06Married vs will-full unmarried (never married + divorced)2
M02aa07Formally-married vs living-as-married26
M02abNon-married states (compared mutually)3
M02ab01Never married9
M02ab01aVs widowedvs never married64
M02ab01bVs divorcedvs never married57
M02ab01cVs separatedvs never married28
M02ab01dVs formerly married (divorced+seperated)vs never married1
M02ab01eVs formerly married (widowed+divorced+separated)18
M02ab01fVs co-habiting7
M02ab02Widoweddeath of intimates, widowhood, 14
M02ab02aVs divorcedvs widowed34
M02ab02bVs separatedvs widowed14
M02ab02cVs divorced, separated or never (willful unmarried)2
M02ab03Divorced or separatedcurrent status, steph-family, 13
M02ab03aVs separatedvs divorced3
M02acLiving as marriedco-habitation9
M02ac01Living-as-married vs formerly married1
M02ac02Living-as-married vs never married4
M02ac03Living-as-married vs widowed2
M02ac04Living-as-married vs divorced2
M02ac05Living-as-married vs separated2
M02aeWidowed (vs all other)bereaved2
M02afBroken marriage (divorced and widowed vs married or never married2
M02agTime trend current marital status and happiness0
M02ahAttitudes to marital statusattitudes to current marital status0
M02ah01Attitudes to one's own marital statusattitudes to own marital status1
M02ah01aDesire of getting marriedfamily goals2
M02ah01bExpected satisfaction if married1
M02ah01cSatisfaction with being singlesatisfaction with marital status1
M02ah02Attitudes to marriage in generalattitudes to institution of marriage, 1
M02ah02aPerceived happiness of the married2
M02ah02bPerceived characteristics of singles5
M03MARRIAGE: RELATIONSHIPintimate affiliation, attitudes to meaning, marital behavior, marriage, characteristics of the bond, bond with spouse, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, success in marriage, with intimates, emancipation in marriage0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M03aaRelationship careermarital career, 1
M03aa01Earlier marriage relationship(s)earlier relationship, involved in feuds3
M03aa01aCharacteristics of earlier marriage-relationship(s)6
M03aa01bSatisfaction with earlier marriage-relationship(s)earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage, earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage2
M03aa02Change in marriage relationshipchange in relationship1
M03aa02aChange in characteristics of marriage0
M03aa02bChange in satisfaction with marriagechange in attitudes to marriage , change in attitudes to marriage , change in satisfaction with parts of life6
M03aa03History of current marriage1
M03aa03aEarlier characteristics of current marriage-relationship2
M03aa03bEarlier satisfaction with current marriage-relationship2
M03aa03cLength of current marriage5
M03aa03dAge of marriage with current partner2
M03aa04Later marriagelater relationship0
M03aa04aCharacteristics of later marriage-relationship(s)1
M03aa04bSatisfaction with later marriage-relationship(s)later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction with marriage, later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with marriage1
M03aa04cLater satisfaction with current marriage2
M03abCurrent characteristics of marriage-relationshipadjustment to marriage, relations with spouse, contacts with spouse, jealousy in marriage3
M03ab01Heterogeneity of marriage-partnersage-difference with spouse, homogeneity of marriage5
M03ab01aDifference in age1
M03ab01bDifference in earningincome inequality2
M03ab02Intimacy with spouseintimacy in family, 3
M03ab03Monogamy of relationshipmonogamy, polygamy, 0
M03ab03aPolygamous marriage (vs monogamous)married to more than one partner (polygamy), 3
M03ab03bConjugal fidelitypromiscuity, 2
M03ab04Mutual support1
M03ab05Shared activitiestime spend with spouse, 13
M03ab06Tensions in relationship11
M03ab07Position in polygamous marriage1
M03ab08Community of property1
M03ab09Living with spouseco-habitation, living apart together LAT, distance marriage4
M03acAttitudes to current marriage-relationshipadjustment to marriage, attitudes to marriage relationship, relations with spouse, attitudes to own marriage-relationship6
M03ac01Concern about marriage relationship3
M03ac02Self-perceived adequacy in marriage1
M03ac03Satisfaction with marriagemarriage103
M03ac03aSatisfaction with joint activities0
M04MARRIAGE: PARTNERintimate affiliation, marriage, characteristics of spouse, characteristics of spouse, mate, characteristics of partner, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M04aaSpouse careermarital career, 0
M04aa01Earlier characteristics of spouseearlier spouse0
M04aa02Change in characteristics of spousechange in spouse, change in therapy2
M04aa03Later characteristics of spouselater spouse, later therapy0
M04abCurrent characteristics of spouseassertiveness of intimates, intelligence of spouse5
M04ab01Health of spousehealth of intimates, infertility of spouse, 3
M04ab01aMental health of spousemental health of parents3
M04ab01bPhysical health of spousehealth of intimates, 2
M04ab01baweight of spouseBMI, obese, overweight, underweight1
M04ab02Personality of spousemood of spouse, character of spouse, maturation of intimates, spouse3
M04ab03Social position of spousesocial status of spouse2
M04ab03aEducation of spouseschooling of spouse3
M04ab03bEmployment of spouseemployment of intimates, employment of spouse, wife works, working of family members11
M04ab03cIncome of spouse6
M04ab03dOccupation of spouse4
M04ab03eSocial status of spouse6
M04ab03fSpouse is a migrantspouse is migrant , spouse is migrant0
M04acWork conditions of spouse8
M04adCurrent behaviors of spousehabits of intimates, 1
M04ad01Support by spouse9
M04ad02Work hours of spoucefree time, working wife3
M04aeCurrent attitudes of spouseattitudinal consonance with spouse, change in physical health , problems of intimates0
M04ae01Happiness of spousehappiness of intimates, happiness of ones spouse5
M04afOwn attitudes to spouseattitudes to health care, attitude to marriage partner, attitudes to spouse6
M04agSimilarity with spouse1
M05MEANINGown alienation, own sense of anomy, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M05aaMeaning career1
M05abCurrent meaning of life12
M05ab01Perceived usefullness of one's life9
M05ab02Perceived meaning of life in general2
M05ab03Feeling part of larger whole3
M05acSatisfaction with meaning5
M05adConcern about meaning1
M05ad01Searching for meaningseeking purpose1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M06aaDevelopment of meditation0
M06aa01Earlier meditationmeditation career1
M06abCurrent meditation7
M06acAttitudes to meditation0
M07MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRYhome land, residential mobility, definitive inter-national migration (emigration), migration0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M07aaMigration careerown ethnic status, , events in dwelling1
M07aa01Ever migrated or not44
M07aa02Time since migration23
M07aa03Migration generationparents are migrants15
M07aa04Migration at young ageChildren of migrants3
M07aa05Country of originCountry6
M07aa06Country of settlement3
M07aa07Recent migrationearlier moving4
M07aa09Later migration1
M07abCurrent involvement in migrationmoving0
M07ab01Migration conditions1
M07ab02Adjustment to new country of settlementassimilation, 5
M07acAttitudes to own migrationattitudes to move to other country0
M07ac01Likelihood to migratelater nationality, later moving0
M07ac02Aspirations for migration4
M07ac03Satisfaction with migrationsatisfaction with nation0
M07adDifference in happiness of migrants with people in home countrygain, loss1
M07aeDifference in happiness of migrants with people in host country1
M07afMigration of intimatespeople left behind3
M07af01migration of intimates yes/no5
M07af02number of imtimates migrated1
M07agReason for migrationrefugee, voluntary0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M08aaDifference in happiness of migrants with people in home region1
M09MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)residential mobility, definitive intra-national migration (moving), moving, migration0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M09aaMoving careerevents in dwelling0
M09aa01Earlier residential mobilityearlier moving3
M09aa01aEver moved or not10
M09aa01bTimes moved in country5
M09aa01cTime since last movetime in current residence, 9
M09aa01dRecently movedevents in dwelling14
M09aa01eMoved backreturn move1
M09abCurrent residential mobilityearlier housing, change in housing, moving, later housing1
M09ab01Conditions of moving0
M09ab02Integration in new community3
M09ab03Motives for moving0
M09ab04Distance of moveabsolute distance, cultural distance1
M09acAttitudes to residential mobilityattitudes to moving within country2
M09ac01Likelihood to move1
M09ac02Want to move2
M09adPre-move happiness1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M10aaDifference in happiness of migrants with people in home country0
M11MIGRATION: MIGRANT WORKtemporary work migration, migrant work, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M11aaMigrant work career0
M11aa01Earlier migrant workearlier neighborhood1
M11aa01aEver involved in migrant work2
M11aa01bTime involved in migrant work0
M11aa01cNumber of places worked0
M11aa02Change in migrant workchange of local environment0
M11aa03Later migrant worklater neighborhood0
M11abCurrent involvement in migrant work0
M11ab01Involved in migrant work (vs not)1
M11ab02Time involved in migrant work0
M11ab03Conditions of migrant work1
M11acAttitudes to migrant work0
M12MILITARY LIFEMilitary defense , soldier1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M12aaMilitary career0
M12aa01Earlier in armed forceearlier military life, earlier military work1
M12aa02Change in military lifechange in military work0
M12aa02aRecent entering armed force0
M12aa02bRecent leaving armed force1
M12aa03Later in armed forcelater military life, later military work1
M12abCurrent involvement in military lifeliving in a military setting, 2
M12ab01Militairs in family1
M12acMilitary skill3
M12adAttitudes to military life0
M12ad01Concern about militairy0
M12ad02Satisfaction with militairy life0
M12ad03Perceived effects of change in militairy life4
M13MINORITY STATUSoutnumbered, majority0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M13aaDevelopment of minority status0
M13abCurrent minority status0
M13acAttitudes to own minority status0
M14MODERNITYpersonal literacy, rationality, social development, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M14aaModernity career0
M14aa01Earlier modernityearlier modernity of attitudes , earlier modernity of attitudes0
M14aa02Change in modernitychange in modernity of attitudes , change in modernity of attitudes0
M14aa03Later modernitylater modernity of attitudes , later modernity of attitudes0
M14abCurrent modernitymodernization3
M14ab01Modern attitudesuniversalism (vs particularism), 3
M14ab02Modern behavior56
M14acAttitudes to modernity0
M15MOODpleasure in life, laughing, 2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M15aaMood careerearlier affect-life, earlier moods , change in affect-life, 0
M15aa01Earlier mood-pattern4
M15aa02Recent change in mood-patternchange in moods , 1
M15aa02aChange in anxietyanxiety career, 1
M15aa03Later mood-patternlater affect-life, later moods , 5
M15abCurrent mood of the moment9
M15ab01Mood during the interview10
M15ab02Mood during the day of interview 4
M15ab03Yesterday's mood4
M15acCurrent typical moodscurrent moods, 13
M15ac01Feeling angry (vs friendly)1
M15ac02Feeling bored (vs interested)1
M15ac03Feeling clear (vs dull, confused)confused, 8
M15ac04Feeling cheerful (vs gloomy)hedonic level of affect, psychological depression, feeling joyful, depressive, pleasant affect11
M15ac04aFeeling elated (vs not)current mood, 5
M15ac04bFeeling down (vs not)melancholy, pessimistic, sadness, 27
M15ac04cFeeling hopeless (vs not)melancholy, mood optimistic, pessimism6
M15ac04dFeeling satisfied (vs dissatisfied)satisfied, 6
M15ac04eFeeling disgusted1
M15ac05Feeling close (vs remote)sense of belonging, sociable personality, own participation, distant, tendency to feel close to others, feeling sociable7
M15ac05aFeeling lonely (vs not)feeling lonely, lonely, 71
M15ac05bFeeling love (vs not)loving, 5
M15ac05cFeeling sociable (vs withdrawn)7
M15ac05dFeeling understood (vs not)2
M15ac06Feeling energetic (vs lethargic, tired)general activity level, feeling energetic , fatigue, feeling passive, energetic, tense, feeling vital , 25
M15ac06aFeeling excited2
M15ac07Feeling free (vs restrained)free (vs restricted)4
M15ac07aFeeling free from inner restraintsnot vulnerable5
M15ac07bFeeling free from external restraints(subjective freedom), 3
M15ac08Feeling friendly (vs hostile)aggressive tendencies, disposition to hostility, rejection of others, feeling sociable11
M15ac09Feeling full (vs empty)feeling vital , 6
M15ac10Feeling open (vs closed)feeling sociable, feeling vital , 0
M15ac10aFeeling involved (vs detached)feeling bored, own participation5
M15ac10bFeeling receptive4
M15ac10cFeeling interested3
M15ac10dFeeling enthusiastic1
M15ac11Feeling secure (vs threatened)current anxiety, feeling anxious, inferiority, safety, perceived safety, feelings of security, psychological reactions20
M15ac12Feeling self-confident (vs inadequate)inferiority, feeling vital , 20
M15ac12aFeeling proud3
M15ac13Feeling morally good (vs guilty)clear conscience, 7
M15ac14Feeling respectable (vs rejected)3
M15ac15Feeling tranquil (vs restless)intra-personal harmony, restless mood, restlessness, speedy personality, psychological reactions, tense23
M15ac16Feeling zestful (vs un-inspirited)feeling energetic , feeling passive, feeling vital , zest, 0
M15adMood in situations7
M15ad01Mood during festivitiescelebration, party, ritual7
M15ad02Mood at homesatisfaction with family life, 3
M15ad03Mood during leisuresatisfaction with leisure, 4
M15ad04Mood during worksatisfaction with work-life, 3
M15ad05Mood when respected13
M15ad06Mood in intimacyaffection, love9
M15ad07Mood when helpingaltruism1
M15ad08Mood when laughing2
M16MOTIVATIONdrives, needs0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M16aaMotivation career2
M16aa01Earlier motivantion0
M16aa02Change in motivation0
M16aa03Later motivation1
M16abCurrent motivation13
M16ab01Achievement motivationneed to excell0
M16ab02Intrinsic motivationself driven, authentic3
M16ab03Extrinsic motivationconformism1
M16acAttitudes to ones motivation2
M17MOBILITY (travel)commuting, moving, transport, travel0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
M17aaMobility career0
M17abCurrent mobility0
M17acAttitudes to mobility0
N01NATION: ATTITUDES TO ONE'S NATIONacceptance of social order, subjective sense of belonging, own acceptance of social order, identification0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N01aaDevelopment of attitudes to nation0
N01aa01Earlier attitudes to nationearlier attitudes to nation, earlier attitudes to nation, earlier attitudes to nation0
N01aa02Change in attitudes to nationchange in attitudes to nation, change in attitudes to nation, change in attitudes to nation2
N01aa03Later attitudes to one's nationlater attitudes to nation, later attitudes to nation, later attitudes to nation0
N01abCurrent attitudes to nationattitudes to development of nation, improvement of society10
N01ab01Perceived earlier situation of nationretrospection on nation1
N01ab02Evaluation of current situation of nation20
N01ab03Perceived improvement/deterioration0
N01ab04Expected improvement\deterioration of one's nationexpected improvement of country, 5
N01ab05Hopes for the nationworries about society3
N01ab06Worries about the nation2
N01acCurrent satisfaction with nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, satisfaction with nation, rejection of society14
N01ac01Satisfaction with life in nation in general9
N01ac02Satisfaction with compatriots in nationattitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting attitudes, 8
N01adCurrent identification with nationidentification with nation, national identity5
N01ad01Willingness to emigrate0
N01ad02Willingness to fight for nationnationalism1
N02NATION: CULTUREattitude, belief, conciction, norm, tradition value0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N02aaDevelopment of culture in one's nationcultural change0
N02aa01Earlier culture in nationcultural heritage, tradition0
N02aa02Cultural change in nation0
N02aa03Later culture in nationeffect happiness on cultural development0
N02abCurrent cultural conditions the nationin society, climate in society, cultural climate, protection of deviants, life-style pattern in society, rationality4
N02ab01Attitudinal climate in nationshared beliefs, opinions, values3
N02ab01aSatisfaction with domains of life in nation1
N02ab01aaSatisfaction with work in nationjob satisfaction3
N02ab01abSatisfaction with finances in nation2
N02ab01acSatisfaction with home life in nation1
N02ab01bPerceived freedom in nation9
N02ab01cTolerance in nation0
N02ab01dTrust in nation2
N02ab02Education in nationschooling0
N02ab02aLiteracy in nationreaDING, WEITING ABILITY18
N02ab02aa% higher educated in nation1
N02ab02abIQ in nationintelligence0
N02ab02acInequality in educationeducational diversity0
N02ab02adTeaching practices in nationsocialization2
N02ab02aeSpending on educationeducation expense1
N02ab02bSchooling in nationeducation level0
N02ab03Mass media in nationinternet, press,newspapers, radio, tv2
N02ab03aInternet connections in nationworld wide web3
N02ab03bMedia attendance in narioncultural climate, public information, culture of attendance, 15
N02ab03cNumber of TV channels in nationmedia diversity2
N02ab04Religion in nationclimate of faith22
N02ab04aShare of particular denominations10
N02ab05Cultural pluralismmulti-lingual country, migrants in society, cultural diversity in nation7
N02ab06Value climate in the nationachievement orientation in society, activity level in society, attitudes to age-groups in society, aggression in society, climate of alienation, anomy in society, attitudinal climate in society, in society, climate of beliefs, adherence to humanistic values , tolerant values, leisure in society, current life-goals in society, brotherhood, masculine values, collective mentality (culture), moral climate in society, attitudinal climate in country, dominant needs in society, in society, permissive attitude-climate, public opinion, in society, in society, valuation of self-actualization, acceptance of sexuality in society, practices in society, climate of difference, tolerance in society, climate of universalism, value-climate in society, centrality of work in society, climate of birth control44
N02ab06aCivic values in nationsocial responsibility0
N02ab06bFamily values in nation0
N02ab06cHedonic values in nationpublic attitudes to happiness, climate of attitudes to happiness, moral acceptance of pleasure, climate of hedonism, acceptance of pleasure in society, moral appreciation of satisfaction6
N02ab06caA-hedonism in nationfear of happiness1
N02ab06dIndividualistic values in nationclimate of individualism, 8
N02ab06ePost-materialistic values in nationmaterialism in society, climate of materialism, materialism in society, 4
N02ab06fWork values in nationworkt ethic0
N02acAttitudes to culture in the nationsatisfaction with media, 2
N02ac01Satisfaction with moral climate belief in justice, 8
N02ac02Satisfaction with media in nation5
N02ac02aSatisfaction with supply of mass-media in nation2
N03NATION: DEMOGRAPHYage composition, ethnicity, life-expectancy, population0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N03aaDevelopment of demography in one's nationdemographic change, population growth0
N03aa01Emigration out of nationemigration rate, outflow0
N03aa02Population growth in nationpopulation growth in nation, size of nation, 2
N03abCurrent demographic conditioins in one's nation1
N03ab01Age compositionyoung/old ratio, average age, retirees in nation2
N03ab02Birth control in the nation6
N03ab03Family pattern in nationintimate ties, primary relations, kin0
N03ab04Birth rate in nationfertility, family size2
N03ab05Population composition in nationage composition in society, 2
N03ab05aGenetic variation in nationgenes, race0
N03ab05bImmigrants in nationinflux, newcomer0
N03ab06Population density in nationcrowding in nation, population pressure1
N03ab07Population size in nationamount, number inhabitants24
N03acAttitudes to demography in nation0
N04NATION: ECONOMYaffleunce, business, development, poor, rich, wealth0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N04aaDevelopment of economy in one's nationdecline, differentiation,growth, specialization0
N04aa01Earlier economy in nationeconomic history0
N04aa02Change of economic conditions in nation0
N04aa02aChange average income in nationincome groth/decline0
N04aa02bChange consumer confidence in nationwillingness to buy0
N04aa02cChange exports by nation0
N04aa02dChange minimum wage in nation0
N04aa02eChange social security in nationwelfare3
N04aa02fChange stock market prices in nationassests0
N04aa02gEconomic growth/decline in nationeconomic depression, economic change, stability of society, in society47
N04aa02hEconomic stability in nationviolality of economy0
N04aa03Later economic conditionsfuture economy0
N04abCurrent economic condition of the nationundernourishment in the nation, material affluence, standard of living in environment12
N04ab01Economic affluence in nationwealth of the nation, consumption level in society, national income, affluence in nation, satisfaction with standard of living, economic prosperity of nation12
N04ab01aGnp per capita (raw)33
N04ab01bPurchasing power (`real' gnp pc)64
N04ab01cGross National Product8
N04ab01dAverage income in nation12
N04ab01daAverage income of similar people in nationreference income1
N04ab02Employment in nationjobs0
N04ab02aSelf-employment in nationown boss, business0
N04ab02bUnemployment in nationunemployment in society, un-employment in society41
N04ab02cInformal economy, black market in nation2
N04ab03Entrepreneurial climate in nationbusiness friendly, economic opportunities, infrastructure1
N04ab04Exports by nation0
N04ab05Industries in nationsector, specialization, trade0
N04ab05aAgriculture in nationfarming0
N04ab05bExtraction industry in nationmining0
N04ab05cService sector in nation0
N04ab05dSustainable energy production in nationeco-energy0
N04ab05eTourism in nationhospitality, visitors0
N04ab06Inflation in nation23
N04ab07Openness of economy in nationfree trade19
N04ab08Investment price level in nationcompetitiveness4
N04ab09Work conditions in nationwork health, worker protection1
N04ab09aJob protection in nationemployment security, permanent contract, tenure2
N04ab09bMinimum wage in nation1
N04ab09cRetirement age in nationpension0
N04ab09dTrade unions in nationunionization0
N04ab09eWorking hours in nationworking time4
N04ab10Global competitiveness of nation1
N04ab11Socio-economic regime in the nation15
N04ab11aCollective wage bargening in nationcentral wage negotiation2
N04ab11bState control of economy in nationplanned society, 3
N04ab11cPublic goods in nation6
N04ab11caPensions in nationlife insurance0
N04ab11cbPublic education in nation9
N04ab11ccPublic health in nationhealth care facilities, mental health care facilities, public health care, 13
N04ab11cdPublic housing in nation0
N04ab11ceSocial security in nationwelfare57
N04ab11dTax regime in nationdues, tarifs0
N04ab12Share of advertisements in GDPcapitalism, consumerism, commercialism, materialism1
N04ab13Sustainability of the economy in nationgreen economy, fossil free energy0
N04acStandard of living in the nationeconomic affluence, standard of living in society, 3
N04ac01Consumption in nationgood, services0
N04ac01aAutomobiles in nationcar0
N04ac02Prevalence of below-standard living in nation0
N04ac02aHomelessness in nation2
N04ac02bMalnutrition in nation(under)-nutrition in society, 11
N04ac02cPoverty in nation4
N04ac03Purchasing power of average citizen in nationsocial security in nation, 4
N04ac03aPrice level in nationcost of living0
N04ac04Quality\quantity of facilities in nation3
N04ac04aAccess to clean water in nation1
N04ac04bChildcare in nation0
N04ac04cElectricity supply in nation1
N04ac04dHealth care in nation0
N04ac04daMental health care in nationpsychotherapy, psychiatry2
N04ac04eHousing in nationhousing condition in nation, 2
N04ac04fPC ownnership in nationinternet access1
N04ac04gSchools in nation3
N04adAttitudes to economy in the nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, standard of living in society11
N04ad01Consumer confidencewillingness to spend0
N04ad02Satisfaction with aminities in nationfacilities, public good and services1
N04ad02aSatisfaction with transportation opportunities in nation3
N04ad02bSatisfaction with welfare provision for the elderly in nation32
N04ad03Satisfaction with economic development in nation5
N04ad04Satisfaction with costs of living in nationattitudes to income climate, in nation, satisfaction with costs of living, economy, in nation3
N04ad05Satisfaction with living conditions in nationstandard of living3
N04ad05aSatisfaction with water supply in nationclean water1
N04ad06Satisfaction with price levels in nationcost of living1
N04ad07Satisfaction with taxes in nationattitude to taxes, 1
N05NATION: GEOGRAPHYclimate, location, nature, population0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N05aaDevelopment of geagraphical conditions in one's nationclimate change0
N05abCurrent geographical conditions in nationclimate, environment, life-space,4
N05ab01Size of the nation0
N05ab02Habitability of landin nation2
N05ab03Climateusual weather , 18
N05ab04Urbanizationurbanization of society, 6
N05ab05Environmental qualitypollution, environmental health14
N05ab06Ecological footprintsustainability2
N05acAttitudes to geographical conditions in nation1
N05ac01Satisfaction with environmental protectiongreen policy2
N05ac02Satisfaction with natural environment39
N05ac02aSatisfaction with air qualityair pollution1
N05ac02bSatisfaction with water qualityclean water, water supply1
N06NATION: HISTORYbackround, origin0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N06aaEarlier conditions of nationpast conditions, heritage0
N06aa01History of war in with nationarmed conflict, cold war1
N06aa02Post communist nationformer East-block, cold war5
N06aa03Post colonial nationthird world, dominions0
N06abChange in nationsocial change1
N06ab01Actual development of nationsocial progress0
N06ab02Attitudes to development of nation0
N06acHistory of happiness in nationperiod, time years1
N07NATION: JUSTICElaw, legal system, legitimacy, safety8
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N07aaDevelopment of justics in nation0
N07abCurrent justice in one's nation0
N07ab01Corruption in nation21
N07ab01aPerceived corruption in nationinstitutional quality, rule of law3
N07ab02Crime on nationdelinquency7
N07ab03Human-rights protection in nationprotection of deviants, rights13
N07ab04Property rights in nationpossession0
N07acAttitudes to justice in nation0
N07ac01Satisfaction with fair treatment in nation4
N07ac02Satisfaction with respect for rights in nation5
N08NATION: LIFESTYLEbehaviour, way of life0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N08aaDevelopment of lifestules in onr's nationculture change, custom, way of life0
N08abCurrent life-style in nation0
N08ab01Art of living in nationhedonic capacity0
N08ab01aHedonism in nationpleasure seeking0
N08ab01bInterest in life in nationinvolvement0
N08ab02Health behaviour in nation0
N08ab02aAlcohol consumption in nationalcoholism, drinking1
N08ab02bNutrition in nationeating, food preference, malnutrition5
N08ab02cSmoking in nation1
N08ab02dSun protection in nation1
N08ab03Sporting in nation1
N08ab04Time regime in nationpunctuality, time use0
N08ab04aPace of life in nationspeed of life, time stress2
N08acAttitudes to life-style in nation0
N09NATION: LIVABILITY (fit with human needs/capacities)habitable, suitable, workable0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N09aaDevelopment of livability of nationdecline, progress, stagnation0
N09abCurrent livability of nationhabitability, life-chances0
N09ab01Apparent average livability in nationhuman dlourishing1
N09ab01aHappiness in nationsubjective enjoyment of one's lifge-as-a-whole, SWB0
N09ab01aaAffect in nationhedonic level of affect, affective component5
N09ab01abContentment in nationperceived realization of wants, cognitive component0
N09ab01acOverall happiness (life-satisfaction) in nation2
N09ab01bHealth in nationpublic health4
N09ab01baPhysical health in nationd isease, illness4
N09ab01bbMental health in nationmental disorder, insame, mad7
N09ab01bcLife-expectancy in the nationdeath rate, longevity, survival17
N09ab01bdDisability adjusted life expectancy in nationDALY, healthy life years3
N09ab01beObesity in nationoveweight, BMI0
N09ab01cHappy Life Years in nationHappiness Adjusted Life Expectancy HALY0
N09ab01dSatisfaction in nationhappiness of compatriots, modal satisfaction, 0
N09ab01daSatisfaction with multiple aspects of life in nationdomain satisfaction index2
N09ab01dbSatisfaction with single aspects of life in nationdomain satisfaction4
N09ab01dcSuicide in nationself harm7
N09ab01ddTime spend in unpleasant activities in nation0
N09ab01eStress in nation1
N09ab01fWorries in nationconcerns1
N09ab01gInequality of apparent livability in nationdispersion6
N09ab02Asssumed livability of nation: Conditions deemed benificiallife-chances, deprivation, QOL index score5
N09ab03Mixed indexes of apparent and assumed livability in nationmulti-dimensional, sum-score0
N09acAttitudes to livability of one's nationperceived livability1
N10NATION: NATIONALITYnationality, tongue, macro social, nationality, macro level, characteristics of society, nation, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N10aaNationality careerearlier nationality2
N10aa01Earlier nationality (nation of origin)home land, country of origin20
N10aa02Change of nationalitychange in nationality2
N10aa03Later nationality0
N10abCurrent nation of residencemodal satisfaction, satisfaction in society29
N10ab01Comparison of non-representative nation-samples4
N10ab02Comparison of specific social categories in nations8
N10acForeign nationalities in nationimmigrants, visitors17
N11NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)national character, affect level in society, attitudinal climate in society, expressiveness in society, shared identity in nation, leadership in society, current life-goals in society, macro social, collective mentality (culture), modernity of nation, modal personality of citizens in the nation, attitudinal climate in country, dominant needs in society, modal personality in country , public opinion, in society, macro level, practices in society, characteristics of society, nation3
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N11aaDevelopment of modal personality innationpscho-history0
N11abCurrent modal personality in one's nationnational character0
N11ab01Agreableness in nationnice, positive, sociable1
N11ab02Agression, anger in nationfrustration0
N11ab03Agreableness in nationgentle, nice, sociable1
N11ab04Agreeing, yea-saying in nationconformism0
N11ab05Ambitiousness in nationachievement motivation, aspirations2
N11ab06Anxiety in nationfear1
N11ab07Competitiveness in nationachievement0
N11ab08Conformism in nation0
N11ab09Conscientiousness in nationdiligent, meticulous2
N11ab10Cynism in nationditrust, negative attitude1
N11ab11Emotional stability in nationvariable1
N11ab12Empathy in nationcompassion0
N11ab13Extraversion in nationintroversion, outer orienred4
N11ab14Extremety in nationexcess, maximal, moderation1
N11ab15Hedonism in nationenjoyment, pleasure seeking,3
N11ab16Individualism/collectivism in nationclimate of individualism, 4
N11ab17Control belief: internal/external in nationculture of resignation, 4
N11ab18Independence in nation(non)authoritarian, (non)conformist, self-directed0
N11ab19Interest in life in nation1
N11ab20Intelligence in nationcognitive ability, IQ0
N11ab21Intrinsec/extrinsic motivation in nationself directed, other directed3
N11ab22Honesty in nationcheat, moral,5
N11ab23Masculinity (vs femininity) in nationmacho, womenlike0
N11ab24Neuroticism in nationnervous, psycho-neutrotic, unstable6
N11ab25Openness in nationbroad minded, receptive1
N11ab26Optimism in nationhopefulness in society, in society, worrying in society, 1
N11ab27Psychoticism in nationinsane4
N11ab28Self confidence in nationself esteem, self regard1
N11ab29Tightness in nation0
N11ab30Tolerance in nationacceptance7
N11ab31Trust in nationconfidence, reliance2
N11ab31aTrust in fellow-man in nationcivic trust21
N11ab31bTrust in institutions in nation7
N11ab32Psychological freedom in nationability to choose1
N11acAttitudes to modal personality inationnational chaacter0
N12NATION: POLITICSstate development; monopoly of force, leadership in society, culture of acceptance, freedom, political freedom, political climate in nation, political change, totalitarianism25
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N12aaDevelopment of politics in one's nationchange, evolution, history, revolution0
N12aa01Earlier political conditions in nationpolitical history, past politics0
N12aa02Change of political conditions in nationpolitical change, revolutions, regime shift0
N12aa02aChange political democracy in nationdemocratization1
N12aa02bChange quality of government in nation2
N12aa02cChange size of government in nation0
N12aa03Later political conditions in nationpolitical sequale of happiness0
N12abCurrent political conditions in nation0
N12ab01Centralization in nationdecentralized, federal, local autonomy7
N12ab02Civil war in nationarmed conflict, violence8
N12ab03Dominant political ideology in nationliberalism, socialism, communitarism, nationalism2
N12ab04Political democracy in nationdemocracy in society22
N12ab04aInterest democracy (interest-groups) in nationlobby3
N12ab04bParliamentary democracy in nationelections5
N12ab05Political participation in nationsocietal integration, integration of society, 3
N12ab05aPolitical protest in nationconflict1
N12ab05bPolitical violence in nation7
N12ab05cTrade union membership in nationunionisation2
N12ab06Political role of armed forces in nationrole of military in society, 2
N12ab07Quality of government in nationgovernment effectiveness35
N12ab08Size of government in nationgovernment consumption27
N12ab08aGovernment consumption in nation13
N12ab08bGovernment expenditures16
N12acAttitudes to politics in nationacceptance, concern, interest, protest0
N12ac01Attitudes to the state in nationlegitimacy, sarisfaction8
N12ac02Satisfaction with democracy in nation30
N12ac03Satisfaction with government in nation6
N13NATION: POSITION OF ONE'S NATIONindependence of country, collective chances, macro social, international position of the nation, macro level, characteristics of society, nation, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N13aaDevelopment of position of one's nationheritage, social change0
N13abCurrent position of one's nation0
N13ab01Central/peripherical in world systemplace of nation in world-system, climate of universalism, 0
N13ab02Foreings aid provided/received by nation0
N13ab03Geographic locationpart of the world13
N13ab04Involved in international conflictsafety, conflicts in society, security of nation, of warfare, revolution, climate of war0
N13ab05Reputation of the nationstanding0
N13ab06Relative livability of nationlife-chances0
N13ab07Success in sports of nationchampion, olypmic4
N13ab08Wealth: relative to neighour countries1
N13acAttitudes to position of the nation5
N14NATION: SOCIETYsocial system, collective arrangements, stratification, culture, collective chances, macro social, living conditions in the nation, (conditions deemed good for people18), problems in society, presumed livability of nation, resources of nation, macro level, characteristics of society, nation2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N14aaDevelopment of society in nation0
N14aa01Social change in nationdevelopment0
N14abCurrent societal characteristics of nationnation traits0
N14ab01Freedom in nationschoice, oppression, restriction12
N14ab01aPrivate freedom in nationspersonal freedom, autonomy, self direction10
N14ab01aaFreedom of compulsory services in nationdraft, military service,. Social service0
N14ab01abFreedom of family in nation2
N14ab01acFreedom of procreation in nationfamily planning, contraception, abortion5
N14ab01adFreedom of sex in nationsexuality5
N14ab01aeFreedom of suicide in nationeuthanasia4
N14ab01afFreedom of religion in nation1
N14ab01agFreedom of travel in nationpermit0
N14ab01bPolitical freedom in nationin society, in society20
N14ab01baFreedom of press in nationtolerance in society, 6
N14ab01cEconomic freedom in nation26
N14ab01dValuation of freedom in nationliberalism3
N14ab01eSatisfaction with freedom in nationopportunity to choose, oppression1
N14ab02Inequality in nationclass, rank, stratification5
N14ab02aEducation inequality in nation0
N14ab02bEthnic diversity in nationrace difference, fractionalization0
N14ab02cGender inequality (women emancipation) in nationgender discrimination, gender inequality in society, emancipation in nation, gender-equality in society, discrimination of women, dispersion of presumed quality-of-life, in society, woman emancipation, gender equality in society25
N14ab02dIncome inequality in nation39
N14ab02ePresence of minority groupsethnic discrimination , in society, majority/minority differences in society, cultural diversity in nation, in society0
N14ab02fPerceived discrimination in nationPrejudices2
N14ab02gStatus differentiation (stratification) in nation3
N14ab02hInequality in (apparent) quality of life in nationinequality of apparent quality-of-life, 0
N14ab02haInequality in happiness in nationinequality in happiness in society, inequality in happiness among citizens, 14
N14ab02hbDissimilarity in conditions for happiness in nationinequality, homogeneity, likeness0
N14ab02hcInequality in health in nationinequality in health/longevity, 0
N14ab02iSocial mobility in nation0
N14ab02iaInter generational mobility in nation3
N14ab02ibIntra generational mobility in nation0
N14ab02icPerceived social mobility in nation0
N14ab03Intimate ralations in nationprimary relations, family, friends, love, marriage2
N14ab03aFriendship density in nationfriendship density in society, 1
N14ab03bMarriage pattern in nationmarriage pattern in society, 3
N14ab03baDivorce rate in nationdivorce-rate in society, 4
N14ab03bbMarrieds in nationcohabitation, living together0
N14ab03bc% living alone in nationhousehold pattern in society, 0
N14ab03cSocial cohesion in nation16
N14ab03caHelping in nationcharity, generosity4
N14ab04Modernity of nationcivilization, development, societal differentiation, maturation of society, social development, stage of development of society, traditional13
N14ab04aIndustrialization in nationautomation4
N14ab04bInformatization in nationcomputer, internet4
N14ab04cIndividualization in nation7
N14ab04dSpecialization in nationprofessionalization2
N14ab05Pace of life in nationspeed, time pressure0
N14ab06Safety in the nationcrime0
N14ab06aLethal accicidents in nation5
N14ab06bInfant mortality in nation2
N14ab06cMaternal mortality in nation0
N14ab07Social participation in nationinvolvement, mutiuality, voluntary0
N14ab07aAttitudes to social relations in the nationsatisfaction with aspects of nation, own attitudes to discrimination10
N14ab07aaAttitudes to ethnic relations in nation8
N14ab07abAttitudes to labor relations labor relations, 3
N14ab07acAttitudes to social inequality in nationattitude to inequality in society, attitudes to social mobility in society, acceptance of social in-equality, attitudes to social stratification17
N14ab07adAttitudes to treatment of children in nation2
N14ab07bPerceived treatment of migrants in nationdiscrimination, hospitality, respect, xeonofobia2
N14ab08Social problems in nationsocial issue, social question0
N14ab09Summed nation characteristics15
N14acAttitudes to society in one's nation0
N15NUTRITIONeating, food0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
N15aaNutrition historyearlier health-behavior, earlier nutrition, change in health-behavior, change in nutrition, later health-behavior, later nutrition10
N15aa01Earlier nutrition0
N15aa02Change in nutrition4
N15aa03Later nutrition0
N15abCurrent nutritionearlier nationality, change in nationality7
N15ab01How much one eats2
N15ab02How much one spends on eatingfood expenditure2
N15ab03How often one eatsmeal frequency1
N15ab04What one eatsdiet48
N15ab05When one eatsmeal schedule, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking2
N15ab05aBreakfast (or not)morning meal49
N15ab05bLunch (or not)noon meal0
N15ab05cDinner (or not)evening meal49
N15ab05dSuppernight meal0
N15ab05eSnacking between meals0
N15ab06Where one eats2
N15acAttitudes to one's nutritionattitudes to nutrition, 2
N15ac01Concern about nutrition3
N15ac02Satisfaction with one's nutritionsatisfaction with nutrition3
O01OCCUPATIONwork behavior, participation in public spheres, kind of work, , access to power, work life, profession, work-tasks, vocation0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
O01aaOccupational careersocial success, own retirement, advancement in occupation, success at work4
O01aa01Earlier occupation13
O01aa02Recent change in occupationchange in occupation, change in occupation0
O01aa02aEntering first job0
O01aa02bLoss of job0
O01aa02cSwitch to other job1
O01aa03History of current occupationjob experience4
O01aa03aAdvancement in current job4
O01aa04Later occupation1
O01abCurrent occupation81
O01ab01In working-force or not4
O01ab02Kind of occupation (profession)involved in business or not, specific business, 29
O01ab02bEntrepreneurbusiness, self employed3
O01ab02baSize of one's enterprisebusiness size2
O01ab02cFactory worker0
O01ab02dGarbage collector0
O01ab02gTeachereducator, professor2
O01acCharacteristics of current occupation5
O01ac01Occupational level12
O01ac01aSocial prestige of occupation20
O01ac01bSkill level of occupationoccupational skills, 12
O01ac01cManual or non-manual8
O01ac01dOccupation of training/educationUse of skills, work-education fit1
O01ac01eSupervisory tasksboss, leader2
O01ac01eaNumber of subordinatesemployees, personal1
O01ac02BrancheTrade, domain1
O01ac02bBuildingconstruction, immobile, property0
O01ac02dCultureArts. Leisure1
O01ac02eCarehealthcare, social work1
O01ac02fEducationSchooling, training1
O01ac02gRetailShop, sales1
O01ac02hPublic administrationgovernment1
O01ac03Sector: public/privategovernment, market1
O01adAttitudes to one's occupationattitudes to occupation, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), worries about work5
O01ad01Attitudes to occupational career0
O01ad01aOccupational aspirationsoccupational goals, satisfaction with career-opportunities10
O01ad01bSatisfaction with careersatisfaction with occupational career5
O01ad02Attitudes to current occupation(job-satisfaction), 7
O01ad03Attitudes to current job5
O01ad04Looking for another jobjob shift, turn over8
P01PERFORMANCEachievement, success1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P01aaPerformance career0
P01aa01Earlier performancemade carreer0
P01aa02Change in performance0
P01aa03Later performance0
P01abCurrent performance0
P01ab01Daily life tasksADL, disability1
P01ab02Intellectual performance0
P01ab03School performanceschool succes, grades147
P01ab04Sports performancechampion, winning0
P01ab05Work performanceproductivity0
P01acAttitudes to performance0
P02PERSONALITY: HISTORYearlier habits , earlier moods , earlier personality, mental maturity, personality, earlier personality0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P02aaEarlier personality organization3
P02abEarlier personality traitsown infancy, 5
P02ab01Earlier ambitiousnessachievevement1
P02ab02Earlier tendency to agreeapproval1
P02ab03Earlier anxietyanxiety career, 1
P02ab04Earlier assertiveness1
P02ab05Earlier approval seeking1
P02ab06Earlier cleverness1
P02ab07Earlier conscientiousness1
P02ab08Earlier sense of coherence1
P02ab09Earlier efficacyproductive0
P02ab10Earlier emotionalityexpressive behavior, emotionality, impulsiveness, 1
P02ab11Earlier fail-anxiety1
P02ab12Earlier extraversion1
P02ab13Earlier genuiness0
P02ab14Earlier independenceindependent personality, dependant personality, independent personality, independent personality, independent personality, self-determination2
P02ab15Earlier inhibition1
P02ab16Earlier inner-controlsense of non-control, external control belief, goal-directedness, external control belief, internal control belief, attitudes to luck, external controlled, external locus of control, self-control9
P02ab17Earlier neurotocism1
P02ab18Earlier opennessexpressive behavior, open personality, 0
P02ab19Earlier optimismhopes for the future, attitudes to luck, optimism career, optimism, 1
P02ab20Earlier persistenceperseverance, 3
P02ab21Earlier positive thinkingtendency to react positively, 2
P02ab22Earlier resignationresigned personality, resigned personality, tendency to resign1
P02ab23Earlier need for self-actualizationneed for self-actualization2
P02ab24Earlier self-confidenceself-confident personality, self-confidence, self-confidence, independent personality, optimism career, self-confident personality, current self-confidence7
P02ab25Earlier self-disclosingself-disclosure, tendency to self-disclosure, 2
P02ab26Earlier sociability1
P02ab27Earlier hurriednessspeedy personality, speedy personality, 1
P02ab28Earlier stability1
P02ab29Earlier tolerancetolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality1
P02ab30Earlier trustingattitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality, 2
P02ab31Earlier vigorvigor, own trust1
P03PERSONALITY: CHANGEplanning abilities, mental growth, change in habits , personality, change of personality, of personality0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P03aaChange in personalityearlier affect-life, change in affect-life, change in moods , later affect-life, 0
P03aa01Change in personality organization0
P03aa02Change in personality traits0
P03aa02aChange in ambitiousness0
P03aa02bChange in approval seeking0
P03aa02cChange in dominance0
P03aa02dChange in control orientation3
P03aa02eChange in thankfulnessgratitude4
P03abCurrent stage of developmentmental maturation, psychological maturity, general sense of identity, developmental stage, mental maturity, mental age, mental growth, dominant motives, stage of motivational development, psycho-social development, development, degree of self-actualization, self-understanding, stage of personal development6
P03acCourse of development1
P03adAttitude to personality changeself development0
P03ad01Aspired personality changeideal self, self development1
P04PERSONALITY: CURRENT ORGANIZATIONpersonality, current personality organization1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P04aaPersonality differentiationpsychological differentiation, 1
P04abPersonality integrationintra-personal harmony, personal homogeneity, integrated, psychological stability, psychological strength, 8
P05PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITSown affective experiences, behaviors, character traits, own habits, ability to utilize opportunities, own life-style, male, identity, confident, dominant motives, personality, current personality traits, actual attribution of personality, self-concept, self-perceived personality, temperament8
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P05aaAggressive, angryaggressive tendencies, impulse-control, disposition to hostility, aggression, need for achievement, agreeable, hostile, self-blaming, tendency to punish , rejection of others, tendency to resentment, self-blame, self-esteem, trusting personality18
P05abAmbitiousneed for achievement, ambitiousness, amount of aspirations, energetic personality, energetic, driven, achievement, performance, perseverance, energetic, health, restlessness, own mobility, aspired success, need for superiority, vital personality52
P05acActivenew-born activity, authoritarian, 12
P05adAgreeablegentle, nice, sociable15
P05aeAgreeing, yea-sayingdependant personality, desirability distortion in interview , yea-saying, tendency to agree, 6
P05afAnxiouscurrent anxiety, assertive personality, moral behavior, moral behavior, psychological conservatism, anxious personality, honest personality, general tendency to be dishonest, morals, reliable, general risk awareness, perceived safety, satisfaction with one's morality, (in)secure personality, psychological reactions, tense32
P05agAssertiveindependent personality, driven, assertive personality, perseverance, skills, social skills5
P05ahApproval seekingneed for esteem, desirability distortion in interview , moral climate in society, approval, need for approval, conformistic, vulnerable, giving socially desirable answers, need for social approval , tendency to agree22
P05ajBlamingcritical personality, ego-defense, tolerant personality, tendency to punish , self rejection, tendency to resentment, speedy personality5
P05alCalmconfused, 2
P05amCleverintelligent, 2
P05anCriticalcritical attitude, (un)critical personality, cynical, tendency to punish , rejection of others, self-blame, trusting personality1
P05aoConscientiousconscientious personality, neat, reliable, 26
P05apCoherence (sense of)5
P05arConservativeprogressive, (non)change oriented5
P05atDefensiveexpression of affects, psychological defense, ego-defense, empathy, intellectualization, perceptual distortion, concealing, repressive, defensive projection, sanity, psychological repression, answering self-defensively, self-awareness, self-understanding10
P05au01Need for dominancewish to dominate, dominance, need for superiority2
P05au02Dominant behaviordominant behavior, 4
P05avEfficacious, productivegeneral ability, competence, independent personality, sound, performance, productive personality , tenacity9
P05awEgoisticaltruism, moral behavior, selfishness, 7
P05axEmpathicsensitivity, social skills, personal warmth, 3
P05ayEmotionalexpression of affects, expressive behavior, emotionality, impulsiveness, vulnerable, sanity, answering extremely, sensitivity6
P05azExtravertedextraversion, extraversion, inhibition, introvert, affiliative, distant, introvert, spontaneity45
P05bbFail anxiousvulnerable, 3
P05bdFortuitousgeneral ability, competence, ego- strength, driven, firm, powerless, productive personality , psychological strength, tenacity, psychological strength2
P05bfGuiltyconscientious personality, guilt, super ego2
P05bgHappycheerfull, positive4
P05bhHedonisticpleasure seeking, 0
P05biHelplesspsychological depression, not vulnerable, helpless personality, inferiority, dependant, depressive, powerless, vulnerable, vital personality2
P05bkHumoroushumorous personality, 2
P05blImpulsive (vs self controlled)impulse-control, ability to delay gratification, impulsiveness, controlled, answering haphazardly, tendency to risky behavior, self-control7
P05bmIndependentautoritarian, conformistic, dependant, powerless, self-determination11
P05bnIndividualisticinternal control belief0
P05boInhibited(un)inhabitance, impulsiveness, inhibition, controlled, repressive, spontaneity, vital personality11
P05bpInner locus of controlsense of non-control, external control belief, perceived fate control, anxious personality, control belief, in society, goal-directedness, external control belief, internal control belief, internal control, locus of control, own involvement in gambling, attitudes to luck, inner directed, external controlled, conformistic, controlled, dependant, external locus of control, other oriented, self-blaming, risk perception, general risk awareness, self-control115
P05brIntrinsically motivatedintrinsic motivation2
P05btIrritableaggressive tendencies, anxious personality, disposition to hostility, agreeable, 12
P05buJealousjealous personality, 6
P05bvKindaltruism, disposition to hostility, agreeable, pleasant personality, personal warmth7
P05bxMasculine (vs feminine)boyish, girlish, ,ladylike, manly, macho, womanly1
P05byModest (vs supercilious)narcistic, self-sufficient, supercilious, 3
P05bzMoralaltruism, conscientious personality, super ego, value realization, 4
P05cdOpenexpressive behavior, own expressiveness, openness, open personality, distant25
P05ceOptimistichopes for the future, attitudes to luck, optimistic personality, pessimistic, optimism, current self-confidence16
P05cfOutgoingsociable personality, social skills4
P05cgPracticalgeneral ability, 2
P05chPersistentperseverance, skills, 4
P05ciPositive reactingcognitive style, comparison style, optimistic personality, perceptual style, discouraged, hopeful, pessimistic, polynianistic, satisfied, pessimism, tendency to react positively, trusting personality28
P05ckResignedresigned personality, optimistic personality, resigned personality, discouraged, pessimistic, powerless, pessimism, tendency to resign1
P05cnRigidpsychological conservatism, psychological dogmatism, flexible, rigidity, 3
P05coRisk minded12
P05cpSecurecurrent anxiety, anxious personality, perceived safety, (in)secure personality, 3
P05cqSensation seekingpleasure seeking, excitement seeking, need for excitement, need for novelty, excitement seeking, tendency to risky behavior, need for variety10
P05crSelf-actualization (need for)need for self actualization, need for self-actualization, satisfaction with self-realization, need for self-actualization11
P05csSelf-centeredaltruism, other oriented, selfishness, 1
P05ctSelf-consciousself-consciousness, self-awareness, self-understanding, 3
P05cuSelf-confidantgeneral ability, self-confident personality, self-confidence, self-confidence, independent personality, inferiority, optimistic personality, dependant, inferior, powerless, self-esteem, satisfaction with one's abilities, self-confident personality, self-esteem26
P05cvSelf-disclosingconcealment of emotion, own intimate pattern, sociable personality, self-disclosure, concealing, answering self-defensively, tendency to self-disclosure1
P05cv01Degree of self-disclosure2
P05cv02Style of self-disclosure3
P05cySociablesocial abilities, trust in people, sociable personality, affiliation, own participation, agreeable, affiliative, distant, social skills, sociable personality29
P05cy01Tendency to like people5
P05czSolidary, cooperativecooperative personality, own participation, affiliative, self-sufficient, solidarity, 4
P05daSpeedy, hurriedspeedy personality, restlessness, speedy personality, 4
P05dbStablepsychological stability, 7
P05dcSuggestibledependant personality, perceptual distortion, conformistic, tendency to agree, 2
P05deTensenervousness, psychological reactions8
P05dgToleranttolerant personality, tolerant personality, authoritarian, reliable, tolerant personality0
P05dhToughego- strength, not vulnerable, driven, vulnerable, psychological strength, psychological strength2
P05diTrustingattitudes to people, own trust, attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, agreeable, satisfaction with compatriots, trusting personality32
P05djTrust-worthymoral behavior, honest personality, reputation of honesty, general tendency to be dishonest, moral behavior, satisfaction with one's morality2
P05dkVigorousvigor, energetic personality, energetic, energetic, vital personality5
P05dlVulnerableweak, negative reacting3
P05dmZestfuldriven, performance, vital personality, zest3
P06PERSONALITY: LATERlater habits , later moods , later personality, personality, later personality , physical health4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P06aaLater personality organization0
P06abLater personality traits1
P06ab01Later cleverness1
P06ab02Later fail-anxiousness1
P06ab03Later locus of controlsense of non-control, external control belief, external control belief, external controlled1
P06ab04Later kindness1
P06ab05Later openness open personality, self-disclosure, 2
P06ab06Later need for self-actualisation4
P06ab07Later self-confidence1
P06ab08Later self-disclosuretendency to self-disclosure, 1
P06ab09Later tenseness1
P06ab10Later tolerancetolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality1
P06ab11Later trustingown trust, attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality1
P06acLater personality developmentpsychological maturity, developmental stage, mental maturity, mental age, mental growth, stage of motivational development, degree of self-actualization, stage of personal development2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P07aaPets career0
P07abCurrent pets4
P07acAttitudes to pets0
P08PLANNINGorientation on the future, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P08aaPlanning career4
P08abCurrent planning0
P08ab01Planning mindednessattitudes to life-goals, goal-directedness, planning minded, 4
P08ab02Planning ability3
P08ab03Planning of life0
P08acAttitudes to planning1
P09POLITICAL BEHAVIOURattitudes to leadership, political behavior, democratic behavior, ideological orientation, government, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P09aaBehavioral career0
P09aa01Earlier political behaviorearlier attitudes to politics, earlier attitudes to politics5
P09aa02Change in political behaviorchange in attitudes to politics, change in attitudes to politics0
P09aa03Later political behaviorlater attitudes to politics, later attitudes to politics4
P09abCurrent political behaviorparty preference1
P09ab01Political concernconcern about politics, 69
P09ab02Political participation participation in public spheres, , access to power, political involvement, participation in politics, social involvement, , societal involvement23
P09ab02aParticipation in demonstrations1
P09ab02bMembership of political organizations6
P09acCurrent right to vote28
P09adCurrent political (party) preferencepolitical conservatism, political preference, 18
P09ad01Preference for: left vs right wing13
P09ad02Preference for: center vs extremesconventional attitudes, critical attitudes, deviant attitudes, 2
P09aeAttitudes to basic political issuesattitudes to political issues, political conservatism, acceptance of social in-equality, political preference6
P09ae01Social inequality: more vs less differencespreference for equal chances14
P09ae02Social reform: radical reform vs consolidation14
P09ae03Configuration of orientations to inequality and social reform12
P09afAttitudes to specific political issuesattitudes to political issues, political preference12
P09af01Attitudes to ethnic discriminationown attitudes to discrimination, 3
P09agAttitudes to political systemsense of estrangement, acceptance of political system, attitudes to social order, acceptance of social order, own acceptance of social order, satisfaction with society, attitudes to government, rejection of society, satisfaction with state, attitudes to society5
P09ag01Attitudes to governmentsatisfaction with government, 12
P09ag01aAttitudes to national governmentnational government14
P09ag01bAttitudes to local governmentsatisfaction with government services, local government9
P09ag01cAttitudes to government accomplishmentsgovernment services5
P09ag02Attitudes to state-services4
P09ag02aAttitudes to environmental protectionattitudes6
P09ag02bAttitudes to public securitypublic security0
P09ag02cAttitudes to social securitysocial security, attitudes to social policy, satisfaction with social security4
P09ag02dAttitudes to public health care2
P09ag03Attitudes to democracy10
P09ag04Attitudes to political groups (parties, unions)1
P09ag05Perceived political controlpolitical authoritarianism, in society, powerless7
P09ag06Overall satisfaction with politicssatisfaction with politics2
P10POPULARITYown confrontation with rejection by others, own integration, success in social relations0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P10aaPopularity career0
P10aa01Earlier popularity0
P10aa02Change in popularity0
P10aa03Later popularity0
P10abCurrent popularity0
P10ab01Actual popularity (socio-metrically)reputation of popularity, actual popularity, sociometric position5
P10ab02Perceived popularity attitudes to popularity, self-perceived popularity, perceived approval13
P10ab02aPopularity with colleagues1
P10ab02bPopularity with same sex1
P10ab02cPopularity with opposite sex2
P10ab02dPopularity in community3
P10ab03Own liking of others 0
P10acAttitudes to own popularityattitudes to popularity, 8
P11PREFERENCESchoice, desire, inclination, propensity0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P11aaPreference career0
P11abCurrent preferences4
P11ab01Preference for happiness (over other goods)choice for pleasant life2
P11acAttitude to own preferences0
P12POSSESSIONSpersonal wealth, material dependency, access to income, spending capacity, satisfaction with standard of living, own socio-economic status2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P12aaCareer of assets1
P12aa01Earlier possessionsearlier income, 1
P12aa02Change in possessionschange in income, 6
P12aa03Later possessionslater income, 0
P12abCurrent possessions67
P12ab01Total wealth29
P12ab02Specific possessions28
P12ab02aBusiness assetsenterprise, investment3
P12ab02aaLand owned4
P12ab02abLivestockanimals, cattle1
P12ab02bCommunication devicesinformation tools0
P12ab02baInternet at homee-mail, web, connectedness1
P12ab02bbTvmedia consumption2
P12ab02bcTelephonecell-phone, mobile6
P12ab02cHousehold applianceswhite good4
P12ab02cbMicro wave1
P12ab02dPropertyland, buildings0
P12ab02eTransport toolstravel, mobilituy0
P12ab02fConsumer goods0
P12ab03aAvailability of creditloan3
P12ab03bMortgage (on home)1
P12ab04Insurancespension, social security9
P12ab06Bank account1
P12ab07Liquiditymoney ready available1
P12acAttitudes to one's possessionsattitudes to possessions, 14
P12ac01Attitude to investmententrepreurship0
P12ac02Attitude to savingrisk aversion3
P13PRISONpunished for crime, delinquency, jail, legal punishment0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P13aaPrison career0
P13aa01Earlier imprisonedearlier imprisonment, 0
P13aa02Change in imprisonmentchange in prison-stay, 0
P13aa02aRecently in prison0
P13aa02bRecently left prison0
P13aa03Later imprisonment0
P13abCurrent imprisonmentencartered3
P13acAttitudes to imprisonmentattitudes to prison, 0
P14PROBLEMScurrent anxiety, confident, motivation, optimism, psychological reactions, own suicidal behavior, existential tasks0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
P14aaProblem careerearlier problems and worries0
P14aa01Earlier problemsearlier problems and worries, , events in mental functioning0
P14aa01aRemembered earlier problems2
P14aa01bActual earlier problems (observed by follow-up)1
P14aa02Change in problemschange in problems and worries, change in problems and worries0
P14aa03Later problemslater problems and worries, later problems and worries0
P14aa03aExpected later problemsexpected problems, 0
P14aa03bActual later problems (observed by follow-up)0
P14abCurrent problemsattitude to problems, coping with problems10
P14ab01Amount of problems perceived6
P14ab02Kind of problems perceivedspecific aspirations, specific fears, 6
P14ab02aProblems with addictionaddiction, concern about use of stimulants, 4
P14ab02aaAddicted to the internet3
P14ab02bProblems with family\marriageproblems4
P14ab02cProblems with health3
P14ab02dProblems at work1
R01REGION OF RESIDENCEregion of residence, 5
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R01aaDevelopment in region of residence0
R01aa01Earlier region of residence1
R01abCurrent area of residence6
R01ab01Region in Albania1
R01ab02Region in Argentina1
R01ab03Region in Australia7
R01ab04Region in Bangladesh1
R01ab05Region in Belgium1
R01ab06Region in Canada6
R01ab07Region in China6
R01ab08Region in Cuba1
R01ab09Region in Denmark4
R01ab10Region in Germany26
R01ab11Region in Hugary1
R01ab12Region in Indonesia0
R01ab13Region in Iraq1
R01ab14Region in IrerlandIre1
R01ab15Region in Israel2
R01ab16Region in Italy3
R01ab17Region in Netherlands6
R01ab18Region in New Zealand12
R01ab19Region in Nigeria2
R01ab20Region in Norway3
R01ab21Region in South Africa1
R01ab22Region in Sweden1
R01ab23Region in Taiwan1
R01ab24Region in Thailand1
R01ab25Region in Ukraine1
R01ab26Region in UK5
R01ab27Region in USA11
R01acAttitudes to region of residence2
R02REGION: CULTUREshared attitudes, beliefs, norms, traditions values0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R02aaDevelopment of culture in one's region0
R02abCurrent culture in one's region0
R02ab01Attitudes in regionbeliefs, opinions, views0
R02ab01aAttitude to parenthood in regionchildren, procreation0
R02ab01bAttitude to sexuality in region0
R02ab02Education in region1
R02ab03Internet penetration in regionwen access10
R02ab04Religion in regionchurch0
R02acAttitudes to culture in regionviews0
R02ac01Hope in region0
R02ac02Satisfaction in region0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R03aaDevelopment of demographic conditiions in one's region0
R03aa01Emigratioin out of regionOut-migration rate1
R03abCurrent demographic conditions in one's region0
R03ab01Age composition in region1
R03ab02Ethnic composition of regionethnic minority, race1
R03ab02aImmiigrants in regionimmigrants, influx, newcomers0
R03ab03Family pattern in regionintimate relations, primary relations0
R03ab03aDivorced in region1
R03ab03bMarried in regionmarital status, married0
R03ab03cWidowed in region1
R03ab04Population density in regionpopulation pressure, overpopulation3
R03ab05Population size in region1
R03acAttitudes to demographic conditions in one's region0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R04aaDevelopment of economic conditions in one's region0
R04aa01Earlier economic conditions in regionregional history0
R04aa02Change of economic conditions in regionregional change1
R04aa02aEconomic growth/decline in region6
R04aa02bEconomic innovation in region0
R04aa02cChange economic security in regionincome safety0
R04aa02dChange minimum wage in region1
R04aa02eChange unemployment rate in regionjobless1
R04aa03Later economic conditions in region0
R04abCurrent economic conditions in one's region2
R04ab01Economic affluence in region1
R04ab01aAverage income in regionRegional Income5
R04ab01bGDP in regionGross Domestic Product, regional12
R04ab02Economic investments in regioncompetitiveness0
R04ab03Income inequality in region2
R04ab04Industries in regionbusiness, economic sector, specialization, trade0
R04ab04aExtraction industry in regionmining0
R04ab04bIndustrial mass production in regionTaylorism0
R04ab04cSustainable energy production in regionsunfarms,water power, wind power0
R04ab04dTourism in regionhospitality, leisure0
R04ab05Openness of economy in regionconnected vs isolated, global vs local0
R04ab06Public goods in region0
R04ab06aSocial security in regionwelfare3
R04ab07Socio-economic regime in regionPolitical economy0
R04ab07aEconomic freedom in regionFree market, liberalism0
R04ab08Standard of living in regionprosperity0
R04ab08aAmenities in regionfacilities0
R04ab08bConsumption in regionbuying, spending0
R04ab08cPoverty in regiondeprivation0
R04ab08dPrice level in regioncost of living0
R04ab09Work conditions in region0
R04ab09aMinimum wage in regionpay, salary0
R04ab10Unemployment in region8
R04acAttitudes to economic conditions in region0
R04ac01Satisfaction with price level in region0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R05aaDevelopment of geographic conditions in one's region0
R05abCurrent geographical conditions in one's region3
R05ab01Environmental quality in regionpollution0
R05ab02Nature in region4
R05acAttitudes to geographical conditions in one's region0
R05ac01Satisfaction with environment in one's region1
R06REGION: HISTORYbackground, past0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R07REGION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacitieshabitable, manageable, suitable0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R07aaDevelopment of livability in region0
R07abCurrent livability of region1
R07ab01Apparent livability of region: Indicators of human thrivingflourish, prosper, thrive0
R07ab01aSatisfaction in region1
R07ab01bHealth in regionpublic health1
R07ab01baObesity in regionBMI, overweight0
R07ab01cSuicide in region4
R07ab02Assumed livability of region: Conditions deemed benificiallife-chances, QOL index score0
R07acAttitudes to livability of one's region1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R09aaDevelopment of political conditions in one's region0
R09abCurrent political conditions in one's region1
R09ab01Democracy in region0
R09ab02Dominant political ideology in region0
R09ab03Government in regionadministration0
R09ab03aCentralization in region0
R09ab03bSize of government in regionbig government, government expenditures4
R09ab04Institutional quality in region0
R09ab05Political violence in region4
R09acAttitudes to political conditions in one's region0
R10REGION: POSITIONrelative standing0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R10aaDevelopment of position of region0
R10abCurrent position of one's region1
R10acAttitudes to position of one's region0
R11REGION: SOCIETYSocial capital, social cohesion0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R11aaDevelopment of societal conditions in regionregional change0
R11abCurrent societal conditions in region0
R11ab01Inequality in regiondeprivation, difference, dispersion,0
R11ab01aInequality in happiness in regiondispersion of happiness, spread1
R11ab01aaDissimilarity in conditions for happiness in regionhomogeneity, sameness0
R11ab01bInequality of income in regionpoor/rich difference0
R11ab02Intimate relations in regionsocial capital, relationship density,intimate networks, primary relations1
R11ab03Modernity in regioninnovative vs traditional0
R11ab04Social capital in regionsocial cohesion, relationships1
R11ab04aSocial participation in regionsocail capital, social cohesion2
R11ab05Social problems in regionsocial issue, social question0
R11ab05aSafety in regioncrime1
R11acAttitudes to societal conditions in region0
R12RELIGIONchurch, ideological orientation, religious life1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R12aaReligious career0
R12aa01Earlier religion5
R12aa02Change in religionreligious dropout, 12
R12aa03Later religion0
R12abCurrent religious beliefsattitudes to religion, moral convictions, religious dogmatism, own faith24
R12ab01Religious (vs not)athist, believer, unreligious45
R12ab02Religiosity (degree)pious4
R12ab03Characteristics of belief-system0
R12ab03aChristian orthodoxy7
R12ab03bReligious individualism1
R12ab04Specific beliefs6
R12ab04aBelief in higher power0
R12ab04bBelief in godpersonal humanistic convictions, 11
R12ab04cBelief in apocalypse1
R12acCurrent religious denomination55
R12adCurrent religious practicesreligious behavior, meditation, 20
R12ad01Church-member or not53
R12ad02Participation in church79
R12ad04Living in a convent1
R12aeCurrent religious experiencesreligious top-experience, 4
R12ae01Has spiritual experiences0
R12afAttitudes to religion15
R12af01Concern about religion15
R12af02Self-definition as religious75
R12af03Satisfaction with religionchurch, spirituality32
R12af04Satisfaction with spiritual life30
R12agClimate of religion0
R12ag01Religious climate in family1
R12ag02Religious climate in congregation0
R12ag03Religious climate in society5
R12ag03aSocial acceptance of one's religion2
R13RESOURCESdependency, deprivation, own disadvantaged position, independent position, joint effect (of multiple factors), life-chances (access to scarce resources), life-chances (objective qol), livability, material standard of living, summed personal characteristics, quality of life, `objective' qualities of life22 (outsiders judgement) , 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R13aaResource career0
R13aa01Earlier resources0
R13aa02Change in resources1
R13aa03Later resources0
R13abCurrent resources16
R13ab01Personal qualities3
R13ab03Relative resourcesadvantage, deprivation, inequality10
R13acAttitudes to own resources7
R14RETIREMENTphase of life, stage in occupational career, work status, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R14aaRetirement career3
R14aa01Pre-retirement conditionsearlier retirement , earlier employment2
R14aa01aEarlier attitudes to retirement5
R14aa02Change in retirement statuschange in retirement state, change in employment13
R14aa02aTime since retirementloss of work6
R14aa03Later retirementlater employment1
R14abCurrent status: retired or notretired, retired, retired or not96
R14acActivities in retirement1
R14ac01Post-retirement job2
R14adAdjustment to retirementgetting used to3
R14aeConditions of retirement1
R14ae01Sudden retirement (vs gradual)2
R14ae02Compulsory retirement (vs free choice)6
R14ae03Full retirement (vs partial)retired, part-time work of retirees, 1
R14ae04Planned retirement (vs unexpected)2
R14ae05Age at retirement2
R14ae06Early retirement2
R14afReasons for retirement0
R14af01heath reasonsinvalidity1
R14agAttitudes to retirementadjustment to retirement, 13
R14ag01Self-definition in terms of earlier job2
R14ag02Satisfaction with retirement3
R15ROLESown activities, role behavior, group-memberships, personal contacts, own participation, social involvement, intimate affiliations, own integration, own contacts, own participation0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
R15aaRole career0
R15aa01Earlier roles1
R15aa02Change in roles0
R15aa02aRole lossloss of roles1
R15aa02bNew roles1
R15aa03Later roles1
R15abCurrent roles2
R15ab01Current number of roles5
R15ab02Characteristics of current role-set0
R15ab02aRole ambiguity1
R15ab02bRole conflictattitude to roles, 4
R15ab02cRole numbermultiple roles2
R15ab02dRole stressattitude to roles, 1
R15ab03Specific roles0
R15ab03aFamily roles4
R15ab03bWork roles3
R15acAttitudes to own rolesattitude to roles, 5
S01SCHOOLeducational activity, own education, learning, meso level, 1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S01aaSchool career2
S01aa01Earlier schooling1
S01aa01aEarlier school-behaviorcurrent rebellion5
S01aa01bEarlier school-environment2
S01aa01cEarlier school success0
S01aa01caDoubled a classrepeat one year1
S01aa01cbSchool drop outscholl failure1
S01aa01dEarlier attitudes to schoolearlier satisfaction with school, earlier satisfaction with school5
S01aa02Change in schoolingevents in education1
S01aa02aChange in school-behavior0
S01aa02bChange in school-environment2
S01aa02cChange in attitudes to schoolchange in satisfaction with school, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with school0
S01aa03Current stage in school-careergrade, stage in school-career, 10
S01aa04Later schooling1
S01aa04aLater school-behavior0
S01aa04bLater school-environment1
S01aa04cLater attitudes to schoollater satisfaction with school, later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with school0
S01abCurriculum currently followedcourses, specialization5
S01ab01Physical educationgymnastics, sport48
S01ab02Daily life skillsADL1
S01ab02aConsumer educationbuying, personal finance0
S01ab02bHappiness educationhappiiness course0
S01ab02cHealth education0
S01ab03Vocational skill traingprofessional competence traing1
S01ab03aElderly care traininggerontology, old age care1
S01acCurrent school-behavioradjustment to school, 2
S01ac01aInvolved in schooling or notcurrently in education, student, student57
S01ac01bAbsenteeismabsenteeism, 5
S01ac01cExtra-curricular activity3
S01ac02School-successschool dropout, currently in education, intellectual performance, success in school177
S01ac03Involvement in school-work58
S01ac03aStudents' involvement0
S01ac03bParents' involvement84
S01ac04Misbehavior in schoolcurrent rebellion7
S01adCurrent school-environmentliving on campus, practices in school, inequality at school, 0
S01ad01Intellectual level of schoolability level of school, intelligence level in school, 3
S01ad03School size1
S01ad04Social characteristics of school2
S01ad04aSocio-economic level of school2
S01ad04bEthnic homogeneity of schoolin school, migrants in school3
S01ad05Social climate in schoolambitiousness at school, anomy in school, democracy in school, school-morale, at school, at school, in school, value-climate in school17
S01ad05aBullying incidence47
S01ad05bDisciplinary climateorder0
S01ad06Teaching practiceseducational climate, learning menthod, pedagogy2
S01ad06aDiscovery oriented learningexperience based learning91
S01ad06bFeedback by teachers42
S01ad06cStudent taylored instructionadaptive teaching42
S01ad06dStudy hourslearning time0
S01ad06daHomeworkafter school study49
S01ad06dbSchool hours49
S01ad06eSupport by teachers280
S01aeSocial context of schooleducation friendliness of environment0
S01afAttitudes to schoolneed for achievement, adjustment to school, attitudes to education , satisfaction with school-life, concern about education, 21
S01af01Motivation to perform well in schoolambition146
S01af02Perceived usefulness of schooling10
S01af03Perceived pressure of school-workscool sstress55
S01af04Satisfaction with own school-performancesatisfaction with school, satisfaction with own education4
S01af05Satisfaction with one's school2
S01af05aSatisfaction with school-facilitiessatisfaction with school, satisfaction with school one attends13
S01af06Sense of belonginness at schoolfeeling home at school49
S02SELF-IMAGEattitudes to one's body, attitudes to self, attitudes to own body, self-concept, 8
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S02aaSelf-image career0
S02aa01Earlier self-imageearlier attitude to self, earlier satisfaction with self, earlier attitude to self, earlier satisfaction with self12
S02aa02Change in self-imagechange in attitude to self, change in satisfaction with self, change in attitude to self, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with self4
S02aa02aChange belief in self-change1
S02aa03Later self-imagelater attitude to self, later satisfaction with self, later attitude to self, later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with self3
S02abCurrent self-characterizationspecific identities, 21
S02ab01Self-perceived abilityattitudes to own abilities, competence, current self-confidence, 27
S02ab02Self perceived autonomy3
S02ab03Self perceived desicivenessundesicive,choice, determination1
S02ab04Self perceived gender identityfemale, male, man, sex, transgender, woman2
S02ab05Self-perceived happy nature4
S02ab06Self-perceived maturity4
S02ab07Self-perceived preferences1
S02ab08Self-perceived uniquenessself perceived uniqueness, 1
S02ab09Self-perceived usefulnesssatisfaction with own usefulness4
S02ab10Self-perceived social identity5
S02acCurrent self-idealego-ideal, self-ideal, 4
S02adCurrent self-evaluationself-esteem, inferiority, attitudes to own personality, self-esteem, self rejection, positive self-evaluation, self-blame, self-esteem16
S02ad01Concern about character4
S02ad02Evaluation of self-as-a-whole32
S02ad03Evaluation of aspects of self11
S02ad03aReal-ideal congruenceself-ideal, 7
S02ad03bRelative superiorityperceived superiority6
S02ad03cSelf confidencepositive self-image10
S02ad03dSelf-criticalself-blaming, 5
S02ad03eSelf respect3
S02aeCurrent satisfaction with selfattitudes to own abilities, self-esteem, inferiority, satisfaction with self, self-esteem, self rejection, satisfaction with self, positive self-evaluation, self-blame, current self-confidence, self-esteem22
S02ae01Satisfaction with oneself-as-a-personattitudes to own personality, satisfaction with oneself as a person, satisfaction with self-realization36
S02ae01aSatisfaction with own abilitiessatisfaction with one's abilities8
S02ae01bSatisfaction with own coping5
S02ae01cSatisfaction with own creativeness3
S02ae01dSatisfaction with self-realization4
S02ae01eSatisfaction with own moralitymoral behavior, moral behavior, clear conscience, honest personality, general tendency to be dishonest, moral behavior, morals, reliable, satisfaction with one's morality, super ego3
S02ae02Satisfaction with own accomplishmentssatisfaction with one's accomplishments, perceived success, attitudes to own work-performance, 22
S02ae02aSatisfaction with contributions to others5
S02afCurrent consistency of self-imageself-awareness, 2
S02agCurrent reputation (social self)reputation, 3
S02ag01Self-perceived reputationself-perceived popularity, self-perceived attribution of personality, perceived approval9
S02ag01aSelf perceived recognitionrespected7
S02ag02Self presentationpublic face, acting1
S02ag03Congruency self-image and reputationself-understanding, self-other congruency, self-awareness, self-understanding6
S02ag04Attitudes to own reputationattitudes to one's reputation, 4
S02ag04aSatisfaction with social recognition2
S02ahAttitudes to own self-image12
S02aiIdeal self2
S02ajIdentityidentification, belonging1
S03SEX-LIFEsexual behavior, impotence, love life, own marriage0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S03aaSex-life career0
S03aa01Earlier sex-life2
S03aa01aEarlier sexual behavior4
S03aa01bEarlier satisfaction with sex-lifeearlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex, earlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex2
S03aa02Change in sex-life2
S03aa02aChange in sexual behavior0
S03aa02bChange in satisfaction with sex-lifechange in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with sex, change in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with sex1
S03aa03Later sex-life0
S03abCurrent sex-life2
S03ab01Sexual activity10
S03ab02Sexual potencecapability, impotence, function2
S03ab03Sexual preferencehereto-sexual, homo-sexual, bi-sexual, a-sexual5
S03ab03aA-sexualno sexual desire0
S03ab03cHomo-sexualgay, lebian, queer4
S03ab04Sexual promiscuitypolygamy, monogamy2
S03acAttitudes to one's sex-lifeattitudes to own sex-life10
S03ac01Concern about sexinterest3
S03ac02Problems with sex 8
S03ac03Satisfaction with sex-life23
S03adAttitudes to sex in generalacceptance of sexuality as such, permissive attitudes about sex1
S03ad01Restrictiveness of own attitude to sexmodern attitudes about sexuality4
S03ad02Acceptance of homo sexuality2
S03ad03Perceived restrictiveness of others attitudes 0
S03ad04Attitudinal conflicts0
S04SLEEPrelaxing, resting, sleep pattern, rest0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S04aaSleep career0
S04aa01Earlier sleep0
S04aa02Change in sleep0
S04aa03Later sleep0
S04abCurrent sleep-pattern0
S04ab01Amount of sleepfatigue, insomnia, time active, 7
S04ab02Quality of sleep7
S04acAttitudes to sleep0
S04ac01Satisfaction with amount of sleepsatisfaction with sleep3
S05SOCIAL MOBILITYoccupational career, social success, own class, change in socio-economic status, success in getting ahead0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S05aaMobility career0
S05aa01Earlier social mobilityearlier social position, 2
S05aa02Change in social mobilitychange in social position, 0
S05aa03Later social mobilitylater social position, 0
S05aa03aExpected mobility2
S05aa03bActual mobility (assessed by follow-up)1
S05abCurrent social mobility statuschange in social position, 0
S05ab01Inter-generational mobilitysocio-economic status similar to parents8
S05ab02Intra-generational mobility2
S05ab02aOver/under-achievementoccupational/education consistency, under-achievement4
S05acAttitudes to own social mobility0
S05ac01Concern about social mobility2
S05ac02Aspirations for social advancementambition4
S05ac03Expectattions about social advancement1
S05ac04Satisfaction with one's social mobilitysatisfaction with social mobility1
S06SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: PERSONAL CONTACTSsocial activity, non-participation, social behavior, personal contacts, social life, loneliness, social contacts, passiveness, contact with peers, social involvement, sociability, own contacts, success in social relations1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S06aaContact career0
S06aa01Earlier personal contacts0
S06aa01aEarlier amount of personal contacts2
S06aa01bEarlier satisfaction with personal contactsearlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with social contacts, earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with social contacts2
S06aa02Change in personal contacts7
S06aa02aChange in amount of personal contacts1
S06aa02bChange in satisfaction with personal contactschange in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with social contacts, change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with social contacts0
S06aa03Later personal contacts0
S06abCurrent contactssocial interaction60
S06ab01Relative contactsloneliness, social isolation1
S06acAttitudes to personal contactsattitudes to social contacts, 2
S06ac01Concern about personal contacts6
S06ac02Perceived amount of pleasant contacts1
S06ac03Perceived intensity of social contactsintimacy, frequency1
S06ac04Satisfaction with personal contactssatisfaction with social life, satisfaction with contacts, 22
S06ac04aSatisfaction with opportunities for contact2
S06ac04bSatisfaction with amount of personal contacts3
S06ac04cSatisfaction with quality of personal contacts3
S07SOCIAL PARTICIPATION : VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONSsocial activity, organizational affiliation, non-participation, social behavior, group-memberships, group membership, participation in public spheres, activities in clubs, social life, member of voluntary organization, participation in voluntary organizations, passiveness, social involvement, participation in voluntary organizations, sociability, organizational affiliation, own contacts, meso level, , societal involvement, success in social relations0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S07aaParticipation career0
S07aa01Earlier organizational participationearlier association participation3
S07aa01aEarlier amount of organizational participation2
S07aa01bEarlier satisfaction with organizational participationearlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations, earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations1
S07aa02Change in organizational participationchange in association participation1
S07aa02aChange in amount of organizational participation1
S07aa02bChange in satisfaction with organizational participationchange in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with associations, change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with associations1
S07aa03Later organizational participationlater association participation1
S07abCurrent organizational participation13
S07ab01Membership of voluntary organizations72
S07ab01aunion membertrade union1
S07ab02Attendance to meetings23
S07ab03Voluntary workown employment status, job, solidarity, unemployment, vocation, volunteer, 28
S07acAttitudes to organizational participationattitudes to social contacts, 1
S07ac01Concern about organizational participation5
S07ac02Satisfaction with organizational participationsatisfaction with participation in associations, satisfaction with social life, satisfaction with organizational-life9
S08SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: TOTAL (personal + associations)social activity, non-participation, social behavior, social life, passiveness, social involvement, sociability, own contacts, success in social relations0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S08aaParticipation career0
S08aa01Earlier total social participationearlier social participation, 3
S08aa02Change in total social participationchange in social participation, 6
S08aa03Later total social participationlater social participation, 1
S08abCurrent total social participation36
S08acAttitudes to total social participationattitudes to social contacts, 4
S08ac01Concern about social participation1
S08ac02Satisfaction with social participationsatisfaction with social life, satisfaction with social life9
S09SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUSclass, job status, own place in society, middle class, rank, reputation, asses to knowledge, income, power, prestige, own class, social rank, own place in society, social status, own place on social ladder3
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S09aaStatus career0
S09aa01Earlier socio-economic statusearlier social position, 9
S09aa02Change in socio-economic status3
S09aa03Later socio-economic statuslater social position, 1
S09abCurrent socio-economic status 69
S09ab01'Objective' socio-economic status82
S09ab02Subjective social rankattitudes to social status, 29
S09acStatus consistency4
S09adAttitudes to own social status4
S09ad01Concern about socio-economic status0
S09ad02Satisfaction with own statussatisfaction with social position, satisfaction with one's social position, satisfaction with own social position, attitude to one's social position5
S10SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVEDsupport received from family-members, , access to intimate support, asses to intimate support, intimate affiliations, support1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S10aaSupport career0
S10aa01Earlier support received5
S10aa01aEarlier satisfaction with social support received1
S10aa02Change in support received1
S10aa03Later support received0
S10abCurrent social support received34
S10ab01Amount of current support received18
S10ab02Sources of current supportremittances34
S10ab03Kind of social support received12
S10acAttitudes to social support receivedattitudes to social support, 2
S10ac01Perceived need for social supportown problems, 3
S10ac02Perceived availability of social supportexpected social support, expected help in case of illness, 26
S10ac03Satisfaction with social support receivedsatisfaction with social support11
S11SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED(including grown-up children, in-laws, distant family), support provided to family-members, intimate affiliations, solidarity, support, volunteer, personal warmth0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S11aaSupport career0
S11aa01Earlier support behaviorearlier support provided1
S11aa02Change in support behaviorchange in support provided0
S11aa03Later support behaviorlater support provided0
S11abCurrent support behavior9
S11ab01Amount of support provided4
S11ab02People supported2
S11ab03Kinds of support provided1
S11acAttitudes to own support behaviorattitudes to social support, 3
S12SPORTSphysical activity0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S12aaSports career0
S12aa01Earlier involvement in sportsearlier involvement in sport, 3
S12aa02Change involvement in sportschange in involvement in sport, 3
S12aa03Later involvement in sportslater involvement in sport, 0
S12abCurrent sportingsporting55
S12ab01Involvement in sportsengagement1
S12ab01aActive involvement in sportsphysical abilities, physical exercise, running135
S12ab01bPassive involvement in sports7
S12ab02Kind of sport practiced3
S12ab03Skilledness in sportssport performance, sporting skills, 2
S12ab04Opportunity for sportinginfra structure1
S12ab04aAccess to sports facilitiessports field, sport hall1
S12ab05Performance in sportschampion succes, winning1
S12acAttitudes to sports3
S12ac01Perceived usefulness of sports4
S12ac02Satisfaction with sportingsatisfaction with sports6
S12ac03Enjoyment of sports events1
S13STIMULANTSaddiction, drug use, drinking, smoking, use of narcotics, pharmacological mood-manipulation, narcotics, tranquilizers, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S13aaUser career2
S13aa01Earlier use of stimulantsearlier nutrition, 12
S13aa02Change in use of stimulantschange in nutrition, 2
S13aa03Later use of stimulantslater nutrition, 4
S13abCurrent use of stimulants8
S13ab01Use of alcoholdrinking, 33
S13ab02Use of amphetamines1
S13ab03Use of barbiturates3
S13ab04Use of cocaine1
S13ab05Use of coffee0
S13ab06Use of heroine0
S13ab07Use of marihuana, hash4
S13ab08Use of tobaccosmoking, 34
S13acAttitudes to own use of stimulantsattitudes to nutrition, attitudes to stimulants, 0
S13ac01Satisfaction with use of stimulants0
S14SUICIDEself-destructive behavior, 1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S14aaSuicidal career0
S14aa01Earlier suicidal behavior1
S14aa02Change in suicidal behavior0
S14aa03Later suicidal behavior2
S14abCurrent suicidal behavior0
S14ab01Suicidal intentions4
S14ab02Suicidal attempts0
S14acAttitudes to own suicidal behavior0
S14adAttitudes to suicide in general2
S15SUMMED DETERMINANTSown age, own employment status, own ethnic status, own income, joint effect (of multiple factors), (mixed life-appraisals and living-conditions), events in own life, summed personal characteristics, personality (overview of aspects), own resources, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
S15aaSummed effects of life-career conditions 1
S15aa01Summed effect of earlier conditions5
S15aa02Summed effects of changes in life4
S15aa02aSummed effect of changes in societal conditionsexternal change1
S15aa03Summed later-life conditions2
S15abSummed effects of current individual conditions (micro level)joined life situation42
S15ab01Socio-demographic factors only25
S15ab02Socio-demographic + environmental factors12
S15ab03Socio-demographic + health9
S15ab04Socio-demographic + life-appraisals11
S15ab05Socio-demographic + life-events5
S15ab06Socio-demographic + life style4
S15ab07Socio-demographic + personality4
S15ab08Socio-demographic + social ties7
S15ab09Socio-demographic + social support3
S15ab10Socio-demographic + values2
S15ab11Socio-demographic + environment + health1
S15ab12Socio-demographic + environment + health + life style1
S15ab13Socio-demographic + environment + social ties0
S15ab14Socio-demographic + environment + health + life events + ties1
S15ab15Socio-demographic + health + personality2
S15ab16Socio-demographic + health + social ties12
S15ab17Socio-demographic + health + life-appraisals3
S15ab18Socio-demographic + health + life appraisals + personality2
S15ab19Socio-demographic + health + life events2
S15ab20Socio-demographic + health + life event +personality + ties0
S15ab21Socio-demographic + health + life style3
S15ab22Socio-demographic + health + personality0
S15ab23Socio-demographic + health + personality + life style1
S15ab24Socio-demographic + health + life-events + personality1
S15ab25Socio-demographic + health + life-events0
S15ab26Socio-demographic + health + life appraisals + life events + ties1
S15ab27Socio-demographic + health + life appraisals + social ties0
S15ab28Socio-demographic + health + life goals + personality1
S15ab29Socio-demographic + health + personality + social ties2
S15ab30Socio-demographic + health + life events + social ties1
S15ab31Socio-demographic + life appriasals + life events2
S15ab32Socio-demographic + life appriasals + liife-events + personality1
S15ab33Socio-demographic + life apraisals + life style + personality0
S15ab34Socio-demographic + life-appraisals + social ties3
S15ab35Socio-demographic + life appraisals + life style + social ties1
S15ab36Socio-demographic + life appraisals + life style + values1
S15ab37Socio-demographic + life-appraisals + personality4
S15ab38Socio-demographic + life events + life style +social ties0
S15ab39Socio-demographic + life-events + social ties2
S15ab40Socio-demographic + life style + personality1
S15ab41Socio-demographic + personality + life-events1
S15ab42Socio-demographic + personality + social ties1
S15ab44Various combinations of current conditions5
S15ab45Life-appraisals + personality + social ties3
S15ac01Life-appraisals + personality5
S15adSummed effects of life-time conditions0
S15ad01Summed effects of earlier + current conditions4
S15ad02Summed effects or recent life change + current conditions1
S15aeSummed effects of current societal conditions (macro level)societal impact4
S15afSummed effects of societal and individual conditionsmacro + micro3
T01TIME satisfaction with leisure, 50
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
T01aaTime-behavior career0
T01aa01Earlier time-behaviorearlier activity, 0
T01aa01aEarlier future orientationfuture0
T01aa02Change in time-behaviorchange in activity, 3
T01aa03Later time-behaviorlater activity, later treatment0
T01abCurrent time-perceptionattitudes to time, perceived pace of life, speedy personality, 2
T01ab01Awareness of timepunctual, time-conscious, 1
T01ab02Perceived speed of timetime passes slow2
T01ab03Perceived time-pressureexperience of time-pressure14
T01ab04Temporal orientationday dreaming, here and now orientation, 1
T01ab04aOrientation on the past0
T01ab04bOrientation on the present0
T01ab04cOrientation on the futureorientation on the future, future oriented, future-oriented9
T01ab05Perceived continuity of time2
T01ab06Perceived control over ones time1
T01acCurrent time-organizationplanning minded, punctual, 8
T01adCurrent time-usageown life-style, speedy lifestyle, work activity, 22
T01ad01Time spend alonesolitude1
T01ad02Time spend commutingwor-home travel5
T01ad03Time spend at homeindoor, outgoing2
T01ad04Time spend on internete-mail, online, web18
T01ad05Time spend on leisurehobby, free time1
T01ad05aTime spend in naturegreen, outdoor1
T01ad05bTime spend sportingphysical activity1
T01ad06Time spend socializinginteraction,5
T01ad06aTime spend with family1
T01ad06bTime spend on social mediaFacebook, Twitter3
T01ad07Time spend studyingeducation, learning49
T01ad08Time spent on work and carework-life balance12
T01ad09Time spend on work taskswork activities2
T01aeRelative time use0
T01afAttitudes to own time-behaviorattitudes to time, 1
T01af01Fit between actual and desired time-usereal-want match5
T01af02Satisfaction with time-usesatisfaction with time use12
T01af03Satisfaction with leisure hourssatisfaction with leisure, 4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
T02aaTolerance career0
T02abCurrent tolerance0
T02ab01Tolerant attitudes39
T03TRAVELcommute, mobility, move, transport0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
T03aaDevelopment of travel behaviour0
T03aa01Earlier travelTravel history0
T03aa02Change in travel0
T03aa03Later travel0
T03abCurrent travel behavior3
T03ab01Amount of travel3
T03ab02Modes of traveltransport mode, vehicle9
T03ab03Reasons for travel0
T03ab03aLeisure travel0
T03ab03bWork related traveloccupational6
T03acPosibility to travelopportunity, freedom2
T03adAttitudes to travel0
T03ad01Convern about travelinterest, worry1
T03ad02Satisfaction with travel1
T03ad02aSatisfaction with possibility to travel1
T03ad02bSatisfaction with travel modetransport mode4
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
T04aaTrust career2
T04abCurrent trust5
T04ab01Trust in institutionssocial capital5
T04ab01aTrust in mass mediajournals, press, radio, TV1
T04ab02Trust in peoplesocial capital56
V01VALUES: CAREERown attitudes, moral convictions, moral behavior, personal humanistic convictions, ideological orientation, individualistic values, materialistic values, personal mentality, moral convictions, values, own personality, endorsement of rationality as a value, own tastes, value career1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V01aaEarlier valuesearlier attitudes, 1
V01aa01Earlier value-preferences2
V01aa02Earlier value-climate0
V01aa03Earlier value-similarity0
V01abChange in values0
V01ab01Change in value-preferences0
V01ab02Change in value-climate0
V01ab03Change in value-similarity0
V01acLater valueslater attitudes, 0
V01ac01Later value-preferences4
V01ac02Later value-climate0
V01ac03Later value-similarity0
V02VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)own attitudes, moral convictions, moral behavior, family values, valuation of honesty, personal humanistic convictions, ideological orientation, individualistic values, materialistic values, personal mentality, moral convictions, values, own personality, own tastes, current values, value similarity of own values with other's values, 2
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V02aaGeneral value-principlesendorsement of rationality as a value4
V02aa01Terminal values3
V02aa01aHappiness, pleasure (hedonic values)valuation of happiness, moral acceptance of pleasure, personal acceptance of lust, own acceptance of pleasure, moral hedonism7
V02aa01bSelf-development (self-actualizing values)valuation of self-actualization, 3
V02aa01cMaterialismmaterialistic values, 16
V02aa01dNurturance (caring)1
V02aa01eIndividualism (vs collectivism)internal control, self direction4
V02aa01fEgalitarianismacceptance of social inequality, 10
V02aa02Instrumental values3
V02abDomain-specific value-preferences10
V02ab01Political valuesattitudes to political issues, democratic attitudes3
V02ab01aAcceptance of abortion0
V02ab01bPreference for peaceful solution of political problems1
V02ab01c(post)-materialismattitudes to consumption-society, materialistic values, attitude to civic action, 5
V02ab01dPreference for equal rightsown attitudes to discrimination, preference for equal chances4
V02ab01eAcceptance cheating on taxes2
V02ab02Social values14
V02ab03Work valuesattitudes to work (in general), 13
V02ab04Ecological values26
V02ab05Economical values6
V02ab06Educational values5
V02acValue-patterndiversity of values, 3
V02ac01Modern value patternpolitical conservatism, personal orientation, 3
V02ac02Feminine value pattern4
V02adValue set6
V02ad01Diversity of values2
V02ad02Consonance of valuesconflict, contradiction1
V02aeAttitudes to own valuesattitudes to own value-preferences2
V02ae01Concern about own valuessuper ego, 5
V02ae02Satisfaction with own values0
V03VALUES: CLIMATE (current values in environment)own attitudes, climate of beliefs, moral climate, social acceptance of lust, climate of morality, climate of opinions, value-orientation in environment1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V03aaActual value-climate8
V03abAttitudes to value-climate4
V04VALUES: SIMILARITY (current fit with others)own attitudes, homogeneity of outlook, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V04aaConventionality of own values0
V04abSimilarity of own values with others9
V04acSocial acceptance of own values2
V04adValue-environment fit2
V04aeAttitudes to value-consonance/dissonanceattitudes to value-climate0
V04ae01Attitude to dominant value-pattern0
V04ae02Attitude to dissimilarity in values1
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V05aaValue success caeer0
V05abCurrent success in values19
V05acAttitudes to succes in values0
V06VICTIM personal confrontation with aggression, confrontation with disaster, bad luck, physical trauma, trauma, 0
Subject codeDescriptionKeywordsNumber of Findings
V06aaVictim career0
V06aa01Earlier victimization (ever victimized)earlier victim status, 7
V06aa02Change: recently victimizedchange in victim status, 5
V06aa03Later victimization (victim proneness)later victim , 0
V06abCurrent victim status4
V06ab01Victim of accidentaccident, 3
V06ab02Victim of crime8
V06ab03Victim of bullying4
V06ab04Victim of domestic violencewife beating1
V06ab05Victim of discriminationmarginalization, unfair, inequal treatment2
V06acVictimization of intimates3