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Happiness in France (FR)

Current happiness: place on rank lists of Happiness in nations 2010-2019

HappinessAverage HappinessHappy Life YearsInequality of HappinessInequality Adjusted Happiness
Possible ranges0 - 100 - 1000 - 50 - 100
Highest score8.2  Denmark66.4  Switzerland1.43  Netherlands71  Denmark
Lowest score3.8  Tanzania22.8  Central African Republic2.96  Yemen29  Tanzania

All above happiness variants are based on responses to a survey question like: “Taking all together, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your life-as-a-whole these days?”. Combined question types 10-step numeral life satisfaction and 11-step numeral life satisfaction.

Trend based on happiness as measured with a survey question like: "How satisfied are you with the life you lead? - very satisfied - fairly satisfied - not very satisfied - not at all satisfied very = 4 ....... not at all = 1". Question type 4-step verbal LifeSatisfaction (code 121C). This measure may differ from the measure used in the above ranking of current happiness.
   Other measures of happiness used in this nation may produce a different pattern over time. Check the complete overview of distributional findings on happiness in the general public of France.

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