How long and happy people live

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Technical details

  1. Average enjoyment of life assessed by means of surveys in general public samples. Data are taken from Rank Report Average Happiness.

  2. Life expectancy is estimated on the basis of civil registrations of birth and death around 2005. Source: Human Development Reports, table 1. Missing cases taken from World Life-expectancy Chart .

  3. 'Happy Life Years' is an estimate of how long and happy the average citizen will live in that nation in this era. Computation: 0-1 enjoyment of life multiplied by expected length of life.

This list is included in the SPSS datafile States of Nations as variable HLY_LSBW10.11_2005.14 .

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Veenhoven. R.. Happy Life Years in 157 nations 2010-2019 . World Database of Happiness. Rankreport Happy Life Years. Internet: worlddatabaseofhappiness-archive.eur.nl/hap_nat/findingreports/RankReport_HappyLifeYears.php