How well nations combine level and differences in happiness

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Technical details

  1. Happiness assessed by means of surveys in general public samples.

  2. In this ranking the focus is not only on the level of happiness in the country, but also on inequality in happiness among citizens.

  3. Inequality-Adjusted-Happiness (IAH) is measured as a linear combination of the mean and the standard deviation of the distribution of happiness in a nation. The IAH values in this report are based on the choice to give equal weight to level and dispersion of happiness.
  4. This list is included in SPSS datafile  States of Nations as variable IAH_LSBW10.11_2005.14 .

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Veenhoven, R., Inequality-Adjusted Happiness in 157 nations 2010-2019 . World Database of Happiness, Rank report Inequality of Happiness, Internet: