Subjective appreciation of life-as-a-whole, as assessed in survey studies among the general population in nations. .

Contents of this site:
This site presents all the available distributional findings on happiness in nations. Each separate findings is presented on a 'page' that contains information about 1) the survey study, 2) the question on happiness used in that study, 3) the distribution of responses to that question, and 4) the publication in which these results were reported. Means and standard-deviations are also reported in a separate 'overview' per nation, in which the findings are sorted by type of survey question on happiness and within these measurement types by year. This allows an easy view on changes in happiness over time.

How to navigate on this site:
Click on 'list findings by nation'. A list of nations will appear. Select one of these and you will see tables which present the responses to particular questions about happiness in that nation. In each of the tables the average responses to that kind of question are sorted by year .
If you click on 'Measure type' you will be presented a list of questions on happiness. Select one, and the data yielded with that question will be presented  by nations and year.
Left in the rows of these tables you will see an 'i' icon. If you click ob that icon, the full finding page appears on which you find more detail about the study.

How to quote this source:

If you refer to the collection as a whole, cite as:
Veenhoven, R. (201?)
Happiness in Nations
World Database of Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Assessed on (date) at:

If you used data on a particular country, quote the nation report. For example
Veenhoven, R. (201?)
Happiness in The Netherlands
World Database of Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Assessed on (date) at:">
The internet address of separate finding reports appears at the bottom of prints


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