Measure Types

111A 2-step verbal happiness
111B 3-step verbal Happiness
111BA 3-step verbal Happiness B
111C 4-step verbal Happiness
111D 5-step verbal Happiness
111F 7-step verbal Happiness
111G 11-step verbal happiness
112A 5 step numeral happiness
112B 6-step numeral happiness
112C 7-step numeral Happiness
112D 8-step numeral happiness
112E 9-step numeral happiness
112F 10-step numeral Happiness
112G 11-step numeral Happiness
113 3-step verbal Happy Right-Wrong
121A 2-Step verbal Lifesatisfaction
121B 3-step verbal LifeSatisfaction
121C 4-step verbal LifeSatisfaction
121D 5-step verbal LifeSatisfaction
121E 6-step verbal Lifesatisfaction
121F 7-step verbal LifeSatisfaction
122A 5-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122B 6-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122C 7-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122D 8-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122E 9-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122F 10-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122G 11-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
122H 101-step numeral LifeSatisfaction
13A 7-step verbal Delighted-Terrible life
13B 8-step verbal Delighted-Terrible life
152 10 step Quality-of-life
153 4-step satisfaction with QOL
154 5 step quality of life
155 Diener's SWLS, shortened version
156 7-step good-bad things in life
157 3-item overall happiness
158 2 item life satisfaction
159 11 step Quality-of-life
160 happiness + life-satisfaction in one question
21A 2-step verbal Average Affect
21C 4-step verbal Average Affect
21F 6-step verbal Average Affect
21G 7-step Pictorial Average Affect
21J 11-step numeral Average Affect
21K 11-step average verbal affect
221 8-item Affect Balance Scale (Diener)
222 10-item Affect Balance Scale (Bradburn)
223 20 item Affect Balance Scale (Watson): PANAS
224 Further Affect Balance Scales
231 5-step verbal Current Affect
24A More days like yesterday
24B 6 item yesterday Affect Balance
24C 14-item Yesterday's Affect Balance
24D 11 item Yesterday's Affect Balance
24E 10 item Yesterday Affect Balance
24G Yesterday's overall affect
25C Automatic face analysis
31A 7-step numeral Best-Worst possible life
31B 9-step numeral Best-Worst possible life
31C 10-step Best-Worst possible life
31D 11-step numeral Best-Worst possible Life
321 4-step verbal Realization of Goals
322 7-step verbal Realization of Goals
323 11 step numeral Succes in Goals
33A 2-step verbal Life fits Wants
33B 3-step verbal Life fits Wants
33D 5-step verbal Life fits Wants
33E 10- step numerical Life fits Wants
33F 11-step numerical Life fits Wants
411A 2-step Feel happy
411B 3-step Feel Happy
411C 4-step Feel Happy
411D 5-step Feel Happy
411E 6-step Feel Happy
411F 7-step Feel Happy
411G 7-step Feel Happy
411H 10/11-step Feel Happy
412A 4-step Tme Happy
412B 5-step Time Happy
412C 6-step Time Happy
413A 4-step Pleasant Life
413B 5-step Pleasant Life
414 Happy days
421 Yesterday affect + best-worst possible life
432 4 item Satisfaction with Life Scale
6 SD