Studies among selected public: Parents in empty nest phase

Number of studies4
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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Glenn & McLanahan (1981): study US 1973
The Effects of Offspring on the Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults.
50+ aged, with no children under age 18 at home, USA,1973-78
Gorchoff et al. (2008): study US Alameda County, California 1981
Contextualizing Change in Marital Satisfaction during Middle Age.
43-61 aged, married women, Berekley, United States, followed 18years from 1981-1999
Hobdy et al. (2007): study US Texas 2006
The Role of Attachment Style in Coping with Job Loss and the Empty Nest in Adulthood.
Empty nest and job-loss adults, USA, 2006
Lee & Ellithorpe (1982): study US Washington 1975
Intergenerational Exchange and Subjective Well-Being among the Elderly.
60+ aged, living near children, USA, Washington State, 1975