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Borg & Wächterhshäuser (1990): study XZ Germany West 1988
Zur Eukolos-Dyskolos Dimension: Kontrollüberzeugungen und Zufriedenheit. (Satisfaction and Controlbelief).
Students and professionals, town Germany, 1988
Flügel (1925): study GB 1920
A Quantitative Study of Feeling and Emotion in Every Day Life.
Academics, England, 192?
Gordon & Hall (1974): study US 1971
Self-Image and Stereotypes of Femininity: Their Relationship to Women's Role Conflicts and Coping.
Married female graduates of liberal arts college, Univ. of Connecticut, USA,1971
Lance et al. (1989): study US Georgia 1984
A Comparison Between Bottom-Up, Top-Down, and Bidirectional Models of Relationships Between Global and Life Facet Satisfaction.
Married academics, university of Georgia, USA, 1984
Levy (1978): study US 1977
Some Determinants of Temporal Experience in the Retired and its Correlates.
52-74 aged white male retirees, from two universities Mid-West U.S.A. 1977
Michalos (1980): study CA 1979
Satisfaction and Happiness.
University staff members, Guelph Canada, 1979
Neal et al. (1999): study US 1995
The Role of Satisfaction with Leisure/Travel/Tourism Services and Experience in Satisfaction with Leisure Life and Overall Life.
Scientists , university, USA 1995
Shamir (1985): study IL 1983 /1
Sex Differences in Psychological Adjustment to Unemployment and Reemployment: A Question of Commitment, Alternatives or Finance?
27-47 aged academics, unemployed and reemployed, Israel, 1983
Shamir (1985a): study IL 1983
Unemployment and 'Free Time'. The Role of Protestant Work Ethic and Work Involvement.
27-47 aged unemployed male academics, Israel, 1983
Shamir (1986): study IL 1983
Protestant work ethic, work involvement and the psychological impact of unemployment.
27-47 aged academics, followed 6 months, Israel, 1983
Skrabanek (1969): study US 1968
Adjustment of Former University Faculty Members to Retirement.
Retired faculty members, University, USA, 1968
Stokols et al. (1983): study US 1980
Residential Mobility and Personal Well-Being.
University employees, California, USA, 1980
Tiedje et al. (1990): study US 1985
Women with Multiple Roles: Role-Compatibility Perceptions, Satisfaction, and Mental Health.
Married women with a preschool child, USA, 1985