Studies among selected public: Living in nursing home

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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Banziger & Roush (1983): study US 1978
Nursing Homes for the Birds: A Control- Relevant Intervention with Bird Feeders.
Nursing home residents, Ohio, 198?
Clement (1980): study FR 1975 /1
De la Variation de Quelques Traits de Personalité en Fonction, notamment, de l'Age, du Sexe et du Niveau Intellectuel. (The Variation of Certain Personality Traits in Relation to Age, Sex, and Intelligent Level).
60-69 aged women, lower class, France 1975
DeKlerk (2005): study NL 2004
Ouderen in Instellingen. (Elderly Living in Institutions).
Eldery living in institutions, The Netherlands, 2004
DenDraak (2010): study NL 2008
Oudere Tehuisbewoners Landelijk Overzicht van de Leefsituatie van Ouderen in Instellingen 2008/2009. ( Institutional Living of Older People National Survey of the Living Situation of Older People in Homes 2008/2009.)
50+ aged, living in institution, Netherlands, 2008-2009
Kahana & Kahana (1975): study US 1970
The Relationship of Impulse Control to Cognition and Adjustment among Institutionalized Aged Women.
55+ aged white females living in nursing home, USA, 197?
Kozma & Stones (1980): study CA 1975 /1
The Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of Happiness (M.U.N.S.H.).
Eldery, living in old age home,New Foundland, Canada, 197?
Langer & Rodin (1976): study US 1973
The Effects of Choice and Enhanced Personal Responsibilty for the Aged: A Field Experiment in an Institutional Setting.
Nursing home residents, Hamden, Connecticut, USA, 1973
Schneider & Coppinger (1971): study US 1969
Staff-Resident Perceptions of the Needs and Adjustment of Nursing Home Residents.
Chronically impaired males, living in nursing home, USA, 196?
VanCampen & Verbeek-Oudijk (2017): study NL 2015
Gelukkig in een Verpleeghuis? (Happy in a Nursing Home?)
Nursing home residents, Netherlands, 2017
VanWeert et al. (2004): study NL 2001
Behavioral and Mood Effects of Snoezelen Integrated in 24-h Dementia Care.
Demented elderly and controls, before and after sensory stimulation program,The Netherlands, 2001-2003