Studies among selected public: Living in cloister

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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Bennett (1970): study US 1969
Avowed Happiness in Communities of Religious Women.
Nuns, Catholic congregations, USA, 1969
Danner et al. (2001): study US 1991
Positive Emotions in Early Life and Longevity: Findings from the Nun Study.
Nuns who lived in cloister since early adulthood. Followed into old age, USA, 1991
Forti & Huyg (1983): study US Louisiana 1977
A Documented Evaluation of Primary Prevention through Consultation.
Catholic nuns, re-organized cloister, followed 4 years, Louisiana, USA, 1977-1981
Gilman & Handwerk (2001): study US 1996
Changes in Life Satisfaction as a Function of Stay in a Residential Setting.
11-14 aged in residential treatment followed 4 months, USA, 1996
Gross et al. (1997): study US 1992
Emotion and Aging: Experience, Expression, and Control.
Nuns, USA, 199?
Lewis (1972): study US 1967
Actual and Perceived Age Differences in Self-Concept and Psychological Well-Being for Catholic Sisters.
24-75 aged Catholic sisters, Eastern USA. 196?