Studies among selected public: Labourers, blue collar

Number of studies5
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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Blood (1969): study US 1967
Work Values and Job Satisfaction.
Military, airforce, low rank maintenance jobs, USA, 196?
Gillo (1973): study US Kansas 1971
Studies on the Nature of the Relationships between Job and Life Satisfactions: Towards a Comprehensive Model.
Workers, union members, Kansas City, USA, 197?
Neuberger & Allerbeck (1978): study XZ Germany West 1976
Messung und Analyse von Arbeitszufriedenkeit. (Measurement and Analysis of Satisfaction with Work).
Skilled labourers, West-Germany, 1976
Warr (1978): study GB 1976
A Study of Psychological Well-Being.
Steel workers, 6 months after closure of plant, Manchester, UK, 1976
Warr et al. (1979): study GB 1977
Scales for the Measurement of Social Work Attitudes and Aspects of Psychological.
Factory workers, blue collar, UK, 1977