Studies among selected public: Living in retirement home

Number of studies4

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Fernandez Ballesteros (1998): study ES 1993
Quality of Life: The Differential Conditions.
65+ aged, Spain, 199?
Peretti & Wilson (1975): study US 1973
Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement of Aged Males and Their Effect on Emotional Satisfaction, Usefulness, Self-Image, Emotional Stability and Interpersonal Relationships.
60-70 aged living in a retirement home, USA, 197?
Pokasova (2002): study SK 2000
Quality of Life: Specific Problems of Senior Citizens.
60-94 aged in pensioners homes, Slovakia, 2002
Schulz & Hartman-Hanusa (1978): study US Pennsylvania 1976
Longterm Effects of Control and Predictability Enhancing Interventions: Findings and Ethical Issues.
Elderly living in retirement homes, US, 1976