Studies among selected public: Parents

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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Barnett & Baruch (1987): study US 1980
Mothers' Participation in Childcare: Patterns and Consequences.
Parents with children 4-10, USA, 1980
Callan (1986): study US California 1981
Single Women, Voluntary Childlessness and Perception about Life and Marriage.
Intentionally childless and intentionally parents, California, USA, 198?
Dosch (1979): study US 1977
Child Abuse: A Comparison of Physical Abusers, Sexual Abusers, and Non-Abusers on Perceived Locus of Control, Self-Acceptance and Avowed Happiness.
Parents, abusing and non-abusing, Oregon, USA, 197?
Mitchell (1985): study US 1974
Family Helping Behavior and the Elderly: A Two-Dimensional Approach.
65+ aged, with children, USA, 1974
Nock (1981): study US 1973
Family Life-Cycle Transitions: Longitudinal Effects on Family Members.
16+ aged working force, USA, followed 5 years, 1973-1977
Weston et al. (2003): study AU 2001
The Impact of Long Working Hours on Employed Fathers and Their Families.
Employed fathers, Australia, 2001