Studies among selected public: Homeless

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Biswas-Diener & Diener (2006): study ZZ East-West pairs 2005
The Subjective-Well-Being of the Homeless, and Lessons for Happiness.
Homeless people, Calcutta (India), Fresno & Portland (USA), 200?
Kromhout (2004): study NL 2004
Het Verdriet van Den Haag. (The Sorrow of The Hague).
Homeless in cities, The Netherlands, 2004
Panadero et al. (2015): study ES Madrid 2010
Happiness on the Street: Overall Happiness Among Homeless People in Madrid (Spain).
Homeless, Madrid, Spain, 201?
Riley et al. (2003): study US 1996
Reliability and Validity of the SF-36 in HIV-infected Homeless and Marginal Housed Individuals.
HIV-infected homeless and marginally housed San Fransisco, USA, 2000.