Studies among selected public: Tourists

Number of studies5
Additional keywordsholliday, travel

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Gilbert & Abdullah (2002): study GB 2000
A Study of the Impact of the Expectation of a Holiday on an Individual 's Sense of Wellbeing.
Tourists, UK, 2000
Gilbert & Abdullah (2004): study GB 2001
Holidaytaking and the Sense of Well-Being.
Holidaymakers and controls, Guildford area, UK
Nawijn (2009): study NL 2008
The Holiday Happiness Curve: A Preliminary Investigation into Mood during a Holiday Abroad.
International tourists visiting the Netherlands, 2008
Nawijn (2011): study 2009
Determinants of Daily Happiness on Vacation.
International tourists visiting the Netherlands, 2009
Straume & Vitterso (2005): study NO 2000
A Personality Approach to Happiness and Development: Emotional Responses to Success and Failure.
Travelers, Norway, 200?