Studies among selected public: Physicians

Number of studies4
Additional keywordshealth care professional

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Linn & McGranahan (1980): study US 1984
Personal Disruptions, Social Integration, Subjective Well-Being and Predisposition towards the Use of Counseling Services.
Physicians, California, USA, 1984
Tyssen et al. (2009): study NO 1993
Lower Life Satisfaction in Physicians Compared with a General Population Sample: A 10-year Longitudinal, Nationwide Study of Course and Predictors.
Physicians followed 9 years after graduating, Norway, 1993-2002
VanDongen & De Graaf (2012): study NL 2012 /1
De Gelukkige Dokter (The happy doctor)
Medical doctors and students, The Netherlands, 2012
Virshub & Coombs (1993): study US Los Angeles County, California 1988
Physicians' Adjustment to Retirement.
Retired physicians, Los Angeles County, 198?