Studies among selected public: Internet users

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Arampatzi et al. (2018): study NL 2012
Social Network Sites, Individual Social Capital and Happiness.
15-44 aged, internet users, The Netherlands, 2012-2013
Brkljacic et al. (2018): study HR 2013
Im Always Online: Well-Being and Main Sources of Life Dis/Satisfaction of Heavy Internet Users.
18-32 aged, students, Zagreb, Croatia, 201?
Lachmann et al. (2016): study DE 2014
Life Satisfaction and Problematic Internet Use: Evidence for Gender Specific Effects.
Visitors of a 'digital societ' exhibition, Germany and Austria, 2016
Lee et al. (2011b): study KR 2006
Use of Social-Networking Sites and Subjective Well-Being: A Study in South Korea.
University students, South Korea, 2011
Nie et al. (2015): study CN 2010
Internet Use and Subjective Well-Being in China.
16-60 aged, internet users, China, 2010
Oh et al. (2014): study US Michigan 2014
How Does Online Social Networking Enhance Life Satisfaction?The Relationships among Online Supportive Interaction, Affect, Perceived Social Support, Sense of Community, and Life Satisfaction
Internet users, Michigan, USA, 2014
Rae & Lonborg (2015): study US Washington 2014
Do Motivations for Using Facebook Moderate the Association between Facebook Use and Psychologica Wwell-Being?
18+ aged undergraduate students, Facebook users, Seattle, USA, 2014
Reinecke & Trepte (2014): study DE 2010
Authenticity and Well-being on Social Network Sites: A Two-Wave Longitudinal Study on the Effects of Online Authenticity and the Positivity Bias in SNS Communication.
Social media users,, Germany, followed 6 months, 2010-2011