Studies among selected public: Whites in USA

Number of studies29
Additional keywordsCaucasian, European Americans

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Adams (1988): study US 1981
Which comes First: Poor Psychological Well-Being or Decreased Friendship Activity?
62+ aged, white non-married females, middle class suburb of Chicago, USA. followed 1981-84
Beals (1985): study US 1978
Generational Differences in Well-being for two European Groups.
Immigrants from Europe, USA, 1978
Bock & Radelet (1988): study US 1973
The Marital Integration of Religious Independents: A Reevaluation of Its Significance.
18+aged, white population, USA 1973-1974
Costa & McCrae (1980): study US 1965
Influence of Extraversion and Neuroticism on Subjective Well-Being: Happy and Unhappy People.
25-75 aged white males (largely veterans), followed 10 years, USA, 1965-76
Costa & McCrae (1980): study US 1976
Influence of Extraversion and Neuroticism on Subjective Well-Being: Happy and Unhappy People.
35-85 aged white males (largely veterans), USA, 1976
Diener et al. (1995b): study US 1993
Physical Attractiveness and Subjective Well-Being.
College students, USA 199?
Diener et al. (1995b): study US Illinois 1990 /1
Physical Attractiveness and Subjective Well-Being.
University students, USA, 199?
Ferree (1984): study US 1971
Class, Housework and Happiness: Women's Work and Life Satisfaction.
White married women, USA, 1971-76
Garrity (1973): study US NorthDakota 1970
Social Involvement and Activeness as Predictors of Morale Six Months after First Myocardial Infarction.
White males, heart-attack survivors, Durham, North-Carolina, USA, 1970
George (1978): study US NorthCarolina 1973
The Impact of Personality and Social Status Factors upon Levels of Activity and Psychological Well-Being.
50+ aged, whites, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 197?
Glenn & Hoppe (1984): study US 1973
Only Children as Adults, Psychological Well-Being.
18+ aged whites, USA, 1973-78
Glenn & Kramer (1985): study US 1973
The Psychological Well-Being of Adult Children of Divorce.
18+ aged whites, USA, 1973-82
Glenn & Weaver (1979): study US 1972
A Note on Family Situation and Global Happiness.
18-59 aged whites, non-institutionalized, USA, 1972-75
Glenn (1975a): study US 1972 /1
The Contribution of Marriage to the Psychological Well-Being of Males and Females.
18+ aged whites, USA, 1972-1974
Goldberg et al. (1979): study US 1971
Depressed Mood and Subsequent Physical Illness.
18+ aged, died within 1-4 years and matched controls, USA, 1971-76
Huff-Fox (1977): study US 1970
Effects of Retirement and Former Worklife on Womens' Adaptation to Old Age.
Older white middle-class women, USA, 1970
Kahana & Kahana (1975): study US 1970
The Relationship of Impulse Control to Cognition and Adjustment among Institutionalized Aged Women.
55+ aged white females living in nursing home, USA, 197?
Layard et al. (2009): study US 1972
Does Relative Income Matter? Are the Critics Right?
30-55 aged white males, United States, 1972-2006
Levy (1978): study US 1977
Some Determinants of Temporal Experience in the Retired and its Correlates.
52-74 aged white male retirees, from two universities Mid-West U.S.A. 1977
Matlin & Gawron (1979): study US 1977
Individual Differences in Pollyannaism.
University students white, middle-class, State University of New-York, USA,197?
Miller et al. (1991): study US 1956
Motherhood, Multiple Roles, and Maternal Well-Being: Women of the 1950 s.
White married mothers with children under age 13, USA 1956
Neugarten et al. (1961): study US 1955
The Measurement of Life Satisfaction.
50+ aged, whites followed 2,5 years, Kansas City, USA., 196?
Palmore & Kivett (1977): study US 1968
Change in Life Satisfaction. A Longitudinal Study of Persons Aged 46 - 70.
46+ aged whites, followed 2 years, USA, 1968-1972/74
Palmore & Luikart (1972): study US 1968
Health and Social Factors Related to Life Satisfaction.
46+ aged, whites, North Carolina, USA, 1968-70
Palmore (1981): study US 1968
Social Patterns in Normal Aging: Findings From the Duke Longitudinal Study.
46+ aged whites, North Carolina, USA, followed from 1968 to 1976.
Polit et al. (1980): study US 1975
The Only Child Grows Up: A Look at Some Characteristics of Adults Only Children.
Couples, white, middle/upper class, USA, 1975
Townsend & Gurin (1981): study US 1972
Re-examining the frustrated homemaker hypothesis: Role fit, personal dissatisfaction, and collective discontent.
18+ aged, white women, USA, 1972
Weingarten (1985): study US 1976
Marital Status and Well-Being: A National Study Comparing First-Married, Currently Divorced and Remarried Adults.
21+ aged whites, first married; divorced and remarried, USA, 1976
Wright (1978): study US 1971
Are Working Women Really More Satisfied? Evidence from Several National Surveys.
White married women, USA, 1971-76