Studies among selected public: Medical Patients

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Abbey et al. (1992): study US 1987
Infertility and Subjective Well-Being: The Mediating Roles of Self-Esteem, Internal Control, and Interpersonal Conflict.
Infertile couples, United States, 1987
Abe & Moritsuka (1986): study JP 1981
A Case-Control Study of Climacteric Symptoms and Complaints of Japanese Women by Symptomatic Type for Psychological Variables.
Women in menopause patient and controls, Miyagi, North-east Japan, 1981-82.
Ahlstrand & Bränholm (1998): study SE 1993
Activity Performance, Life Satisfaction and Locus of Control in Young Women on Sick Leave.
30- aged women on sick leave, Sweden, 199?
Al-Windi (2005): study SE 2003
The Relations between Symptoms, Somatic and Psychiatric Conditions, Life Satisfaction and Perceived Health. A Primary Care based Study.
16+ aged visitors health care centre, Sweden, 2003
Anthony et al. (2009): study CA 2008
Child and Parental Perspectives of Multidimensional Quality of Life Outcomes after Kidney Transplantation.
Kidney transplants , 3 years after transplant, Toronto, Canada, 2008
Arnold et al. (2006): study NL 2001
Changes in Personal Control as a Predictor of Quality of Life after Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
COPD patients, before and after 20 week rehabilitation programme, Netherlands, 2001-2002
Bach et al. (1991): study US 1989
Life Satisfaction of Individuals with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Using Long-Term Mechanical Ventilatory Support.
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients and controls, USA, 1985
Barge-Schaapveld et al. (1997): study NL 1992
Assessing Daily Quality of Life with the Experience Sampling Method.
Patients, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 199?
Bernheim et al. (2006): study DE 1990
The Potential of Anamnestic Comparative Self Assessment (ACSA) to Reduce Bias in the Measurement of Subjective Well-Being.
Patients university hospital, Berlin, Germany 1990-2003
Broadbent et al. (2018): study AU 2013 /1
Domain Compensation in Quality of Life of Individuals with Vasovagal Syncope: a Test of Homeostasis Theory.
Medical patients and Non-Patients, Australia, 2013
Broadbent et al. (2018): study AU 2013 /2
Domain Compensation in Quality of Life of Individuals with Vasovagal Syncope: a Test of Homeostasis Theory.
Cardiac patients, Australia, 2013
Broadbent et al. (2018): study AU 2013 /3
Domain Compensation in Quality of Life of Individuals with Vasovagal Syncope: a Test of Homeostasis Theory.
Vasovagal synscope patients, Australia, 2013
Brooks & McKinlay (1983): study GB 1980
Personality and Behavioral Change after Severe Blunt Head Injury - A Relative`s View.
Severely head injured patients, Glasgow UK, 1980-82
Brown et al. (2000): study AU 1991
Psychosocial Predictors of Outcome: Time to Relapse and Survival in Patients with Early Stage Melanoma.
Cancer patients, Sydney Australia, followed 6 years, 1991-1997
Chiu et al. (2006): study TW 2005
Use of the WHOQOL-BREF for Evaluating Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Brain injury patients, Taiwan, 2005
Covinsky et al. (1999): study US 1994
Health Status versus Quality of Life in Older Patients: Does the Distinction Matter?
80+ aged patients 2 months after hospitalization, USA, 1994
Craig et al. (1974): study US Maryland 1968
The Quality of Survival in Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Comparison.
Breast cancer patients and controls, Maryland, USA, 1968
De Castro et al. (2007): study ES Madrid 2004
Psychological Well-Being in Adults Transplanted in Childhood.
18-22 aged transplant patients, Spain, 2004
DeHaes et al. (1987): study NL 1981
The Distinction between Cognition and Affect.
Early breast cancer patient, followed 11 and 18 month after treatment, The Netherlands, 1981-1987
DeHaes et al. (1992): study NL 1987
The Distinction between Affect and Cognition in the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients - Sensitivity and Stability.
Breast-cancer patients, The Netherlands, 198?
DenDraak (2010): study NL 2008
Oudere Tehuisbewoners Landelijk Overzicht van de Leefsituatie van Ouderen in Instellingen 2008/2009. ( Institutional Living of Older People National Survey of the Living Situation of Older People in Homes 2008/2009.)
50+ aged, living in institution, Netherlands, 2008-2009
Derogatis et al. (1979): study US 1976
Psychological Coping Mechanisms and Survival Time in Metastatic Breast Cancer.
Cancer patients, followed 1 year, USA, 1976-1978
DeRuiter et al. (1993): study NL 1990
Cancer Patients and their Network: the Meaning of the Social Network and Social Interactions for Quality of Life.
Cancer patients and ex-patients. The Netherlands,199?
Edwards & O'Connell (2003): study AU 1999
Internal Consistency and Validity of the Stroke Impact Scale 2.0 (SIS 2.0) AND sis-16 IN AN Australian Sample.
Stroke survivors, Australia, 199?.
Emmons & McCullough (2003): study US 2003
Counting Blessings versus Burdens: an Experimental Investigation of Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life.
Medical patients in Gratitude exercise, USA 2003.
Erdman (1981): study NL 1976
Welbevinden bij Hartpatienten. (Well-Being of Heartpatients).
Heart patients and healthy controls, The Netherlands, 197?
Erdman (1981): study NL 1978
Welbevinden bij Hartpatienten. (Well-Being of Heartpatients).
Heart patients, The Netherlands 1978-1979
Estwing-Ferrans & Powers (1992): study US 1987
Psychometric Assessment of the Quality of Life Index.
Renal patients, USA 199?
Estwing-Ferrans & Rolling-Ferrell (1990): study US 1985
Development of a Quality of Life Index for Patients with Cancer.
Female breast-cancer patients, USA, 198?
Evans et al. (1985a): study US 1980
The Quality of Life of Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease.
Patients with end-stage renal disease, 11 dialysis and transplantation centers, USA., 198?
Evans et al. (1990): study US 1986
The Quality of Life of Hemodialysis Recipients Treated with Recombinant Human Erythnopoietin.
Patients with end-stage renal disease , USA, followed 11 month, 1986
Fang et al. (2002): study TW 1999
Validation of the World Health Organizaton Quality of Life Instrument in Patients with HIV Infection.
HIV-infected patients, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999-2000
Fernros et al. (2008): study SE 2000
Improving Quality of Life using Compound Mind-Body Therapies: Evaluation of a Course Intervention with Body Movement and Breath Therapy, Guided Imagery, Chakra Experiencing and Mindfulness Meditation.
Poor health participants in a course of mind-body therapies, Sweden, 2000-2001
Filipp & Klauer (1991): study XZ Germany West 1988
Subjective Well-Being in the Face of Critical Life Events: The Case of the Successful Copers.
Cancer patients, followed 6 months after onset, Trier, 198?
Fromm et al. (1996): study US 1991
Positive and Negative Psycholosocial Sequelae of Bone Marrow Transplantation: Implications for Quality of Life Assessment.
Adult bone marrow transplantation survivors, USA. 1991
Garrity (1973): study US NorthDakota 1970
Social Involvement and Activeness as Predictors of Morale Six Months after First Myocardial Infarction.
White males, heart-attack survivors, Durham, North-Carolina, USA, 1970
Greaves-Otte et al. (1991): study NL 1990
Problems at Social Re-Integration of Long-Term Cancer Survivors.
Ex-cancer patients, the Netherlands, 1987
Grigg et al. (2006): study CA 2001
Comparing Self-Rated Health, Satisfaction and Quality of Life Scores between Diabetics and Others living in the Bella Coola Valley
Diabetes patients and healthy controls, Canada, 2009
Hall et al. (1999): study US 1996
Follow-Up Study of Individuals With High Tetraplegia (C1-C4) 14 to 24 Years Postinjury.
Tetraplegia patients 14-24 years after injury, United States, 1996
Hardy et al. (1999): study GB London 1997
The Use of the Rotterdam Symptom Checklist in Palliative Care.
Cancer patients in a palliative care unit, followed 4 weeks, UK, 1997
Headey & Wooden (2005): study 2006
The Importance of Wealth for Subjective Well-Being.
60+ aged visitors of a university geriatric polyclinic, Campinas state,Brazil 2006-2007
Henley & Davis (1967): study US 1959
Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: A Study of the Chronically-Ill Aged Patient.
60+ aged chronically-ill, followed three years, USA, 1959-62
Hicks et al. (2004): study US 1997
Differences in Health-Related Quality of Life and Treatment Preferences among Black and white Patiens with End-Stage Final Disease.
18-54 aged, dialysed patients, USA,1997
Hinton (1979): study GB 1978
Comparison of Places and Policies for Terminal Care.
End stage cancer patients, UK,1978
Hsieh (2008): study US 2005
The Relative Importance of Health
Frail older adults,Chicago area, USA, 2005
Hsieh (2012a): study US 2007
Importance is Not Unimportant: The Role of Importance Weighting in QOL Measures
Frail older adults in the USA,, 200?
James & Hughes (1982): study GB 1977
Psychological Well-Being as an Outcome Variable in the Treatment of Infertility by Clomiphine.
Female fertility patients, Great Britain, 1977-80
Janz et al. (2001): study US Michigan 1996
Factors Influencing Quality of Life in Older Women With Heart Disease.
Medical Patients, Michigan, United States, followed 1 year, 199?
Kantor et al. (1978): study US 1976
Comparative Psychologic Effects of Estrogen Administration on Institutional and Noninstitutional Elderly Women.
Eldery women in oestrogen therapy, followed 1 year, USA,1976
Kellerman et al. (1977): study US 1972
Disease-Related Communication and Depression in Pediatric Cancer Patients.
Children hospitalized with cancer, US, 197?
Kleiboer (2006): study NL 2001
Couples Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. A Diary Study Examining the Effects of Spousal Interactions and Well-Being.
MS patients and their spouse, The Netherlands, 200?
Kobayashi et al. (2005): study JP 2001
Validation of the Care Notebook for Measuring Physical Mental and Life Well-Being of Patiens with Cancer.
Cancer out-patients, followed 4 weeks, Japan, 2001
Korfage et al. (2005): study NL 1996
Five-Year Follow-Up of Health Related Quality of Life after Primary Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer.
Prostate cancer patient, The Netherlands, followed five years after treatment
Korfage et al. (2006): study NL 2003
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: The Impact on Patients' Mental Health.
Prostate cancer patients, followed 8 month , The Netherlands, 2003-2004
Langeveld (1998): study NL 1990 /1
Quality of Life in Adolescents with Migraine and Other Headaches.
12-18 aged chronic headache patients, Netherlands 199?
Langeveld (1998): study NL 1992 /1
Quality of Life in Adolescents with Migraine and Other Headaches.
12-18 aged, chronic headache patients, The Netherlands, 199?
Langeveld et al. (1999): study NL 1997
Do Experienced Stress and Trait Negative Affecivity Moderate the Relationship between Headache and Quality Adolescents?
12-18 aged headache patients, The Netherlands, 1997
Levy et al. (1988): study US 1979
Survival Hazard Analysis in First Recurrent Breast Cancer Patients: Seven-Year Follow-Up.
Breast cancer patients, first recurrence cases, Eastern USA, 1979
Lopez-Torres Hidalgo et al. (2007): study ES Albacete, La Mancha, Castilla 2001
Functional Status in the Elderly Insomniac
65+aged with Insomnia, Spain, 2001
Lough et al. (1985): study US 1980
Life Satisfaction Following Heart Transplantation.
Heart transplantation recipients, 7 month to 14 years after transplant, USA, 198?
Mansson et al. (1995): study SE 1990
On Life Satisfaction and Activity Preferences in Long-Term Survivors after Stroke.
Stroke patients and controls, Sweden 199?
Mellor et al. (2003): study AU 2003
The Management of Subjective Quality of Life by Short-stay Hospital Patients: An Exploratory Study.
Short-stay in-ward surgery patients, shortly before and after treatment, Australia 2003
Middleton & Byrd (1996): study US 1995
Psychosocial Factors and Hospital Readmission Status of Older Persons with Cardiovascular Disease.
Heart patients, USA, followed 90 days, 1995
Morel et al. (1991): study US 1990
Long-Term Quality of Life after Kidney Transplantation in Childhood.
Patients, U.S.A, 1990
Morris & Jones (1989): study AT 1984
Life Satisfaction across Treatment Methods for Patients with End-Stage Renal Failure.
Endstage renal patients, U.K. 198?
Naess et al. (2007): study NO 2005
Psychological Well-Being of People wlth Epilepsy in Norway.
16+ aged epilepsia patients, Norway, 2005-09
Ostir et al. (2006): study US 2001
Does Change in Functional Performance Affect Quality of Life in Persons with Orthopaedic Impairment.
40+ orthopedic patients, 3 month after discharge, USA, 2002
Perquin (2002): study NL 1976
Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents: Observational Studies.
12-18 aged, in chronic pain. Rotterdam, Netherlands, followed 2 years, 1996-99
Petersen-Ewert et al. (2005): study ZZ Europe 2003
Development and Pilot-Testing of a Health Related Quality of Life Chronic Generic Module for Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions: A European Perspective.
8-16 aged chronic patients, 7 EU countries, 2003
Pollock-BarZiv et al. (2003): study CA 2002
Quality of Life and Function Following Cardiac Transplantation In Adolescents
10-18 aged, cardiac patients, Canada, 200?
Reitz et al. (2004): study CH 1999
Impact of Spinal Cord Injury on Sexual Health and Quality of Life.
Spinal cord injured, Switzerland, 199?
Reynolds & Nelson (1981): study US 1975
Personality, Life Satisfaction and Life Expectancy.
Institutionalized elderly chronically ill males, Los Angeles, USA, 1975-1978
Riis et al. (2005): study US 2003
Ignoranc of Hedonic Adaptation to Hemodialysis: A Study Using Ecological Momentary Assessment.
Hemodialysis patients and controls, USA, 2003
Riley et al. (2003): study US 1996
Reliability and Validity of the SF-36 in HIV-infected Homeless and Marginal Housed Individuals.
HIV-infected homeless and marginally housed San Fransisco, USA, 2000.
Ringdal (1996): study NO 1991
Religiosity, Quality of Life and Survival in Cancer Patients.
Cancer patients, Norway, 1991
Roberts et al. (1983): study US 1983
Relationship of Service Satisfaction to Life Satisfaction and Percieved Wellbeing.
Patients health centers, United States, 1983
Roberts et al. (1983): study US 1983 /1
Relationship of Service Satisfaction to Life Satisfaction and Percieved Wellbeing.
13+ aged, patients of urban public health center, USA, 1983
Savelieva et al. (2001): study GB 2001
Quality of Life in Patients with Silent Atrial Fibrillation
Atrial fibrilation patients and controls,,U.K,2001
Schnettler et al. (2017): study CL 2015
Measurement Invariance in the Satisfaction with Life Scale in Chilean and Ecuadorian Older Adults
60+ aged visitors of gerontology center, Chile, 2017
Schnettler et al. (2017): study EC 2015
Measurement Invariance in the Satisfaction with Life Scale in Chilean and Ecuadorian Older Adults
60+ aged visitors of gerontology center, Ecuador, 2015
Schulz & Decker (1985): study US 1985
Longterm Adjustment to Physical Disability: The Role of Social Support, Perceived Control and Self-Blame.
40+ aged, spinal-cord-injured, non-institutionalised, Portland Oregon, USA, 198?
Schwarz & Strian (1972): study XZ Germany West 1967 /1
Psychometrische Untersuchungen zur Befindlichkeit psychiatrischer und intern-medizinischer Patienten. (Psychometric investigations on well-being in psychiatric and medical patients).
Medical patients, West Germany, 197?
Segrin et al. (2005): study US 2000
Dyadic Interdependence on Affect and Quality-of-Life Trajectories among Women with Breast Cancer and Their Partners.
Breast cancer patients and partners, USA, 2000.
Simmons et al. (1977): study US 1970
Gift of Life: The Social and Psychological Impact of Organ Transplantation.
Adult renal patients, followed before and after transplant, USA, 1970-73
Simmons et al. (1977): study US 1972 /1
Gift of Life: The Social and Psychological Impact of Organ Transplantation.
8-20 aged renal (ex-)patients and controls, USA, 1972-1973
Simmons et al. (1988): study US 1980
Quality of Life after Kidney Transplantation.
Renal patients, 1-year post transplant, USA 1980-84
Snekkevik et al. (2003): study SE 1993
Is Sense of Coherence Stable after Multiple Trauma.
Rehabilitation patients, followed 2 years after trauma, Sweden 1993-1999
Spijkerboer et al. (2006): study NL 2006
Health-Related Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents after Invasive Treatment for Congenital Hearth Disease.
Children treated for heart disease 8 years ago, Netherlands, 2006
Währborg (1999): study ZZ Western Europe 1988
Quality of Life after Coronary Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery.
Revascularization patients, Europe, followed 1 year 1988-1989
Wändell et al. (1997): study SE 1995
Quality of Life among Patients with Glaucoma in Sweden.
Glaucoma patients,Sweden, 1995
Yates et al. (1980): study US 1978
Evaluation of patients with advanced cancer using the Karnovsky Performance Status.
Cancer patients, estimated surv. 3 - 12 months, Vermont, USA, 1978
Yeo et al. (1987): study US 1979
Effects of Geriatric Clinic on Functional Health and Well-Being of Elders.
65+ aged, patients, ambulatory medical center, followed 18 mth, California, USA, 198?
Yerxa & Baum (1970): study US 1986
Engagement In Daily Occupations And Life Satisfaction Among People With Spinal Cord Injuries.
Spinal cord injured and controls, USA, 1986
Zautra et al. (2005): study US 1999
Positive Affect as a Source of Resilience for Women in Chronic Pain.
Female chronic pain patients, Arizona, USA, followed 10 weeks, 200?