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Adams (1988): study US 1981
Which comes First: Poor Psychological Well-Being or Decreased Friendship Activity?
62+ aged, white non-married females, middle class suburb of Chicago, USA. followed 1981-84
Ajrouch (2007): study US Detroit 2001
Resources and Well-being among Arab-American elders
56+aged, Arab-Americans, USA, 2001-2002
Allain et al. (1996): study ZW 1994
Determinants of Happiness and Life Satisfaction in Elderly Zimbabweans.
60+ aged, general public, regions, Zimbabwe, 1994-1995
Amit & Litwin (2010): study IL 2006
The Subjective Well-being of Immigrants Aged 50 and Older in Israel.
50+aged immigrants, Israel, 2005-2006
Angel & Angel (1992): study US 1988
Age at Migration, Social Connections, and Well-Being among Elderly Hispanics.
65+aged, Hispanics, United States, 1988
Antonovsky et al. (1971): study IL 1968
Twenty-Five Years Later: A Limited Study of Sequelae of the Concentration Camp Experience.
Females, born between 1914-1923 in Central Europe, Israel 1968
Ardelt (2003a): study US 1997
Emperical Assessment of a Three Dimensional Wisdom Scale.
55+ aged, USA, North-Central Florida, 1997
Baker (1976): study US 1971
Relationship of Retirement and Satisfaction with Life Events to Locus of Control.
55+ aged males, USA, 1971
Baker et al. (2005): study US 1986
Productive Activities and Subjective Well-Being among Older Adults: The Influence of Number of Activities and Time Commitment.
60+ aged, USA, followed 3 years 1986-1989
Barefoot et al. (1998): study US 1978
Trust, Health and Longevity.
Elderly, USA, followed from 1978 to 1992
Becchetti et al. (2016): study ZZ Europe 2006
Inside the Life Satisfaction Blackbox.
50+ aged, general public, Europe, 2006,2007
Bell (1974): study US 1973
Cognitive Dissonance and the Life Satisfaction of Older Adults.
Males, shortly before and after retirement, USA 1973-74
Bell (1975a): study US 1973
The Limitations of Crisis Theory as an Explanatory Mechanism in Social Gerontology.
Males shortly before and after retirement, USA 1973-74
Benyamini et al. (2004): study US 1998
Self-Rated Oral Health as an Independent Predictor of Self-Rated General Health, Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction.
Residents retirement community, USA, 1998
Blandford & Chappell (1990): study CA 1985
Subjective Well-being among Native and Non-Native Elderly Persons: Do Differences Exist?
50+ aged, Winnipeg,Canada, 1985
Bookwala & Schulz (1996): study US 1991
Spousal Similarity in Subjective Well-Being: The Cardiovascular Health Study.
65+ aged couples, United States, 1991
Borgatta et al. (1982): study US 1978
Alcohol Use and Abuse, Life Crisis Events, and the Elderly.
18+ aged general population USA, 1978 -1980
Börsch-Supan & Jürgens (2006): study XZ Germany West 1984
Early Retirement, Social Security and Well-Being in Germany.
50-65 aged, West-Germany, followed 18 years, 1984-2002
Bowling & Farquhar (1993a): study GB London 1989
The Health and Well-being of Jewish People Aged 65 to 85 Years Living at Home in the East End of London.
65-85 aged, East End of London, 1989
Bowling & Gabriel (2004): study GB 2001
An Integrational Model of Quality of Life in Older Age. Results from the ESRC/MRC HSRC Quality of Life Survey in Britain.
65+aged, Britain, 2000-2001
Bowling (2007): study GB 2006
Quality of Life in older Age.
65+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2006
Braithwaite et al. (1986): study AU 1981
An Exploratory Study of Poor Adjustment Styles Among Retiress.
60+aged, retired people, Sydney Australia, 1981
Caligiuri et al. (2012): study CA 2000
Changes in food group consumption and associations with self-rated diet, health, life satisfaction, and menatl and physical functioning over 5 years in very old Canadian men: The Manitoba follow up study
79 + aged men, Canada, followed 5 years, 200-2005
Calvo et al. (2007): study US 1992
What Makes Retirees Happier: A Gradual or 'Cold Turkey' Retirement?
Eldery, United States, followed through retirement 1992-2004
Calys-Tagoe et al. (2014): study GH 2007
Predictors of Subjective Well-Being Among Older Ghanaians.
50+ aged, Ghana, 2007-2008
Caycho-Rodríguez et al. (2018): study PE Trujillo, La Libertad 2017
Psychometric Evidence of the Diener’s Satisfaction with Life Scale in Peruvian Elderly
Elderly, Peru, 2017
Chan & Lee (2006): study CN 2000
Network Size, Social Support and Happiness in Later Life: A Comparative Study of Beijing and Hong Kong.
60+aged, China, 2000
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study CN 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, China, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study GH 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, Ghana, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study IN 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, India, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study MX 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, Mexico, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study RU 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, Russia, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study ZA 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, South Africa, 201?
Chan, D. et al. (2017): study ZZ Developing nations 2012
Is trusting others related to better health? An investigation of older adults across six non-western countries
50+ aged, 6 non-Western developing countries, 201?
Chappell & Badger (1989): study CA Winnipeg, Manitoba 1985
Social Isolation and Well-Being.
60+ aged, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1985
Cheng & Chan (2006): study HK 2000
Relationship with Others and Life Satisfaction in Later Life: Do Gender and Widowhood make a Difference?
60+ aged, Hong Kong, 2000
Cheung et al. (2005): study HK 2001
Quality of Life in Older Adults: Benefits from Caring Services in Hong Kong.
Elderly, Hong Kong, 2001
Chow (2012): study CA Calgary, Alberta 2007
Health Care Service Needs and Correlates of Quality of Life: A Case Study of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in Canada
65+aged Chinese migrants, Calgary, Canada, 2007
Clement (1980): study FR 1975 /1
De la Variation de Quelques Traits de Personalité en Fonction, notamment, de l'Age, du Sexe et du Niveau Intellectuel. (The Variation of Certain Personality Traits in Relation to Age, Sex, and Intelligent Level).
60-69 aged women, lower class, France 1975
Clement (1980): study FR 1975 /3
De la Variation de Quelques Traits de Personalité en Fonction, notamment, de l'Age, du Sexe et du Niveau Intellectuel. (The Variation of Certain Personality Traits in Relation to Age, Sex, and Intelligent Level).
50-69 aged women, France, 1975
Cutler (1976): study US 1974
Membership in Different Types of Voluntary Associations and Psychological Well-Being.
65+, aged, USA,1974-1975
D'Elboux Diogo (2003): study BR 2001
Satisfação global com a vida e determinados domínios entre idosos com amputação de membros inferiores (Satisfaction with life overall and with specific life domains among elderly persons with a lower limb amputation)
Elderly patients, Brazil, 2001
DenDraak (2010): study NL 2008
Oudere Tehuisbewoners Landelijk Overzicht van de Leefsituatie van Ouderen in Instellingen 2008/2009. ( Institutional Living of Older People National Survey of the Living Situation of Older People in Homes 2008/2009.)
50+ aged, living in institution, Netherlands, 2008-2009
Dobson (1985): study US 1964
Attitudes and Perceptions.
50+ aged males, fulltime employed at T1, followed ten years, Iowa, USA, 1964-74
Dolan & Metcalfe (2012): study US 2011
Valuing Health: A Brief Report on Subjective Well-Being versus Preferences.
Elderly, United States, 2011
Duckitt (1982): study ZA 1980
Social Integration and Psychological Well-Being: A Study of Elderly Persons living in the Inner-City Area of Pretoria.
65-90 aged whites Pretoria, South Africa, 198?
Dykstra & Liefbroer (1998): study NL 1992
Kinderloos en toch Gelukkig? (Childless but Still Happy?)
55-89 aged, The Netherlands, 1992
Eryilmaz & Atak (2011): study TR Turkey Aegean 2009
Ailesiyle Yasayan Yaslilarda Mutuluk Modeli. ( A Model of Happiness for older Adults living with their Families.)
60-75 aged, Ankara,Turkey, 2009-2010
Ferguson et al. (2017): study AU 2015
Hope for the Future and Avoidance of the Present: Associations with Well-being in Older Adults.
65+ aged, Australia, 2015
Fernandez Ballesteros (1998): study ES 1993
Quality of Life: The Differential Conditions.
65+ aged, Spain, 199?
Fernandez Ballesteros et al. (2001): study ES 1996
The Contribution of Socio-Demographic and Psychological Factors to Life Satisfaction.
65+ aged, Spain, 1996
Fillenbaum & Willis (1976): study US 1970
Effects of a Training Program: Older Persons Caring for the Elderly.
50-79 aged, females, trainees and controls, USA, 1970
Forjaz et al. (2012): study ES 2012
Rasch Analysis of the International Wellbeing Index in Older Adults.
60+ aged, community-dwlling adults, Spain, 2012
Fowler & McCalla (1969): study US 1965
Correlates of Morale among Aged in Greater Boston.
65+ aged, Metropolitan Boston, USA, 1965
Francis & Bolger (1994): study GB 1990
Personality and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life.
55-85 aged retired civil servants, UK, 1990
Francis & Bolger (1994): study GB 1993
Personality and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life.
55-85 aged, retired civil servants, United Kingdom, 199?
French et al. (1995): study CA Ontario 1990
Gender Differences in Relating Life Events and Well-Being in Elderly Individuals.
Elderly people, Ontario, Canada, 1990
Gagliardi et al. (2010): study ZZ Western Europe 2000
Associations of Personal and Mobility Resources with Subjective Well-being Among Older Adults in Italy and Germany.
55+ aged, Germany and Italy, 2000
Gao & Meng (2015): study CN 1998
The Impact of Government Size on Chinese Elders' Life Satisfaction: 1998-2008
65+ aged, China, followed 10 years, 1998-2008
Gaymu & Springer (2010): study ZZ Europe 2004
Living Conditions and Life Satisfaction of Older Europeans Living Alone: A Gender and Cross-country Analysis
60+ aged living alone, 10 European Nations, 2004
Gee (2000a): study CA British Columbia 1996
Living Arrangements and Quality of Life among Chinese Canadian Elders.
65+ aged, Chinese Canadians, Canada, 1996
George (1978): study US NorthCarolina 1973
The Impact of Personality and Social Status Factors upon Levels of Activity and Psychological Well-Being.
50+ aged, whites, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 197?
Gerstorf et al. (2015): study DE Berlin 1993
Secular Changes in Late-life Cognition and Well-being: Towards a Long Bright Future with a Short Brisk Ending?
Elderly, Berlin Germany cohorts 1990-93 and 2013-14
Gfellner (1989): study CA 1984
Perceptions of Health, Abilities, and Life Satisfaction among very Old Adults.
80+ aged, hospitalized within 2 years, Canada, 1984
Glenn & McLanahan (1981): study US 1973
The Effects of Offspring on the Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults.
50+ aged, with no children under age 18 at home, USA,1973-78
Gonzalez (2008): study ES 2005
Bienestar Personal y Activades en la Edad Adulta Tardía. (Personal Well-Being and Activiteis in Late Adulthood).
Elderly, city Spain, 2005
Goudy & Goudeau (1981): study US 1975
Social Ties and Life Satisfaction of Older Persons: Another Evaluation.
50+ aged, general public, North-Central Iowa, USA, 1975
Goudy et al. (1975): study US 1964
The Work-Satisfaction, Retirement-Attitude Typology: Profile Examination.
50+, employed, male, USA 1964
Graney & Graney (1973): study US 1971
Scaling Adjustment in Older People.
62-89 aged females, USA, 1971
Graney (1973): study US 1967
The Affect Balance Scale and Old Age.
62-89 aged females, followed 4 years USA, 1967-71
Graney (1975): study US 1967
Happiness and Social Participation in Aging.
62-89 aged females, followed 4 years, USA, 1967-71
Groot & Maassen-VandenBrink (2001): study NL 1993
De Verborgen Kosten van de WAO. (The Hidden Expenses of the Disability Insurance Act).
Middle aged living in households, The Netherlands,1993
Gubrium (1974): study US 1972
Marital Desolation and the Evaluation of Everyday Life in Old Age.
Aged persons, Detroit, USA, 197?
Hacker & Gaitz (1969): study US 1966
The Moral Career of the Elderly Mental Patient.
Aged mental patients, 1 year after admission, USA, 1966
Haight (1988): study US 1982
The therapeutic Role of a structured Life Review Process in homebound elderly Subjects.
Homebound elderly participating in life review program, USA, 198?
Haski-Leventhal (2009): study ZZ Europe 2007
Elderly Volunteering and Well-Being: A Cross-European Comparison Based on SHARE Data
50+ aged, 12 European Nations, 2007
Headey & Wooden (2005): study 2006
The Importance of Wealth for Subjective Well-Being.
60+ aged visitors of a university geriatric polyclinic, Campinas state,Brazil 2006-2007
Henkens & Bronsema (2000): study NL 1992
Arbeiden Welbevinden. Oudere Werklozen, Arbeidsongeschikten, Werkenden en Vutters Vergeleken. (Work and Well-Being. Comparison between Older Unemployed, Disabled Employers, Employers and Early Retired Workers.)
55-65 years old,
Henkens (1997): study NL 1992
Inactiviteit en Sociaal Isolement, Gezondheid en Welbevinden: Mannelijke Werkelozen, Arbeidsongeschikten, Werkenden en Vutters Vergeleken. (Inactivity and Social Isolation, Health and Well-Being: Employed and Unemployed Compared).
55-64 aged men, The Netherlands, 1992
Henley & Davis (1967): study US 1959
Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: A Study of the Chronically-Ill Aged Patient.
60+ aged chronically-ill, followed three years, USA, 1959-62
Herbers & Mulder (2017): study ZZ Europe 2012
Housing and Subjective Well-Being of Older Adults in Europe.
50+ aged, general public, 16 European nations, 2012
Herzog et al. (1982): study US 1975
Subjective Well-Being among Different Age Groups.
50+ aged, general public, USA, 1975
Ho et al. (1995): study HK 1992
Life Satisfaction and Associated Factors in Older Hong Kong Chinese.
70+aged, Hong Kong, 1991-1992
Hochman & Skopek (2013): study DE 2006
The Impact of Wealth on Subjective Well-Being: A Comparison of Three Welfare-State Regimes.
50+ aged general public, Germany, 2006
Hochman & Skopek (2013): study IL 2006 /1
The Impact of Wealth on Subjective Well-Being: A Comparison of Three Welfare-State Regimes.
50+ aged, general public, Israel, 2006
Holahan et al. (1999): study US 1960
Self Appraisel, Life Satisfaction and Retrospective Life Choices Across One and Three Decades.
Gifted (IQ>135) followed unto old age, USA, 1960-1992
Hsieh (2008): study US 2001
The Relative Importance of Health
50+ aged, Chicago area , USA, 2001
Hsieh (2012a): study US 2007
Importance is Not Unimportant: The Role of Importance Weighting in QOL Measures
Frail older adults in the USA,, 200?
Hsieh (2014): study US 2009
Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Evaluation of Domain Importance Weighting in Quality of Life Measurements
50+ aged, Chicago area , USA, 200?
Hunsberger (1985): study CA 1982
Religion, Age, Life Satisfaction and Perceived Sources of Religiousness: A Study of Older Persons.
65+ aged, general public, Ontario Canada, 1982
Hynson (1975): study US 1973
Rural-Urban Differences in Satisfaction among the Elderly.
60+ aged, general public, USA, 1973
Ingersoll -Dayton et al. (2004): study TH 1999
Measuring psychological Well-Being: Insights from Thai Elders.
60+aged, Thailand, 1999
Isaacowitz & Smith (2003): study DE Berlin 1990
Positive and Negative Affect in Very Old Age.
70-100+aged, Germany, 1990-1993.
Jackson & Gibson (1985): study US 1979
Work and Retirement among the Black Elderly.
55+ aged blacks, USA, 1979-80
Jelicic & Kempen (1999): study NL Goningen 1992
Short Report: Chronic Medical Conditions and Life Satisfaction in the Elderly.
57+ aged, North Netherlands, 1992
Kahana & Kahana (1975): study US 1970
The Relationship of Impulse Control to Cognition and Adjustment among Institutionalized Aged Women.
55+ aged white females living in nursing home, USA, 197?
Kao et al. (2005): study TW 2001
WHOQOL-BREF as Predictors of Mortality: A Two-Year Follow-up Study at Veteran Homes.
65+ aged males living in veteran homes, Taiwan, followed 2 years 2001-2003
Kawamoto & Doi (2002): study JP 1998
Self-Reported Functional Ability PredictsThree-Year Mobility and Mortality in Community-Dwelling Older Persons.
65+ aged, Nomura, Japan, followed 3 years, 1998-2001
Keith & Landry (1992): study CA 1985
Well-Being of Older Canadians.
55+ aged, Canada, 1985
Keith & Landry (1992): study CA 1990
Well-Being of Older Canadians.
55+ aged, Canada, 1990
Keith (1985a): study US 1969
Work, Retirement and Well-Being among Unmarried Men and Women.
58-63 aged unmarried, followed 10 years, USA, 1969-1979
Keng & Wu (2014): study TW 1989
Living Happily Ever After? The Effect of Taiwan's National Health Insurance on the Happiness of the Elderly.
Elderly, Taiwan, folowed 14 years 1989-2003, before and after change health insurance law in 1995
Killen & MacasKill (2015): study GB GB North East 2014
Using a Gratitude Intervention to Enhance Well-Being in Older Adults.
Elderly participants in a gratitude training,UK 2014
Kim et al. (2012): study US 2006
Cross-National Insights into the Relationship between Wealth and Wellbeing: A comparison between Australia, the United States of America and South Korea.
50+ aged general public, USA, 2006
Kivett (1976): study US 1970
The Aged in North Carolina: Physical, Social and Environmental Characteristics and Sources of Assistance. (The Guilford Study)
65+ aged, North Carolina, USA, 1970-71
Kivett (2000): study US 1976
Very-Old Rural Adults: Functional Status and Social Support.
Very old, rural area USA, followed 20 years, 1976-1997
Kleban & Turner-Massey (1978): study US 1975
Short-Range Effects of Community Housing.
62+ aged applicants for community housing, followed 6 months, Philadelphia, USA, 1975.
Korfage et al. (2005): study NL 1996
Five-Year Follow-Up of Health Related Quality of Life after Primary Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer.
Prostate cancer patient, The Netherlands, followed five years after treatment
Kozma & Stones (1980): study CA 1975
The Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of Happiness (M.U.N.S.H.).
65-95 aged, New Foundland, Canada, 197?
Kozma & Stones (1980): study CA 1975 /1
The Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Measurement of Happiness: Development of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of Happiness (M.U.N.S.H.).
Eldery, living in old age home,New Foundland, Canada, 197?
Kunzmann et al. (2000): study DE Berlin 1990
Is Age-Related Stability of Subjective Well-Being a Paradox? Cross-Selection and Longitudinal Evidence from the Berlin Aging Study.
70-103 aged, Germany, 1990-1993
Lai & McDonald (1995): study CA Calgary, Alberta 1991
Life Satisfaction of Chinese Elderly Immigrants in Calgary
Chinese elderly immigrants, Canada, 1991
Lai et al. (2005): study TW 2000
Health Related Quality of Life and Health Utility for the Institutional Elderly in Taiwan.
Elderly living in long-term care settings, Taiwan 2000
Larson (1989): study US 1984 /1
Is Feeling "In Control" Related to Happiness in Daily Life?
Retired inhabitants of middle-sized Ontario metropolitan, USA, 198?
Laukka (2007): study SE 2006
Uses of Music and Psychological Well-Being among the Elderly.
65-75 aged, Sweden, 2006
Lee & Ellithorpe (1982): study US Washington 1975
Intergenerational Exchange and Subjective Well-Being among the Elderly.
60+ aged, living near children, USA, Washington State, 1975
Lee & Ihinger-Tallman (1980): study US Washington 1975
Sibling Interaction and Morale: The Effects of Family Relations on Older Family.
60+ aged, Washington State, USA, 1975
Lee (1978): study US Washington 1975
Marriage and Morale in Later Life.
60+ aged marrieds, Washington State USA, 1975
Lee (2005): study HK 2001
An Exploratory Study on the Quality of Life of Older Chinese People Living Alone in Hong Kong.
60+ aged living alone, Hong Kong, 2001
Lehr & Dreher (1969): study XZ Germany West 1965
Determinants of Attitudes towards Retirement.
60-75 aged middle class employees or former employees, Germany, 1965
Lehr (1968): study XZ Germany West 1965
Attitudes Towards the Future in Old Age.
60-65 aged, middle class, Germany, 1965
Lelkes (2012): study ZZ EU 27 2010
Happier and Less Isolated: Internet Use in Old Age.
65+ aged, 26 European nations, 2010-2011
Lengyel et al. (2009): study CA 2000
The Relationships Between Food Group Consumption, Self-Rated Health, and Life Satisfaction of Community-Dwelling Canadian Older Men: The Manitoba Follow-Up Study
80+ aged World War II veterans, Canada 2000
Leon et al. (1983): study US 1978
Survivors of the Holocaust and their Children: Current Status and Adjustment.
European born Jews, Survivors of WW II and controls, USA, 1978
Leonardi et al. (1999): study IT 1995
The Top-Down/Bottom-Up Controvercy from a Constructionist Approach: A Method for Measuring Top-Down Effects Applied to Sample of Older People.
55+aged, Italy, followed 5 years 1995-200
Levy (1978): study US 1977
Some Determinants of Temporal Experience in the Retired and its Correlates.
52-74 aged white male retirees, from two universities Mid-West U.S.A. 1977
Li et al. (2001): study US 1996
Enhancing the Psychological Well-Being of Elderly Individuals Through Tai Chi Exercise: A Latent Growth Curve Analysis
Low active elderly participants in an exercise training and controls, USA, 199?
Li et al. (2007): study CN Yunnan 2000
Health and Life Satisfaction of Ethic Minority Older Adults in Mainland China: Effects of Financial Strain.
60+aged, China, 2000
Li et al. (2008): study CN 2002
An Exploration of the Subjective Well-Being of the Chinese Oldest-Old.
80+ aged, China, 2002
Li et al. (2008): study CN 2002 /1
An Exploration of the Subjective Well-Being of the Chinese Oldest-Old.
65+ aged, China, 2002
Lin et al. (2008): study TW 2004
Quality of life in elders living alone in Taiwan
Elderly, aged 66-90, Taiwan, 2004
Lohmann (1977): study US Tennessee 1975
Correlations of Life Satisfaction, Morale and Adjustment Measures.
60+ aged, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, 197?
Lomranz et al. (1988): study IL Tel Aviv 1983
Indoor and Outdoor Activities of Aged Women and Man as Related to Depression and Well-Being.
60-80 aged, Israel, 1983
Lopez-Torres Hidalgo et al. (2007): study ES Albacete, La Mancha, Castilla 2001
Functional Status in the Elderly Insomniac
65+aged with Insomnia, Spain, 2001
Lowenthal & Boler (1965): study US 1962
Voluntary vs. Involuntary Social Withdrawal.
60+aged, San Francisco, USA, 1962
Mancini (1978): study US NorthCarolina 1976
Leisure Satisfaction and Psychological Well-Being in Old Age: Effects of Health and Income.
Elderly living in Public Housing Complexes, Grensboro (North Carolina) USA, 1976
Maxwell (1985): study US 1966
The Retirement Experience: Psychological and Financial Linkages to the Labor Market.
45+ aged males, USA, followed 12 years 1966-1978
Medley (1976): study US 1971
Satisfaction with Life among Persons 65 Years and Older: A Causal Model.
65+ aged, USA, 1971
Mehta & Ee (2008): study SG 2004
Effects of Good Life Program on Singaporean Older Adults’ Psychological Well-Being.
60+ aged, participants in a good life training, Singapore, 2004-2005
Michalos (1982): study CA Huron County Ontario 1977
The Satisfaction and Happiness of Some Senior Citizens in Ontario.
60+ aged, rural townships,Southern Huron County, Ontario, Canada, 197?
Michalos (1986): study CA 1984
An Application of Multiple Discrepancies Theory (MDT) to Seniors.
60+ aged, rural districts, Canada, 1984
Michalos et al. (2001): study CA British Columbia 1999
Health and Other Aspects of the Quality of Life of Older People.
55-95 aged, Northern Interior Health Region, British Columbia, Canada, 1999
Michalos et al. (2007): study CA British Columbia 2005
Health and Quality of Life of Older People: A Replication after Six Years.
Elderly, British Columbia, Canada, 2005
Milman (1998): study US 1993
The Impact of Tourism and Travel Experience on Senior Travelers' Psychological Well-Being.
50+ aged, before and after holiday trip, USA 199?
Mitchell (1985): study US 1974
Family Helping Behavior and the Elderly: A Two-Dimensional Approach.
65+ aged, with children, USA, 1974
Moen et al. (1995): study US 1956
Caregiving and Women's Well-Being: A Life Course Approach.
Mothers USA, followed 30 years 1956-1986
Mollenkopf & Kaspar (2005): study DE 2000
Ageing in Rural Areas of East and West Germany: Increasing Similarities and Remaining Differences.
55+ aged, general public, rural areas, East and West Germany, 2000
Mollenkopf (2002): study DE 1995
Mobilität und Lebensqualität im Alter. Objektive Voraussetzungen und subjektive Bedeutung in der mobilen Gesellschaft. (Mobility and Quality of Life in Old Age).
55+ aged, East and West Germany, 1995 and 1999
Mollenkopf et al. (2004): study DE 2000
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas of Five European Countries: Similarities and Differences.
55+ aged, Germany, 2000
Mollenkopf et al. (2004): study FI 2000
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas of Five European Countries: Similarities and Differences.
55+ aged, Finland, 2000
Mollenkopf et al. (2004): study HU 2000
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas of Five European Countries: Similarities and Differences.
55+ aged, Hungary, 2000
Mollenkopf et al. (2004): study IT 2000
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas of Five European Countries: Similarities and Differences.
55+ aged, Italy, 2000
Mollenkopf et al. (2004): study NL 2000
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas of Five European Countries: Similarities and Differences.
55+ aged, Netherlands, 2000
Mollenkopf et al. (2005): study ZZ Europe 2000
Mobility and the Quality of Life.
55+ aged, 6 European countries, 2000
Monk et al. (1976): study ZZ Scandinavia 1976
Personal and Social Value Concerns of Scandinavian Elderly: A Multivariate Study.
50+ aged, Denmark, Norway, 1973
Mookherjee (1997): study US 1986
Assessment of Happiness among the Elderly Population in the United States.
60+ aged, general public, USA 1982-91
Mookherjee (1998): study US 1991
Perception of Happiness among Elderly Persons in Metropolitan USA.
60+aged, metropolitian areas, USA, 1982-1991
Moon & Mikami (2007): study JP 2004
Difference in subjective Well-being between ethnic Korean and Japanese elderly Residents in an Urban Community in Japan.
65+aged, ethnic Korean naturalized as Japanese and Japanese, Japan, 2005
Moriwaki (1973): study US 1971
Self-Disclosure, Significant Others and Psychological Well-Being in Old Age.
60+ aged, retirees, Los Angeles County, USA, 1971
Moriwaki (1974): study US 1971
The Affect Balance Scale: A Validity Study with Aged Samples.
60+ aged, psychiatric cases and controls, Los Angeles, USA, 1971
Neugarten et al. (1961): study US 1955
The Measurement of Life Satisfaction.
50+ aged, whites followed 2,5 years, Kansas City, USA., 196?
Niedzwiedz et al. (2015): study ZZ EU 12 2006
The Relationship Between Financial Distress and Life-Course Socioeconomic Inequalities in Well-Being: Cross-National Analysis of European Welfare States.
50-75 aged, general public, 12 European nations, 2006-2007
Oshio (2011): study JP 2007
Gender Differences among Elderly Japanese: Importance of Family and Social Relations for Life Satisfaction.
50-75 aged, Japan, 2007
Oswald et al. (2007): study ZZ Europe 2002
Relationships Between Housing and Healthy Aging in Very Old Age.
75-89 aged, living alone in urban districts, five European nations 2002-2004
Palmore & Luikart (1972): study US 1968
Health and Social Factors Related to Life Satisfaction.
46+ aged, whites, North Carolina, USA, 1968-70
Palmore (1969): study US NorthCarolina 1955
Physical, Mental and Social Factors in Predicting Longevity.
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