Studies among selected public: Non-Married

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Adams (1988): study US 1981
Which comes First: Poor Psychological Well-Being or Decreased Friendship Activity?
62+ aged, white non-married females, middle class suburb of Chicago, USA. followed 1981-84
Callan (1986): study AU 1986
Single Women, Voluntary Childlessness and Perception about Life and Marriage.
About 20 aged single women Australia, 1986
Danner et al. (2001): study US 1991
Positive Emotions in Early Life and Longevity: Findings from the Nun Study.
Nuns who lived in cloister since early adulthood. Followed into old age, USA, 1991
DeVries et al. (1994): study NL 1992
Maatschappelijke Participatie van Alleenstaanden. (Social Participation of Singles).
30-65 aged singles, The Netherlands, 1992
Irwin et al. (1979): study NZ 1975
If you Want to Know how Happy I am ,You'll have to Ask me.
Singles, Dunedin New Zealand, 1975
Keith (1985a): study US 1969
Work, Retirement and Well-Being among Unmarried Men and Women.
58-63 aged unmarried, followed 10 years, USA, 1969-1979
McCrae & Costa (1991): study US Baltimore County, Maryland 1979
Adding 'Liebe und Arbeit': The Full Five Factor Model and Well-Being.
Single males and couples Baltimore USA, followed 7 years, 1979-86
Oswald et al. (2007): study ZZ Europe 2002
Relationships Between Housing and Healthy Aging in Very Old Age.
75-89 aged, living alone in urban districts, five European nations 2002-2004
Pearson-Scott (1978): study US NorthCarolina 1976
Single Rural Elders. A Comparison of Dimensions of Life Satisfaction.
65+ aged rural area, United States, 1976-77
Soons (2006): study NL 1987
Het Geluk van de Happy Single. (The Happiness of the Happy Single).
Young adults, followed from age 18 to 26, The Netherlands, 1987-1999
Woldringh & Knapen (1980): study NL 1978
Vrij en Alleen. (Free and Alone).
Unmarried adults, big cities, the Netherlands, 1978