Studies among selected public: Catholics

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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Bennett (1970): study US 1969
Avowed Happiness in Communities of Religious Women.
Nuns, Catholic congregations, USA, 1969
Clement (1980): study FR 1975
De la Variation de Quelques Traits de Personalité en Fonction, notamment, de l'Age, du Sexe et du Niveau Intellectuel. (The Variation of Certain Personality Traits in Relation to Age, Sex, and Intelligent Level).
29-88 aged women, upper middle class, France, 1975
Forti & Huyg (1983): study US Louisiana 1977
A Documented Evaluation of Primary Prevention through Consultation.
Catholic nuns, re-organized cloister, followed 4 years, Louisiana, USA, 1977-1981
Lewis (1972): study US 1967
Actual and Perceived Age Differences in Self-Concept and Psychological Well-Being for Catholic Sisters.
24-75 aged Catholic sisters, Eastern USA. 196?