Studies among selected public: Refugees

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Antonovsky et al. (1971): study IL 1968
Twenty-Five Years Later: A Limited Study of Sequelae of the Concentration Camp Experience.
Females, born between 1914-1923 in Central Europe, Israel 1968
Daly & Carpenter (1985): study US 1982
Adjustment of Vietnamese Refugee Youths: A Self- Report.
15 - 21 aged Vietnames refugees living in a foster home, USA, 1982-83
Leon et al. (1983): study US 1978
Survivors of the Holocaust and their Children: Current Status and Adjustment.
European born Jews, Survivors of WW II and controls, USA, 1978
Meredith (1984): study US 1982
Level and Correlates of Perceived Quality of Life for Lao Hmong Refugees in Nebraska.
16+ aged, recent refugees from Laos, USA, 1982