Studies among selected public: Trainees

Number of studies4
Additional keywordsappentice, novice

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Diener et al. (1995c): study US 1991
The Personality Structure of Affect.
College students, USA, 1991-1992
Fillenbaum & Willis (1976): study US 1970
Effects of a Training Program: Older Persons Caring for the Elderly.
50-79 aged, females, trainees and controls, USA, 1970
Lichter et al. (1980): study NZ 1978
Increasing Happiness through Cognitive Retraining.
Adults, trainees and controls, followed 10 weeks, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1978
Rahe et al. (1971): study US 1969
Psychologic Correlates of Serum Cholesterol in Man: A Longitudinal Study.
Military trainees, followed 2 month, Navy, USA, 197?