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Blood (1969): study US 1967
Work Values and Job Satisfaction.
Military, airforce, low rank maintenance jobs, USA, 196?
Bowen & Orthner (1986): study US 1981
Single Parents in the U.S. Airforce.
Single parents, Airforce, USA, 1981
Garber (1971): study US California 1970
Retired Soldiers in Second Careers: Self-Assessed Change, Reference Group Salience, and Psychological Well-Being.
Middle-aged, presently employed army retirees, California, USA, 1970
Gehmacher (1990a): study AT 1989
Stress und Stressbewältigung. ( Stress and Coping).
Military male cadres, Austria, 1989
Gehmacher (1992d): study AT 1989 /1
Sport, Gesundheit und Lebenszufriedenheit.(Sport, Health and Life Satisfaction.)
Military male cadres, Austria, 1989
Rahe et al. (1971): study US 1969
Psychologic Correlates of Serum Cholesterol in Man: A Longitudinal Study.
Military trainees, followed 2 month, Navy, USA, 197?
Rahe et al. (1976): study US 1971
Serum Uric Acids, Cholesterol and Psychological Moods throughout Stressfull Naval Training.
Navy recruits, followed 4 weeks, USA, 197?
Ryman et al. (1974): study US 1970
Reliabilities and Validities of the Mood Questionnaire.
Navy recruits, USA, 1971
Watten et al. (1995): study NO 1990
Quality of Life, Intelligence and Mood.
Army recruits, Norway,199?