Studies among selected public: Allumni

Number of studies5
Additional keywordsgraduate, former student

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Betz (1984): study US 1982
Two Tests of Maslow's Theory of Need Fulfillment.
College graduated women, USA, 1982
Gordon & Hall (1974): study US 1971
Self-Image and Stereotypes of Femininity: Their Relationship to Women's Role Conflicts and Coping.
Married female graduates of liberal arts college, Univ. of Connecticut, USA,1971
Kahn et al. (1985): study US 1963
Relations between Identity in Young Adulthood and Intimacy at Midlife.
Allumni artschool followed 18 years, USA, 1963-81
Mortimer & Lorence (1981): study US 1962
Self-Concept Stability and Change from Late Adolescence to Early Adulthood.
University graduates 1966/67, followed into adulthood, Michigan, USA, 1962-76
Tay et al. (2017a): study US 2012
Debt and Subjective Well-being: The Other Side of the Income-Happiness Coin
18+ aged employed collage graduates with Internet access, USA, 201?