Questions on happiness involving verbal response options, ever used in general population surveys

Item code

Survey program in which question was used

2-step verbal happiness (table 111A in Happiness in Nations)

O-HL/u/sq/v/2/a The Netherlands, NIPO survey 1947

3-step verbal happiness
(table 111A in Happiness in Nations)


Australian National Science Survey 1984, South Korean national survey 1980, Polish surveys 1991-2000,Spanish CIRES survey 1985, US General Social Survey since 1957,

O-HL/c/sq/v/3/ab Eurobarometer (periodical multi-nation survey) bi-annual 1975-1986, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, UK
O-HL/c/sq/v/3/ai Eurobarometer (periodical multi-nation survey) bi-annual 1975-1986, Belgium, France, Netherlands

Hong Kong social survey 2000, Taiwan Social Trend Survey 2000

O-HL/g/sq/v/3/a US incidental Gallup polls1947-1990
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/d International Gallup/kettering World survey 1975, US Gallup polls 1975-2004
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/f International Gallup World Survey 3, 1965
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/g US Gallup polls 1956, 1957
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/i USA Gallup polls 1948, 1956, 1966, 1970
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/j International Gallup World Survey 1946-48 (probably nr 1)
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/k USA Gallup poll 1995
O-HL/g/sq/v/3/l USA Gallup polls 1948, 1956
O-HP/u/sq/v/3/a Netherlands, NIPO survey 1948
O-HP/u/sq/v/3/b Germany, Allensbacher periodical polls 1954-2006
0-H?/?/sq/v/3/a Japan periodical Life in Nations Surveys, International Gallup Poll 1970

4-step verbal happiness (table 111B in Happiness in Nations)

O-HL/c/sq/v/4/a Scandinavian one-time Welfare Surrvey 1972, German Wohlfahrt surveys 1980, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1998, Hong Kong 1967
O-HL/c/sq/v/4/cb ISSP 1991 Hungary only (divergent formulation of response options)
O-HL/c/sq/v/4/f International gallup survey 1946, ISSP 1991, Polish GSS 1992, 1993, US GSS 1998, 2002

International Euromodul 1999, Former communist countries LLH survey 2001, HongKong and Taiwan Social Trends 2000

O-HL/c/sq/v/4/h Russian panel study RUSSET 1993-1999
O-HL/c/sq/v/4/o Poland periodical Social Diagnosis Survey 1993, 2003
O-HL/c/sq/v/4/p World Value Survey (Japanese version) 1980, 1990, 1996, 2000
O-HL/g/sq/v/4/b USA Gallup polls 1946-1956

International Latino Barometro 2002

O-HL/g/sq/v/4/g Brazil 2001 (ISSP), UK 2006 (BBC)
O-HL/g/sq/v/4/h Ireland 2001 (ISSP)
O-HL/ly/sq/v/4/a South Korea one-time Social Development Surveys 1981, 2001
O-HL/u/sq/v/4/a World Values Surveys 1980, 1990, 1996, 2000
O-HL/u/sq/v/4/ac World values Surveys, English version since 2005, when option 'quite' was changed into 'rather'
O-HL/u/sq/v/4/c World Youth Surveys 1988, 1993
O-HL/u/sq/v/4/e Romanian Public Opinion Barometer 2005
O-HP/c/sq/v/4/a Canadian GSS 1986
O-HP/g/sq/v/4/b Canadian GSS 1985, 1989, 1990

5-step verbal happiness (table 111C in Happiness in Nations)

O-HL/c/sq/v/5/a McKinsey 21minutes survey 2006
O-HL/c/sq/v/5/e International Leisure Development Survey 1979
O-HL/c/sq/v/5/g South Africa periodical Quality of Life Surveys 1983-2003
O-HL/c/sq/v/5/m International Asia barometer 2003
O-HL/c/sq/v/5/n Austria QOL survey 1984

Sweden QOL survey 1985

O-HP/u/sq/v/5/a Netherlands periodical QOL survey since 1977, Netherlands Family Survey
O-HP/u/sq/v/5/d Netherlands Dutch Household Survey, yearly panel since 1993. LSO/POLS since 1974
O-HP/u/sq/v/5/e Netherlands Cultural Change Survey 2004
O-HP/u/sq/v/5/f Netherlands Trendbox 2006
O-HP/u/sq/v/5/h Netherlands CBS??

7-step verbal happiness (table 111D in Happiness in Nations)

O-HL/c/sq/v/7/b Costa Rica survey 2006
O-HL/g/sq/v/7/a International periodical Social Survey Program (ISSP) 2003
O-HL/g/sq/v/7/ac ISSP Russia 2002


8-step verbal happiness (not yet in Happiness in Nations)

O-HL/c/sq/v/8/a Costa Rica survey 2006

2-step verbal life satisfaction (table 121A in Happiness in Nations)

O-SLL/c/sq/v/2/a LAPOP
O-SLP/c/sq/v/2/a USA Gallup polls 2001-2004
O-SLP/g/sq/v/2/b USA Gallup polls 1973-2001

3-step verbal life satisfaction (table 121B in Happiness in Nations)

O-SLL/c/sq/v/3/a USA, various surveys 1968, 1972, 1976
O-SLL/u/sq/v/3/a Canadia various surveys 1968, 1974, 1977
O-SLL/u/sq/v/3/b Eastern Europe New Demoracies Barometer 1991
O-SLS/c/sq/v/3/aa International Tension Study  1948, Australia, UK, USA
O-SLS/c/sq/v/3/ab International Tension Study  1948, France, Germany, Italy,Mexico, Netherlands, Norway
O-SLu/g/sq/v/3/c Costa Rica 1978-87
O-SLW/c/sq/v/3/a New Democracies Barometer 1991

4-step verbal life satisfaction (table 121C in Happiness in Nations)

O-SLL/c/sq/v/4/b Japan Life-in-Nation Survey s, yearly1958-1963
O-SLL/u/sq/v/4/b Eurobarometer survey in all member states, since 1973
O-SLL/g/sq/v/4/d Romania, Public Opinion Barometer, bi-annual since 1996
O-SLP/c/sq/v/4/a USA Gallup polls 2001-2004
O-SLP/u/sq/v/4/a USA Gallup poll 1991
O-SLP/?/sq/v/4/c HongKong and Taiwan periodical Social Trend Studies 2000
O-SLP/c/sq/v/4/f China Gallup Polls 1997, 1999, 2004; USA 2004, 2005, 2008
O-SLu/g/sq/v/4da LAPOP
O-Slu/g/sq/v/4/dc LAPOP
O-SLu/c/sq/v/4/e Japan Life-in-Nation Surveys 1970-1991
O-SLu/c/sq/v/4/f Japan Life-in-Nation Surveys 1958-1963
O-SLu/u/sq/v/4/e Japan Life-in-Nation Surveys 1964-1969
O-SLu/g/sq/v/4/b International Latino barometro 1997, 2000
O-SLu/g/sq/v/4/c International Latino barometro 2001, 2002, 2004
O-SLu/g/sq/v/4/e USA BRFSS since 2005
O-SLu/u/sq/v/4/b USA Gallup poll 2003
O-SLu/u/sq/v/4/c USA Gallup poll 2004
O-SLu/u/sq/v/4/h Japan National Character Surveys 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008
O-SLW/c/sq/v/4/b Canada survey 1989
O-SLW/c/sq/v/4/c Former communist countries, LLH survey 2001
O-SLW/c/sq/v/4/e Japan Life-in-Nation Surveys since 1992
O-SLW/c/sq/v/4/f China Gallup Gallup polls 1997, 1999, 2004, US Gallup poll 2004
O-SLW/g/sq/v/4/b USA Gallup poll 1997
O-SLW/u/sq/v/4/b International Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2001, 2002, 2003
O-SLW/u/sq/v/4/d Canadian GVP 1997, 2000
O-SLW/u/sq/v/4/e USA Gallup poll 1991
O-SLW/u/sq/v/4/j ISSP Italy 1985
O-SLW/?/sq/v/4/b Finland, survey 1960
O-SQL/u/sq/v/4/a Italian Barometro Sociale 1996

5-step verbal life satisfaction (table 121D in Happiness in Nations)

O-SLL/c/sq/v/5/d Netherlands periodical QOL survey (LSO/POLS) since 1974, Culturele Veranderingen 2006, 2008
O-SLL/u/sq/v/5/a European Readers Digest Survey 1990
O-SLL/u/sq/v/5/f Netherlands
O-SLu/c/sq/v/5/a International Leisure Development Survey 1979 excl. Japan
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/fb Netherlands and UK 1987, variant used in 7 nation survey
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/fc International Leisure Development Survey 1979 Japan only

International IRMC Survey  1991

O-SLu/u/sq/v/5/a Polish survey 1960
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/b Austrain QOL survey 1984
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/g South Africa QOL survey 1983, Spanish survey 1993
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/h Russia panel RLMS panel, 1992-2002, Kyrgystan KMPS 1993
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/k Japanese Future Life Surveys1995, 1997, 1999
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/l Japanese Future Life Survey 2001
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/na New Zealand SWS 2004
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/nb New Zealand GSS1 2008
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/o China Gallup survey 1994
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/p India, World value Survey 2002
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/r East Asian Value Survey 2002, 2005
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/fb Seven country survey 1993
O-SLW/c/sq/v/5/v Asia & Pacific Value Survey: India 2008 Survey
O-SLW/g/sq/v/5/a Hungarian Household panel 2002
O-SLW/u/sq/v/5/e Romania Diagnosis of Quality of Life surveys, since 1993
O-SLW/u/sq/v/5/g Japan Life Style Preference Survey, tri-annual since 1978
East Asia value Survey 2002-2005
O-SLW/u/sq/v/5/m Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2004.1
O-SLW/u/sq/v/5/h Japanese Life Style Preference Survey 2001
O-SL?/c/sq/v/5/a Taiwan Living Conditions Survey 1998

7-step verbal life satisfaction (table 121F in Happiness in Nations)

O-SLW/c/sqt/v/7/a Sweden QOL survey 1982

7-step verbal ldelighted-terrible life
(table 141A in Happiness in Nations)

O-DT/c/sq/v/7/aa Michalos's International Student Survey 1985
O-DT/c/sq/v/7/ab Diener's International Student Survey 1995
O-DT/u/sq/v/7/a Australian QOL survey 1978, US QOL surveys 1972, 1978
O-DT/u/sq/v/7/d USA Social Indicator Study 1972

8-step verbal delighted-terrible life (table 141B in Happiness in Nations)

O-DT/u/sq/v/8/b Australian National Social Science Survey 1995


A-AOL/m/sq/v/5/b Russia one-time Erasmus Survey 1991
A-AOL/md/sq/v/5/a USA one-time Gallup poll 2001



South Korea,  Social Development Survey 1981and  Democracy barometer 2001

C-RA/u/sq/v/5/a European Quality of life Survey (EQLS) 2007

Mixed items
M-FH/u/sq/v/3/a Netherlands, NIPO 1988
M-FH/u/sq/v/3/d Netherlands, NIPO 1965, 1995
M-FH/g/sq/v/4/a Poland  PGS-BS 1992, 1993
M-FH/cw/sq/v/6/a Romania Diagnosis of Quality of Life surveys, annual 1993-1997
M-PL/c/sq/v/4/b South Korea, Social Development Survey 1981and Democracy barometer 2001
M-TH/cm/sq/v/6/a Item in health inventory SF-36. Used in one-time surveys in Denmark 1994, Croatia 1999,2003 and HongKong, Romania 1996, British Household Panel Survey 2000, 2005
M-TH/g/sq/v/5/c Romania Diagnosis of Quality of Life survey 1993

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