List of studies

Study code

(language and number)
To be used for re-calculating means and standard-deviations of happiness in..
(nations for which data are available)
afrikaans1 South Africa Planned
albanian1 Albania Planned
arabic1 Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunesia, United Arab Emirates Done 2009
armenian1 Armenia Planned
azerbaijni1 Azerbaijan Planned
belarussina1 Belarus Planned
bengali1 Bangladesh, India Planned
bulgarian1 Bulgaria Planned
catalan1 Spain (Catalonia) Planned
chinese-kantonese1 China Planned
chinese-mandarin1 China, Singapore, Taiwan Planned
chinese3 China, Taiwan, Hong Kong Planned
croatian1 Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Done 2007
czech1 Czech Republic Planned
danish1 Denmark Planned
dutch1 Belgium (Flanders), The Netherlands Done 2006
dutch2 Done 2007
dutch3 Done 2007
dutch4 Done 2007
dutch5 Planned
dutch6 Done 2010
dutch7 Done 2010
english1 Australia, Canada, Britain, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe Done 2006
english2a Done 2007
english2b Done 2007
english3 Done 2007
english4 Done 2007
english5 Done 2007
english6 Fielded
english7 Fielded
english8 Done 2014
english9 Done 2014
english10 Done 2014
english11 Done 2014
english12 Done 2014
estonian1 Estonia Planned
farsi1 Iran Planned
finnish1 Finland Planned
flemish1 Flaners (Belgium) Planned
french1 Canada, France, Haity,Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Switzerland Fielded 2010
french2 Fielded 2010
french3 Fielded 2010
fukinese1 Taiwan Planned
georgian1 Georgia Planned
german1 Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland Done 2008
german2 Done 2009
greek1 Cyprus, Greece Planned
gujarati1 India Planned
hausa1 Nigeria Planned
hebrew1 Israel Planned
hindi1 India Planned
hungarian1 Hungary Done 2008
hungarian2 Done 2009
icelandic1 Iceland Planned
igbo1 Nigeria Planned
indonesian1 Indonesia Planned
irish-gaelic1 Ireland Fielded 2016
italian1 Italy, Switzerland Done 2010
italian2 Planned
japanese1 Japan Planned
japanese2 Done 2007
japanese3 Fielded 2010
japanese4 Fielded 2012
japanese5 Fielded 2012
japanese6 Fielded 2015
japanese7 Fielded 2015
kannada1 India Planned
kirgiz1 Kirgyzstan Planned
korean1 South Korea Planned
latvian1 Latvia Planned
lithunian1 Lithunia Planned
luganda1 Uganda Planned
macedonian1 Macedonia Planned
malay1 Malaysia Planned
malayalam1 India Planned
malthese1 Malta Planned
marathi1 India Planned
nigerian-pidgin1 Nigeria Planned
norwegian1 Norway Planned
polish1 Poland Planned
portuguese1 Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal Planned
punjabi1 India, Pakistan Planned
pushto1 Pakistan Planned
romanian1 Moldova, Romania Done 2008
romanian1b Moldova, Romania Done 2009
russian1 Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia Done 2007
rutoro1 Uganda Planned
serbian1 Montenegro, Serbia Planned
sindebele1 Zimbabwe Planned
shindi1 Pakistan Planned
shona Zimbabwe Planned
slovak1 Slovakia Planned
slovenian1 Slovenia Planned
sotho1 South Africa Planned
spanish1 Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela Done 2006
spanish2 Done 2007
spanish3 Done 2007
spanish4 Done 2007
spanish5 Done 2007
spanish6 Done 2008
spanish7 Done 2009
spanish8 Fielded
spanish9 Done 2009
spanish10 Fielded 2011
swahili1 Kenya, Tanzania Planned
swedish1 Sweden Planned
tagalog1 Philippines Planned
tamil1 India, Singapore, Sri Lanka Planned
telugu1 India Planned
thai1 Thailand Planned
turkish1 Turkey Planned
turkish2 Turkey Fielded
turkish3 Turkey Fielded
turkish4 Turkey Done 2010
tswana1 South Africa Planned
ukrainian1 Ukraine Planned
urdu1 India, Pakistan Planned
vietnamese1 Viet Nam Planned
xhoxa1 South Africa Planned
yoruba1 Nigeria Planned
zulu1 South Africa Planned

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