Description of a scale calibration study: Dutch2

Co-investigator Peter Hermus, E-mail:
University Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Respondents Staf and senior students, Oktober 2005,  N = 37
Respondent codes 1000-1060
Case number Item code Surveys
1 O-SLL/c/sq/v/5/d Netherlands periodical QOL survey since 1974
O-HL/u/sq/v/4/a International World Values Surveys 1980, 1990, 2000
O-HL/c/sq/v/5/c not in national survey
4 O-HP/u/sq/v/5/a Netherlands periodical QOL survey since 1977
O-SLL/u/sq/v/4/b Eurobarometer survey in all member states, since 1973
case 6: error in questionnaire: question does not exist
O-HL/c/sq/v/3/ai Eurobarometer (periodical multi-nation survey) bi-annual 1975-1986, version used in Dutch and French language
8 O-HL/u/sq/v/4/a   error in questionnaire: 'redelijk' left out in option c
Questionnaire dutch2questionaire.xls  
Data file dutch2datafile.sav
Remarks Pilot for testing web assesment