Description of a scale calibration study: English2

Co-investigator Ulrich Schimmack. Data entry by Joop Mulder
University University of Toronto, Canada
Respondent codes n.a.
Calibrated items case 1:   O-HL/g/sq/v/3/f
  case 2:   O-HL/c/sq/v/4/f
  case 3:   O-HL/c/sq/v/3/aa
  case 4:   O-HL/g/sq/v/7/a
  case 5:   O-HL/c/sq/v/5/e
  case 6:   O-HL/c/sq/v/3/ab
  case 7:   O-HL/u/sq/v/4/a
  case 8:   O-SLu/c/sq/v/5/a
  case 9:   O-HL/g/sq/v/3/j
  case 10: O-SLL/u/sq/v/4/b
Data file english1.sav
Remarks pilot on paper