Description of a happiness scale interval study: spanish3

Co-investigator Alfonso Urzua, E-mail
University Universidad Catolica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile
Respondents 72 students of psychology
Case number Item code Surveys
1 O-HL/c/sq/v/3/aa CIRES survey, Spain 1985
O-HL/c/sq/v/3/ab Eurobarometer since 1985
O-HL/c/sq/v/4/g Euromodul 2000
4 O-HL/g/sq/v/3/f Gallup World Survey 1965. Spanish text of this item unavailable. Translated from English: 'fairly happy' translated as 'justamente feliz'
5 O-HL/g/sq/v/7/a ISSP 2003
6 O-HL/u/sq/v/4/a World Values Survey since 1990
Data file spanish3.xls