Inequality-adjusted happiness (IAH) in nations

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life satisfaction
Inequality-adjusted happiness is an index which denotes the degree to which a country combines a high average level of happiness with low inequality in happiness.
The index gives equal weight to level and inequality of happiness. Its theoretical range is between 0 and 100.
Computation: iah = 4 + 9.6 m - 3.97sd, where: m is mean and sd is the standard deviation of a happiness distribution.
The concept and computation is discussed in Veenhoven, R. & Kalmijn, W. Inequality adjusted happiness in nations. Egalitarianism and utilitarianism married together in a new index of societal performance.
1990-2000 IAH_LS_90s 90 World Database of Happiness,
Rankreport Inequality Adjusted Happiness in Nations
1995-2000 IAH_LS_00s 94
2000-2009 IAH_LSBW10.11_2000.09 131
2005-2014 IAH_LSBW10.11_2005.2014 140

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