Happy life years (HLY) in nations

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Years lived happy Life-expectancy at birth multiplied by average happiness on range 0-1 1980-83 HLY_HL4_1980 20 LifeExpentancy_1980 HL4_80
1990-91 HLY_HL4_1990 48 LifeExpectancy_1990 HL4_1990
1990-95 HLY_HL4_1993 45 LifeExpectancy_1993 HL4_1993
1990-98 HLY_HL_1990s 61 LifeExpectancy_1995 HL4_1990s
Years lived satisfied Life-expectancy at birth multiplied by average life satisfaction on range 0-1 1980-83 HLY_LS10_1980 21 LifeExpectancy_1980 LS 10_1980
1990-91 HLY_LS10_1990 42 LifeExpectancy_1990 LS 10_1990
1990-95 HLY_LS10_1995 40 LifeExpectancy_1993 LS 10_93
1990-98 HLY_LS10_1990s 55 LifeExpectancy_1995 LS 10_1990s
Years in good mood Life-expectancy at birth multiplied by average affect balance on range 0-1 1980-83 HLY_ABS_1980 20 LifeExpectancy_1980 ABS_1980
1990-91 HLY_ABS_1990 39 LifeExpectancy_1990 ABS_1990
Mixed measure Life-expectancy at birth multiplied by average life satisfaction on range 0-1
(combined measure of 10-step life satisfaction and 11-step best-worst life)
1990-1999 HLY_LSBW11_1990s 90 LifeExpectancy_1990s LSBW_1990s
1995-2005 HLY_LSBW11_2000s 94 LifeExpectancy_2000s LSBW_2000s
2006 HLY_BWLS11_2006 124 LifeExpectancy_2005 BWLS11_2006
2000-2009 HLY_LSBW10.11_2000.09 148 LifeExpectancy_20051HappinessLSBW10.11_2000.09
2005-2014 HLY_LSBW10.11_2005.2014 160 LifeExpectancy_20141HappinessLSBW10.11_2005.2015

Also referred to as 'Happiness Adjusted LifeYears' (HALY) and 'Happy Life Expectancy' (HLE)

1) Missing cases taken from: http://geography.about.com/library/weekly/aa042000b.htm
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