Marriage pattern in nations

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Divorce rate per 100.000 population 1960 DivorceRate_60 18 UN-DY 1968 table 34
1980 DivorceRate_80 48 UN-DY 1984 table 33
1990 DivorceRate_90 63 UN-DY 1994 table 25
Educational homogamy Similarity in educational level of marriage partners 1970s HomogamyEducA_70s 27 ??
1970s HomogamyEducB_70s 48 Smits et. al. 2000

Related variables:
Freedom of marriage; see topic Private freedom
Trust in family; see topic Trust
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Gender inequality
Sex life
Related themes:
Life style

States of Nations is an inventory of country characteristics. It is part of the World Database of Happiness

Keywords added: Cross-national, Marriage, Demography, Divorce, Break-up, Separation, Mate selection, Homogamy