Perceived freedom in nations

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Perceived freedom and control in life Public opinion 1990-91 FreeLife_1990 42 WVS2 item 95
1995-98 FreeLife_1995 44 WVS3 item 66
1990-98 FreeLife_1990s 63 Mean 1990, 95
Perceived freedom at work Public opinion 1990-91 FreeWork_1990 41 WVS2 item 117
Perceived freedom in life and work Public opinion 1990-91 FreeLifeWork_1990 41 Factor: freelife_90 and freework_90

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Value autonomy: see theme values

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States of Nations is an inventory of country characteristics. It is part of the World Database of Happiness

Keyword addeds: Cross-national, Attitude, Autonomy, Perceiced fate control, Inner control orientation, External control orientation, Repression