Technology in nations

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Technology Achievement Technology Achievement Index: 1) Technology creation (patents granted to residents, receipts of royalties and license fees), 2) Diffusion of recent innovations (internet hosts, high- and medium-technology exports), 3)Diffusion of old innovations (telephones, electricity consumption), 4) Human skills (mean years of schooling, gross tertiary science enrolment ratio) 2000 TechnologyAchievement_00 62 UN-HDR 2001 table A2.1
Patents Granted to residents per million people 2000 Patents_2000 60 UN-HDR 2004 table 12
2005 Patents_2005 70 UN-HDR 2007 rable 13
R&D % GDP spent on Research and Development 2000-2004 ResearchExpexpenditure_2000.05 93 UN-HDR 2007 table 13

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Economic competitiveness

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