General values in nations

Schwarz dimensions

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
  Perceived importance 'as a guiding principle in my life'.
Rated 0 (not important) to 7 (of supreme importance) by students and teachers

a: national security, b: social order, c: reciprocation of favors, d: honoring elders, e: moderate, f: preserving public image, g: self discipline, h: politeness, i: family security, j: devout, k: obedient, l: clean, m: respect tradition, n: wisdom, o: forgiving

1988-91 ValueConservative_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Affective autonomy a: enjoying life, b: exiting life, c: varied life, d: pleasure 1988-91 ValueAffectiveAutonomy_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Intellectual autonomy a: curious, b: broadminded, c: creativity 1988-91 ValueIntellectualAutonomy_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Hierarchy a: wealth, b:social power, c: authority, d: influential, e: humble 1988-91 ValueHierarchy_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Mastery a: succesful, b: ambitious, c: independent, d: daring, e: capable, f: choosing goals 1988-91 ValueMastery_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Egalitarian commitment a: helpful, b: social justice, c: equality, d: accepting my portion, e: honesty, f: loyal, g: world at peace, h: responsible, i: freedom 1988-91 ValueEgality_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4
Harmony a: world of beauty, b: protecting environment, c: unity with nature 1988-91 ValueHarmony_1990 33 Schwartz 1994 table 4


Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Value individualism Opinion employees of business organizations:
Response to 5 forced choices, e.g. rely on yourself or colleagues.
Desirability rated for oneself and what most other people would think.
1989 ValueIndividualism2_1989 40 Smith 1996

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